PB – Sump Pump – Q at the O #bagofwrenches 2/15/22

Heartsacks are off the table in the morning.

Like @captaincrunchberry says, The weinke is still in the approval process. Hopefully it will get the rubber stamp by morning. Bring a coupon just in case, as I’m not entirely sure what I will have planned.



BB: B.O.@ the Patriot – 5.28.22 – Mannequin Q.

It was a beautiful cool morning at the Patriot today, we gathered in 11 HIMs, did a warmup around the block (with some monkey-humpers facing the corner of traffic).

We then traversed over to the CityPlace square where I had a tabata workout setup. Here were the stations and the parameters:

60 secs work / 15 seconds rest – Repeat cycles on station…3rd cycle we alternated between plank/squats

  1. Footwork through 10 cones
  2. Thursters with Coupon
  3. Left lifts with soccer ball
  4. Dips
  5. Farmers Carry (5 gallon buckets)
  6. Pearls
  7. Stair run
  8. Carolina Wet-Docks (pushup while putting forehead into water)
  9. Wall Sit
  10. Hype/Encourager! (This one is where you go run around the hype up the HIMs)

The HIM that was the best encourager won a dozen of my chicken eggs!

We also ended with a tunnel crawl through/under the group! Got that one from Diablo!

Attendees were: Patty, Metermaid, Ruby, Malpractice, Boss Hog, Focker, Ferb, Snaggletooth, Rip Van Winkle, Borland, Mannequin

5.23.22 Back Blast: The Incubator @ Posh

Look at our boy Stick Up graduating from Site Q to 1st F Q! It’s always good to see men accelerating, injecting the region with fresh ideas and objectives. One of the last things he would do as outgoing site Q of the Incubator would be to fill up the calendar to make for a smooth handoff to Methane. Which by the way, if mtpga (making the posh great again) is a thing, Methane has certainly done a stupendous job in a short amount of time. Ed’s been keeping solid consistency and Bacon’s done pretty alright too on Saturdays…This past Monday would be the last of his scheduled Q’s and he made me promise to deliver a good one. Now, I don’t usually like to grab other dude’s wienkes but when I was at the County the week prior for Fungi’s return Q, it was such a fantastical full body beatdown I knew I had to share it with my Poshies. As a matter of fact as I was being beat down, I was envisioning how it would go and how I would utilize the space. I knew then that I could deliver on Stick Up’s expectations.

As I pulled into the lot come Monday morning (just under the wire, per the norm), we had a good crew ready to seize the day and start their week off ready to get more better gooder. PAX: Iceman (R), Methane (R), Jitterbug (R) Dot (R), Kitty Litter, Stick Up, Edward Scissorhands and yours truly as QIC.

0530, disclaimer was given and we would jump right into some COP: Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Merkins (IC) and some runners stretching. From there we would throw our coupons on our shoulders and mosey around the lot to the opposite end where the Thangs would take place.

Thang 1: Tabata: 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off with two different exercises for eight rounds. I can’t remember what they were now cuz that was Monday and shame on me for getting my BB out so late. But it was Abacus approved.

Next Thang: Fungi’s circuit – Coupon Swings, Coupon Squats, Curls, Skull Krushers, Overhead Press, Merkins. We would ladder it going 10 reps of each. Would then “all out” to the halfway point of the lot and then mosey back to the starting point. We would R&R going 15 reps then 20 then back down the ladder. PAX beasted through this and we finished a lot sooner than expected. Had time for…

The final Thang: 11’s of Jump Lunges and Burpees.

Recover and head back to the flags to finish up with a little bit o’ Mary.

Circle around the flag for COR, NOR & COT. Methane was our “6” so we got reacquainted to learn who brought him out, how long he’s been coming out and how he got his name. Made some announcements, most notably the Murph that Diablo is putting out Monday morning at Posh. All gave some, some gave all. Come out and work hard because we can and in memory of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and for giving us the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


BB- Patty Q – Defender at the Patriot 5/27/22

Men gathered at 0530 (with a few stragglers), disclaimer was given, and we wasted no time and got to work. What better way to start the weekend than a WO at the Patriot. 🇺🇸

Attendance Report: Boss Hog (R), Furdays, Kitty Litter, Colonel Klink, Mannequin, Holly Roller (R), Yankovic (R), Ruby (R), Layover, Single Source, Honey Comb, Patty (Q)

COP was a relaxing stretch that lead to a jump start into the MAIN THANG. Started with SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward dog for calf stretches (R over L/ Right,Right/ Right hand to the Sky Q; and switch), and then some Micheal Phelps for arm stretches. We needed a good jump start to prepare for the next exercise, so we finished COP with Nuclear’s (4 different SSHs that counted down from 10). After we finished, we moseyed over to the LaGrange parking lot for the Main Thang.

The MAIN THANG: We began the WO and the first song on the playlist set the tone for the rest of the time, Beastie Boys – Sabotage and we were off for an 11’s workout. 10 Man Makers at the top of “Heartbreak Hill” and 1 BBS at the bottom with an incremental decrease/increase at each exercise spot. We kept it simple and the PAX gave it everything they had.

***Key songs that kept us going, Brandy – Looking Glass, The Gambler – Kenny Rogers, and One Man Can Change the World – Kanye, Big Sean, John Legend. The Patty F3Louisville Spotify playlist will always keep you on your toes! 🙂

Last THANG: We finished off the WO together as a group with an in cadence merkin to 21, representing the fallen victims of the Uvalde, TX mass shooting. We wrapped up and headed back to the LaGrange statue for COT.

COT: We gathered and discussed a number of announcements. Yankovic and Holy Roller hashed it out on their fundraising abilities. Their efforts and other affiliated groups raised over $15,000 for a local Children Resource Center. Mannequin, Focker, and Colonel Klink have a brand new “Man in the Arena” workout that will be coming soon with more details posted on #mumblechatter. Lastly, YHC will be the new SiteQ for the Defender at the Patriot. I am very honored to continue the efforts of Holly Roller and Focker as well as ALL the other HIMs that call the Patriot home and make this AO great.

We finished with intentions, Ball of Man, and the Sky Q’s prayer. We definitely earned a Holiday weekend and started off our day on the right foot. Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who serve this country and give us the freedom to gather together.

Until next time. SYITG



We had to start the weekend out right as I promised one day abs in preparation for the official unofficial start to summer as well pay some tribute to our veterans.

Thang 1: mosey to the GI JOE POST 244 American Legion in Jeffersontown. Aprox. 1.5 miles Vets.

Thang 2: core, 50 big boys followed by some meatball led pickle pounders with eye contact mandatory. Then some Diablo flutter kicks.

Thang 3: mosey back to vets for some dips and derkins.

Thang 4: mosey back to the tomb for 50 more big boys and merkins.

Followed with everyone circling up and showing off their one day abs. Then COT, intentions and prayer.


Backblast – BO @ Goshen – 5.26.2022 – Captain Crunchberry Q

Leading up to this workout, it was a coin toss. Weather reports were forecasting rain. It’s a new AO, with a lot of relatively new PAX. To my knowledge, there hadn’t been a rain day out there yet. I could be wrong. I had 2 different weinkes planned out, one for rain, and one for drier conditions. Lucky for us the was just a slight drizzle, no real rain to speak of. Temperatures were a comfortable, in the high 60’s.

Disclaimer was provided. I am not a professional, modify as needed to your abilities, disabilities, and injuries.

COP started with some Good Mornings, then some SSH, Toy Soldiers, more SSH, Grass Grabbers, more SSH, and I think something else that I can’t remember, but clearly didn’t have recorded either. But, guess what, we finished with more SSH. Then on to The Thang.

So, of course, I went with the rain day weinke. Wait, what? Oh, yeah, I kind of screwed that up. The weinkes were pretty similar. I wanted to do some TABATA to give the PAX an opportunity to talk while working out. No counting to worry about with a TABATA. The rain day TABATA had more work, less running in between.

TABATA Round 1 was arms. We did 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. Rotating through Curls, Skull Crushers, and Overhead Press. I know it is hard to believe, but there was zero mumblechatter for a while. Que Sump Pump… He has the Q on Tuesday. So he took the time to get the PAX thinking about next week. We started discussing the 5 core principles of F3. A cheat sheet might have been used. Midway through the rain picked up, and the Sky Q started advancing the TABATA randomly. I dried it up, and tried to circle back, but I think we ended up with an extra round of curls. Oh well. Once we completed 4 rounds of all three exercises we made a long lap around to the back covered area. Somewhere along the mosey Sump Pump voiced concerns for the lack of running. This is when I realized I had loaded the wrong weinke.

At the back covered area we did a Merkin waterfall. We would do 10 Merkins. When I got to 3, the next PAX would start, and I continued counting silently. Each round reduces the count by one. With 15 PAX, I likely should have started with 7 or 8, as there was a whole lot of plank in there. Oh well. Once we made it to zero, we finished the loop back to the front lot.

TABATA Round 2 was legs. Same times as before. The three exercises to rotate through were lunges, squats, and calf raises. There was slightly more mumblechatter this round. But during a rather quiet spot, I dropped a nugget of wisdom about modification. I told the guys that when we say modify as needed, we really mean it. No one is out there to be the fun police. Once completed we again made the long lap mosey to the back covered area.

Under the cover, we did a glut bridge waterfall, or Mr. Saturday Nights. I know this is hard to believe, but putting a bunch of dudes on their backside, and thrusting their pelvis region towards the sky, brought out the best mumblechatter of the morning. There was so much, I thought maybe Pelican and Dauber happened to show up in the middle of the workout.

When it was all said and done, Lumbergh, Lightfoot, Wolverine, Twister, Beans, HBK, Flexseal, Natty Lite, Viking, Steve-O, Virginia Slims, Maytag, Dracula, Sump Pump, Captain Crunchberry (Q) all put in the work, and hopefully they will all think of me while doing 12 ounce curls this weekend.

Announcements and Intentions.

BackBlast The Range at The Patriot 5/25/22

Look at me with the same day Backblast. Always worth the lost 10 minutes of Sleep to visit the HIM at the Patriot

PAX- Yankovic (R), Swag, Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Focker, For Days, Layover, Sequel, Colonel Klink, Jitterbug (QIC)

Mosey (thru the Sprinklers, MY BAD!) to the City Center Court Yard for COP…..SSH, GrassGrabbers, Hillbilly Walkers, Stretching, Merkins, Mountain Climbers

Thang 1- Grab a Wall. Complete 10 Derkins, 15 Dips, 20 Single leg Step ups….then Bear Crawl across the lawn (30 Yards?) and Lunge Walk Back….Rinse and Repeato

Thang 2- Short Mosey to Bottom of Hill Next to building or thereabouts in the area for a 7 with Merkins and Jump Squats. 6 Merkins, Run up the Hill, 1 Jump Squat, Back Down the Hill… 5 Merkins, Up the Hill…..etc.

Thang 2- Went to adjacent parking lot for a 5-10-15. PAX completed 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, and 15 Squats, then Bernie 50 yards to end of lot and Sprinted back. Rinse and Repeat for a total of 3 Rounds.

Thang 3- Same Spot for a Triple Nickel…..PAX Completed 5 Hand Release Merkins Bernie to End of Lot then 5 Bobby Hurleys, Sprint Back….Completed this 5 Times.

Thang 4- A four corners using the City Center Block. Corner 1 and 3- 15 Merkins…..Corner 2 and 4- 15 Squats

5 Minutes of Mary and that was time.

COR, NOR, and Intentions- We remembered the victims and families of yesterdays shooting and asked for prayers for all victims of violence and well as prayers who struggle with mental illness. We discussed the gift that is F3 and the Strength that we pull from it and agreed to go and positively impact someones day who we encountered.

Always an Honor to Lead

Jitterbug Out

5.26.22 Pre Blast: The Agony @ The County – BigBird Q

Calling an audible here. Subprime has found himself feeling a little under the weather and asked me to step in. So for those expecting a Subprime type of workout, never fear. He has shared his wienke with me and it promises some moseying, partner work with coupons and some sprints. We’re going to turn a Subprime day into Primetime! Come out and get better!



PreBlast – BO @ Goshen – 5.26.2022 – Captain Crunchberry Q

Tomorrow at the Goshen BO I will come prepared for both the PAX that don’t mind getting wet, and the ones who melt. A flip of the coin might be the tie breaker as to which weinke we use. We will hit all major muscle groups. Bring your coupon (a few are on site) and some mumblechatter. I don’t like silence, so either you talk, or I will talk.

PB The Foundry @ The County 5.25.22 – Wide Right Q

Rain might join us tomorrow at The Foundry but that is ok, somebody says that you only get wet once, right? Bring a coupon of your preference and you can leave your running shoes at home, just bring ones that you feel comfortable moving a little bit with.

Hope to see you tomorrow, coupons will be used as mentioned, so bring yours. Bring a Friend as well and SYITG!

Wide Right

5.16.22 Back Blast: The Motivator @ The Abyss

At one time or another hopefully we were all motivated to get out to the Abyss. It really is a fantastic site. You have a playground for pullups, a basketball court for guys like Pelican to tell you how awful you are at basketball, a portico to keep you dry, benches for dips and finally, offers a 1.5 mile loop with the most serene lakeside views where if you’re lucky you can see the moon at the start of your workout and see the sun rise by the end. The unfortunate part is that as it was gaining momentum, it had to be moved to 0500 at a couple of different times (understandable as site Q’s were trying to make it work while being a HIM at home and helping to get their kids off to school before heading out for work). While that was happening F3 Louisville was starfishing, giving PAX more options that might be closer to home. The last final push came during the Iron Horse Challenge but it just couldn’t get the attendance to continue the justification of an official AO. The decision was made (from the handful of PAX that regularly attended) to go back to making it a black ops location. This Monday would be the last Monday that we could call it the Motivator.

As I pull in, Kitty Litter was getting us setup. He had picked up the flag from off the ground that was sitting next to a lonely coupon where the Site Q was kind enough to drop off at some time before 0530. Kitty Litter and I would be working together for this one. Can’t say that I’m disappointed because KL has come to be one of my favorites. He has helped me out of a couple of binds (I have a feeling that’s how he rolls offering to lend a hand to whomever is in need), he shows up and puts in work all around the region and is always there to motivate, inspire and pick up the 6. We worked hard on this day utilizing the basketball courts to burpee, murder bunny, mountain climb, mosey around and other such nonsense. The work didn’t seem much like work though as the mumble chatter was on point. We covered all of the topics but most importantly, Kitty’s ensuing birthday in June where he will officially (by F3 standards) earn respect status. Looking forward to making a big deal out of that one! Sometimes 45 minutes seems like two hours and sometimes it goes by in a flash. It almost seemed that as soon as we got underway it was already 0610 and time for a bit of Mary. Solid work with some great company! Hate that The Abyss didn’t last and that this was the last official workout but glad me and my boy Kitty Litter got to send it out with a bang!

Counted off, said our names out loud and offered some words of encouragement to each other. In the words of my man Ice Cube…Today was a good day!

Until next time…


5.23.22 Pre Blast – The Incubator @ Posh: BigBird Q

I had so much Fun at this Guy’s workout last week that I thought I’d play it back and roll it out for the Poshies. Any other visitors from around F3 Louisville ready to start your week off on the right feet are also encouraged to show up along with your Friendly New Guys.

Please bring your coupons and your hunger to get mo better.


BB 5-18-2022 The Foundry at the County – DeVitto Q

I was glad that Meter Maid asked me to Q a Foundry Workout.  It has been way too long and the time was right.  I was getting a little lazy with certain things going in my life i.e. not being the best person that I could be, not putting out my best effort, etc.  When that happens, I like to view the video below to help re-focus.  It helps me to re-focus on the effort that I should be putting out in all aspects of life. 

Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech _ Stanford Basketball @ NIT – Bing video

The PAX below took part in this beatdown: 

Meter Maid

Ma Bell



Nat Geo – (R)

Brown Water

Double Pump

Asian Zing (R)

Kitty Litter

DeVitto (Q)

We did the usual disclaimers and jumped into COP which consisted of SSHs, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, downward dog, cobra, and various other stretches. 

The Thang started with the PAX watching the video above.  Then, we embarked on a ¼ mile lunge walk around a portion of the County.  For the “rest”, PAX would knock-out 10 merkins.  Once that was completed, we grabbed our coupons and mosied over toward the hill by the gym entrance.  The next part of the workout included the following: 

4 Rounds

20 thrusters

Bernie Sanders up the hill

20 – 4ct flutter kicks

Run down hill

20 – curls

Bernie Sanders up hill

20 – 4ct Mountain Climbers

Run down hill

Playlist included Van Halen.  Dauber loved it and seemed to know every word of every song.  I think that he must have been a groupie back in the day….


We did announcements for the monthly ruck, Dare to Care, Men’s Bible Study at St. Aloysius on Wednesdays at 7:00pm at the Eagle’s Nest, and County Fair on June 4.   We did intentions and went out with an Our Father.   Everyone got better and it set the tone for a great Wednesday! 

DeVitto Out!

5.21.22 – Hurt Preblast – Backdraft and Old Bay Mashup

Tomorrow we OutLIVE cancer with an old school smokefest from your boys at LeMutt.

Wear an Outrunning Cancer shirt if you have one, or I will have extras. Neon encouraged.

We will honor Lara McGregor, the fallen founder of Hope Scarves. We will honor all the folks who are in the fight, the folks who have lost the fight, and the folks who are currently winning the fight.

Be there.

Donate a couple bucks to my fundraising page here:


BB The Nest @ The County 5-12-22 – Flexseal Q

Weather – Perfect Spring Morning.

Site Q Timeshare – MIA (vacation apparently) This left me in charge.

Sewanee came along with me from Goshen for his fist post at The County. Solid mumble chatter to a from. Told him I didn’t know what to expect for numbers. I had seen 20 and I had seen 4. Then my only HC, Pelican sent me a DM, something about busy day with 2.0s and M’s family early arrival and was revoking the HC. The enticement of afterwards refreshments nearly got him to change his mind, but in the end thought he should stay put and be focused on the day ahead.

Arrived at The County. Captain Crunchberry’s truck is already there. Then see him finishing his lone pre-run. Shortly after, Brown Water makes his way in.

The cast is set – Brown Water, Sewanee, Captain Crunchberry, and Flexseal Q.

Disclaimer was given and moved into COP with GG, DD and Michael Phelps. Skipped the SSH for some dynamic stretching. 50 Yard Walking Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Close The Gate, Open The Gate. 100 yd 1/2 sprint, 3/4 sprint, full sprint.

Thang 1 – 11s Thruster/Big Boys

Thang 2 – 25yd Murder Bunny/Bunny Murder 400 yd lap for 5 rounds. Sewanee got some extra credit while waiting for the rest of us and got a 6th round in.

Thang 3 – Waterfall Coupon Pullovers, skull crushers, bench press and curls.

Saved time for some mary at the end.

Time was called and finished with COT.

All got better!

PB Pleasantville 5-20-22 – Flexseal Q

I know a Site Q can be a little biased towards there AO but we can all agree with Subprime on this one. Pleasantville is the most diverse AO we have in F3 Louisville. Come out tomorrow morning and see for yourself, you be the judge. We are going to take in and few of her offerings tomorrow. No coupons needed, be ready to travel! Tour starts at 0530! SYITG

PB – Edward Scissorhands at The Baptizer @ The Garden 5-20-22

This week has been full of high impact Q’s out on the East Side of Town. We have worked the “booties” thanks to Bacon, did a 4 mile “native american” run with Focker and bear crawled 2.5 football fields length with Mountain Mama. So tomorrow we are gonna focus on a full body beatdown to help loosen all those aching muscles. Come ready to work. We will be moving a lot so make sure those sneakers are laced up tight. Let’s stretch things out a bit. SYITG.

Backblast – Planetarium @ Boondocks – 5.17.2022 – Captain Crunchberry Q

Weather – Pleasant, dry.

PAX: Honey Do, Dot, Cochran, Yankovic, Virginia Slims, Single Source, Captain Crunchberry (Q)

COP: Pretty simple with some SSH, Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newman, Michael Phelps

Thang 1: Triple Nickel. 5 Weighted squats, short mosey to the entrance, 5 Lunges (each leg) mosey back. Repeat 5 times.

Thang 2: Varition on Triple Nickel. 5 curls, 5 skull crushers, 5 overhead press, lap around playground area. Repeat 3 times.

Thang 3: TABATA with high knee and curls.

Thang 4: Mary’s Triple Nickel. 5 BBSU most to entrance, 5 Flutter Kicks (each leg) mosey back until time.


BB – Goshen BO – 5/19/22 – Meter Maid Q

This morning I brought all the potted plants, all the sandbags/filler bags and a few rucks to Goshen. If you haven’t made it out, I highly recommend it. It is only a matter of time before this becomes an official AO.

Started with a disclaimer and then we moseyed to the back parking lot for COP. Exercises included 5 inch worm merkins OYO, nuclears (starting from 5), which they learned about on Tuesday from Lambeau. Then, I did some strict runners stretch and dropped into cobra. Then, did arm circles and finished with Michael Phelps.

Explained the 19 stations and turned on the music featuring all Tom Petty. Pax did each exercise until failure and took a short lap. Those exercises included stein hold, punch out, bent over flys, squat press, curls (potted plants and sandbags), halos, American hammers, benchpress, uneven farmer carry, manmakers, bent over rows, sandbag overhead shoulder to shoulder, bear hug squats, ruck merkins, ruck squats and rucking with 65 pounds. Also had kettlebell swing and a coupon for jump over burpees but not sure any pax did that exercise.

I woke up early to get setup for their first potted plant workout. We had 11 PAX (Sewanee, Spaz, Maytag, Gopher, Viking, Layover, Lambeau, Flexseal, Twister, Virginia Slims and Meter Maid (Q)). With about 5 minutes left in the workout we had someone drive up and ask about it. I suspect he will be back at a future date.

Toward the end circled up for Mary with Flutter Kicks IC and Preacher sit-ups. Then, we moseyed to the flag and did a short plank until time was called.

Shows the ground covered…YHC send up with 2 miles.

Concluded with COR, NOR, announcements, intentions, prayer and Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid