BB Squid Q – The Chopper @ Vets 02.26.21

There are a few AO’s town that you know you have to bring a little extra heat, otherwise they’ll probably run you off. There are other sites that you can come with a little less and you will still be told “great Q” when you know it was fairly average. Vets, like the Garden, is definitely one of the former. I knew that if I didn’t put something together that would cause a little discomfort, I may not be welcomed back. I also knew that I was probably going to pay for the challenge I was about to issue.

In the PB, I encouraged the PAX to leave the coupons at home but also suggested they ruck up if they wanted a little extra sauce. In the spirit of don’t Q it if you can’t do it, I wore my ruck.

Of the 13 PAX in attendance, 4 wore rucks. I still haven’t decided if that was a good idea.

PAX in attendance:
Short Change
Number Two (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Ladybird (R)
Vincent (R)
Squid (Q)

At 0530, we circled up and got our heartrate up and legs moving. After that we took off for a short mosey over to the parking lot near the church.

In the parking lot we circled up for a Tabata style routine was was specifically aimed at smoking the legs.

Sumo Squat
Lunge to the Right
Lunge to the Left
Star Jumps
Lunge forward right
Lunge forward left
Al Gore
Lunge back right
Lunge back left
Calf raises
Monkey Humpers
J. Lo
Pickle Pounders
Flutter Kicks
Lounge Act Left
Lounge Act Right
Jane Fonda Left
Jane Fonda Right

The series of Monkey Humper, J Lo, Pickle Pounder, Lounge Act and Jane Fonda was a crowd pleaser. Mumblechatter was fairly solid through the workout, but it picked up exponentially with this lineup. Apparently Emma thought the pickle pounders were hilarious or she thought we were dying, she was very vocal and active during them.

At 0614 we took off back to the memorial and circled up for COR, NOR, Announcements (Upcoming March ruck, don’t miss this one and Dare to Care) and Intentions.

After I got home and made breakfast, my legs almost gave out on me as I walked down to the basement. The ruck was the icing on the cake and took everything I had out of my legs. I’ll be using this ridiculous line up again.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Until Next Time,


BB Squid Q – Cloverfield @ The Garden 02.25.21

This morning was one of those where I would have much rather remained in the fart sack. Thanks to my commitment to Q and the strict requirements of the IHC, I begrudgingly made my way to the gloom. Shark Bait and I showed up about twenty minutes early so I could get set up. With 15 minutes left before the workout, I took a lap around the grounds to get warmed up and hopefully to get energized. Turns out, the turtles were the only things to get motivated. With only a few minutes remaining before 0530 and no facilities immediately available, I decided to gamble and hope I could fight back the pesky turtles for another hour and a half until I could make it home. This was going to be a day of perseverance or catastrophe.

I assumed today was going to be a thin crowd because Frosted Tips was leading a birthday Q at Bayside and Catfish was trying to destroy people at another AO. The Garden Goons would be split three ways today. My assumption was quickly proven correct as the PAX finished rolling in and we landed at an even 6, just right for the weinke.

We carried our coupons to the open parking lot and got warmed with a few arm and shoulder movements. Once that was done we headed to the edge of the lot, where the whiteboard was set up.

Thang 1
10 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Murder Maker across the lot
Rifle Carry back
10 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Our heart rates were up and the shoulders were starting to feel the impending doom that today would hold.

Thang 2
Dora w/ farmer carry:
100 Skull Crushers
100 Over Easy (On your back, arms straight above your head on the ground grasping coupon, keep arms straight and bring coupon half circle to your waist, take it back to the ground above your head keeping arms straight the whole time.)
200 Curls
100 Carolina Dry Merkin (Start like a Carolina Dry Dock but straighten out on the way down to a Merkin)
100 Grave Diggers (coupon between your legs and scoop it up to you left ear, put it on the ground and scoop it to the right… You know, like digging a hole.)

It wasn’t long before everyone’s forearms were screaming and their grip was weakening. Fatigue was setting in and counts were not moving as quickly as I anticipated. Originally I had 100, 200, 300, 200 and 100 as the rep counts. I modified on the fly to the numbers listed above so we could make it through in time.

We called time and made our way to the flags. I think we all did well to carry our coupon back across the lot, holding anything for the rest of the day was going to be a challenge!

COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions.

As always, the gloom was well worth waking up for. Especially when it’s for an opportunity to work with the men of the self-proclaimed “hardest working AO in town”. The biggest victory though, was my triumph over the turtles. I made it all the way home with about two and a half seconds to spare.

Seriously though, it is an honor to be trusted with the Q.

Until Next Time,


Back-Blast – The Agony @ The County – 2.25.21

I was excited to get back to The County yesterday and lead the fine HIM that make up that site. The only thing The Garden lacks is pull-up bars so I wanted to make good use of the ones there.

Here is the workout:


Mosey w/ coupon around campus to lot behind chapel

25 x SSH

10 Boyos

25 x MC

Downward Dog – leg stretching

25 Merkins

10 Boyos

Mosey to the playground

Partner 1 run a lap(About 400M)

Partner 2 – move through reps until completion of each exercise – only advance you have achieved the total – no combined effort with your partner

50 Pullups

50 Burpee Block Jump Overs

50 Curl Press

50 HR Merkins

50 Lunges

1 minute max Burpees

1 Minute Max Thrusters

15 Swings – Rifle Carry back to the flag

We ended with announcements and intentions. I shared with the group that when I started F3 it was basically The O, The Mutt and The Posh. Then The County was formed and, in my opinion, shot F3 Louisville into the stratosphere. They are a fine example of what makes this group what it is. Keep up the good work County and thanks for having me. Until next time!


Pre-blast, The Nest @ The County, 2/27/21 @ 0700

Haven’t been to the Nest in a while? Well, this is your chance. I’ve designed a WO that will be every bit as tough as it is fun. We will stay together and mumble chatter will be at an all time high. We will be touring the County and everything she has to offer. Running will be limited. Bring a coupon and let’s go have some fun. Backflop -Q

Gladiator Turkey Boy Butterfly’s 2.26.21 BackBlast

Never been to The Abyss & wonder why this is it’s the site’s name? Well, it’s simple: there’s not a single light (there use to be one, but it’s out). So, this morning when I set up shop with some lights over at the splash park it was like watching bugs gravitate to it. With everyone at the starting point I gave the disclaimer at 0530 & we were set for CoP.


  • (10) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (10) Imperial Walkers IC
  • (10) Toy Soldiers IC
  • Kendra Newman’s
  • Michael Phelps

Time for The Thang.

The Thang

I had 3 boards up, the first two represented Round 1 & Round 2 while the third was for early finishers (no one got to this board). Here’s what the boards we actually used consisted of:

Going through all the exercises with their correlating reps equaled 1 set & the goal was to get through 3 sets of each board. Following the the competition of whichever number set you were on you ran that many times around this 120 yard loop:

So, for example…if you’re on Set 1 on Board 1 you did all the exercises with correlating reps & then ran 1 lap. When you got back, you did Set 2 on Board 1 followed by running 2 laps. After running for Set 3 on Board 1 you transitioned to Set 1 on Board 2. At about 0555 I called for the PAX to bring it in to close things out with some Mary.


  • (20) Straight Leg Lifts
  • 30 sec Plank
  • 30 sec Mountain Climbers
  • (20) Big Boys

Time for CoT.


  • CoR: 6
  • NoR
    1. F-Stop
    2. Flip Flop
    3. Uncle Sam (R)
    4. Nice & Slow
    5. Mr. Hat
    6. Nino (QIC)
  • Announcements
  • Intentions
    • TaPs for F-Stop’s uncle Whayne & family.

Strong work this morning men. Always a privilege & a humbling opportunity.

~ Nino out.

Back Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 02/26/2021

What a glorious morning.

After completing another large project at work yesterday I was pumped up this morning. I’ve not been able to post that much over the past three weeks and frankly I have felt that physical and mental fogginess. So, I was glad I intentionally scheduled this Q the day after the project was scheduled to be completed.

At 0530am, time was called and the disclaimer provided.


  • Yankovich (R)
  • Harbaugh
  • 1Nut
  • Heimlich
  • Buttermilk
  • Worm
  • Tidwell
  • Cratchit
  • Gollum
  • Focker
  • Holy Roller (R)
  • Sump Pump
  • Schlitz
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)


We set out for a short little mosey on the residential street, but then circled back on the sidewalk to end up underneath the portico – the largest of F3 Louisville [yeah, you heard me right Bayside boys]. Here we did:

  • SSH – 25x IC
  • Hillbillies – 10x IC
  • Abe Vigodas – 10x IC
  • Grass Grabbers – 10x IC
  • Downward Dog + Runners Stretches

Thang 1 – Triple Nickle:

For this, we split up in two groups – 7 on the left side of the amphitheater and 7 on the other. Thankfully we were at Pleasantville where the PAX could count and follow instructions. Had we been at The Mutt or Vets it would have been a much different outcome. Objective was to do 5x reps of one exercise at the bottom [Derkins], then step-up or box jump up the steps to the top and do 5x reps of a second exercise [Dips]. Then, run over the hill towards the houses to the street and then circle back towards the portico.

All of the above would have been one round. And, to get a Triple Nickle it means we did it 5x.

Thang 2 – Merkin / Air Press Jack Webb:

One merkin to four air presses. Then two merkins to eight air presses…keep going in sequences of 1:4 ratio – all the way to ten merkins to eight air presses. Simple, yet effective.

Thang 3 – Ladder-ish Set:

Not sure what to call this. This wasn’t really planned, but I was offended that Worm didn’t like the 5x reps on Thang 1. Let’s be honest: Worm doesn’t like anything that Worm doesn’t do. But that’s okay, that’s why we love him.

So, we did 3x reps of Derkins, Dips and Box Jumps / Step Ups on the first step of the amphitheater. Then, went to the second step where we did 6x of Derkins, Dips and Box Jumps / Step Ups. Then, to the third step where we did 9x…then 12x on the next step, etc. This sucked much more than I expected. I even think Worm agreed.

Thang 4 – Lt. Dan:

The PAX were slaying the exercises so I had a little extra time for one of my favorites. It’s another Jack Webb but focused on the legs…one squat to four jump lunges – all the way to 10 and 40 again. We were running short on time so I think we had to skip rounds 8 and 9, but we definitely did round 10.

Time was then called and we circled around the flag.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions. Lots of PAX with scheduled upcoming Qs – just check the calendar. Also, specific intention lifted up for Kilo’s dad.

Always a pleasure to lead.

Jolly Rancher out!

BB- Mary T BO 2/26/21 – Meter Maid Q

When I went to the Mutt yesterday for Pelican’s Q, I had no idea I would sign up for a Mary T Q the next day. I had only been there one other time for a ruck and I remember Motor Boat purchasing a team weight cooler of adult beverages that we carried as team weight.

Fast forward to this morning, I arrived early to get a lay of land since I had never done any workouts here. Glen Ross had told me about a loop around the nearby golf course. When I drove in, I saw Fall Guy running in for the workout. As I was checking out the AO, Zima pulled up and provided some good intel on where the golf course was located.

I had a general idea of what I wanted to do (running and core) but nothing specifically written out. I credit Sump Pump’s recent O Q for my recent pivot.

More and more PAX showed up as we hit 5:30am. We had 16 as I gave my disclaimer and we moseyed to the golf course. At the COP, Backflop had caught up. We would later catch up with another PAX which will be discussed later.

Below were the 18 PAX who participated:

Motor Boat, Loco, Methane, Fall Guy (R), Deuce, Zima, Fridge, Harry Caray (with Dede his dog), Tammy Faye Baker (R), Peeping Tom, Wham, Backflop, BigBird, Glen Ross, PED, Ball Boy, Bob Ross, and Meter Maid (Q)

For COP, I did high knees IC (this a regular for a Backflop run heavy Q), quad stretches, Toy Soldiers IC (frequently done by the Greater County Area), and Grass Grabbers IC. We ran around the golf course and would periodically stop and do some core related exercises. I had no idea which golf hole we were on but it seemed to work out well.

At some point, a runner coming from the other direction asks is this the F3 group. It was Loco who arrived late and had freaked out some solo walkers on his bid to find us. He located us from my headlamp.

At the early stops, we did 5 preacher sits (on my up), 10 heel touches (4 count IC), and 15 flutter kicks (4 count IC). When waiting on the six, we would hold plank. It was interesting to hear how the one hill was named “Mary Sue”. Make sure to ask a regular about it. We went all over the golf course cart path. Wham helped to guide me out of the golf course and toward the road.

For the last thing before Mary, we ran down the main road all you got and mosey back. From this you could see all the serious runners move to the front. I liked watching Backflop make his CLan move to the front like the Kentucky Derby home stretch. I wasn’t sure if I was running slow or avoiding any potential gas coming from Backflop.

We ended up coming back to the parking lot for some Mary to close. I started with elevators. For those that haven’t done it, it is first, second and third floor and each pax calls out a floor. Little did I know there was a “penthouse“ legs out. There may have been a PAX that also let one rip at the same time as well. It sounded like he ripped a hole in his shorts.

Then we did the following Mary IC: low Dollys Freddie Mercuries, LBCs and high Dollys.

Time was called. We had nearly 3 miles through our run of the golf course and nearby area. For those who haven’t been here, I highly recommend coming on a Friday and checking it out.

We did COR and NOR. PED is moving to Breckinridge, CO. For announcements, Dare to Care is the 2nd weekend in March. The next monthly ruck is March 19th. For intentions, we prayed for a family having a premature baby, Windshield who lost his brother and several others as well.

We lifted up our said and unsaid intentions to the SkyQ. We were thankful to be out in the gloom. May we be the light in darkness and be kind to others. We ended with an our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

BB-Pelican Q the Extender at the Mutt 2/25/21

BOGO backblast day for Pelican. Day off on winter break filled with backblasts is what I’ve been looking forward to. Was pretty excited to Q the Mutt this morning, so excited I offered the County boyz a Duck Donut if they made the trip out. Only Meter Maid made the journey and he declined his donut. Good thing because I spent more on donuts for the kids this morning than the PAX spend at GoRuck. Anyway back to the blast. I got to the Mutt about 7 minutes early which in my mind was like 20 minutes early to see about 6-7 PAX coming back from a run. I had to check the calendar and schedule when I saw Meter with them thinking maybe my watch was broke or they moved up the start time. Nope, just an extra credit run.

The PAX who made it out (too far for Airplane to fly) are below-

Old Bay
Meter Maid
Larry Flynt
Glen Ross
Fruity Pebbles
Pelican (Q)

All the PAX started getting there around 5:29 and since we had 2 minutes to spare (thanks Buschhhh for the schedule reminder) we waited for Tiger to drive through a few HIM on his way to the closest parking spot he could find right around 5:32 or so. I gave the disclaimer (leaving out the COVID warning as the vaccine has made its rounds at the Mutt) and we took a lap to the coupon stash. After we grabbed coupons we circled up for COP. We did the following–

Grass Grabbers (IC sort of)

Toy Soldiers (IC a little less sort of)

Free style do whatever the F you want and just talk

Downward Dog and Stuff (most did not do the stuff)

Thankfully Meter was there to help me count. The rest of the Mutters acted like they haven’t seen in each other in years and were carrying on conversation ranging from kids sports, to masks, to school schedule, to other randomness that was much more important than helping me count. I realized that’s the same thing I do when I’m not Qing but it was like there were 14 Mes there. At that point I told them just do what they want and continue the conversations.

From there we went over to the bigger lot near the p-o-r-t-i-c-o and got lined up for the thing. It was a version of something I did at the County earlier this month except there was less talking. We would do 10 reps of an exercise rifle carry the coupon across the parking lot, do one of the following in order (so 3 rounds)–sprint, bear crawl, bernie sanders–back to the coupon and perform said exercise until the 6 got back. We did the following exercises–


Coupon Swings



Upright Rows (not really everyone just did bent over rows)

Curls (15 reps)

There may have been a total of 5 sprints ran during the sprinting portion of the workout. I know I’m not fast and somehow ended up front a lot. At one point it appeared as if I split the group into those who hate bear crawls but will do them and those who hate bear crawls and aren’t going to do them. Most of that group just walked except for Wham he modified to Lunge Walks. At that point I just took out the bear craw and went to sprints then. Which ended up being walking instead of sprinting. At one point probably the 14 iteration in Old Bay found himself way out in front of everyone. That’s because he did one of the 5 sprints when he was supposed to be doing a rifle carry.

We were wrapping up when the inside workout group was getting there, I’m sure they liked the sounds of Wu-Tang and Pac and got a little extra out of their workout. We put our coupons up and then headed to the flag (apparently there hadn’t been a flag there in weeks so I felt special) for some Mary. We did some Gas Pumps and some Heart Breakers (new one for the Mutt). We had a little bit over a minute left but since I like the Mutt and want to Q there again I ended the workout early but not like Fructose did when he didn’t know how long the workout was. We worked hard for 42 minutes or so this morning. Ok maybe we worked for 42 minutes but not necessarily hard. Ok we were there for 42 minutes and we at least had to pick up coupons and move them. Everyone did a really good job on 2nd F and were prompt by Mutt standards.

We closed with Cor, NoR, announcements and intentions. Announcements included Meter revealing himself as the Ghost Q for Mary T tomorrow and the 3rd Anal Mutt Awards are next Friday. We prayed for Windshields family as well. I thanked the HIM for having me out and F3 for letting me know these guys. I’ll be back before next January for sure. We closed with a moment of silence (guarantee this was the hardest thing they did all day but they did it) and then went about our days. Side note, wonder if I could have done the everyone be quiet Q at the Mutt? No way, never mind.

Was great to get out and lead this morning,


Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville.


Where all things are pleasant. In fact, I’m pretty sure there was zero accumulation of ice and snow at Pleasantville over the past few weeks. The good news is that doesn’t matter with the latest heat wave we’ve experienced this week.

That said, there’s no better time than the present to join me at Pleasantville on Friday at 0530am. We’ll be making good use of the amphitheater steps and keeping on the move. That said, no coupons required.

Headlock a friend, bring a buddy and let’s get busy to end the week on a high.

SYITG – Jolly Rancher out!

BB-Pelican Q the Loco at the County 2/23/2021

I picked this Q up as a way to help Hush Puppy out with both the hole in his foot and that he left on the calendar. Not a ton of time to plan what we were going to but most PAX would say that it doesn’t appear I plan what I’m going to do anyway. I got there a bit early after picking up Tidwell, who was in his garage with all the lights on when I got there. I assume he slept out there but I didn’t confirm it. He definitely slept out there. Set up some cones that apparently the wind blew out of place (I’m sure someone moved them, I would have moved them). 12 PAX showed up and were ready to work. We waited a bit for Airplane but my guess is he didn’t want us to be at an unlucky # so he stayed home. PAX that were there were-

Ladybird (R)
Asian Zing (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Jerry Maguire
Brown Water (FNG)
Meter Maid
Pelican (Q)

I gave the disclaimer and made sure to include what should be part of the standard disclaimer to watch out for black ice. Black ice had taken PAX out at and around the County for the last 3 days. Black ice is most dangerous when you least expect it to be there. Black ice would also be a bad ass FNG name. I’m sad that its almost spring and I can’t talk as much about black ice as I’d like to. Or I can but it will just be weird to warn about it when its 75 degrees. Enough about black ice, for now.

We ran around the county until we got to the front lot, which has an enormous pile of snow out there. Which could produce some black ice if we get some cold mornings soon, so be sure to check for black ice out front if its cold. We circled up for COP and we did ….

Grass Grabbers

Toy Soldiers

SSH (2 w/MM cadence)

Kendra Newmans

Michael Phelps

Downward Dog and Stuff–which was entertaining to listen to Meter Maid splain to Dauber the rules of downward dog and stuff. Maybe more like guidelines than rules but we all agreed he was right. Ask him about it sometime, not enough room in the backblast to spell it out here.

We ran back to where we left our coupons and I told the PAX to remember their number from the first count off. They didn’t, but that’s ok as they didn’t need to since it didn’t matter. We did count off by 4s and split up into 4 corners of the parking lot for the Thang. At each corner you had to do one minute of an exercise and then had 30 seconds to get to the next station to do another minute of the same exercise until you hit all 4 corners. If it was a coupon exercise your coupon went with you, for the walk the shorter way aligning with the parking spots you had to rifle carry your coupon. The exercises were as follows-


Man Makers

Jump Squats


Calf Raises (one set)

I had a brief moment of panic as my timer wasn’t working at first. Someone, think it was Giesle, asked if I had ever Q’d before. I’m pretty sure even though Gisele said it that Dauber put him up to it. Lent started and he has to cut back on his digs at me so he has others do it. I guess that counts for something. By the end the rifle carries were hard. Also by the end it was clear that I had made my most inclusive play list yet. Jerry Maguire is a big fan of “Wagon Wheel”, who knew. I even had a song that Dauber like. Meter and I are big Jack Harlow fans and I believe there were a couple of songs that Emma liked.

We circled up with a few minutes left for some Mary. I think we did Gas Pumps, Heart Breakers (led by Gisele) and then 26 Merkins led by Jerry Maguire. Well he did 26 Merkins and maybe a few others did, I did not. After all the burpees and man makers I think I got to 18 or so before struggling. Dang I guess Darius had him pumped up. Mary smelled a lot better than usual this morning, not sure why but most likely because Backflop was working out in Roanoke in jeans.

We did CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. Thanked everyone for coming out and went out to crush the day.

As always, humbled to lead.


PreBlast – Runners BO 2/27/2021 Abacus Q – Parklands Soccer Fields 0600

Saturday is long run day for the Runners BO. This Saturday we will complete an out and back from the Pope Lick Soccer Fields. Contact Abacus (via slack) for parking questions.

Workout –

Warm-up 1 mile

Effort – 1 mile at 8:40 Pace, 8 Miles at 7:40 Pace

Cooldown – 1 mile

Stretch at end

Total effort 11 Miles

Start time 0600


2/24/21 – Runners B.O. BackBlast @theCounty – Abacus Q

Weekly the F3 Runners will run speed workouts open to any man looking to get faster. Locations may vary. Join the F3 Runners channel on Slack. YHC will attempt to put up preblast as well.

These workouts, like all F3 workouts, are U v U.

ITG the runners completed a 1 to 2 mile warm-up. Then we jumped into the main set:

8 X 400 Meters

8 X 400 Meters easy

Cool down approximately 1 mile. We stretched and hit the road.


Fungi, Dauber, Focker, Backflop, Little Jerry (R), Meter Maid, Valdez, Bob Ross, Abacus Q

BB Squid Q – Escalator @ The Abyss 02.24.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel Stop #9

Apparently F-Stop is tired of my shenanigans since he was a no show today. At 0515 I gave the disclaimer and we did a little warm up. The 4 Abyss regulars, minus F-Stop and Harbaugh, were ready to put in the work.

The only thang was going to be a lap around the lake while visiting each of the common spots to get some variety merkins in with big boys on the side.

We did 15 and 15 at each stop. I think the merkins were Standard, T, Wide, Diamond, Mountain, Ranger and Carolina Dry Docks. We wrapped up with a Super Mario around the playground and some Mary on the basketball court.

Time was called. COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions.

Great mumblechatter about a variety of topics today. Sometimes slowing it down and making it simple opens the door to a unique combined fitness and fellowship experience.

It was a beautiful day in the Abyss!

Until Next Time,


BB Squid Q – Planetarium @ The Boondocks 02.23.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel Stop #8

Le Pew was hyping today up by advertising the Ghost Flag and a highly anticipated visit by Tony Malito. There was also some planning going on by the Abyss guys because we wanted that Ghost Flag. I figured there would be a decent showing so I had to plan the Q accoridngly.

Shark Bait and I got to the park a little early to scope out the parking lot conditions. It was mostly clear with a few exceptionally dark ice spots (thankfully these weren’t the feared black ice spot Pelican spoke of). I finalized the planning just as the PAX started rolling in.

Worm got there first and backed into his parking spot by completing a 73 point turn. I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish, but it landed him in between the lines so we let it slide. The PAX continued to trickle in until Flip Flop put the exclamation point on the start time by barreling into the lot and splitting the circle of PAX as he raced to his parking spot. In all, 18 PAX were fired up and ready to start.

At 0530 I gave the disclaimer. Getting everyone’s attention at this point was like wrangling cats. I think FOCKER had an energy drink on the way in, Le Pew was already on his third pot of coffee for the morning, Worm was excited to have Malito by his side and Malito was amped up by a devious plan he had yet to reveal.

We lofted the coupons onto our shoulders and headed around the bend for warm-o-rama. We circled up and I think everyone did SSH, Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newmans and some runners stretches. In reality, half of the circled was paying more attention to the circus than they were to the Q.

After we warmed up, we carried our coupon to the beginning of the back lot. I demonstrated the Murder Maker, twice for F-Stop, and we made our way to the middle of the lot. We circled up again and I explained the thang.

The Thang
I had a Tabata timer that would give an exercise. We would do 20 second rounds with 10 seconds of rest. 4 rounds equal a set and we would move on to the next exercise. I had a few new exercises so I would demonstrate as we went along. I got the music going (90’s – 2000’s rock was just what the doctor ordered!) and got the timer started.
– Grave Diggers (coupon between your legs and scoop it up to you left ear, put it on the ground and scoop it to the right… You know, like digging a hole.)
– Curls
– Skull Crushers
– Kettlebell Swings
– Elf on the Shelf
– Mountain Merkin (Start like a Carolina Dry Dock but straighten out on the way down to a Merkin)
– Al Gore w/ Coupon
– Thrusters
– Seated Leg Raise (Sitting legs out straddling the coupon with back at a near 90 and hands on the ground beside your thighs, pick feet up and bring them together over the coupon, split and lower legs back to the sides of the coupon)
– Sunrise to Sunset (On your back, arms straight above your head on the ground grasping coupon, keep arms straight and bring coupon half circle to your waist, take it back to the ground above your head keeping arms straight the whole time.)
– LBC w/ Coupon
– Bench Press
– Flutter Kick w/ Coupon
– Man Makers
– Squats w/ coupon
– Merkin w/ Coupon pull through

We made our way back to the front of the lot and circled up for COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions. As congratulations were give to the 6 Monsters of the Abyss that came claim the Ghost Flag, Malito casually walked up to the flag and began to roll it up. Mr. Hat was quickly by his side, not sure if this was just an act of kindess of if he actually thought the two Vets were claiming it. Turns out, he was so convinced of the Boondock’s recruiting tactics that he thought the other 17 PAX in attendance were all Boonies. It took a little convincing but Malito begrudgingly relinquished Ghost Flag to Mr. Hat whome quickly secured it in his trunk.

The crowd was lively today. FOCKER couldn’t help but to sing karaoke through several of the songs, points for enthusiasm but no points for ability. Holy Roller apparently thought the work was too easy as he kept going through most of the 10 second rest periods. Yankovic wore an endangered animal pelt on his head. It was dark and I can’t say for sure, but it may have been a lions mane. Worm was clearly impressed by the music selection, although his “Guess the artist” attempts were pretty weak. Shark Bait witnessed Abacus go beast mode and rip a coupon to shreds. Cochran spent more time adjusting weights on his barbell than he did actually working out. Mr Hat is the best motivator in the group and was constantly cheering on the PAX. Le Pew and Malito probably had no idea that there was a workout going on, they were carrying on like a couple teenage BFFs on their side of the circle. The rest of the PAX were trying to find a way to revoke my internet access because they were tired of the nonsense exercises being called out that they didn’t understand.

Great work by everyone. It was a great morning in the gloom with this band of misfits. I look forward to the next time I can make out to the Boondocks.

Until Next Time,


BB 02.24.21 – Old Bay at the Blender

PAX: 16 : Gollum, Pope, Plumb Bob, Handbook, Eto, Ball Boy, Glen Ross, PED, Buschhh (R), Nugget, Tureen, Zima, DiGiorno, Peeping Tom, Flo Jo, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions: Sweet

Last night, Buschhh said he was looking to get an extra credit mile in before the Blender beat down. So naturally I poured another bourbon and said yes. Zima did too, and I think our pace was sub 6, but I’ll have to go back and check the tape.

Returned from the Mutt mile, and saw a bunch o dudes rollin in. Many regulars, but a few I didn’t recognize as I walked up. Wait a minute….Nugget? P.E.D.? Tureen? Who are these guys? Including Night Rangers, this was Tureen’s 2nd post in 12 hours, so he’s a certified 2-a-day guy. Great to see the boys in the yard, 16 was more than we ever get on a Wednesday, so I’m going over my weinke for modifications.

COP: SSH, copperhead squats, IWs, hillbillies, and tempo merkins for Buschhh.

Thang: Found this on the lexicon site last night: The Hightower. Police officer Jacob Hancher in Myrtle Beach, F3 Hightower, killed in the line of duty last October. Matthew 5:9 “blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called the children of God”. They put together a workout named after him, and it’s 5 exercises, 9 reps each.

  • 1) 9 burpees
  • 2) 9 burpees with 3 plank jacks
  • 3) 9 burpees with 3 hand release merkins
  • 4) 9 burpees with 3 jump squats
  • 5) 9 burpees with 3 plank jacks, 3 merkins, and 3 jump squats

This was all kinds of dumb, but the Mutt boys and guests got after it. Even killed mumble chatter for a minute, not an insignificant feat.

Thang 2. Split into 2 groups. 100 yard course for “20/40s”. Sprint 100 yards, gotta make it in 20 seconds. Mosey back and rest within 40 seconds. Repeat at the top of each minute for 5 minutes.

Thang 3. I was gonna do the Hightower again, but it took longer than I expected, so we did some tabata coupon work, 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. OH press, bent over rows, curls, bench press, thrusters, others?

Thang 4. Same groups for 3 “20/40s”.

Return coupons, and circle up for 5 Catalina Wine Makers in the coupon garden at The Mutt.


COR, NOR, Announcements, and Intentions. No intentions were raised aloud, but we are all carrying some kind of burden. I know I carry many. I took us out saying that when I dropped off the money and supplies from the Ruck at the St. John Center, there was a really strong vibe of gratitude. Not just from the staff, but the homeless men inside also just had a good look about them. It was 60 degrees and sunny, maybe they were getting cleaned up and charged up for the rest of the week, maybe I was dead wrong. I dunno. I just know that I need to continually work on perspective and gratitude. We have a great thing going here, and I’m always pumped to lead a solid bunch of men.

I’m tired.


Back Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt – 02/23/2021

I was pretty pumped up about this Q. I had headlocked a few guys from work and this was the day they HC’d to post, but it was posting at The Mutt. Ugh, okay – fine. I guess I’ll post at The Mutt. Instead of just posting, I decided to try and pick up the Q but F-Stop had already claimed it. He graciously gave it up when I asked if I could steal it…what a guy.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do today, but the long drive from my crib to inside the Watterson Expressway gave me plenty of time to be creative. But, with the FNGs [and frankly, for the rest of the Mutters] I wanted to try and keep it simple.

At 0530am, time was called and I gave the appropriate disclaimers and we headed over to the big parking lot on the side of campus – with the PAX headed to get coupons at the coupon cache.


  • Cratchit
  • Buschhhhh
  • Old Bay
  • Zima
  • Buttermilk (FNG)
  • 1Nut (FNG)
  • Peeping Tom
  • Larry Flynt
  • Glenn Ross
  • Pope
  • Backdraft
  • Tiger
  • Motor Boat
  • Plumb Bob
  • Wham-O (R)
  • Blueprint
  • Fridge
  • Deuce
  • Fallgay
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)


We circled up for a little COP, which included some of the favorites such as:

  • SSH – 25x IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers – 15x IC
  • Toy Soldiers – 15x IC
  • Downward Dog + Runners Stretches

We then took a lap around campus to complete the warm-up.

Thang 1 – Dora:

Nothing beats a Dora when it comes to being simple, right? Well, I forgot I was at The Mutt. Buschhhh decided to do the exercises out of order. Fridge tried to line up on the wrong side of the parking lot. And NOBODY could find the end of the portico / awning that was meant to be the turn around spot. So, we ended up traversing the full parking lot length.

But, we partnered up and figured it out. Exercises included:

  • 100x – Merkins
  • 200x – Overhead Presses
  • 300x – Curls

Partner 1 starts the exercise while Partner 2 runs the parking lot. Then as Partner 2 gets back he picks up the count where Partner 1 stopped. And rinse and repeat on a cumulative basis until the end.

Some partners finished early so they helped round out the reps for the remaining PAX.

Since Tiger showed up late, he wanted to try and mosey one last time to make sure he was good and loose. I told him it was a great idea and that we’d all join him for a second lap around campus.

Thang 2 – Elevens:

Again, keep it simple stupid, right?

This time, we lined up against the fence to use the short length of the parking lot. Started on one side and did Jump Squats and bear crawled half way, finished with a mosey to the other side for Merkins. Then mosey to the back, and keep rinsing and repeating but changing the rep count to always equal eleven – add 1 Jump Squat, then subtract 1 Merkin. So, 1 Jump Squat, then 10 Merkins, then 2 Jump Squats, then 9 Merkins, etc.

Surely this isn’t pushing the Mutters beyond their mental capacity, right? Thankfully, we all managed.

Time was getting close so we called it to return the coupons and circle up at the spot where the shovel flag is normally planted for Mary.


As the PAX slowly re-emerged from the coupon cache, we did a little Mary which included:

  • Big Boy Sit-ups – 20x
  • Gas Pumps – 10x IC
  • Pickle Pounders – 10x IC

Time was then called.


We ended with countarama, namearama, naming of our FNGs, announcements and intentions. Buttermilk was up first – got his name because his dad is a dairy farmer. 1Nut was up second – got his name because he loves cycling and there’s none better than Mr. 1Nut himself, Lance Armstrong.

Night Rangers back on the calendar tonight at 5:30pm at The Mutt with Frosty and his 2.0s at the Q. If you haven’t done this before, it’s a blast. Get you some.

Lots of intentions this morning – people who have passed and people who are sick. Continue to lift them up today and the days ahead.

Always a pleasure to lead – even if it is inside the Watterson Expressway.

Jolly Rancher out!