3/25/23 – The Nest at the County – Meter Maid Q

My radar system projects that the rain will have concluded and it will be windy 60 degrees around start time.

This will be a run heavy with all paces welcomed. Bring a head lamp, a running vest, strap on some your running shoes and queue Bob Seger’s Against the Wind. #MTCGA

-Meter Maid

Pre-blast – Jolly Rancher Q – The Chopper at Vets – 03/24/2023

Weather looks like another winner tomorrow. It’s been a hot minute since I made it over to Vets – so I’m excited to meet some of the new faces and hope some of the OGs make it out, too. I’m also glad the PAX that call those sacred grounds their home AO are real men that don’t worry about what the weather throws at them.

Like the rides at Disney, you will get wet on this ride. But that shouldn’t stop you from joining me.

Bring your coupon or sandbag.

SYITG – Jolly Rancher out!

BB – Patty Q – Extender at the Mutt – 3/23/23

YHC packed his things up and headed down 71 to get introduced to the notorious Mutters. Getting there a tad early, I checked out this AO but had no idea where to go at first, so I waited… 0528 all 14 of the Mutt Pax show up, jump out, planted the flag, and was ready to go. Alright then! Let’s go!

3/23/23 Attendance – Extender at the Mutt
Peeping Tom
Glenn Ross
Old Bay
Soft top
Patty – Q

COP – a quick one
Runners Stretch

We moseyed…

The Main Thang – Patty’s 2.0 Beatdown

The Mia Mosey – we would mosey into the neighborhood and stop at each stop to pump out 10 Merkins. We hit about 3 stops – 30 merkins and on to the next.

Elaina’s FIVE Rung Ladder – exercises were:
5 merkins
10 Bobby Hurley
15 BBS
20 Carolina Dry Docks
25 Gas Pumps

Travel in between each exercise adding one exercise after each lap. We would stay in the parking lot and travel around the trees and back.

***Front runners will head back down the ladder until everyone wraps it up.

I picked up my log Weinkie and we headed to the Mutt’s conveniently placed coupons for round 3.

The Twins Dora – Partner exercise
Partner 1 exercise, partner 2 travels – travel would be around the house.

Abby – Arms
50 Skull Crushers
100 lawn mower starters
150 Curls

Lila – Legs
50 – Coupon or just Squats
100 – lunges (Single Count)
150 – Jump Ropes (IC) *** didn’t finish these to make sure we had time for the last THANG.

Once we stopped the travel and got a 10 count from WHAM!, we moseyed back to the flags for the last Thang…

The Soon to be – The Nora FINISHER – Last one best one (well… they are all the best ones but this IS the last one 😁)

EMOM Sprints until time was called. We got 3 really hard sprints in to finish us up. Time was called. Great work!


COR – 13.5 – Glen Ross had to leave early…

NOR – No FNG’s

Announcements – Ruck this weekend, Convergence at the Mutt (the pax couldn’t contain their excitement), and Extreme Week leading up to convergence

Intentions – prayers for the health and safety of those pax impacted by illness.

Ended with with the ball of man and the Sky Q’s prayer.

All jokes aside, the Mutt was a place I really hoped to Q one day and get to know a few of the guys there. This is a great place to go as you can tell this is a family at the Mutt and that you get to be part of what makes it special for a morning. If you ever get a chance to join the Mutter’s for a morning, I HIGHLY recommend it! Enjoyed it fellas and thanks for letting me join you.

Until next time..


PB – Patty Q – Extender at the Mutt – 3/23/23

They say that you should only believe 30% of what you hear or read on the internet. Well along with my fake stat, YHC will be putting that statistic to the test tomorrow with the LEGENDARY Extender at the Mutt.

Expect a Beatdown as this will my 2.0 workout. Looking forward meetings these fellas! We will be using coupons on-site! SYITG


3/21/23 Spring Training – The Loco at The County – Fungi Q

I channeled the 18 yr old Fungus, back to my high school fungo ball days on the HS baseball field.

Weather – cool, crisp 29 degrees


Big Bird
Jolly Rancher
Double Pump
Jitterbug (R)
Kitty Litter (R)
Fungi (Q)

COP – Ran .5 mile loop, SSH (20 ic) Imp Walkers (10 ic), Toy soldiers (10 ic), grass grabbers (10 ic) Leg Stretches, Good Mornings

First Thang

Sprint to First Base – 5 Burpees, mosey around bases to home

Sprint to 2 base – 10 merkins, mosey around to home

Sprint to 3rd Base – 15 Dips, mosey to home

Sprint “inside the park HR- 20 Nolan Ryan’s

Repeat the Circuit 5x

2nd Thang – Infielder drills

Everyone has a tennis ball and we broke into groups of 4. First pax rolled ball to first person in line who tossed the ball in other direction. Worked down line. Everyone circled through. Losers Ran. Did 3 rounds of this. In general it’s good the Pax can run, push, pull etc because hand eye coordination is a little shaky.

Announcements – County Fair May 20, Ruck 3/25, Dare to Care Apr15 and May13

Intensions – Devitto FIL and Aunt

Message – for me, penance comes BEFORE confession. The mental toll of the wrong is much worse before than what comes after the confession. In this season of Lent, let go and let peace come to you. Have the conversation, admit the wrong, ask for forgiveness.

Always a please to lead


Pre-blast – Jolly Rancher Q – The Nest at The County – 03/18/2023

Go time is 7am tomorrow.

No coupons required, but expect some moderate to heavy running…because, well, Saturday is Run Day. We will venture off campus just to set your expectations.

Lots of options to get more better beginning though at 5am and 6am options for extra credit running if you’re feeling froggy.


Jolly Rancher out!

Back Blast – 3/17/23 The Chopper @ Vets Huey Q

The Ace of Spades, the Queen of Hearts, that is when the tear drops start. The thousands of arm circles, the dozens of burpees, all brought forth by chance. You might say the luck of the Irish was with us this morning as we drew card after card from our stacked deck of workouts. There was mumble chatter a plenty about the coincidence of drawing two 90 second plank cards so quickly in succession but there was also hard work by a group of Vets HIMs.

11 Pax including 2 friendly new guys took turns pushing their luck against fate. Some tried to evade their predestined struggles by randomly drawing, this however, only guaranteed more pain. As we blasted traditional St. Patrick’s Day jigs and blasted our core, arms, and legs, we learned the true value of an Ace up one’s sleeve. Until next time, may the odds be ever in your favor.

BB – Patty Q for a St. Patrick’s Day Beatdown – The a Garden

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! As YHC is a person from Irish heritage, today we celebrate what makes the Irish great… hard work! We brought a little history to the Pax this morning with a Tailteann Games Q where we would all participate in 3 different events to test our strength and will. 0530 hit, Glowsticks literally had a full bar ready to go, Irish Pub playlist was playing, green shirts started showing up, and we were ready to move. Let’s mosey…

St. Patty’s Day at the Garden

3/17 the Garden Pax
Big Bird
Wax On
Natty Light
Fertile Myrtle
Mom Suit
Edward Scissorhands
Patty -Q

Mosey to the sidewalk cross
Hill Billy Walkers
Tempo Merkin

Mosey to coupons – everyone with a coupon and some with the Turkeys.

The Main Thang – The Tailteann Games aka The Ancient Irish Olympics

Event #1 Laps
Coupon Laps – Dora workout where partner 1 travels and partner 2 does the exercise. Travel is a farmer carry until your partner relieves you. The other partner is doing 10 of each of the BBB circuit (Burpees, Big Boys, Bobby Hurleys). Once complete they catch up with their partner and switch. The partner traveling stops what they are doing and does the BBB circuit.

3 total laps – Woof

Event #2 The Stone Hold:
on your own event. You must hold out the coupon straight until failure. Once you drop, you must run up the Hill of Stolen Souls and do 10 Monkey Humpers. You rinse and repeat until you have completed 50 total monkey Humpers.

Event #3 The Hurler aka Medicine Ball Shot-Put:
The group is split between 2 teams with 1 medicine ball each. 1 person throws the medicine ball, wherever it lands the group goes to that spot – stops – and does 10 merkins. Once the last person is done, a new person throws the ball where you repeat and go until you get to the end or pot of gold (The flags)

Time was called. Good work fellas


Announcements- none

Intention – the passing of a close friend

Finished with the sky Q’s prayer

You couldn’t resist joining Glowsticks in the inaugural Irish Car Bomb tradition with a little Irish toast to send you on your way.

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.



PB – 🍀 St. Patrick’s Day Q 🍀 with Patty at The Baptizer at the Garden – 3/17/23

Tomorrow we celebrate our fellow Potato Eaters and a holiday that embraces our love for green beer and Irish Whiskey. Come out to the Garden and the home of St. Patricks for a celebration only F3 Louisville knows how.

The Irish Car Bomb tradition continues with the help of Glowsticks after COT, but before… we will earn it. Lace ’em up, throw on the poncho, Coupons onsite, and make sure to invite an FNG. See you fellas tomorrow!

1000 N. Beckley St. Rd. Louisville, KY 40245

PB -“Stacked Deck” The Chopper at Vets 3/17/23 Huey Q

A gambler once posited that you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run. Moments in life can sometimes cause us to feel as if the deck is stacked against us, tomorrow I guarantee that it will be. Join me for The Chopper at Vets as we explore those philosophical utterances with coupons and my new waterproof F3 workout deck. Should the rain block out the sun, we will sweat in the shade.

St. Patty’s Day Eve at ☘️The Garden☘️ 3.16.23 PB

The past few years I’ve Qd on St. Patrick’s Day at The Garden whether this wonderful day fell on a scheduled WO day or was a BlackOps. However, this year Patty (very fitting name) is set to Q on St. Patrick’s Day & I will instead Q tomorrow…St. Patrick’s Day Eve. Unfortunately, with this adjustment there will be no celebratory Irish Car Bombs to wrap the WO as those will have to wait…until Friday.

Irish Car Bombs or not, come out & earn the gluttony of basketball & beers that await you over the next four days.


~ Nino

Backblast from the BOW @ the “O”

It was a delightful 24 degree morning at the “O”. I kicked off my first official post as site Q for the Bag of Wrenches. Russdiculous our faithful site Q for over 2 years at the BOW graciously took the Q. We were penalized for UK’s showing @ the SEC tourney. Suicides, man makers, unlimited mercants, and exotic squats were on the menu. Everyone got better as the mumblechatter got interesting for COT. Until next week sports fans ~Finkle~

CELEBRATION DAY – Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q at The Range at The Patriot – 03/15/2023!

Do you ever find yourself just walking through life day after day, but never really taking a minute to pause, reflect and celebrate where you came from, where you are and where you are going? More importantly, celebrate that achievement with others?

If you’re being honest, then I’m sure all of the PAX can say that they’ve walked that road before. And I’m sure some can say they’ve done it more than others.

You see – we all aspire to be a “high impact man” – and sometimes, that means being unselfish and putting others first and suppressing your own emotions and feelings to support your M or your fellow man…and I’m not here to change that.

But, I can promise you one thing if you elect to put your feet on the ground and join me tomorrow at The Patriot…I can promise you that tomorrow will be a different day.

A day that we will come together to celebrate you, to celebrate something you’ve overcome, or something that you worked hard at achieving.

So, come join me for Celebration Day. No coupons required!

SYITG – Jolly Rancher out!

03/09/2023 BackBlast – FIVE YEAR AO-Versary @ Bayside

Moderately cool and brimming with excitement, I was reving my engine leaving Dunkin’ this morning. Armed with donuts, coffee, a speaker, cones, and gratitude I entered Bayside property with two minutes to spare. I might have given the disclaimer? We did a count-a-roma and name-a-roma to make sure we knew who need not be left behind.

COP: Nuclears with 1 burpee between sets (10, 9 , 8 down to 1)

The Thangs: Every 5 minutes starting at 5:40 am an alarm was set featuring a bayside classic “soul of fire” by Third Day. Each time the alarm sounded 5 burpees would be done.

Ace and Gary: 1) Partnered up for wheel barrow carry to (25yrd, 20,15,10,5) switch w/ partner and return to start and perform bobby hurleys stepping down by fives just like the wheel barrow. Extra credit: LBCs till six finishs 2) One partner planks while other does big boys (1 min then switch) 3) Leg Raise – One partner is standing and pushing down the other partners legs when they raise them. 4) Squat – partners are fists to fists while squating to prevent bending over in squat. Done in cadence like copperhead squats. (Tried to have every one wear a cone to ensure that they bent at the knees but they would not stay on the head). 5)Freddy Mercury Harmony/Tandem – placing feet against partners and moving them in-sync in cadence to 20 reps.

Closing: Indian run with merkins from the front man instead of six running forward. Next we played what a beautiful name by Hillsong where a merkin was performed at every attribute of Jesus (Beautiful, Wonderful, Powerful) the rest of the time holding plank in standard or elbow position. thankfully a burpee “break” interrupted in the middle to give temporary relief. Ended with partial Ab-O-Roma: LBCs 20 (IC), LBCs one leg up 20 then repeat by switching legs. Time called.

COT: Lifted up Banana Bread’s friend Kevin, Spam’s family needs, Birdie’s Elbow. Praise for Friendly Fire’s wife being cancer free for 14 years (I believe that was the correct #). Banana Bread gave some good words about how physically, emotionally, and spiritually he has seen improvement in five years.

Good 2nd F with Donuts and Coffee and conversation about what the jargon is at F3 and how to continue to move forward. 5 years down heres to the next 5! Cheers! -Slide Rule

Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q at Wisteria at Pleasantville – 03/10/2023!

I’m headed back to my old stomping grounds at Pleasantville – and I couldn’t be more excited. Well, that is assuming Subprime didn’t give away my Q or doesn’t pre-blast something else later today.

For those that may not be aware of this diamond in the rough, it is by far my favorite AO within F3 Louisville. T-Claps to Subprime, Wet Bandit and some of the faithful Stable, County and Mutters for keeping this thing alive.

If you haven’t made it out yet for Iron Horse Challenge, make tomorrow the day you pay respect to the fine civil engineers that made these sacred, hallowed grounds which we call Pleasantville.

Be prepared for some moderate running. No coupons required.

Go time is 0530am.

SYITG – Jolly Rancher out!

PB – Sump Pump Q – ToG @ The O – 3/9/23

IHC Q #10 for YHC at The O tomorrow morning.

Make the commitment now to put two feet on the floor and start your day off with friends tomorrow. There are a ton of great options. I humbly request you join me and The “O” Studs, but if not, post somewhere. I’d hate for you to miss the fun and the opportunity to get better.

Nothing fancy… just good old fashion hard work.

Coupons, gloves, and running shoes are a safe bet. We’ll be hunting for something. Money back guarantee that you will get better.


3.9.23 – Cloverfield @ The Garden

Make the commitment now to put two feet on the floor and start your day off with friends tomorrow. There are a ton of great options tomorrow. I humbly request you join me and the Garden Goons, but if not, post somewhere. I’d hate for you to miss the fun and the opportunity to get better.

Nothing fancy… just good old fashion hard work.

Coupons, gloves, and running shoes are a safe bet.

SYITG – Jewel