Pre-Blast 4-14-21 for The Foundry at The County

Come out tomorrow for a full body, strengthening session with limited running. If you have been having some joint pain, then this one will grease up those joints. Bring a coupon and gloves and an FNG or 2. We will work everything and will move for 45 minutes! Lots of different exercises tomorrow, some new ones as well. (No Russian Dancers, Brown Water 🙂 )

SYITG! – DeVitto

4.08.21 Back Blast – ToG at the O

Weather: 60’s, wet, slight drizzle pulling up to the AO but never really rained

PAX: Motorboat, Jitterbug (R), Handbook, Number 2 (R), Tron, Gringo, Klopek, McAfee, Violet, Cousin Eddie

Q: Stick Up

COP: Mosey around from the start (keeping the courts to the right) and finished up on the tennis court closest to the flag. SSH, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Downward dog, L/R Calf Stretch, L/R Runners stretch, Michael Phelps


It was the return of the Bucket O’ Fun! Several layers of dust were removed since it had been over a year since the bucket saw the gloom. In this particular WO, we partnered up. Each pair would draw two coins. P1 would run to the far end of the courts and perform the reps and exercise of one coin while P2 would AMRAP the exercise of coin two. When P1 returned, switch. After both PAX ran to the far end and back, draw two more coins. Regardless of what Cousin Eddie thinks, there is only one more bear crawl coin than all of the other 33 movements in the bucket!

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, words of thanks, announcements, intentions.

Thanks to all the HIMs who were in attendance that morning.

Stick Up

Back-Blast Tuesday 04-13-2021 – The Loco @ The County

Definitely an upgrade. 19 fellow PAX checked the pre-blast, noticed a switch of Qs at the Loco, and showed up in force to The County this morning.  I picked out a playlist specifically with no Taylor, no Katy, no Miley, and no Brittney.  Still no Pelican at the Loco tho (no worries however, he was texting bright and early so only limited effects from The Vid shot #2).
Here are the PAX that made it out this morning:  Yankovic (R), Holy Roller (R), Asian Zing (R), Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Jerry McGuire (R), Air Raid (R), Meter Maid, Hush Puppy, Backflop, WILDflower, Honey Do, Brown Water, Abacus, Valdez, Gilligan, Cratchit, Tidwell, Gisele, Dauber (Q)

The goal this morning was to work at a fast pace for the full 45 minutes, so after a quick disclaimer we moseyed to the front lot for a rapid fire COP…SSH, SSH Doubletime, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, Mountain climbers.

We quickly moseyed to grab our coupons and head to the back parking lot for the Main Thang – Burpee Countdowns.  This consisted of sets of exercise reps starting at 25, then 20, 15, 10, 5 (75 total reps in a “countdown”). PAX completed first exercise reps at station #1 (back parking lot), then ran to the second station (far end of the front parking lot) for reps, back and forth as you countdown. As a bonus to keep the heart rate elevated, every time we passed the double cones at the top of the hill, the PAX dropped for 3 Burpees.  The countdown sets were Merkins / BBSUs, Bent over rows / 4-count Flutter Kicks, Curls / 4-count American Hammers.

No one completed all of the final set, but Backflop was pretty close.  He was killing it this morning after taking off 3 weeks to rest up (actually it was 3 days).  A number of other PAX were out front in a lead pack as well (Abacus, Little Jerry, etc.), but even more motivating was seeing everyone pushing themselves and each other.  A back and forth set up like this morning allowed everyone to interact, challenge and push each other.  It was awesome.  The Greater County Area does a lot of things great (certainly better than The Garden), but hard to properly put in words how awesome it was to work out on a spring morning, in the gloom, with a great group of guys from all walks of life, and at all different stages of fitness.  It is what F3 is all about.  Also cool to have 7 Rs…is that a record?

Anyway…we wrapped up and headed to the flag for COT – CoR, NoR, announcements (wings are tight), silent intentions and a final prayer.  Everyone agreed it was an upgrade…we didn’t talk about it, but I feel comfortable speaking for the PAX on this one.

– Dauber

BB – Cliffs at The Garden – 4.13.21 w/ Jewel

TLDR (stolen from Capn Crunchberry)- Bernie up the HSS. Indian Run along perimeter of campus. HILL REPEATS w/ curls to press, split leg squats 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 reps of each. That’s 12 trips up the hill.

The text to the Garden thread from Catfish… “In case y’all were wandering, Jewel delivered…Jesus” my cold dead heart grew three sizes.

Prior to the above, we started the morning with the disclaimer, a quick mosey with our coupons to the base of the hill.

Jimmy Neutron
Wide Right
Mountain Momma
Wet Bandit
Edward Scissorhands
Jewel – QIC

WOR included SSH, Toy Soldiers, Abe Vigodas, Downward Dog, Runners stretches.
Plank hold for 10 HR merkins each person around the circle
Next all held Al Gore while we made the circle for 10 toddler squats each.
Prior to starting the main thang, we Bernie Sanders up the hill to the top parking lot where we broke in to the Indian Run around the perimeter of the campus. Some strong sprints from the PAX in attendance.

Once we were back to the HSS we got busy:
PAX were instructed to go through all rep counts of each exercise prior to moving on. It looked like this…
Curl to Press x 10 > Run to the dumpster and back
C2P x 12 > run
C2P x 14 > run
Rinse and repeat adding 2 reps to 20 total.

Split Leg Squats x 10 > Run to the dumpster and back
SLS x 12 > run
Rinse repeat to 20 reps

Manmakers were next, but I think only Catfish (surprise) and Nino made it to those.

Never fear – we stopped w/ 2 minutes left to AMRAP manmakers so everyone got a taste.

Strong work today by all.

Announcements – Brew Ruck this Saturday. Convergence – 4.24 @ The Garden.
Intentions – continued prayers for Huggies and his family. Milton and his family. Strength for Husky.

Always humbled and honored to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

BB – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – 4/13/21

PAX- Glen Ross, Soft Top, Deuce, Buschhh, BallBoy, Fridge, Windshield, Tiger, Eto, Ronnie Beaver, PalmOlive, Frosty, Peeping Tom, WhamO (R), Goodman, Fruity Pebbles, Larry Flynt (Q)

-COP – As I rolled up at 5:29 the PAX were ready to roll and Tiger even beat me there… so disclaimers were given and we moseyed around the school to the main parking lot for SSH, Downward Dog, Runner Stretches, Michael Phelps and Kendra Newmans.

-Thang 1- We jogged down Brookfield, up St, matthews Ave. to Elmwood and back to school stopping at each street light for 10 LBC’s and 10 Merkins at each.

-Thang 2- Grabbed coupons and headed to main parking lot, partnered up and did 100 Curls, 100 Overhead Press, 200 Bench Press, 200 Squats. Partner one did the exercise while the other ran across parking lot for 10 Merkins switching until all were finished. Put coupons back.

Moseyed to the playground for some Mary on the mat… with Freddy Mercury’s, American Hammers, Gas Pumps and Elevators.

We wrapped up with announcements and mentioned that it is an honor to lead the workouts with the group. Finished with encouragement to keep investing in yourself through excericise and staying healthy and it will lead to positive things in other areas like home and work. e said an Our Father and out …

Peace out … Larry Flynt

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BackBlast: Bayside BO 4/10/21

A beautiful morning greeted us at Bayside. It was a late arriving PAX so we basically hopped out of the car and got started. We had one FNG to tag along today so we made sure to spend some extra time explaining all of our shenanigans.

We started with a quick mosey to grap coupons and then a long mosey to the back side of the school. After everyone arrived we circled up for COP:

SSH (IC) x20

Grass Grabbers (IC) x15

Hillbilly Walkers (IC) x15

Plank stretching

SSH (IC) x20

We then moved into The Thang: 5-10-15

Pax would complete 5 of exercise 1, 10 of exercise 2, and 15 of exercise 3. They would run (in some fashion) to the far sidewalk and then run back (in some fashion) back to the starting point. This would complete one set. Each phase below was completed in sets of 4.

Phase 1: (x4 sets)

exercise 1: Burpees

exercise 2: Overhead press

exercise 3: Curls

run out: Bernie Sanders

run in: Super Mario

Phase 2: (x4 sets)

exercise 1: Thrusters

exercise 2: Kettle bell swings

exercise 3: Weighted squats

run out: AYG

run in: mosey

We took a break after this for some Mary work:

LBCs (IC) x20

Ankle Biters (IC) x20

Mountain Climbers (IC) x20

Gas pumps (IC) x20

American Hammers (IC) x20

Phase 3: (x4 sets)

exercise 1: Burpees

exercise 2: Tricep extension

exercise 3: Bent over rows

run out: Bernie Sanders

run in: Super Mario

Time was running short after phase 3 so we returned our coupons and moseyed to the flag. We finished out with some flutter kick burnouts. A great cap to the beatdown.




We named the FNG Care Bear because of his heart for service and helpimg those in need.



Backblast – The Motivator – Captain Crunchberry Q – 4.12.2021

For those that don’t like long Backblast: We did stuff, we got better. These PAX were in attendance: Pelican, Flip Flop, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, Tidwell, Kitty Litter, and Captain Crunchberry (QIC).

For those along for the ride, here is the Paul Harvey version… (You know, the rest of the story…)

Hello F3 Louisville, stand by for a Backblast.

Weather Report: 45 degrees, clear skies, a very little wind. Still some wet pavement from yesterday’s rain.

Tidwell and I arrived to complete darkness. I know it is dark out there, but for some reason it seemed more dark than normal. Maybe it was the fact that the moon wasn’t out. Maybe it was the fact that this was my first Q since December. Maybe it was because it was Monday. Or maybe the 0500 start. Either way, it was dark. Pelican thought he was first, but Tidwell crushed his dreams when he told him we were actually there already, just scoping out the area. Personally I was going to let it slide.

This 0500 start time is great, but you have really embrace the suck first. It likely might require an earlier bedtime the night before. On a typical day I rush home and I have about 30 minutes to shower, take care of some housekeeping items, and be ready to leave to take my daughter to school. She has this thing about being one of the first kids to school. So it really is a hurry up, and wait moment. Today I was able to take my time in the shower, rather than rushing. I even got to taste my coffee before I got to the truck.

On the note of taking my daughter to school, as she hops out of the truck, I always tell her to have a good day, and to be a bucket filler. It is a reference to book we read when she was younger. If you haven’t read it, or don’t get the reference, here is an Amazon link. (This isn’t a paid sponsorship.) This leads into the workout portion of the day.

We started with some typical warm-up stuff. SSH, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers.

In my pre-blast, I told the PAX to leave their baggage at home. What they found waiting for them was some 5 gallon buckets with lids. At first glance, you couldn’t tell how much weight was in the bucket. This bucket would represent the emotional baggage they would have to carry through the workout. However, you didn’t have to carry the same bucket through out the workout. You could ask to trade, or you could just set it down. If you saw someone struggling with a heavy bucket, you could offer to trade, if they didn’t ask for help. The actual weight of the buckets is still a little bit of a mystery. I know one bucket had a minimum of 40 lbs. it contained my ruck weight, and some extra rocks for good measure. 2 or 3 buckets were full of either sand or left over tile thinset that has been hanging out in the garage for way too long. 2 buckets were full of pine cones. (Later, after the workout, deemed to be seeds of good fortune.) I can’t seem to remember the others, but they were heavier than the pine cones, but not as heavy as the heaviest.

We moseyed while carrying the buckets down to the crossroad to the boat ramp. At this location we did 20 curls and 20 squats. (I think at least. Pelican was doing his best to try to confuse me. I mean, it was 4 exercises, how hard can it be, right? Needless to say the Q was a little confused on his own weinke.) Then we moseyed back to the starting location, and did 20 lunges (10 each leg) and 20 merkins. Rinse and repeat until the Q advised otherwise. The idea here was that the crazy PAX (Flip Flop) would need help with his heavy bucket, and need to ask for a trade. However, he is a beast, and it took poking from someone with a lighter bucket to get him to trade. I’m also convinced this is the only reason we were able to keep up with him.

After a rounds with the weight, we increased the running distance, but went without the weight. We swapped merkins in for the curls, since we left the weight at the starting point.

We followed that up with a few more rounds with the weight. In true HIM fashion, the guys that arrived at the weight first got to select their bucket. Would you believe they happened to grab the heaviest buckets? Leaving the lighter (pine cone) buckets for those of us running behind. It was simply poetic. It totally encompassed the message for the entire workout. More on that in a minute. First, we finished up with a few minutes of Mary.

We circled back on the basketball court for Mary. We have just about 4-5 minutes. I asked for the PAX to plank while I rambled on. That if the plank ran on too long, to do some shoulder taps for movement. While holding plank, I started to pontificate. I paused a few times to do shoulder taps, and then continue holding plan.

Now for the message: I explained that everyone carries baggage, you never know how much baggage they have, or if they need help with it. You need not be ashamed to ask for help when your baggage gets too heavy. Also, if your baggage is light, ask if someone you know that might need help. Of course, it was easier when we dropped the baggage. Everything is easier when we drop the things holding us back.

I have no clue how many rounds we did, or how many of each exercise we completed. What I do know it there was constant movement, lots of grunting, and Pelican was quiet for about 3 minutes. To me, it was a success.

We closed with announcements: Monthly ruck is Saturday afternoon.

Intentions: F-Stop and family, Mr. Hats father (or maybe father-in-law).

-Captain Crunchberry.


Good Day.

Preblast – 4.12.2021 – The Motivator – Captain Crunchberry Q

0500, Monday. Nothing about that is something to look forward to. But, the thought of spending a little time with your fellow F3 Brothers, and leaving 45 minutes better than you were when you arrived, is a great start to the week.

Come join me, leave the baggage (and coupon) at home. At The Abyss, the serenity of your surroundings is all you need. Come with an open mind, and together we will get better.

Gladiator BB 4.9.2021

Six HIMs conquered the Gladiator: Abacus, Flip Flop, Kitty Litter, Uncle Sam (R), Squid, & Mr. Hat (Q).

We started with the Slaughter Starter, which if you’ve browsed the Exicon, is 20 BOYOS.

Abacus thought we would do 9 BOYOS, like that one time a few weeks ago when Harbaugh tried to make fun of me for doing BOYOS that corresponded with the date. Except I haven’t done that in a looooooong time. Probably since the last time Pelican posted at The Abyss.

After a mosey, we did 51 SSHs and some stretching before something new. We decided to call these Holy Jacks, after Holy Roller & Jack Webb. The thang: 10 BOYOS, 40 jump lunges. 9 BOYOS, 36 jump lunges. All the way down to 1 BOYO & 4 jump lunges.

YHC sent a submission request to the F3 Exicon for Holy Jacks to be added.

Our next thang: partner work where 500 cumulative dips, pull ups, and derkins were conquered while one partner ran down to the tree & back. We switched and then picked up where the partner left off.

Closed out with some plank work & an all you got back to the flag.

Announcements, intentions, prayer.

Hat out.

Pre-Blast – Jolly’s Back At The Nest – 04/10/2021

Looking forward to tomorrow. Work has kept me out of the gloom except on Monday, which was led by Pelican at the BlackOps in LaGrange. So, one (not me, but I’m sure Jewel or Dauber would say this – maybe even Squid) could argue I haven’t worked out at all this week.

We will be moving a bit tomorrow. Taking a stroll through some uncharted territory for the regulars at The County.

No coupons needed. Double knots on those shoes recommended.


Jolly Rancher out!

PB-Pelican Q at the Patriot BO 4/5/21

I know this is actually a back blast but since I screwed up the pre blast I figure this will even us out. In case you don’t know the Patriot is in downtown LaGrange and the PAX meet at the statue of George C Oldham (don’t think that’s his real name but it probably has a C in there somewhere) or where the Farmers Market is for those of you who partake in those things. This was my first trip out here (for a workout not a farmer’s market) and I was excited to make the trip. Kids were off school for Easter so no rush to get back so the extra minutes on the drive didn’t hurt. Somehow I talked myself into Qing it on the first trip. Got the text from Tidwell the night before demanding a ride so of course I picked him up on my way and of course he was walking down his driveway as I pulled onto his street. I also owe him a burrito, thanks a lot Gonzaga.

Anyway we got to the statue of Elmer T Oldham a bit early so I took a lap around the block (in my car) to check out the parking lots near there. Got back and waited for the PAX to arrive–they all did except the default site Q Holy Roller–FOCKER went to the beach for I think a total of 7 hours during which he worked out for 4 of them. PAX that were there were Dauber, Backflop, Tidwell, Asian Zing (R), Yankovic (R), Boss Hog (R), Bulletin (R), and Jolly Rancher.

I gave the disclaimer and thanked everyone for doing the hardest part of the workout which was waking up and getting there. I had found the lot I wanted to do the workout in so we took a warmup lap to get there. Boss Hog told us he would meet us there so he went the other way. On our mosey we saw Holy Roller with a Ruck and a Flag jogging up. I told him where we were headed and he said he’d meet us there. To my surprise when we got to the lot Boss Hog wasn’t there yet so we went to the other lot across the street assuming he was there. He wasn’t, he stuck around waiting for Holy Roller but I’m not sure how he knew he was on the way but since he’s the Mayor he probably knows everything happening downtown at all hours of the day.

Once those two got to the well lit parking lot we did COP which may or may have not have been–

SSH–12 or so IC

Grass Grabbers–13 or so IC

Copper Head Squats–maybe 8 IC

Michael Phelps/Kendra Newmans

Downward dog and stuff–Meter approved style

Then we lined up for the 11s which were as follows–

Plank Jack Merkins-Mario to other end

Walkout Merkins-Bernie Sanders back

Squats to calf raise-Carioca down

Broad Jumps-Mosey back, I think?

During this I broke back out the Weird Al Yankovic play list since Yankovic gave the hard commit on Saturday at the Nest. No one likes Weird Al as much as Mud Bug but I haven’t seen him or Rubber Duckie for a bit, they may still be hurt together. Speaking of together Backflop and Dauber were crushing the 11s in tandem, there steps were in sync and Dauber even slowed his getting up speed down to stay aligned with Flop. I assume Boss Hog didn’t do any of my workout but rather what he wanted–again he’s the mayor and its his town. Also I actually was beating Holy Roller consistently. Turns out he had some kind of life insurance examination later or something and didn’t want to die before it. Not sure what is cooler–that Holy Roller was “afraid” he would die during my workout or that the only way I can beat him is when he’s trying not to die. Both are pretty bad ass. Jolly and Zing were killing it at the end and Tidwell was keeping up with guys double his age (and triple and quadruple!!!!). Ok maybe we were keeping up with him. Bulletin was extremely complimentary of my music choices and was pushing me to keep up with him. At around 6:05 Dauber felt the need to step in for Meter and tell me that we only had 10 minutes left in the workout and should get back to Harvey E Oldham statue soon. It was maybe 400 feet away so we did one sprint in the parking lot and then moseyed back since it was Dauber’s birthday (somehow he’s still not at respect?).

We got back to the Patrick P Oldham statue and used the area to do a minute of step ups and a minute of dips. Then we did some Mary which was Gas Pumps, Flutter Kicks, Dauber led Big Bois and Tidwell led Punch Through Things (Nolan Ryans). We also listened to T Swift as we wrapped up.

We did CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. I’m proud of the work FOCKER and Holy Roller are doing in growing F3 both with all the head locks and starting a WO a bit further out to try to draw in new PAX. Pretty soon we will have a Butler State Park WO. It was an awesome way to start the week, even though I didn’t write about it until the end of the week.

Until next time,


BackBlast 4/8/21 Holy Roller – Agony @ the County

Simple Agony. Move and keep moving. We exercised our heart muscles today for 44 minutes. At about 34 minutes into the workout, we did nothing for 1 minute.
Disclaimer, and a mosey. Then a few SSH, Merkins, SSH, Merkins, SSH and mosey with coupon to the main thing in the parking lot. 13 strong HIMs today:
Boss hog(R) Pelican Abacus Little Jerry(R) Devitto Air Raid(R) Valdez Storm trooper Yankovic(R) Hush puppy Double down(R) Gisele Holy Roller(R) (Q)
Main thing was a Dora in the parking lot. Started with 50 ManMakers while your partner runs to the island and bear crawl back. Keep your heart rate up. Boss hog was doing his own version and doing it well. Pelican kept me moving and encouraged as we worked through the toughness. I looked over and saw Gisele burning through curls, Hushpuppy came flying past me on the round 2 run (3 times). Abacus started deep lunge walks instead of the bear crawls and had some followers keeping that heart muscle pumping! Devitto was doing Bear crawls in style and setting the example. Little Jerry was running like a cheetah (you can, hear him passing you).
After 50 Merkins, 150 Curls, 150 Thrusters, 150 Derkins we moved to round 2 at the other end of the parking lot. Yankovic was pushing through every exercise with grit! Did you all see Double Down making his abs even better through those BBSit ups? Wow. And I tried to challenge Storm Trooper a couple of time during the loop runs and he just blew on past me. Keep that heart muscle moving was the reminder. We did some more hard stuff (Not sure I saw Valdez or AirRaid break a sweat but they were tearing though it – I gotta think up something harder for them next time). We ended after 150 BB Sit-ups, 140 4 count Flutter Kicks and another thing, together with 2 minutes of ManMakers in unison (PAX looked like Synchronized Swimmers). Heart rates were up.
COT Announcements, Workout today was focused on our exercising our hearts. Go out today and give your heart and mind to others. Pour into them. Be the strong example as Christ did, giving your heart as you are a husband, father, son, brother, co-worker, leader. Prayed and out. Thanks for allowing me to lead HIMs. Holy Roller

BackBlast 4/6/21 Holy Roller – Loco @ the County

In the preblast I provided synonyms for Loco. That describes what this workout was, Loco. It was a beautiful morning in Pewee Valley, so I thought we would take some time off campus and sort of mosey up and down Mt Mercy…with our friend, the coupon.
All Pax accounted for: Wildflower, Hush Puppy, Yankovic (R ) and Q Holy Roller.
We did a short mosey with coupons to the caboose. Proceeded right into 5 Nuclear ManMakers. And then did 5 more with a different kind of count. Those got us warmed up a little.
We headed to the main thing with our coupons -down the street. We started at the first of 2 posters on Mt Mercy. Did 1 Curl at the first pole, mosey with coupon to the next and did 2 and to the next and did 3…and so on. At the end of the road, there were instructions on what to do on the way back. Manmakers 1,2,3, etc. then turn around and do Big Boy Sit-ups with coupon at each pole again 1,2,3, etc and then mosey the other direction with coupon and this time squats. Finished just in time to circle up. Man, Wildflower pushed us, Hush Puppy was strong (and even after staying up all night repairing his car and sore from the crash), and Yankovic was was out there making himself better.
COT, announcements, prayers and we were out. Well done HIMs! Holy Roller

PB- 04/08/21- Sadie Q Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Between work travel and life I’ve been out of the Gloom more than I would like. Things are settling down and I’m on the Q at Bayside in the morning. Rain or shine, we are covered either way.

We are going to go hard for four rounds in the octagon. Once we start we won’t stop until we are saved by the 06:15 bell.

Bring gloves and a coupon!