BB Silo at North Posh – 1-18-21 – NattyLite

8 of us put in some work and tried not to fall down on the ice at North Posh today. Quick warmup: SSH, DD, LL, RR The thang: (50) Coupon Toe Taps (20) Squat to Overhead Press (20) Coupon Lunge (20) Plyo Derkins (modifications may or may not have been utilized) (20) Coupon Squats (alteredContinue reading “BB Silo at North Posh – 1-18-21 – NattyLite”

BB: 08/06/19 Glauc Back to Q School @ Bayside

  I think the Q school week is a great idea and probably should be done on a yearly basis.  I know we all have slack etc etc; however, not many newer f3 HIM’s know the role of the AO leadership and with that, some basics of a workout: Q : Glauc PAX: Nino, Shuttlecock,Continue reading “BB: 08/06/19 Glauc Back to Q School @ Bayside”

Back Blast The Blender 12/19/18 Zima Q

In my first year of F3, I haven’t lost any weight (that’s on me), my mile time is probably the same and I still struggle with 20+ merkins at a time, but F3 has had a profound effect in my life way beyond the Gloom.  I’ve been in and out of gyms and various bootContinue reading “Back Blast The Blender 12/19/18 Zima Q”

Back Blast – #BlackOps – #theO – Take the Hill

These Pax: Pope and Tron… Took this hill 5x… With the assistance of roughly 95 lbs / stroller of this… And covered about 4.5 miles total, in 45 minutes, for a 10 minute / mile pace. Just like yesterday, the weather conditions were great for a cardio / leg drive focused fun run.  I’ve runContinue reading “Back Blast – #BlackOps – #theO – Take the Hill”

Backblast @Parklands #Poshlands #Fog Take it to the limit – Saturday 11/4 #Getbetter #HIM

#Poshland air was filled with a slight mist and fog while the temperature was perfect to #PushittotheMax. The PAX arrived in droves for a #Poshland #Fog #Beatdown. As the hour drew near, the excitement built and @Abacus felt the pressure to administer a proper #F3Louisville #beatdown this beautiful Saturday morning! Enough about the perfect #Poshland…Continue reading “Backblast @Parklands #Poshlands #Fog Take it to the limit – Saturday 11/4 #Getbetter #HIM”

backblast #kilochallenge #lookwhatyoumademedo

I was really hoping about 10 PAX would be lined up as I pulled up blaring “Look what you made me do” when I arrived at the gloom this AM.  Instead…. the song ended and moved to that “suicide song” or whatever they call it. I was depressed.  But not really, because I knew whatContinue reading “backblast #kilochallenge #lookwhatyoumademedo”

preblast #f3villeblackops #Kilochallenge

We had so much fun with the kilo challenge on monday, we decided to repeat with a few twist.. A couple things.. If you were not in attendance and are wondering what the challenge is.. keep wondering.  We did not know what to expect either. This is BYOC – Bring your own coupons. . (Continue reading “preblast #f3villeblackops #Kilochallenge”