PB – Snaggletooth Q – The Defender at the Patriot – 12/9/22


Hot off his Patriot Pax Challenge Patch goal, @Snaggletooth will be our Q at the Patriot tomorrow. He says “ 😎 Yeah I’m ready to take these fellas down. It’s going to tough. It’s going to hard. There is no need to bring your coupon because we are going to work. Expect A LOT of core and Cardio. STAY HARD”

(I may have paraphrased that a little, but the message is in there)

Come out to the Colonel Oldham statue and earn your weekend! SYITG

100 W. Main St. LaGrange, KY 40038

12.9.22 PB The Chopper at Vets

Weather looks perfect for a Friday at Vets. Its been two weeks since we had to work hard at the chopper so lets get this thing back on track. Grab that buddy of yours whos been flirting with the idea of posting and head to J-Town. No coupons will be required and gloves may be a good idea. No bear crawls are in the plan but, as always at vets, the plan is subject to change.


-Stick Up

BB Pizza Q – Temple of Gloom @ The O

Thanks for having me out. Was good to meet some of the folks whose names I see on Slack. It was a glorious morning where 11 HIM improved!

Side Straddle Hops, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Cherry Pickers and a Prisoner Indian Run. I hope I am invited back to The O…

Core workout:

R1 – Long Jump to Merkin across two tennis courts and bernie back to starting position; 60 single count high knees; 60 single count butt-kickers

R2 – Bear Crawl across two tennis courts and bernie back… repeat above

R3 – Right lunge, left lunge, merkin across… repeat

R4 – Side to side merkin…

Rinse and repeat. You against yourself…

Marry – Freddies, LBC’s, Gas Pumps, Elevators, Flutter Kicks. Handbook called my ass out for almost going past 6:15.


Choose to be better. Be above yourself. Pray for the Claypool family and Ts and P’s for Brisket and his stand up comedy career… But, props for doing something uncomfortable. That is how you grow and get better… push your limits.

Cheers and SYITG.


PB Pizza Q – Temple of Gloom at the O – 12/8/2022

Is your breath running?… Well… You better go and catch it!

We are going to be moving. We are going to be grooving. Excited to lead the HIM at The Temple of Gloom tomorrow. Subconscious you is begging you not to fart-sack… Join me, get that heart rate up and let’s have some fun. You will get better – I promise!



BB – 12/3/2022 – The Nest @ The County – Double Pump Q

In attendance: Valdez, JollyRancher, Dauber, HoneyDew, Panel Van, Pawesome (FNG), captain Crunchberry, PCI, Giselle, Devitto and yours truly.

A slightly damp yet mild Saturday morning proved no match for 11 HIMs, including 1 FNG…welcome, Pawesome!

Circled up for the disclaimer, some warmups and then a brisk mosey around the County.

The Thang was “borrowed” directly from one of our Memphis:

Round 1: 0-11 Minutes – 8 burpees, 8 LBCs per minute in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 burpees and 88 LBCs in 11 minutes.

Round 2: 11-22 Minutes – 8 squats, 8 Mountain Climbers in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 squats and 88 Mountain Climbers in 11 minutes.

Round 3: 22-33 Minutes – 8 Merkins, 8 BBS in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 Merkins and 88 BBS in 11 minutes.

Round 4: 33-44 Minutes – 8 Jump Lunges (2=1) and 8 Flutter Kicks (2=1) in EMOM fashion for a total of 88 JL and 88 FK in 11 minutes.

COT followed with announcements and intentions.

Always grateful for the opportunity to lead and participate.


PB – St. Nick’s Day w/ Edward Scissorhands Q at the Cliffs at ☘️The Garden☘️, Tuesday, Dec 6

Come out to The Garden☘️ for a St. Nick’s Day workout. The man that inspired our current day Santa Clause will be our inspiration for the morning. Hope to see you all there, you don’t want to get coal for fartsacking!

PB 12-1-2022 The Agony at the County – DeVitto Q

Welcome to December, Gents. Tis’ the season! With all of the joy of Christmas that is upon us, we will sing carols and hold hands for the entire 45 minutes….. not likely. We will, however, work and suffer together. What else would you want at an F3 workout? Bring a coupon. Some running will be involved, but not a lot. SYTIG!

BB 11-30-2022 Foundry @ The County Brown Water Q

Weather: Cold and getting colder, windy and damp.

Pax: Giselle, Cochran (and his monkey tail), Le Pew, PCI, Meter Maid, Pelican, Snack Shack, Kitty Litter (R), Double Pump, Brown Water (Q)

We met under the portico to avoid some of the wind and rain. COP consisted of copperhead squats, downward dog, mountain climbers, toy soldiers, merkins and arm circles. There was plenty of mumble chatter and staring at Cochran’s AWESOME monkey tail beard. No SSHs as I am still nursing a pickleball injury.

Today we celebrated my 48th birthday with a tabata-STYLE workout. 48 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest. 2 rounds of each exercise which were the standard mix of merkins, mountain climbers, big boys, step ups, lat pulldowns, overhead press, purls, manmakers, squats, bench press, american hammers, al gore, LBCs, etc. I treated the PAX to my current guilty pleasures playlist which is heavy on the Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and Dua Lipa but threw some Beck for Le Pew. Those borrowing coupons returned theirs at 6:13 and Pelican realized he shouldn’t have brought his own but also returned it to his trunk at 6:13. Time was called when he returned.

Ended with Announcements of Dare to Care Dec 17th and Ruck for Cash this coming Sunday. Intentions and prayers for those running at RRG this weekend and Little Jerry who is running his 100 mile race (WOW !!) and the HIMs running a lap with him. Name o Rama and closed with an Our Father.

It is great starting the day with this group of men. Thanks for coming out and always an honor to lead.

SYITG & #MTCGA – Brown Water

12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q

A star, a star, a wonderful bright shining star! Whiter and brighter than any by far…A star, a star, a star!

Thursday’s the first day of December and we are officially into the Christmas season. And even though the Magi didn’t see the star until like, 13 days or so after the birth of Jesus, we’ll be seeing our stars tomorrow ITG.

I want to make no mystery about it. I’m running the 12 days of Christmas with some other fellas this year and and since tomorrow will be Day 1, we’ll be warming up with a mile run. We’ll then be doing some CSAUP stuff in the shape of a star. You’ll be needing your coupons for this one.

Looking forward to reuniting with my Bayside Boys and any others that want to start their Friday eve off on the right foot. We’ll be using our left feet too so don’t forget about them.


Back Blast “12 Laps of Christmas” 29-Nov-2022 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 22

(I definitely reminisced about the Loco back in 2018/2019, where we routinely hit 25+)
Honey Do
Snack Shack
Nat Geo (R)
Brown Water
Ladybird (R)
Meter Maid
Bulletin (R)
Double Pump
Kitty Litter (R)
Big Bird
Jitterbug (R)
Crock Pot (Q)

39 deg F, 93% RH. Windy, but not as bad as forecasted to be honest.

YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a high intensity exercise, so if you have any medical condition or physical limitation, you should consider not participating. You are encouraged to modify everything as necessary according to your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc.

Warm Up:
SSH (IC): x15
Slooow Grass Grabbers (IC): x10
Hold L ankle: 10 count
Hold R ankle: 10 count
Downward Dog: 10 count
Cobra: 10 count
Kendra Newman front: 10 count & back: 10 count
Michael Phelps: 10 count
Imperial Walker (IC): x10
Toy Soldier (IC): x10
SSH @ 1.5x speed (IC): x15

Thang: 12 Laps of Christmas
There were four defined loops, each with a starting exercise and a mode of motion. On lap one, do 10 reps of the exercise then hit the loop. On lap 2, do 20 reps of the exercise and loop it. On lap 3, do 30 reps and loop.

For my mathematically challenged brethren… 3 of each of 4 loops equals the 12 Laps of Christmas. For my musically challenged brethren… the 12 Laps of Christmas is a play on the famous song “12 Days of Christmas”.

Red Loop:
Squat (10 – 20 – 30)
Bear Crawl

Green Loop:
4-ct Mountain Climber (10 – 20 – 30)
Bernie Sanders the straights, walk the turns

Blue Loop:
Merkin (10 – 20 – 30)
Carioca the straights, walk the turns

Yellow Loop:
4-ct Box Cutter (10 – 20 – 30)

We finished with 12 BOYOs.

YHC requested the help of the PAX who are yet to do their VQ. So, like pros, Audible, PCI, Snowden, Snack Shack, and Nat Geo threw down a cadence call for a 4-count Mary exercise.

Check the 3rd F channel for details on Dare to Care
Cash for Trash Ruck is at the County Sunday Dec 4

Today’s Q was Christmas themed, so YHC thought it was only appropriate to quote one of the world’s foremost holiday poets… the Grinch:

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means something more.”

This is a cool time of year. Regardless of who or what you worship, whether you celebrate or not, even the grumpiest of folks become generous and more positive from now until the end of the year. And we need it.

Even though it’s a secular tale, this attitude shift is what the Grinch was talking about.

But Christmas isn’t always easy. It often brings high highs of generosity and spirit, but it can also bring the low lows of celebrating without loved ones. Regardless, YHC encourages you to make a concentrated effort to take your spirit, demeanor, and generosity up a bit from now until the end of the calendar year. Once again, it’ll be a blessing to someone, and we need it.

Ann Petty as she continues to march through chemotherapy like a boss.

NakedMan Moleskin:
The end of the Q was something I made up on the fly. I didn’t execute it great (at first), and I caught Audible hardcore off-guard (sorry dude), but I wanted to get the PAX who had not yet Q’ed a workout yet to call out the Mary exercises.

So, I called out the exercise, commanded the starting position, called the first two reps, and let them finish from there. Sometimes a guy just needs to have the ball passed to him to give him the urge to take a shot. Today, they at least got a shot.

Also, much love to my neighborhood’s HOA for providing the landscaping rocks that held my paper signs in place today (the forecast included some wind). Your entrance landscaping didn’t miss them while they were gone, and I made sure to return them. Your sponsorship will likely be a recurring one, whether you like it or not.

Until next meal,
Crock Pot

11.26.22 BackBlast: The Majestic Fog

The Back Blast. Often overlooked but ever so important. Why is that you say Bird? Well because it comes as a form of engagement. It’s an opportunity for The Q of the day to put his spin on what went down. Who was there. What crazy stories were there to share…like pocket holding or an over night booty call… And of course what the beat down consisted of. I, myself have grabbed a wienke or two by gathering ideas from what that day’s Q threw out. And if just one dude reads it, feels the inclusion of brotherhood and lets that be one of the reasons that keeps HIM coming back out…then it’s worth it, right?

A bit contradictory here as I let a County and Vets back blast get by me (sorry boys), I aim to make amends, due in large part to the stellar BB’s that Honey Do, Dauber and Turkey Tom, er, um…Patty put out there only day(s) after their respective Q’s.

Newest Site Q of The Fog, Pizza asked if I would grab up this day. Not ever willing to say “no” to a FNGSQ (FNG site Q) I was more than willing to oblige. Playlist and wienke ready to go, I was ready to get Majestic! It was a cold one on this day on the rebound of gluttony and the dawn of a holiday weekend so I was prepared for a minimal crowd. Glowsticks threw out his HC so I knew we’d at least have enough for a workout. As I pull in at 0657 I was pleasantly surprised to see more cars than just Glowstick’s ride. BTW, we would never see Gliwsticks…or his ride.

The PAX:

Ladybird (R) Beggin Strips, Leno (R), Jitterbug (R), Jewel, Mom Suit, InstaDoodle, Toe Jam, Mr. Kotter,
BigBird (Q)

This was truly a special day as we got to get our blood moving with the sunrise. We COP’d, we mosey’d and we got serious with some Wonkey Donkey’s before we set off for all of the other Thangs.

We would hit the bridge for burpees, bear crawls, burpees, Bearnie Sanders (thanks Lockbox) burpees…in that order, before a mosey under 64 E. We would then grab a couple of small boulders and do some stupid sh!t with them for awhile. We would mosey back, stopping for some dips and Big Boys along the way.

Recover to the flags and did some Flutter Kicks before indulging in some mumble chatter whilst we stretched out to some Pink Floyd. There was laughs, jeers, storytelling and hard work all built into one short hour.

The Glue: Mr. Kotter would reach out to me after, sending out what his take on the morning was. It included what F3 has done for him and what some simple words of encouragement has meant. That’s what this group is all about. Sharing a bit of who we are with others, pushing those around us to become better and leaving no man where we found them. A special day boys and I was glad to be a part of it!

Until next time…


PB Foundry @ The County 11-30-22 Brown Water Birthday Q

Come out to the County to celebrate my 48th trip around the sun. Bring your coupon or grab one on site. This will be a traditional heavy with limited running and probably no SSHs. (maybe one-legged SSHs). Abacus probably won’t like this workout. Meet at the portico so we can stay dry.

SYITG – Brown Water

Pre Blast “12 Laps of Christmas” 29-Nov-2022 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot?

I don’t care what the Karens say on social media, Christmas season starts the moment I finish my second pass at the dessert table on Thanksgiving. That means CP is finally in full Santa Claus mode. Come ready to spend some time in the big parking lot. Expect to make (at least) 12 laps. No coupons necessary. SYITG.

BB – 11.22.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks

Da Bomb at the Boondocks

10 came out for the pre-Thanksgiving festivities at the Boondocks.  Thanks Bulletin (r), Honey Do, Abacus, Focker, Yankovich (r), Kitty Litter (r), Back Flop, Meter Maid, Dauber and your Q, Little Jerry.  You guys are Da Bomb and came out for Da Bomb.

The WO…  Warm up.  Run a lap.  Merkin Bomb (55 Merkins and 220 Air presses).  Run a lap.  Elevator Bomb (55 Elevators and 220 LBC’s).  Run a lap.  Big Boy Bomb (55 BB’s and (I don’t know what to call them but somebody volunteered that it was some Alabama sex position).  Run a lap.  Carolina Drydock Bomb (55 Carolina Drydock’s and 220 Bear Crawls).  Run a lap.

Little Jerry

11-28-22 back-blast The Silo @ North Posh

It had been far too long since I had the Q at North Posh so even though it was a Monday morning following a long weekend, I was up early and ready to go this morning. I arrived early and got in a little mosey down the Louisville Loop hill to set up 6 cones for the workout. It was perfect weather for late November (cool but comfortable), and even though running hills was the last thing any of us wanted to do, 10 PAX showed up ready to go – Kitty Litter (R), Bacon, Backflop, Diane Dukes, Husky (R), Bob Ross, Viking, Mr. Roper, Pizza, Dauber (Q).

COP was quick with SSH, 5 BOYOs, Grass Grabbers, 5 BOYOs, runners stretch…then we headed out on a mosey down to the bottom on the hill for merkin & hill repeats. This consisted of running up the hill to the first cone for 30 merkins, back down the hill, up to the second cone for 25 merkins, etc. Ended at the top cone for 5 merkins. We had a little extra time so we gathered at the top cone and did two repeats down the hill to the turn and back up (stopping for BBSUs), before moseying back to the flag for 5 BOYOs and a solid 5 minutes of Mary.

COT included intentions for my cousin (who is also Bob Ross’ cousin), Jackson Mingus. Jackson’s funeral is this morning…he was 19 years old. Hug your loved ones extra today.


11-28-22 pre-blast The Silo @ North Posh

After a long holiday weekend filled with a ton of food, too much drink, and lots of good times with friends and family, Monday morning is just sitting there…lurking…ready to punch you right in the gut. Well, flip the script and attack Monday morning by joining me at North Posh for some high tempo hill work. You will definitely burn off the extra calories. No coupons. SYITG.