Site Q Resources

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Leadership of F3 Louisville
  3. YOUR Responsibilities
    1. Before
    2. During
    3. After
  4. Making a Shovel Flag
  5. Google Q Calendar
  6. WordPress and Slack
  7. AO Badges
  8. AO’s and Site Q’s
  9. Freed to Lead

WordPress and Slack


The vast majority of information on will come from WordPress, which includes, Resources, Pre-Blasts and Back-Blasts, and other F3 related events and groups. You should have the ability to add posts on WordPress as well as add Qs in the event they have an upcoming VQ at your site. If you don’t have appropriate access, contact the Commz Q who can help with access.

To add people to WordPress, you just need an email address and then follow these steps:

  1. After you login into the site go to the “My Site” tab on the home page.
  2. Which takes you to this page, click on “Manage” in the list of options on the left side.

  1. After clicking on “Manage” these options will drop down, click on “People” which will change the screen to the right of the menu. Click on “Invite”.
  1. After clicking on “Invite” you will be refreshed to this page where you will input the email address of the person you are adding. Then select their role as “Author” and write them a note on what to do next, which should be:
    • ask them to use their F3 name as their account handle;
    • set up an account;
    • go to the menu on the website and read “How to Post to This Site”


As previously noted, it is your responsibility as the Site Q to engage with the FNGs after the workouts – including to make sure they get an invite to Slack.

To add people to Slack, you just need an email address. Need help? Reach out to the Comz Q and then follow these steps:

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