First Time Q? A.K.A. – VQ

First off, THANK YOU! You have accepted the responsibility to the LEAD the PAX. F3 is for the invigoration of male community leadership, and you made the first choice to say yes! We appreciate that and remember… you are FREED TO LEAD

Each workout has the overall same layout, but what you CHOOSE to do is up to you! Have questions or need ideas? Check out the EXICON or go to the CONTACT page and we are glad to help!

This page should hopefully equip you to feel confident in your first Q here in Louisville.

ALSO – Feel free to reference F3Nation’s standards as well – Q101!

Q The Workout

    • Signing up to Q – contact the Site Qs and confirm date is open. Check out the Location and Site Q’s HERE.
    • Pre-blasts – Pre-blasts should include what equipment should be brought to the workout and perhaps a little teaser of what to expect. Don’t have access to WordPress? Go to the CONTACT page and get connected with the ComzQ.
      • Also, please be mindful that these posts will go to ALL social media platforms and our website. Use your best judgement
  • CALL TIME at 0530
    • Identify if any FNGs are present – if they are, the disclaimer is that much more important.  This also helps identify whether you may need to slow down when providing exercises or demonstrations.
    • You are not a professional – despite your personal beliefs, we know better.
    • You are all present on your own free will – nobody forced them and they can go home if they want.
    • Modify as necessary – we all have nagging injuries and some people still post because the Kool-aid is that strong…but, it’s important to know your individual limitations.
    • COVID disclaimer – make sure to reinforce any social distancing requirements.
    • (OPTIONAL – but a great way to pump up the Pax) Introduce / reinforce the 5 core principles of an F3 workout.  The five core principles include:
      • All workouts are free of charge
      • Workouts are open to all men
      • F3 workouts are held outdoors – rain or shine, heat or cold
      • Men who participate also lead the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
      • Workouts end with a Circle of Trust
  • Start with the CIRCLE OF PAIN [“COP”]:
    • Feel free to pick a few exercises of your choice – whatever the flavor of the week is or whatever feels froggy to you.
    • When you introduce the exercises, make sure you follow proper introductions, which include:
      • Next exercise is EXAMPLE – Side Straddle Hops [pause]
      • Ready, position, move [pause]
      • In cadence [or single count] [pause]
        • The difference between “in cadence” is that typically has a 4-count cadence with the Q saying 1, 2, 3 and the PAX responding with the rep count in place of the last count.
        • Other counts for different exercises include:
          • “ON MY UP/DOWN” – Single Count
          • OYO aka On Your Own with a total number of reps
          • Single Count the Hard Way – EXAMPLE – Lunges – ONLY count one leg (Lunge right leg-Lunge left leg – Count 1 and so on)
      • AND… Exercise
    • IMPORTANT – Make sure to change in flection in your voice on the last count to signify to the PAX that’s the last rep.

**Feel free to reference how to count here –

    • This is where you get the freedom to lead the group however you see fit! Our only ask is that you remember that you are leading a group of men that vary from Advanced to Beginner. We typically go by the credence, “if YOU can’t do it, DON’T Q it.” Leaders have a responsibility to not only push the Pax to become better but also make sure everyone is safe and can get home to their families better than they came. Just remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, the Site Q’s and other “Seasoned” Pax will help along the way. ZERO Risk Leadership!
    • Lastly, try to remember to help pick up the 6. The Site Q will be helping here, but always remember… “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”
  • Exercises to think about:
    • Tabata – Intervals (45 seconds on 15 seconds rest)
    • Dora- Partner Workout
    • 11s, 7s, #s – 2 main exercises with travel in-between counting down on the first exercise and up on the second exercise
    • Mary – CORE ONLY exercises (working on everything from the shoulders down and thighs up), being called by the Q OR going in a rotating fashion where each Pax calls out an exercise.
  • Call Time at 0615
    • Make sure to circle around the flag for the COT requirements, which include:
      • Count- O – Rama – Total Number of Pax
      • Name- O – Rama – HOSPITAL NAME, AGE, F3 NAME
        • Helpful tip- Use your phone to video the Pax to remember who showed up! Attendance IS RECORDED!
          • Site Qs normally post to #attendance_reports channel on Slack, but as the Q, you will want to have a backup as our memories are not like they used to be.
      • Name any FNGs present
      • Announcements
      • Intentions
      • “Ball of Man” or Closing Remarks
    • Back-blasts – Back-blasts should include Attendance, COP, The Main Thang, and Any Announcements. Anything else you want to add is up to you! Just remember to keep it clean because these posts go throughout all Social Media and our Blog.

We want to THANK YOU for stepping up and leading our group. This is a peer lead workout and without guys volunteering LIKE YOU, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow.


Pre-Blasts and Back-Blasts

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