Back Blast – #BlackOps – #theO – Take the Hill

These Pax: Pope and Tron… Took this hill 5x… With the assistance of roughly 95 lbs / stroller of this… And covered about 4.5 miles total, in 45 minutes, for a 10 minute / mile pace. Just like yesterday, the weather conditions were great for a cardio / leg drive focused fun run.  I’ve runContinue reading “Back Blast – #BlackOps – #theO – Take the Hill”

backblast #kilochallenge #lookwhatyoumademedo

I was really hoping about 10 PAX would be lined up as I pulled up blaring “Look what you made me do” when I arrived at the gloom this AM.  Instead…. the song ended and moved to that “suicide song” or whatever they call it. I was depressed.  But not really, because I knew whatContinue reading “backblast #kilochallenge #lookwhatyoumademedo”