Site Q Resources

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Leadership of F3 Louisville
  3. YOUR Responsibilities
    1. Before
    2. During
    3. After
  4. Making a Shovel Flag
  5. Google Q Calendar
  6. WordPress and Slack
  7. AO Badges
  8. AO’s and Site Q’s
  9. Freed to Lead

YOUR Responsibilities

Site Qs are the ambassadors of F3Louisville. No pressure or anything, but every man’s first impression of F3Louisville will likely be guided by your work at your site. 

Your work includes:

  • YOU manage site safety and supplies (i.e., coupons, pain sticks, etc.).
  • YOU manage the Q schedule to make sure that someone is signed up to lead (Check the Calendar).
  • YOU make sure the 1st F Q is planning CSAUPs, convergences, challenges and other events that include your site.
  • YOU market and sell the site on Slack, Twitter and whatever other platform is available along with the mission of F3 because you are the embodiment of F3, because your site is better than others, and the Q you lined up will be harder and tougher than others.
  • YOU make sure Pre-Blasts are posted to WordPress the day before the WO and appropriately provide teasers on what to expect at the WO the day before.
  • YOU better post. It is vital to the success of the site that you are there. Every time. Period. This also helps to make sure that your Q never finds himself leading alone. Find another PAX you can rely on as a back up in the event you can’t post.
  • YOU plant the flag for the workout (more on flag making within this page; however, most workouts (“WOs”) or areas of operations (“AOs”) should already have a flag).
  • YOU meet and greet the PAX and make sure everyone is welcome. Every person, every time. Period. We want to make sure the PAX feel welcome – including those posting down range (“DR”).
    • This includes helping out an FNG who doesn’t know the vernacular or exercises that are called out during the workout.
  • YOU ensure the disclaimer is given, that it is proper, and reinforce the suggested modifications to the PAX throughout the duration of the WO.
  • YOU pick up the six and if you need help to do this then YOU identify a seasoned veteran for help. Remember: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.
  • YOU push, pull and drag the PAX during the WO. Be vocal. Be loud. Be an encourager.
  • YOU help communicate and lead important F3Louisville announcements about upcoming events – whether it’s 1st F, 2nd F or 3rd F. More often than not, these are all communicated explicitly on the #site-qs channel on Slack so that you see it.
  • YOU make sure that friendly new guys (“FNGs”) get invitations to join on Slack (more on that within this page).
  • YOU post OR MAKE SURE the Q posts the PAX attendance on Slack after the workout in the #attendance-reports channel. This may require you to bring your phone to COT so you can record the Name-O-Rama. Try to do this before you leave the workout. 
  • YOU post the head count on Slack after the workout in the #mumblechatter channel. Be sure to highlight if there were FNGs. Try to do this before you leave the WO.
  • YOU make sure Back-Blasts are posted to WordPress within 48-hours after the WO. This means you also need to make sure the Q knows how to do this (more on that within this PAGE).
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