11/16 Backblast the Ruiner

With the M out of town for a few days I wanted to really get after it and give the PAX an old fashioned beat down.

Conditions – frosty mid 20’s

Gear – Broncos fanny pack. I’m no fairweather fan. Ride or die in Orange.

Q – OJ

PAX – Vincent (R), Kilo, Shyster, Handbook, Pope, Tron, Violet

Mosey to the bridge over looking 64 for COP

20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

20 SSHs IC

10 Eight count man makers IC (highly recommended these)

Next was a mosey to the F3 famous half pipe at the O. Wait what is that neon approaching us? It’s Kilo! He had hard committed to my pre ruck. Then said he was just a hard commit to the workout. He showed up at 7:01 and we were gone. I told the group before we left, if anyone shows up late, they won’t find us. But Ol’ Kilo knew I was using the half pipe today. I told him someone was gonna spill merlot (likely me).

Partner up for some BOMBS!

P1 would run the half pipe and back

P2 would complete the following:

100 Burpees ☺️

150 Overhead Claps

200 Merkins

150 Big Boys

100 Squats

Woof! That was nearly 35 minutes of partner work on the half pipe.

Next was a mosey to the coupons


Presses to Curls 1:4

All the way to 10:40

This was hard. Took a few breaks in between to get to 10:40. This was where Kilo took back the thing he told me a good year ago. He once told me my Q’s were soft.

Coupons up and mosey to the tennis courts


20 Boxcutters IC

20 Heel Touch Crunches IC

20 Pretzel Crunches (10 ea leg) IC

50 Shoulder Taps IC


Mosey back to the flag

Prayers for Pope’s friend and Chestnut and he’s welcoming in #4.

Thankful for this group. This is nothing any of us could do on our own.

– OJ

Rocky Q The Nest 11/16

PAX 13 Backflop, Capt. Crunchberry, Fructose, Jolly Rancher, Le Pew, Giselle, Pelican, Abacus, Dauber, Mama’s Boy, 2.0s( Trekkie, Bus) Rocky Q.

Short mozie to the front lot for a warm up of grass grabbers, SSH, Downward dog, Michael Phelps, merkins, big boys, & burpees.

Mozie to the back lot for some dodgeball F3 style. 3 balls in play( 2 volleyballs and 1 traditional red dodgeball) get hit by a ball = 20 merkins.

Throw and miss your intended target = 30 big boys. Throw and your target catches the ball = 10 burpees. X2 if any of these are with the red dodgeball.

Rinse and repeat. Indian run with a 50lbs sand bag (Thanks Fructose), Free throw burpees (Thanks Coach Dauber), and close with some Mary.

COT announcements, intentions and prayer. Make it a great day!



Preblast 11-16 The Hurt at The Mutt

Next man up!  That’s what we say when the starter is injured.  That’s sorta the way it’s been for my beloved Boilermakers since we’re currently on our walk-on 4th string QB, but I digress.  When Sump Pump messaged a few of us saying that he was on the DL and he needed a back up I decided it was my time to step up too.

I promise to work you hard but I promise to have some fun.


We’ll pay a little homage to the Boys in Purple as they go for an unprecedented 3rd straight USL Championship on Sunday.  Bring gloves, sturdy shoes, and a can-do attitude.  Don’t dress too warm or I promise you’ll be shedding layers. (Obviously this doesn’t apply to Pope)


~Plumb Bob~

Diablo #BackBlast from Pleasantville 11/15/19 – “Thou Shall Not Stand Around”

Q: Diablo

PAX: (13) Face, Number 2, Jitterbug, Iceman, Valdez, Airplane, Dauber, Wildflower, Jolly Rancher, Plumb Bob, Viking, Soft Top, Diablo


PAX gathered at the Norton Commons Amphitheater for a cold morning workout. As some in attendance learned for the first time, YHC doesn’t see very well on a normal day, and is essentially blind in the dark. You’d think the tax dollars at work in Pleasantville could provide some lighting, but you’d be wrong. Nevertheless, the Amphitheater provides some great space, so the PAX didn’t stray too far this morning. (In part because YHC was afraid of running the PAX into a pond or a Ring protected darkened driveway.

Also, an unwritten commandment of F3 is “Thou shall not stand around.” Accordingly, as soon as all PAX finished a movement today, it was 5 BOYOs (Burpees On Your Own.)

After YHC provided a disclaimer, here’s what we did:


SSHs (20 IC)

Mountain Climbers (10 IC)

Copperhead Squats (20 IC)

Plank Jacks (20 IC)

Groiners (10 IC)

SSHs (10 IC – 10 Silent Cadence)


The workout consisted of various movements incorporating partner work and the steps at the Amphitheater, which are about perfect height for box jumps and step ups.

Thang 1 (OYO)

Box jumps 20

Jump lunges 20

3 sets


Thang 2 (OYO)

Step ups 20

Seated Squats 20

3 sets


Thang 3 (Ace & Gary partner work)

P1 does 15 big boy sit ups, while P2 holds P1 feet in plank position. Switch, rinse & repeat, for 3 sets. (45 total big boys.)


Thang 4 (Ace & Gary partner work)

Partner leg throws. P1 stands, feet about shoulder width apart. P2 lays on back, head under P1’s junk (keep your eyes closed!) and grabs P1’s ankles. P2 lifts legs 90 degreez and P1 throws them down. P2 attempts to keep his heels from hitting the ground, raising his legs back to 90 degrees each time. Each partner did 3 sets of 15 reps.


Thang 5 (partner work)

P1 does 10 T-Merkins, while P2 performs AMRAP dips on the steps. Switch, rinse & repeat, for 3 rounds.



Flutter kicks (20 IC)


Rosalitas (20 IC)


American Hammers (20 IC)


SSHs (20 Very Fast IC)

(That was 45 burpees mixed into a full body beatdown.)

And that was that. Yes, that was a lot to pack into 45 minutes, but the PAX crushed it this morning.


PAX circled up for NOR, announcements, and intentions. I said some things, and asked that we all go forth and be the men we were put here to be. As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


Back Blast – The Tank – 11/13/19

PAX: Yoshi, Vincent (R), PK, Weedwacker, and SnowDay (Q).

Weather: Clear and 16 degrees.

We started off with a easy mosey around the circle followed by SSH’s and Toy Soldiers. After a few minutes of stretching, we were off.

Knowing that is was going to be cold I wanted to keep everyone moving the entire time. So, in between running the perimeter of Veterans Park we worked in the following at various spots…

  • 3 sets of 10 Mountain Climber Merkins
  • 3 sets of 20 Single Leg Step Ups on the stone bench seats
  • 1 set of 20 Negative Body-Weight Squats
  • 1 set of 20 Crossover Lunges
  • 1 set of 15 Depth Charges (Negative Body-Weight Squat Jumps)
  • 1 set of 10 Squat/Lunge Jumps
  • 1 set of one rotation of Plank Walking on the spinny circle thingy at the playground (this was a little icy so we cut it short)

Upon ending up back at the circle we did three runs around the circle at “easy” pace, 75%, and 100%.

We then used the last 5 minutes for Mary and stretching.

We ended with Name-O-Rama, Announcements, Intentions, and a quick prayer.

Solid group of HIM’s that had no issues keeping it moving.


11/15/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast

Pax (12): Fall Guy (Respect), Tammy Faye Baker, Fergie, Hamm, SumpPump, FloJo, Fridge, Lionel, Handbook, Blueprint, Wham!, Glen Ross Q

Conditions:  28* feels like 23

Week 4 of the Friday BlackOps at Mary T and really loving this location.  Very similar to the O, but more tightly compact with 9 hole golf course, reservoir track (that coincidently gets open up at 5:30am), tennis courts, huge parking lot with plenty of lights and playground too.  Also, it’s a chance to have a new AO in Crescent Hill and we have over 25 Pax that live within a few miles of the spot.  So on to the workout.

I was thinking last week that I would pick up the Q today and like all of my Q’s I wanted to have a name for this one.  When the unofficial site Q told me he was out after a trampoline accident with his M—I knew we had to have a good old fashion merkinoff. Also, I wanted to have some fun and name the giant hill (the one that we usually go sledding on) which I believe hole #5.

Disclaimer at 5:30—no FNGs but solid turnout.  Mosey’d over to the playground (this is usually a splash park in the summer) for quick warm up: 20 SSH/ 20 Imperial Walkers/ 20 Mountain Climbers

Thang 1: mosey to the tennis courts for some corner work: Corner 1, 10 T merkins, corner 2, 15 Mountain Climbers, corner 3, 20 merkins, corner 4 25 plank jacks. Repeated round but increased each corner to +10.   Also in between rounds I asked Fall Guy for some help.  Fall Guy is a true HIM—66 years young and kicking most of our asses 4 or 5 times a week.  He also has about 20 years on everyone (except for Sump).  So I asked Fall Guy to think back over his 66 years and be thinking about the biggest B$#&@ that he could think of—we would need this later on.

On to Thang 2 but stopped back at the playground for quick 20 incline merkins on the picnic tables—I told you this place has everything.  At this point its 5:45 and we make our way on to the golf course.  BTW total merkin count is 100

Also, Thang 2 required us to use the big hill on hole #5 and we would need to mosey by the maintenance shack. I noticed a few cars already over there and getting caught or asked to leave would have ruined this so I asked the pax to go zero dark thirty as we made our way to the hill.

As we made our way down the hill I stopped 3 times—about 15/20 yards apart and dropped off a cone at each stop.  As we settled at the bottom I heard Flo say something about suicides–you got it!   From the top to the bottom, its probably 75 yards

So the plan was to have 4 stops. One at the bottom, then hit the 3 cones and back. Round 1: 2 merkins at the bottom, then 4 at cone 1, then 6 at cone 2, then 8 at the top/ cone 3. Total merkin count of 24 but man this hill is a real bitch. So before we kicked off round 2 I asked Fall Guy and without hesitation he gave us a name—Mary Sue #@%&&#$.  Yes he told us last name too—but I decided to leave that out of the BB.  So now we have a name for this hill—Mary Sue.  On to round 2. Same thing as round 1 but upped the stops to 3 merkins at the bottom, then 6, then 9, then 12 at the top. If you finish early SSH for the 6. Ended with the AYG round 3: This one was 4 merkins at the bottom, then 8, then 12, then 16 at the top.  Wrapped this up right at 6:07—made our way back to the parking lot for some Mary.  Total merkin count at Mary Sue 108

Back in the parking lot with 5 minutes of mary—20 LBC/ 20 American hammers/ 20 gas pumps/ 20 flutter kicks.  30 seconds left we did 10 merkins and ended the day with 218

COT: Announcements—November Ruck next Friday, and Lionel’s VQ this Tuesday at the Mutt.

Intentions: Prayers for Hamm’s family as they celebrate the life of his grandmother who passed on Tuesday

Prayer: Ended with prayer of thanks and remind pax to be thankful for all that we have and to give a bit more this year.

As I was driving home I was thinking about all the merkins, the hill work (nearly 3 miles total logged) and everything else in between……..I would never be able to do this on my own.  I’m thankful for the men that came out today to join me and have some fun too.



11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q

The Gloom has a good way of bringing things out in people. Effort. Digging deep. Finding that you can push yourself beyond your limitations. That’s the 1stF. The Magnet. Then there’s the part where you get to know guys on a deeper level. The stories we share with one another as we do a warm up mosey, or partner work or Indian run; whatever csaup idea the Q of the day can dream up that promotes quality fellowship. Stories about our work week or vacations, sports, kids or personal lives. Whatever it is, the Gloom can draw it out of us. That’s the 2rdF. The Glue.

In the springtime of this past year, Bulletin and I shared one of those mornings. He told me about the position that his sister had found herself in. How she had gotten there. What her fate would be if she didn’t get help. And then he told what he was contemplating doing. I say contemplating but he is a High Impact Man. Getting even better every day in mind, body and spirit. He knew what needed to be done and that he was the one that was going to do it. Throughout the course of other mornings I would follow up with him. He told me it was going to happen and an approximate time frame but that he was trying to keep it under wraps until the time drew nearer. Wow, man! That’s letting me in to some deeply personal shit! I was honored that he felt comfortable enough to share with me and had trust that I would keep it to myself.

Fast forward to present. Bulletin asked who could step up to Q at Peggy Baker. Of corse, yeah! Whatever you need B! Especially since this would be the first Q after his surgery. Peggy Baker is relatively new and Bulletin has taken proud ownership over it and done a helluva nice job. I’m sure he wants to keep that momentum going. Well sir, Imma do my best to represent you well.

Now on this particular morning, it was cold, windy and we just had our first snowfall of the year in the wee hours before. I’m betting the fartsack looked like a pretty viable option to most. But to my six brothers, we would get up, get out and get better.

PAX: Abacus, Backflop, Captain Crunchberry, Cochran, Mama’s Boy, Pelican, BigBird (Q)

0530, said disclaimer and off for a cautious warmup mosey. Black ice was all around on this morning.

COP: SSH, all out for 40 yards and mosey back (it was cold out and we had to warm up). Grass grabbers, all out 40 yards and mosey back. Mtn Climbers, you get the idea. Hillbilly Squats and one last down and back.

Now that we’re loose…

Tabata: Merkins


The Thang: 11’s – Jump Lunges and Burpees. Even on this frigid morning, there was some solid mumble chatter going on. I checked on Abacus to make sure he was doing ok after running the 50k trail run just two days before. He responded by saying, “yeah, I put a couple of miles in this morning to get loose.” Dude’s a machine!


Manah Manah: hold Al Gore for the entirety of the song. Every time you hear manah, manah, drop for an “ass to the grass” squat. This reminded Abacus of a fun exercise wherein you ask Siri what zero divided by zero is. Try it out.


Mary: Hold plank for a minute. Peter parkers, JLo’s, Gas Pumps, Flutter kicks

Mosey to the front for COR, NOR & COT

Made some announcements. Reminder to get socks to Uncle Rico.

Lifted our intentions up to the Sky Q and asked for a speedy recovery for our boy Bulletin. You have been a quiet Beast and such an inspiration to us all! I hope I did you proud!

Until next time…

Greg Hillner, 42, Bulletin (Respect!)

BB 11/14/19 PWVFD BO

My first time at PWVFD as the Q…this spot makes for a killer WO so come out! I was determined to get in a WO for the PAX that would warm them up quickly. So let’s get right to it…

PAX: Pelican, Wildflower, Fungi, Flip Flop, Gisele, Brown Water, Captain Crunchberry, Backflop Q

Mosey’d around FD starting off with light jog and half way through intensified the mosey by doing an Indian run to complete the warm-up. Ended back at the firehouse parking lot.

COP – 30 SSH (IC), 15 Grass Grabbers (IC), 20 Toy Soldiers (IC), Downward Dog/running stretches, Michael Phelps OYO, Kindra Newman’s OYO, Quad stretches

Thang #1 – had PAX trace each letter of the alphabet in individual parking spaces by running out the shape of the letter. Everyone had their own parking space. The PAX did 5 merkins after the completion of each letter. Example, run/trace letter “A” then 5 Merkins, run letter “B” then 5 Merkins, so on and so forth through the rest of the alphabet. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, that’s 130 Merkins to start the day for each HIM. Once PAX completed the alphabet, they were instructed to hold Al Gore until the six finished. We were just warming up at this point.

Thang#2 – DORA/partner coupon WO

Teamed up PAX into partner pairs…since there were 8 PAX, we had a nice even number. 1st HIM would run length of parking lot and back while the 2nd HIM would rep the exercise till HIM #1 returned from the short run. Then each HIM switched until all reps per exercise were complete.

1st set is 200 squats w/coupon

2nd set is 200 big boys w/o coupon

3rd set is 200 bicep curls w/coupon

4th set is 50 Man Makers (most got ~10-20 in before clock ran out)

Returned coupons and circled up for some Mary:

20 Gas pumps (IC) , 15 Jalos (IC), 20 LBC’s (IC), 30 second plank


COT – I shared with the PAX

James 1:12 , “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the LORD has promised to those who love him”

Do we fall short as men? Husbands? Fathers? Sons?

Why yes we do! This is an encouraging passage from the Bible to give us men hope that we must persevere through adversity.

Keep you’re head up! Let’s pick each other up and hold each other accountable. These are brothers you can count on and have your back.

Till next time, thank you and good night. -Backflop

Diablo #PreBlast for Pleasantville 11/15/19

I respectfully suggest that YOU should join me at Pleasantville tomorrow morning for exercise-type activities. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the high-rent district. While the real estate is expensive, the workout will be free of charge. As always, you can expect a full-body workout from YHC.

When: 11/15/19 at 5:30-6:15 am

Where: Norton Commons (Amphitheater)

Why: To get better



Back Blast – Extender @ The Mutt

It was a brisk 30 Degrees this morning when the Q came rolling in at 5:29 to get things started.  There was a little mumble chatter but I came in hot giving the disclaimer as I walked up and immediately moseyed around the school for the Warm-up.

The PAX was 19 strong and consisted of:  Tiger, Ripple, Plumb Bob, Wham-O (R), Fridge, Lionel, Pope, Fallguy (R), Deuce, Backdraft, Meatball, Snowman, Meathead, Stick Up, Soft Top, Larry Flynt, Glen Ross, WOOOO and Blueprint (Q).

Warmups were quiet for a few but the Mumblechatter quickly picked up as we did the following:

  • 25 SSH’s
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Grass Grabbers
  • Downward Dog w/ Calf Stretch and Runners Stretch
  • 20 Merkins
  • 60 Second Plank on your hands

Then we got down to business – Today I wanted simple, steady and challenging.  We moseyed to the Cherrywood side of the Big Lot to start Thang 1.

Thang 1: Hindenburg Blimps

  • 6 Rounds
  • Run length of Parking lot to Corner #1 and perform exercise
  • Bearcrawl to corner #2, perform exercise
  • Run Length of lot to corner #3, perform exercise
  • Bearcrawl to corner #4, perform exercise
  • Plank until all have finished. That’s one round.
  • Exercises: Round 1 – 5 Burpees; Round 2 – 10 Lunges; Round 3 – 15 Imperial Walkers; Round 4- 20 Merkins; Round 5 – 25 Plank Jacks; Round 6 – 30 Squats

We had Mumble Chatter until Round 4 and that when I knew we were on to something.

Once finished we Moseyed to the far end of the parking lot and lined up for Thang 2

Thang 2: Reverse BLIMP

  • Run to Cherrywood side of lot – 30 Squats
  • Run back – 25 Plank Jacks
  • Run to Cherrywood side: 20 Merkins
  • Run back – 15 Imperial Walkers
  • Run to Cherrywood side: 10 Lunges
  • Run back: 5 Burpees
  • Plank for the 6

Moseyed back to the flag and did some Mary: 20 IC each of Flutter Kicks, LBC’s, Freddie Mercuries and ended with 10 Bog Boys on your own to finish at 6:15.

COT – Count O Rama – Announcements – Intentions – I thanked everyone for showing up this morning and sharing themselves with this group as leaders, followers, community members, etc.


Not Your Mama’s Ruck – 11.22 November Ruck PB

ruck fules

The November ruck is not to be missed. @Mama’s Boy and I have some good stuff planned. You’re in for a good mix of rucking, PT, trivia, hard laughs and great times. Plan to meet at Bowman Field (2815 Taylorsville Road) at 7:30 on 11/22. Bring your ruck, hydration, appropriate weather gear, a writing utensil and a notecard.

You don’t want miss this one.

PB Thursday 11/14/19 @ 0530 PWVFD BO Backflop Q

Come get your blood flowing and adrenaline pumping at the Peewee Valley Fire Department BO tomorrow @ 0530. Trust me, the PAX won’t be cold after this WO gauntlet. We will be on our feet in constant motion with a mixture of agility and coupon work. Oh and make sure you study your alphabet before you come. Bring gloves if ya got em. SYITG Backflop

Backblast Heavy Blender at the Mutt 11-13-19

winter tires

Signed up to Q this about two weeks ago.  Don’t remember exact temperatures that day but I know I was wearing shorts and  a tank.  WTF? I have worked out in sub-zero temps in my F3 lifetime but it seems like my body had a chance to work it’s way into it.  Going from 65 two day ago to this is bull$%*t!!  I know…I can already hear the three guys who actually read these backblasts, (Pope, Glen Ross, Sump) “Quit your whining Geppetto!’  Fair enough.  Without further ado, here is who was there today and what we did.

Pax: (6) Geppetto (Q), Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Digiorno, Lionel, Fridge

Zoo Gear: Blue Reebok hoodie over F3 tee, black Guiness toboggan, black Nike hoops shorts over tights, Soloman XA Enduro trail shoes, two layers of gloves

Weather Conditions:  Witches titty


Mosey around the building and circle up for a little stretching.

Abe Vigoda IC x 10

Grass grabbers IC x 10

Kendra Newmans

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Due to the aforementioned temps, I wasn’t sure how many to expect this morning.  Numbers have been very solid at the Heavy so far.  I had a plan A for a decent crowd.  I had a plan B for just me and Glen Ross.  Ended up scrapping them both and improvised into plan C.

Six HIMs.  We paired up and each pair grabbed a tire sled and a 35# kettle ball for a modified version of DORA. One partner drug the weighted sled the length of the parking lot and back while the other worked to complete the following:

200 kettle bell press

200 kettle bell chin ups

Completed that round.  Lap around the building.  Began round 2. Tire sled was moved in a standing row position this time.

200 kettle bell swings (100 each arm)

Two laps around the building.  Bringing our total to 1 mile.

Finished up with some partner Big Boys handing the kettle ball back and forth and taking it overhead to the ground on each “down”.  About 30 of these.  And Mary took us the rest of the way home (flutter kicks, Freddy Mercs, gas pumps).


Appreciate the 5 HIMs that braved the cold to join me today.  I admitted I probably would have stayed in the fartsack today if I hadn’t been Q.  Glad I didn’t.  Got a good workout and even better 2rdF.  Prayers were sent up to Sky Q, both said and those in our hearts.  Until next time.

Geppetto out!


Foundry 11.13 BB – Alexa on the Q


“Alexa, what did you at the Foundry today?”

Ok. Here’s what happened:

These HIM’s showed up: Dauber, Jewell, Pelican, Leprechaun, Alexa (Q)

The weather was VERY cold and dry.

The COP workouts were: SSH, Hillbilly Squats, Kendra Newmans.

With the weather being cold, the PAX needed to warm up. This was done via a tabata session of a Broken Down Burpee (air squat, merkin, groiner, full burpee).

Once warm, the PAX grabbed a coupon and returned to the portico where the Weike was explained.

5 rounds of work with 2 exercises per round. Exercise 1 would be performed for 90 secs followed by a 30 sec break then Exercise 2 for 90 sec. Rinse and Repeat. Then move to the next ‘station’.

The stations were: Step Ups/Dips, Rows/Curls, Dry Docks, Merkins, Shoulder Press/Calf Raise, Squats/Skull Crusher

As time expired, coupons were returned and PAX moseyed to the flag.

Everyone got closer. Announcements were made (Sock Drive, November Ruck). Intentions were offered. Thanks were given. Everyone headed out ready to tackle the day.

“Alexa, STOP!”

Nest 11.9 BB with Alexa


“Alexa, what did you at the Nest this weekend?”

Ok. Here’s what happened:

These HIM’s showed up: Gilligan, Brown Water, Double Down (R), Valdez, Wildflower, Dauber, FNG-Dingy, Captain Crunchberry, Pelican, Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Cratchet, Jewel, Drysdale, Big Bird, Alexa (Q)

The weather was cold and dry.

The COP workouts were: SSH, Finkles, Hillbilly Squats, Kendra Newmans, Leg/Calf Stretch

The theme for The Thang: was “What would Bulletin do?”

With the weather being cold, the PAX needed to warm up. This was done via 3 tabata sessions: Step ups, LBCs to Toe Touch, Broken Down Burpee (air squat, merkin, groiner, full burpee).

Once warm, the PAX moved to the playground for a Bulletin inspired, ladder workout would be performed. PAX would start with exercise 1, then run a lap around the lot. Upon returning, exercises 1 and 2 would be performed. Each PAX would climb up and, if time allowed, climb back down. The exercises were:

Pullup x5, Merkin x10, Coupon Curls x15, Star Jumps x20, LBC’s x25, Dips x20, Coupon Squats x15, Coupon Shoulder Press x10, Jiminy Cricket x5

*Shout out to Big Bird, WildFlower, Jewell and Valdez for being absolute BEASTS and making it all the way up the ladder.

As time expired, coupons were returned and PAX moseyed to the flag.

Everyone got closer. Announcements were made (Sock Drive, November Ruck). Intentions were offered. Thanks were given. Everyone headed out ready to tackle the day.

“Alexa, STOP!”

Chopper BB: 11.8 with Alexa


“Alexa, what did you at the Chopper last week?”

Ok. Here’s what happened:

These HIM’s showed up: Dauber, Domino, Pelican, PK, LePew, Sweet Tart, Tony Malito, Snow Day, Whitney, Ladybird, Meathead, Stickup, Meatball, Shrimpboat, Woooo, Alexa (Q)

The weather was cool and dry.

The COP workouts were: SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbilly Squats, Kendra Newmans, Leg/Calf Stretch

The theme for The Thang: was “High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT”

The idea was simple: Bring your heart rate up, let it come back down, bring it again, let it settle…Rinse and Repeat

The PAX needed to move from the seal to the parking lot by the Jeffersonian. Instead of a mosey, a Merkin-Catch Me If You Can was used. Pax in the front sprinted out for a 3-5 count, dropped for a merkin, then went to the back of the line. The next Pas sprinted out, did a merkin, got back in line etc etc. Coupons were grabbed on the way to the lot.

PAX circled up and did some Tabata to fit in with the HIIT them. Exercises were breaking down a burpee. Air Squats. Merkins. Groiners. Full Burpee.

PAX then lined up for a modified dora. Instead of racing through a set rep count, work was done by time. Parter 1 would run suicides in the parking lot (getting the heart rate up) while Partner 2 stayed and did stationary work (bringing the heart rate down). PAX moved through each round each time they returned from the Sprints, regardless of rep count. Here were the ‘stations’: Merkins, Curls, Big Boys, A$$-to-Gra$$ squats w/ coupon, Calf Raises with Coupons

Coupons were returned and a Native American run brought the group back to the seal to circle up.

Everyone got closer. Announcements were made (Sock Drive, November Ruck). Intentions were offered. Thanks were given. Everyone headed out ready to tackle the day.

“Alexa, STOP!”

11/12 bayside backblast

Pax: Charolais (r), Fanny Pack (r), Grandpa Bear (q)

Getting ready to head out solo, Charolais rolled in and we moseyed to courtyard. Gave disclaimer as we began to mosey.

Grass grabbers ic

Right side grass grabbers ic

Left side grass grabbers ic

Hillbilly walkers ic

Calf/leg stretches


SSH ic

Mosey to coupons


Standing shoulder presses ic

Raise coupons straight out in front of you shoulder high

Curls, 7/7/7

Mosey quarter length of track

Lbcs ic

Lbcs right leg out ic

American hammer ic

Mosey back to coupons.

Squats ic

Laying flat on back lower coupon straight back to ground and back straight above chest.

1/4 ratio merkins/arm raises

Mosey quarter length of track

Freddie merkeries ic

Knees right side lbcs ic

Knees left side lbcs ic


Ankle biters ic

Mosey back to coupons

Few more excersices with coupons.

Mosey back quarter length of track.

Lbcs ic

Mosey back to coupons.

Put coupons up and mosey to flag.

With wind blowing the flag straight out with and temp at 20 deg we circled up for COT.

Countorama, Namorama, announcements, intentions.


Backblast 11/11 The Silo at North Posh

Pax: Catfish, Jitterbug, #2, Nino, Huggies, Dunphy, Ladybird, Milton; Q-Iceman

Disclaimer and F3 Credo, leave no man behind but leave no man where you find him.

Mosey to bottom of hill for LOP (line of pain/warmup)

Arm circles, knee grabs, butt kicks, high knees

Mosey back to top parking lot



Downward dog, stretches, Burpee Apocalypse 10,9…(new Pax favorite)

Mosey to Nino Hill for bucket of fun #1

super 7s

7 burpees to 1 at bottom and

Bucket at Top (modified to 5 or 2- depending on whether you were me or catfish)

Mosey back to top parking lot for Bucket #2 not to be confused with The #2.

Run and Mario to bottom then Bernie, mosey,AYG to Bucket at Top.


cone work

Plank work

It was a good start to Veterans Day. Special thanks to Stickup for letting me borrow his bucket.

Winners Creed

If you think you are beaten, you are;

If you think you dare not, you don’t;

If you’d like to win, but think you can’t

It’s almost certain, you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost;

Since out in our world we find

success begins with a person’s will,

It’s all in your state of mind.

Life’s battles don’t always go

to the stronger or faster hand;

But sooner or later

the person who wins

is the one who thinks…..”I CAN”.

Well over 1 million Americans have died in warfare, let’s take a moment in silence to honor those that have died, those that have psychologically died and those vets still living. Let’s go out today and find a veteran to thank for their service.

Always an honor to lead this group of HIMs – Iceman.

Diablo #BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 11/12/19 (“But this workout goes to 11.”)

Q: Diablo

PAX: (11!!) OJ, McAfee, Tron, Wham!, Handbook, FloJo, Whitney, Digiorno, Violet, Tammy Faye Baker, Diablo

CONDITIONS: 22 degrees; 15 mph wind; snow cover – it was cold. I dressed appropriately.


This time of year is when I think our workouts become the most fun and memorable. Yes, some can be hard to get out for – we are human and we are fortunate to have comfortable beds. But, once out in the elements, especially snow, these workouts take on a life of their own. Many of my most memorable times in the Gloom are from mornings like this. (Hey FloJo and Flounder – Remember that hellacious lightening / rain storm from The Carpenter? (I just said Carpenter.”))

Combine an organized workout with some of your friends, you have a recipe for a fun and rewarding morning, which is exactly what we had at The O today. As OJ and I were discussing, it gives us grown men a reason to play in the snow like we are kids, and for a few minutes not have a worry in the world. It’s priceless. (Note: This was Handbook and Whitney’s introduction to a snowy Gloom, two HIMs that are absolutely killing it and have made us all better.)

As you’ll see, the theme of the day was 11. Of all the athletes that have worn 11 Cowboys QB Danny White still comes to mind first for whatever reason. We can discuss famous 11s another time.


SSHs (11 IC)

Mountain Climbers (11 IC)

Copperhead Squats (11 IC)

Plank Jacks (11 IC)

Groiners (11 IC)

SSHs (11 IC)

Thang 1 (11s)

PAX lined up on the field hockey, well, field, for two rounds of 11s, running the width of the field between set 1, and Mario’ing the width of the field between set 2.

Set 1 – Merkins / Squats (Run mode)

Set 2 – Burpees / Jump Lunges (Marios)

YHC was smoked by the end of Set 2. I try not to do math in public, but those burpees sort of add up during 11s. YHC tried to keep up with OJ, and did a decent job until midway through Set 2 when a cold wind hit my lungs. The elements are fun, but like an angry Wham! client, they can get to you! The PAX pushed hard during these sets – so fun to watch.

Thang 2 (William Wallace)

For William Wallace this morning (this is a fun workout by the way), PAX divided up into four teams and went to separate corners of the field. One PAX member from each team runs to the center of lot, yelling and screaming at or about whatever they want (the yelling and screaming is imperative to YHC) and performs an exercise chosen by first PAX to the target (11 reps), while the rest of the Pax held plank at their corner. That PAX then returns to his corner and alternating PAX complete the exercise. (Chosen exercises included more burpees than I thought!)

This was all sorts of fun. The highlight was McAfee sliding head first in the snow toward the middle. Here’s the aftermath of that glorious movement:

Team 3 (l-r, Diablo, Handbook, FloJo) won the last sprint round, but all they really got was a picture to include in this BackBlast. Still pays to be a winner:


PAX next circled up in the snow for some Mary / core work. At this point, we wondered what was going on when we heard the following exchange:

PAX 1: “What were you doing to him”?

PAX 2: “I was just dusting the snow off his back.”

PAX 3: “Is that what you’re calling it nowadays”?

PAX 4: “I’m not sure we’re supposed to talk about this.”

YHC then introduced the PAX to XYs, a movement that incorporates Rosalitas and flutter kicks into a 4 count. These looked better on paper – I couldn’t keep count for s***. But that made it funnier. I may not bring those back out anytime soon.

XYs (11 IC)

LBCs (11 IC)

American Hammers (11 IC)

Big Boys (11 IC)

Plank / Merkins (11)

You know who would have liked this workout???


PAX circled up for COR (we had 11, which was magical, NOR (which we’ll pretend I didn’t forget), announcements, and intentions. All agreed this workout went to 11, and because other AOs only went to 10 this morning, ours was louder, because ours went to 11.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.