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  • Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski 9/30
    Come one, Come all to the Big Kapowski tomorrow! The weather will be perfect. We will start with 1st, move to 100, and finish with a Charlie. It will be a full body beat down that will make you happy to be alive! when: 0530 where: Martha Layne Collins Football field Bring a coupon! -BB
  • LePew PreBlast – BO at The Boondocks 9/30
    Gonna be the first black ops at The Boondocks tomorrow. Gonna be leg day – no coupon needed, but always welcome if you want the weight for squats. Giddy up!
  • PB – Jimmy Neutron VQ @TheGarden 5:30am on Oct 1
    Bring a coupon and a positive attitude. We will do a little running, a couple hills, and mix in some coupon work in between. Theme is subatomic, you’ll find out what that means. Probably won’t score a walk-off in the first 15 minutes like Wide Right’s VQ, but should still have some fun.
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LocationNameTimeWO StyleSite Q
North PoshThe Silo0530 – 0615BootcampViking
PoshlandsThe Incubator0530 – 0615BootcampStick Up
The AbyssMotivator0530 – 0615BootcampHarbaugh
VetsBig Mo0530 – 0615Weight TrainingWorm


LocationNameTimeWO StyleSite Q
BoondocksPlanetarium0530 – 0615BootcampCochran/Le Pew
The CountyLOCO0530 – 0615BootcampCrock Pot
The GardenThe Cliffs0530 – 0615BootcampWide Right
The MuttThe Rooster0530 – 0615BootcampLeft Eye
The OBoW0530 – 0615BootcampRussdiculous


LocationNameTimeWO StyleSite Q
PoshlandsThe Bridge0530 – 0615BootcampDynomite
The AbyssThe Escalator0530 – 0615BootcampSquid
The CountyThe Foundry0530 – 0615Weight TrainingDauber
The MuttThe Blender0530 – 0615Weight TrainingBackdraft
VetsThe Tank0530 – 0615BootcampMeatball


LocationNameTimeWO StyleSite Q
TheMuttExtender0530 – 0615BootcampFridge
TheCountyAgony0530 – 0615BootcampGisele
The GardenCloverfield0530 – 0615BootcampDomino
The OToG0530 – 0615BootcampViolet
BaysideKapowski0530 – 0615BootcampSadie
The StationThe Inferno0530 – 0615BootcampCpt. Crunchberry


LocationNameTimeWO StyleSite Q
PleasantvilleWisteria0530 – 0615BootcampHoly Roller
The AbyssGladiator0530 – 0615Weight TrainingUncle Sam
The GardenThe Baptizer0530 – 0615BootcampJewel
VetsThe Chopper0530 – 0615BootcampTony Malito


LocationNameTimeWO StyleSite Q
The OTheRuiner0700-0800BootcampHandbook


LocationNameTimeWO StyleSite Q
RotatingMumbleRuck0500-0700Ruck MilesTool Time
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