BB – 8/17/22 – The Foundry at the County – Meter Maid Q

YHC led an old school heavy where we met at the playground. I came in a few minutes early to unload the back of my Explorer. I had plenty of toys including the potted plants (Sorinex Center Mass Bells) and GoRuck sandbags.

Brown Water was the first to show up. Others arrived (Honeycomb, Huey and Octodad) and but had to motioned to come toward the playground. 5 was a perfect number for todays workout and provided an opportunity to chatter while getting better.

Gave the disclaimer and led a short COP with grassgrabbers IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Arm Circles and then Michael Phelps. There is clearly a right and wrong way. It is very similar to ordering of runners stretch. What is the order of your arm circles and Michael Phelps when you lead them?

The rest of the time was spent on the main thang. Each pax did three pulls up, five burpees, and then a set exercise with the potted plants. Exercises included boxing, brown waters, squat press, single arm alternating bench press, American hammers, alternating chops and curls. Also had a ruck for ruck merkins. After going until failure, you would grab on of 5 sandbags and carry however wanted to the curb behind the chapel and back. There were two 40s, two 60s and on 20. Pax threw over the shoulder(s), single arm carry and rifle carry.

Time was called and we ended with the usual (COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions, and Prayer).

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

8-16-2022 Back Blast – The Loco @ The County

Overall a solid morning at The County (To quote Abacus…”Dauber – it was a pretty ok workout”). I’ll take it!

We had 13 PAX (Cochran, Bulletin, Abacus, Crockpot, Meter Maid, Valdez, WILDflower, Brown water, Little Jerry, Sputnik, PCI, Wiche, Dauber) and luckily one of them (thanks Bulletin) brought a speaker to bail me out which kept the workout firmly in the “Abacus ok range”. I wanted to try a little different spin on Dora by having us work in teams as opposed to just pairs…I think it worked out ok. Here is what we did…

Mosey followed by COP to warm up. We then split into two groups for the “Team Dora”. One team ran a loop around the church while the other team was doing the exercises together in cadence…alternate per a normal Dora. Exercises were:
100 4ct merkins
200 copperhead squats
300 4ct Flutter Kicks

My team wrapped up the flutter kicks a little early so we did some SSH waiting for Team 2, then did another partial loop around The County with some quick stops for Freddie Mercury’s and BBSU. We returned to the flag for Mary then wrapped up with COT.

Yup…a pretty ok workout indeed

  • Dauber

8.17.22 Pre Blast: The Range @ The Patriot – BigBird Q

No creative theme. No pic to entice you make it out (mostly because WordPress sux for me lately). No semi witty segue creating mystery and clues as of what to expect. Just know that YHC promises two things to you ITG. 1) We will work hard. And 2) you will leave feeling better than when you arrived. No coupons needed for this one. Just bring yourselves, lace up your shoes and be prepared to push yourselves beyond what is comfortable.


BB: The Minutemen @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/15/22)

Having just Q’d a few days back, I struggled with exactly what I wanted to do for this Q. I sat there Sunday for maybe an hour thinking about some creative game we could play, fun workout or something innovative and then it hit me that we have Man in the Arena next month and it would be a great dry run to really focus in on those workouts.

For those who didn’t make Man in the Arena pt. 1, it is an F3 style PT test put on by Mannequin, Colonel Klink, and Focker (believe Snaggletooth & Rip Van Winkle help as well). But the concept is simple. Have a standardized test every three months that you receive a score on, and a way to measure yourself against yourself so you can see if you are improving. (PART II on September 17th)

I certainly take zero credit for the day’s workout, but was glad 17 PAX showed up for the BD.



Mosey to the F3 Pavilion

2 Minutes of T Merkins

2 Minutes of Thrusters

Partner Plank + Man in the Arena Shuttle Run

(Man in the arena shuttle run consists of sprint, farmer carry, bernie sanders, rifle carry, sprint)

1/2 mile run

5 (variation of a 7 or 11) – with burpees and big boys

Mary to finish


Having not slept Sunday night, I definitely struggled through the T merkins, and definitely the thrusters. For me, very difficult for those to be back to back and the first thing you do on a Monday morning. I do think though I held my plank for 1 minute plus (only managed 45 seconds @ MITA), and did my half mile in 4:20 which was a whole minute faster than my MITA time (thank you Honeycomb for pushing me).



The cliffs at the garden backblast

Q-Marshall DR pax F3 Louisville

A Pack of 20s

Warm Up
Side Straddle hops
Arm Circles
Invisible jump ropes
Abe Vigodas
Motivator from 5


20 reps

Burpees oyo
Hand release merkins
Monkey Humper
Diamond Merkin
Shoulder tap Merkins
Low n’ slow squat

Mosey to stairs
Bear Crawl Up the stairs

20 Pull ups at top
20 Decline Mericans
20 Red headed step Mericans ( head touches step)
20 Calf Raises

Mosey Back
Repeat if necessary

WWII Situp
American Hammer
Low plank 30 sec
High Plank 90 sec
High, slow flutter kick
Heels to heaven
Flutter kick

BB – 7.13.2022 – Avenger at the Patriot

The morning started off pleasant with cooler temps hovering in the low 60’s, a nice change. The Pax circled up under the watchfully eye of Colonel William Oldham in total 7 Pax Focker, Holly Roller(R), Honey Comb, Single Source, Mannequin, Ferb, Honey Do(Q). Mumblechatter was pleasant as YHC provided the standard disclaimer with several pauses so the chatter would continue to flow.  Next we took a mosey around the court house followed by SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hill Billies, DD and, Michael Phelps.

Thang 1: EMOM – 1 x 5mins: 5 burpees, 10 rows, 15 curls. Lap around court house.

Thang 2: Dora – 50 Thruster, 100 coupon squats, 150 lunges, 200 calf raises. Pax 1 runs 25yrds completes 1 SSH returns and completes 1 Manmaker(each runner adds 1 SSH and Manmaker before continuing). The PAX all worked hard in total YHC made it to 9 SSH and 9 Manmakers before all work was completed.

Thang 3: Core work back under CWO Statue, 25 Flutterkicks with each pax calling out. YHC went 1st then Focker called 25, then Mannequin wanted to add his flare with a twist of the legs, to be honest YHC had never done it this way and it was harder, next Honey Comb added his flare which was the longest 30 second side plank (30 IC) so more like 120 seconds, finished up the circle and that was it for core. We added in some shoulders and finished with 1:30 min of manmakers. 

Announcements: “Man in the Arena” September 17th, Focker will be running his much anticipated Capture the flag ruck again later this year (more to come) with campout option.

Awesome morning! The pleasure was all mine to spend time with these great men and youth at the patriot. Honey Do

PB – 8.13.2022 – The Avenger at the Patriot – Honey Do

HIMS of the Patriot and beyond. Tomorrow, we have the high privilege of joining those that dare to step ITG. So I ask. Will that be you? Will you wake up? Will you brush? Are you prepared to challenge yourself and the Man standing beside you? Answer Yes! The Honey Do list: Stations work focusing on legs, core and, upper body. Bring a coupon and your best weekend attitude! SYITG!

BackBlast 8.11.22 – Cloverfield – Jewel Q

I try to not reuse Qs… but every once in a while there’s a weinke that is just too good to not try again… especially when you called an audible on the original plan the first time. Yesterday, we stuck to the original plan… much to our demise.

EZ Pass
Mountain Mama
Natty Lite
Wet Bandit
Edward Scissorhands
Husky :respect:
Diane Dukes
Tin Can
Jewel – Q

Disclaimer and COP consisted of lots of mumblechatter- SSH, Downward Dog, Tempo Merkins, Abe Vigodas..pretty standard really

The Thang: The Hateful Hundred – I saw this from a Tim Kennedy post, and thought I would modify to fit the gloom. It sucked, like really sucked and I cursed myself for not modifying, but man did the PAX just put there heads down and get after it- hard to not be inspired by men knowingly hating something but refusing to quit and just get after it.
Back to the Thang… 100 reps of each exercise – run up the Hill of Stolen Souls to the dumpster and back.
Squats w/ coupon
Overhead Press
Big Boys
Manmakers – not surprisingly, only Catfish made it to the manmakers, but even he probably ‘only’ did 20.

Circled up for announcements and intentions. Need to get on the fundraising for the Suicide Prevention Walk. Check 3rd F channel on slack for details. Let’s make a difference!

Always humbled at the opportunity to lead!

SYITG – Jewel

BB- The Agony at the County -8/11/22 – Meter Maid Q

DeVitto needed a Q last night so I jumped at the opportunity to lead. I knew I wanted to get some miles and it would be simple. Go around the Pewee Valley loop and stop along the way and do various exercises. Provided the disclaimer and we were on our way. It was simple it effective with 5 burpees, 10 merkins and 15 big boys. Those who were running faster would circle back until everyone arrived. All in all we did over 3 miles of running. These were the 10 pax in attendance: Polar Pop (2nd attendance since 2019…must be a secret weapon for the upcoming F3 on 3), Cratchit, Little Jerry (R)), Snowden, Brown Water, Stormtropper, DeVitto, Crockpot, Virginia Slims and Meter Maid (Q).

Led COR and NOR. For announcements, get out to F3 on 3 on Saturday morning at the County. All skill levels welcome for blind draw, double elimination, and cools patches to all participants. Also, mark down 8/26 for the Worm monthly ruck. More details to follow. It reach out if you want to attend but lack a ruck. Closed out with intentions and an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

PB- The Bridle at the Stable – Holy Roller Q 8/11/2022

I was so excited when this AO became official, I had to be there that morning. It was fantastic. Tomorrow (Thursday) I have been blessed with the opportunity to Q this amazing group and you outsiders too. So I hope that you will be there to experience a nice workout. We will dance about with coupons and enjoy our morning, hopefully as the toughest thing we have to do on this second Thursday in August.

Meet me at 0530 at St. John’s United Methodist Church, 12700 West HWY 42, Prospect, KY. Bring a coupon and brush your teeth before you head out.

SYITG, Holy Roller

BB: The Range @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/10/22)

Rolled up a few minutes earlier than usual and was greeted by Honeycomb, who I hadn’t seen in a few months – glad to have you back out brother. I setup the stereo down the street from where I knew the workout would take place & came back to a good crowd showing up. Sixteen HIM arrived ready to work, including an FNG – welcome Cover Up!

The theme of the workout was ‘choose your own adventure’ which allowed each PAX to choose a workout during the session. Each round would consist of a 100 yard run, followed by a 10 count of the selected sessions, and then the next PAX up would give a 10 count + the new workout after the next 100 yards. So an iteration went something like this:

Using the # from the countaroma we went in order

  1. PAX #1 selects the workout we will do after the 100 yard run, and GO
  2. The first people to complete the 100 yards have an option to circle back and pickup the 6, or start the selected workout
    • The 10 count did not start until all PAX finished the 100 yards
  3. After the 10 count is completed, PAX #2 gives a 10 count, announces the next workout and rinse repeat

We were able to get through 20 rounds of varying merkins, core, squats, coupon work, and ended up being a great full body workout.

The concept of the workout stemmed from a ‘choose your own adventure’ – my son is starting kindergarten today (our eldest and first school age), and I just think about all the possibilities for his life. He’ll be faced with hard decisions, different paths (good and bad) and its our role as fathers to help steer them so they make good decisions.

But this concept also stems into our everyday life. We are faced with many decisions, could take our paths many different ways, and our families, friends, community look to us to lead. Through the workout, we were able to replicate this in a small way. You may sprint your 100 yards and be feeling the burn of the workout and you have a choice to either push yourself further, or go back and support others. There really is no wrong answer or choice, but

A) you always have to keep going

B) you have to think of others

C) you are never alone & have others to lean on

Honored to lead this group of HIM today, great work by all!


PB-8/11/22 Pelican Q at the Moonshiner

Flight delays last week caused my Q to get pushed a week. Thanks for Holy Roller for stepping up. But it was a blessing in disguise as I assume 80% of the PAX haven’t played basketball since last F3on3. Bring your favorite ball if you have one, if not I’ll have extras. We are going to get after it—think basketball practice with some merkins and burpees mixed in.



BB 8.10.22 The Foundry @ The County Huey Q

Strike while the iron is hot.

No two men may have set forth on their morning ritual in quite the same manner. Not all men might have traversed the mine field of the Snyder pre-dawn. Not all needed to evade the stationary locomotive blockading the convenient entrance to The Foundry. All who did eventually arrive however, grasped their tools with their meaty palms and bulged their muscles as they strained against gravity to muster that most elusive, elating, and ecstatic feeling of a true heavy: the pump.

And pump we did.

As groups of two HIMs journeyed around the perimeter of the county parking lot, rucks in tow (including a magnificent 65 pounder which was used with most enthusiasm), we beat our mighty hammers against the anvil, working, shifting, molding. Each blow to the metal more vigorous than the last; we shaped and forged our bodies to our own desires.

We poured our sweat, like molten iron fresh from the kiln, into the cast. Bicep curls, skull crushers, overhead presses, squats, and rows were all methods used to climactically billow our ingots into their true form. In typical county fashion we engaged in wonderous mumble chatter as every PAX struck their steel.

As quickly as it came alive, the bellows ceased, the coal grew cold, and the foundry grew solemn as we joined in the CoT to count our labor and blessings. With the day’s smithing done we remind ourselves that only iron can sharpen iron and likewise we must diligently sharpen ourselves, consistently stroking the edge of our blade against the grindstone of the gloom. #MTCGA

PB 8.10.22 The Foundry Huey Q


Iron is forged. Not from the sweltering heat of burning black rocks but from the soggy arm pits of our shirts. Look upon the forge before you, work piece in hand, and ask yourself if you would let this wrought chunk linger in the cold or smith it now. Ask yourself if you could allow your magnum opus, all that you physically are, to dither in the dust, never to be formed into the shape it begs to be. Strike it, pummel it, beat it. Let not a moment slip through your fingers, like water from a faucet, without reminding yourself that, like the iron that was never forged, we too shall rust without the constant honing of the whet stone that is the gloom.

Join me as we forge and shape our flesh in the inferno of The Foundry and swell like a steel sword unsheathed from an incandescent coal mound.

PB – 8.10.22 – The Range @ The Patriot

Back to school, or for some of us (like myself), the start of school. Our eldest son starts kindergarten and it reminds me of the all the possibilities he has for his life. His future is bright, and he will be faced with many hard decisions in his life, to pick his own path, and choose his own adventure.

We’re taking this theme head on with tomorrow’s WO, in a ‘pick your own adventure’ style workout. What will you choose? Push yourself the entire workout or slack your way through? Only issue is, the rest of the group is counting on you, and your workout pace impacts theirs.

Bring your coupons… you may or may not need them, it’s your choice.



Pre-blast: 8/9/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O

Life has gotten in the way of me being in the gloom so far this month so I’m pumped to be back tomorrow on the Q @ the one and only Original.

I’m bringing a simple workout. Simple meaning not many different exercises but what we will do we will do in volume while keeping our heart rates up for duration of the workout. SIMPLE ≠ EASY

No coupons needed! SYITG