Pre-Blast Saturday 06-19-2021 – The Nest @ The County

Drag your 2.0(s) out of bed and come kick off Father’s Day weekend at The County. We will tour around the County with ample opportunity for father-son or PAX-PAX bonding while you work. No coupons, but come ready to push yourself and those around you. (Tidwell – bonus points if you get Bob Sugar there). Syitg.

Back blast Pelican Q-Basketball Camp at the Abyss 6/14/21

Pumped to write this back blast. Not only was the workout awesome and horrible at the same time but Airplane finally ended his boycott of my Qs. Airplane attend my 5th ever Q and after 64 Qs he attended Q # 69 (hehe 69, figures he’d be there for that one). During this time we figured out we had a pandemic, we found a vaccine for the pandemic, we had two presidents, Kentucky lost a lot of basketball games, UL only had like 4 sports scandals, Meter used over 4500 coupons and the Mutt guys traveled to one workout. Also Airplane has rucked, run, drank, borrowed, asked for help, let me borrow stuff and other things with me countless number of times since Q #5. He has more excuses for missing these workouts than I have for missing GoRuck–they range from Vid to had to poop to had to work to don’t feel like it to forgot. The first 30 or so that he missed I found creative ways to mention him being gone but ran out of those sometime around last May. Not to mention 60% of these workouts are within a half mile of his home. I was full of excitement when he told me he was going to keep my speaker Sunday night and bring it to the workout on Monday. I also texted Dauber and asked him to bring his speaker. Thankfully Airplane showed and we didn’t have to listen to the ads on Dauber’s speaker (I assume they are built into it right?).

Anyway we got to the workout and 10 HIM were ready to go. We will list them out later with the scouting report from the workout. I did a basketball Q there last year but there were no rims and we didn’t use coupons. We did have trophies though. This year we had rims, coupons, basketballs but not trophies. We started up with what I called basketball stretches–not sure if these were stretches I did or people do for basketball but no one knew cause none of these PAX have ever played basketball before or at least it looked that way. We ended stretching and got the coupons lined up around the court to get ready for some defensive slides. I had to explain to Harbaugh where the elbow was as well as what the paint, baseline and block was. I’m sure he already forgot that part. We got set for our defensive slides with a twist–at each coupon if there was no one there you did 5 manmakers. You could see Airplane speed up to not get stuck with manmakers multiple times, also you could see half the PAX facing the wrong way when they slid (Slided, slode?). About 5 minutes or so in we switched to thrusters and went for another 5ish minutes.

I had a basketball out for show but Mr. Hat asked about playing knockout so I figured we would work in some real basketball drills. But first we had to do the three man weave–with coupons. No we didn’t throw the coupons–we held them over our heads and handed them off. The weave wasn’t meant for that so after a couple of times we switched to using a basketball. We did pretty well here I think.

Next we lined up for layup contest–full court. One PAX shoots on both ends and then hands to the next person in line. I suggested 10 as the mark figuring we’d hit it real fast and move on to something else. Boy was I wrong…not sure some of the guys dribbled and 100% sure most of them didn’t make a layup. But our team won and the other guys did burpees. We did that twice I think and showed zero improvement the second time.

Next thang was short jump shots–learning my lesson we aimed for 5. We got to 5 air balls pretty quickly but took quite a bit longer to make 5 shots. Also Airplane can punt a basketball really far and really high–side note don’t punt a basketball. My team won again (Mr. Hat, Uncle Sam and Airplane) and they did some more burpees. Dauber was complaining about the basketball so we switched balls and sides–they lost again.

Now we got to do what Mr Hat asked about earlier–knock out. The amount of air balls rolling into the grass was impressive–Harbaugh’s ball rolled to the playground once and he still had time to get back over and get a shot off–he missed of course but whatever. Flip Flop knocked me out to win game 1 and I knocked him out win game 2. After game 2 it was time so we did CoR, NoR, announcements (County 5k) and intentions. It was a great day to lead. The next part is my favorite part of the blast–the scouting report. The Abyss HIM are better than me in a lot of things–basketball is not one of them. PAX are in no particular order-pretty much all of them got cut.

Mr Hat-he’s really tall, would make a nice stretch 4. Left handed jump shot looks good–doesn’t go in but looks good.

Flip Flop-he’s got a really good shot. Something tells me he probably fouls a whole lot and would either foul out of every game or get in a fight with someone. Not sure if he can dribble–not saying he can’t just don’t know if he can.

Harbaugh-I challenge you to find someone in F3 Louisville, maybe just Louisville in general that could have gave a least impressive performance than Harbaugh did this morning. I’d tell him to keep working and he’ll improve but I try not to lie to my players.

Uncle Sam-um at least you got a trophy last year. I may need it back if I watch him play much more though. Solid effort, think he’d be a good glue guy.

Airplane-hey he showed up! He claimed to have been good at basketball at some point in his life–I can assure you that now is not that point. Again solid punter and brought the speaker.

Kitty Litter-I don’t know him as well as the rest of these guys so I won’t say anything bad. Except he’s pretty bad at basketball too.

Dauber-last time I saw Dauber play at the County I thought he had some game. After the multiple missed layups and jump shots no where near the rim maybe I was wrong. He had a shoulder injury at one point so maybe its still hurting. I could use a coach to help out though.

Pelican (me)-last but sure as hell not least with these guys. I haven’t played in a long time and am pretty rusty but if I played against these guys in a league I’d score more than Wilt Chamberlain (off and on the court combined). Definite MVP of the day–all trophies stay with me. We will revisit the skills next summer.

All kidding aside (all of that scouting report stuff is very serious) we had a great morning. It was fun to goof around and to see guys try things they obviously don’t do much (or maybe have ever done). I think we got a workout in but if not we had fun. Thanks men for playing along.

Until next time,


Back-Blast Friday 06-18-2021 – The Baptizer @ The Garden

As I pulled into the parking lot to set up for my Q, I noticed a sign that Jewel put up the night before welcoming me “home” to the Garden.  It was really sweet. Pelican gives him a hard time but Jewel is the best current 1st F Q in all of F3 Louisville.  With a little hop in my step now I got set up with 6 cones spaced out along the top parking lot and partially down the front hill…and queued up my non-premium Spotify playlist.  I think it’s important to have motivational music but also to ensure the PAX knows about Geico’s great rates. 
10 PAX showed up with a nice mix of Garden, GCA and even Pork Chop came out in search of Q ideas – Pork Chop, Jewel, Pelican, Tidwell, Cratchit, Jimmy Neutron, Subprime, Wet Bandit, Uncle Rico, Dauber (Q).
We grabbed our coupons and headed up the hill for COP – SSH, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog stretches. After diving out of the way of inbound construction traffic, we cut COP short and started into the Main Thang – Bernie ManMaker Suicides.
Coupons were set at the starting point with 6 cones spread out across the top parking lot and down the Baptizer hill for suicides. PAX ran to the first cone, did the exercise then Bernie Sanders back to their coupon. Run to the second cone, third cone, etc for next exercises and then stop at each cone on the return trip to repeat the exercise at that cone. Every time you returned back to your coupon, you did 5 Manmakers. Sounds confusing, but it was pretty straight forward. Pelican and Subprime only asked 14 clarifying questions combined. 
Here were the exercises:1. 10x merkins2. 20x jump lunges (count EACH leg)3. 30x squats4. 40x big boy sit ups
5. 50x SSH (single count)
6. 60x Burpees
(Most of the questions came up about the 60 burpees. Yes, I said 60. And yes, burpees. I even have it written out on a poster board!)
The burpees sucked. The BBSU added up and the squats were tough after a while if you did them properly. But…the burpees sucked. Uncle Rico didn’t seem to mind though…he was killing it. Everyone else was working hard as well so mumblechatter was sporadic. I don’t even remember hearing a single reference to The Garden being AO of the year. I’m sure it was mentioned. I prolly just wasn’t listening. 
Just about everyone got through the suicides by the time we headed back down the hill. We had time for some quick Mary (Flutter Kicks & LBCs) before time was called and we circled up for COT- CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer. 
Another great morning at a decent AO. 

Back Blast “Don’t Just Listen, Do!” 17 Jun 2021 Thursday Moonshiner at the Boondocks 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 7

Boss Hog (R)


Honey Do




Crock Pot (Q)

Weather: 61 deg F, 83%RH, slight breeze.


YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a high intensity exercise, so if you have any medical condition or physical limitation, you should consider not participating. You are encouraged to modify everything as necessary according to your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc.

Warm Up:

Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15

Slooooow Grass Grabbers (IC): x10

Stay down, hold left ankle: 10 count

Stay down, hold right ankle: 10 count

Downward Dog: 10 countCobra: 10 Count

Kendra Newman forward: 10 count

Kendra Newman backward: 10 count

Michael Phelps: 10 count

Imperial Walker (IC): x10

Toy Soldiers (IC): x10

SSH @ 1.5x (IC): x15

Thang 1: A beefed up COPWe moseyed with coupons to the basketball courts. Since YHC hasn’t seen many copperhead exercises in blasts lately, we talked about the three stops in the negative with one explosive ‘up’. 

Copperhead Merkins (IC): x15

Copperhead Big Boys (IC): x15

Copperhead Squats (IC): x15

Copperhead Overhead Press (IC): x15

Copperhead Left Lunge (IC): x15

Copperhead Right Lunge (IC): x15

Copperhead Leg Lifts (IC): x15

Copperhead Bent Over Row (IC): x15

After a two minute block n bear, we repeated the superset above with 5 reps of even slower cadence.

Thang 2: Speed Work

Since the parking lot is long, winding, and has some elevation change, YHC placed cones breaking it up  (the long way) into zones of “Fast” and “Slow”. Instructions for this thang were that Q didn’t care how slowly (mosey, walk, rest) you went in the slow zone, but you better go fast in the fast zone. We did AMRAP down and back for a set time. An odd number of zones also ensured that when PAX met, at least one of them was going the ‘slow’ direction.
With a few minutes left, we returned to the starting zone for some Mary.


It’s been a while, and I was rusty, but I couldn’t let a good theme go to waste. PAX split up. Veteran PAX on one side, PAX with 3 or fewer Q’s to their F3 name and myself on the other. We alternated where YHC would call an exercise, then one of the newer Q’s would call an exercise. We kept this sequence until time was called.

Exercises included:

Freddy Mercury


American Hammer

Flutter Kicks

Gas Pumps

Copperhead Merkins (Lambeau needed just a little extra pump in his chest)


Scissor Kicks

Burpees (Who the heck are these new cats that call burpees in Mary?? I’m blaming Holy Roller.)


Tough Mudder on July 31 and donations to The Fight Against Sex Trafficking. A handful of brave guys are training for the half and full marathon. Focker and some of his buddies are eyeing the Teton’s and want to encourage PAX to donate to Fight Against Sex Trafficking in support of them climbing a mountain (respect).


There’s a short, 5 chapter book toward the end of the Bible called James. It’s short but gets straight to the point with a potent mix of wisdom and tough love. 

James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” 

Here James is making a point that there’s a temptation to listen, but not ‘do’. Learning, but not practicing. This same principle can manifest during our workouts as not getting fully stretched out, or lazily shortening your rep range, or compromising form, or cutting corners in the name of speed. In the Word, in the gloom, at the workplace, in the home, etc. there are plenty of examples of listening but not doing.

Today we did a lot of ‘copperhead’ exercise variations. This tends to force people into a deliberate range of motion. It also breaks up momentum, so it can’t be used as a crutch. Varying the tempo keeps people honest in keeping the count. This is juuuuuust enough different than the traditional reps that it keeps one honest. At first it’s easy to “listen” but not “do”, because it’s tempting to just do the exercise the normal way. Introducing them at the Boondocks today was my shot at making people ‘listen AND do’. (There’s a metaphor in here about how you can look at old exercises in new ways, but I’ll save that one for a future Q.)

Then, toward the end, there was encouragement to all the new-ish Q’s to move from the ‘listen’ stage to the ‘do’ stage and call the Mary exercises and cadence. Your next step is to Q your first workout, or Q your first workout at another AO.
The scripture goes on, giving an example of how you can be a listener, not a doer, but you’re only fooling yourself. It also talks about the blessings that come from being one who diligently practices what they’re learning. When it comes to a workout, you can fool yourself, but you can’t fool others. When it comes to parenting, the old “do as I say, not as I do” won’t work. In the workplace, your façade wears off. For believers, as James is talking to, you can fool yourself, but you can’t fool God. 

Do the reps. All the way. In the gloom, and in life.


None spoken, but I can guarantee you that someone you love has a burden they’re carrying.

NakedMan Moleskin:

There were two occasions I thought people were working for extra credit. For a second I thought Harbaugh was going to do sprints while carrying his coupon, but he was delivering it to his car near the start line. Then, immediately after the workout Wildflower commented that Boss Hog looked like Rocky with his beanie and Ali shirt. At that same time someone else made a comment about pullups (that type of thing is usually Bulletin’s idea). Boss Hog looked at the trusses on the pavilion and said he didn’t think he could reach them. Maybe next Q, I dunno.

Also, a quick 2nd F story. Two workouts in a row I had been stationed next to Lambeau. Lo and behold, we found out (kind of by accident) that Luigi and his daughter had been in preschool together. Today, he made a special effort to sneak in attendance to my Q before heading out of town. He said the car was literally already packed but he wanted to come this morning before the family headed out. Respect. (I hope he at least took a quick shower before a multi-hour drive, but feel free to modify as necessary haha).

Until next meal,Crock Pot

BB Holy Roller Q @ Bayside 6/17/2021

Was a beautiful morning at Bayside for a few ManMakers. Actually, I haven’t seen a morning yet anywhere that isn’t perfect for a few ManMakers. If you haven’t been to this AO you are missing out. Some strong PAX here.

Rolled in with about 5 minutes to get set up, but only had one piece of drywall with the Thang on it and a light so it was quick. We just needed a place that we could do wall merkins, so set up and drove back around to get started just at 0530. PAX ready to go:

Banana Bread
Slide Rule
Holy Roller (Q)

Started with disclaimers, then downward dog, SSH and one other and then moseyed to get coupons. Circled up again and did some curls and OH presses. Moseyed some more with coupons stopped by the loading dock and did a few more. Then moseyed on to The Thang at the bus loading area.

We stayed together and did: 15 Wall Merkins, then did ManMakers until the Six was done. Then 30 Merkins and did ManMakers until the Six was done. Then 40 Burpees did ManMakers until the Six was done. Then 30 BB Sit-ups w/ coupon and did ManMakers until the Six was done. Then 15 Wall Merkins and did ManMakers until the Six was done.—5 second break —Then 30 BB Sit-ups w/ coupon and Bear Craw across the bus lot to the playground and back and then did ManMakers until the Six was done. 40 Burpees and Bear Crawl and the ManMakers. 50 Merkins and Bear Crawl and the ManMakers. Finally 10 Wall Merkins. Mosey to drop off coupons and COT.

Intentions for Sex Trafficking awareness amongst F3 men, other personal. Announcement July 31st F3 Louisville Tuff Mudder event Columbus, Indiana.

Really getting to enjoy this Shelby County AO and you HIMs! Thanks again for having me out. Squid, keep at it Brother.

SYITG, Holy Roller

Pre-Blast Friday 06-18-2021 – The Baptizer @ The Garden

I picked up the Q for The Garden tomorrow and I’m pretty pumped up about it. For one, I like working out there (even if only for 45 minutes). But more importantly, I think Jewel has me on super secret Garden probation, but Natty Light didn’t know that and asked me to Q anyway! Hehe. The workout will be moderately tough (at least by County standards). Bring a coupon and expect to run backwards.

Pre-blast, The Patriot 6/18/21 @ 0530

We will not stop running (Native American style) from start to finish. If someone needs to walk, the remaining PAX will pick a spot to sprint to and back until the six starts running again. We will stay together and encourage each other. Please be advised this is a running Q and there will be very limited PT. So if running isn’t your thing, you should come out anyways. It’ll be good for your soul. Ha! Backflop Q

Backblast: Murder Bunny day at The O 6/17

Rolled into my parking slot at 5:11 this morning, Tron was already waiting, ready to go. Was all ready to go to the field behind the playground when I noticed the lights on the softball field were on, so I headed that way to setup some cones for the workout. Came back, and 9 HIMs were ready to get at it.

MotorBoat, Russdiculous, Handbook, Tron, Klopek, No Nuts, Harry Caray, Sump Pump and Flo Jo (Q) were all ready to work. Disclaimers given, then we picked up the coupons, and moseyed over to the outfield to get started.

MotorBoat modified slightly as he wasn’t feeling great, but put in some great work running around the field multiple times.

Circled up for warmups. Grass Grabbers x 15 IC, Copper Head Squats x 15 IC, Imperial Walkers x 15 IC, Mountain Climbers x 15 IC, Merkins x 20, Downward Dog for some calf and runners stretches, Kinder Newmans and Michael Phelps, then instructions were given.

THANG: I had set two sets of cones, about 60 feet apart from each other. We started from near the left field line, and went toward center field. First exercise, Murder Bunny to first set of cones. Once there, 10 Big Boys. Then pick up coupon, and overhead carry to second set of cones for 10 thrusters. Drop coupon and sprint back to starting line, then mosey back to coupon. Rinse and repeat (starting on opposite side). Total of 10 “reps”, totaling 100 Big Boys, 100 Thrusters, about 150 murder bunnies, and about 500 feet of overhead carry, plus 10 sprints. Kept moving, and that took us to just about time.

Headed back to the flag, had a couple minutes for AMRAP Curls and Rows, then 1 minute plank on coupon.

Announcements given about June 27th “Ruck” event, check slack for details.

Intentions – The Murder Bunny image was put out to tease the workout, but also to bring up the alarming rate of murders we are seeing. Coupled with that are suicide rates from pandemic life. Reminder to reach out to a HIM you haven’t seen in awhile, or an old friend that might need it. We are all lucky to have great lives, but we all also have something we are going through, and we are all alike. Lean on F3 HIMs when needed. Thankful for this group.

Flo Jo

BB 6.17.21 – The Agony at The County

I had the honor of Qing for Little Jerry who has an injury. The PAX gave him a “Get Well” card as we missed him in the gloom. PAX , (9 plus runners): Dauber, Brown Water, Lady Bird (R), DeVitto, Big Bird, Abacus, Gisele, Jerry McGuire, PK, Pelican, Airplane, Meter Maid, Hush Puppy, Double Down (R) (Q)

Gave a disclaimer and the runners went off to do their thing and the 9 PAX moseyed to the upper lot for the COP: SSHs, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog, Merkins. Moseyed back to the main lot and grabbed our coupons.

Thang 1: Farmer’s Carry – run with coupon around the far island and back

Thang 2: Partner up AMRAP: Partner 1: Derkins; Partner 2: Bernie to island and back. Switch. When get done, plank for the six. Then, switch partners and switching partners between each exercise – get a chance to partner with everyone. Next exercises: Chest Press and Mario. Then, Big Boys and Lunges. Then, Thrusters and Run. Then, Man Makers and Run.

Thang 3: Round of 7’s: 1 Merkin, 6 Burpees; 2 Merkins, 5 Burpees, etc.

Thang 4: Cherokee Run around the islands

Thang 5: Mary – went around as the Pax called out – Flutter Kicks, some Bird exercise that DeVitto called and Hushy Puppy started swimming, Gas Pumps, Big Boys, and Heart Breakers.

COT: Announcements: DeVitto will post on slack about donating furniture to support men getting back on their feet. Sounds like a great cause to support. Big Bird is needing volunteers to help on July 17th for the St. Al’s picnic – he will post more details on slack. We said intentions for Husky, Hushy Puppy’s father and for Little Jerry. LJ is a beast and hoping he will be back to the gloom soon! Proud to have let today in LJ’s place and appreciate the HIM’s that came out today. Let’s make it a great day!

BB 6.16 Gisele – Foundry at the County

This weather has been awesome this week. I forgot about this Q until Monday night. It was on my calendar but work has kept me busy. It wasn’t until I made sure my Thursday’s were booked that I realized I had the chance to lead. 6.16 is an important day. Yes it is the birthday of TuPac and I am still looking forward to when he comes out of retirement more one last tour. More importantly for all you thrill seekers it is also the birthday or the first Rollercoaster in the US. Throwing it back to 1884 the switchback railway welcomed Coney Island visitors. Pretty proud that I can outrun this blistering 6mph coaster, according to the Mt Mercy speed enforcement.

9 were amped up and ready as the runners group peeled away. We did a very short quick mosey with a few low intensity exercises. First things first we tested trivia with a little high low. It has me giving out questions based on the switchback. If you guessed right only 5 Squats, if you were wrong 3 man makers. Pretty sure holy roller got them all right but did man makers anyways. The main thang was all based on a roller coaster. Kicking of with the Ohio Players with Roller Coaster of love by the Ohio players we stayed with 10- Curls, Bench Press, Over Head Press, Bent Over Rows, LBCs and Squats. Short Mosey and come on back repeat but this time doing 40 of each, onto 20, 50, 20, 40 to mimic the roller coaster. Zing questioned my roller coaster abilities and yeah he was right. 6:15 quickly came and we circled up. COR and NOR with some announcements and intentions. Little Jerry is healing from a torn meniscus, Double Down with the step up to cover his Qs. Holy Roller with a Q Thursday as well. Intentions were had with some ball of man and a close out. If I didn’t have the Q I would have fart sacked. I would have blamed Zing as I was eating BWW at 10pm but made it out and better as a result. Until the next time I am on a magazine cover – Gisele


Pre Blast 17-Jun-2021 Thursday Moonshiner at the Boondocks 05:30 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot?

That’s right PAX, YHC returns to the Q spot precisely 8 months since my last Q. Don’t worry, the music selection will still be poor (or nonexistent), the workout themes will still be cheesy, and rep form will (hopefully) be pristine.

Bring a coupon. We’ll be doing some copperhead reps in a beefed up COP followed by some speed work. Come to the Boondocks tomorrow to see if I can remember what I’m doing.

Let’s also just hope that Captain Crunchberry, Squid, and Pelican are still the only ones who read preblasts. If you are one of the rare type who reads these all the way to the end, let me know.

6.14.21 Back Blast-Incubator @ Posh

I’ve been out of practice. Last Q was in March and I’d be lying if I told you that I hadn’t found myself a little disengaged for one reason or another. One being, I owed a couple of back blasts and felt I was doing the PAX a disservice by not getting them out there. Maybe I needed to step back and be more of a participant than a leader? One of the many mental struggles I’ve had to work through. On May 17th, Stick Up reached out and asked me to pick up a Q so I figured it was time to get back on the horse. Side note: Stick Up is a fantastic site Q! He checked in with me before to make sure I was all good, picked up the 6 and even had time to snap a few photos during a bridge Bernie routine. You the man bro!

On a perfect Monday morning at 0530 we had 6 in attendance, disclaimer was given and off we went on a mosey.

PAX: Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Scratch-N-Dent, Dry Dock (DR Atlanta [R]), Double Down (R), BigBird (Q)…but wait…what’s this? Two more clown car’d and came in hot! Add Wabbits and Risky Business to get our # to 8. Let’s Go!!

COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Runners Stretch, RoL, LoR, Pigeon Stretch, Quad Stretch.

Native American run around the Egg Lawn. It was during this time that YHC heard the mumble chatter between Scratch and Dry Dock. They shared some commonalities like having same number of kids and their ability to play the Tuba. Pretty cool to have a guy come in from another part of the country and be able to have things in common like that.

Tabata: C’mon! Does your Bird ever Q a WO without a round of Tabata? 20 seconds on 10 seconds off: Clerkins

Thang 1: Bernie up the bridge. PAX would have 60 seconds to Bernie up the bridge and mosey back. Rinse and Repeat-O for 10 rounds. It was tough and Quads and Hammies were on fire but we all finished together.

Thang 2: Jack Webb of Box Jumps/Step Ups and Dips. Threw a couple of 10 counts in there but some strong work by everyone to again finish together.

Poor planning on my part to not have enough time for Mary. My wienke was just too darn big! Like I said…a bit out practice.

Time was called and we would circle up for COR, NOR and COT. Double Down was our “6” so we learned who brought him out and how he got his name. He is one of our OG’s and has been coming out for 4 years! We also found out that Dry Dock is about to have his 1 year postiversary and Risky Business (HL’d by Wabbits) made it through his 3rd ever workout. Awesome work men!

We would lift up intentions for Scratch-N-Dent and Double Down who are both taking on new jobs. Continued prayers for Husky. You are an inspiration to us brother and are on all of our minds. Thanked the Sky Q for the prospect of another day and for allowing us the ability to put our two feet on the floor and make the decision to go out and get better together.

Until next time…


BB-Pelican Q The Foundry about 3 months ago (actually 6/2/21)

Very tardy here, I’d apologize to the Comz Qs but at least one of those guys is a total a-hole so I won’t. There wasn’t a ton of memorable things that happened in this workout except for one thing that I’ll tell you about in my next back blast. For the most part we just got after it in the rain and smoked our shoulders and listened to some ad free music.

The PAX who were there were-



Yankovic (R)


Brown Water



Pelican (Q)

Airplane was actually at the County but saw I was the Q and decided to run instead. Better than a fartsack or a code brown I guess.

I assume and hope no one cares what we did for COP, if you do care its more than likely what I do just about every Q so go find one of those backblasts and read it. I do know we did COP under the portico to save our self some rain drops. I also know I picked up Tidwell and shockingly he was ready to go on time (the joke is that he’s always on time if you needed it splained to you).

After COP we did 15 reps of the below exercises. Partner 1 worked down the board while Partner 2 rifle carried the coupon over to the curb. Switched and Partner 2 started at the top and worked their way down. When you switched back you started wherever you stopped. Once done, just start over.

We did

Upright Rows

Bent Over Rows

One Armed Shrugs

One Armed Rows

Shoulder Press

Front Raises

We went through a few rounds and then took a break for some calf raises and a few ten counts. We went back through a few more times with another break. I don’t think we did Mary but could be wrong.

We circled up and did the things you are supposed to do at the end. Great thing about F3 is when I look at the list of PAX who attended I can say that I knew none of these guys 2 years ago and probably only half of them 1 year ago. Crazy how this brings us together and creates bonds you would have thought not possible until joining. Of course if you made it this far you already know this or are one of the random people who occasionally like my WordPress posts. Sebastian, Bobbie H. Guth and Elizabeth Bogle are some of my WP fans. Can’t forget my first fan Nimish. You all are great. Stay tuned for the next backblast that will be 10x as entertaining as this one–Abyss basketball round 2!

Always humbled to lead,


Back Blast Tuesday 06/15/2021 – 2yr Postiversary…The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Things didn’t go exactly as planned this morning, which was kinda perfect for my 2 year Postiversary.  I’ll start with the most important part…I am extremely grateful and perpetually humbled by the men of F3, and I can’t thank you all enough for all you do for me, F3 and our communities.  Love you guys.  Second most important….someone spilled merlot before the workout.  I’ll start from the top with a quick rundown…
My plan was to run 11s on the basketball court as a repeat from one of my early Qs at the Peggy Baker BO, but I had to adjust as the PAX showed up in strong numbers (17) and we would not fit on the court.  PAX:  Boss Hogg (R), Air Raid (R), Holy Roller (R), Le Pew, Focker, Meter Maid, Backflop, Pelican , Jolly Rancher, Abacus, WILDflower, Flex seal, Lambeau, Hardwood, Honey Do, Timeshare, Dauber (Q).  As a backup plan I grabbed a couple of cones and we set off on a mosey around the Boondocks track and back to the parking lot for COP (Focker and Le Pew ran so fast I had to scream at them a few times to get their attention to come back to the parking lot).  I quickly set up the two cones for 11s and we circled up for the usual COP stuff – SSH, SSH double-time, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, and Downward Dog stretches.
We jumped right into 11s with T-Merkins and Burpees.  I was focused on getting everything going (including the music) and jumped right into the exercises and didn’t even notice the huge puddle of vomit right in the middle of the cones.  Thankfully Pelican alerted me to the smell which then hit me and, honestly, I think I am still smelling it.  I guess I could have moved the cones then, but we just kept going and finished the first set of 11s and then took a lap around the Boondocks track (some clockwise, some counter-clockwise).
I did move the cones down the parking lot away from the spilled merlot for the next set of 11s –  Carolina Dry Docks / Jump Squats….we didn’t move far enough to escape the smell though.  But…we knocked out the 11s and another lap, then returned for a few sprints.  Pelican complained the whole time.  Well, not sure it was the whole time, but it was every time he spoke at least. 
We hustled back to the flag for a quick plank and then over to COT –  CoR, NoR, Announcements (County 5k July 10, Thanks for the headlock Le Pew…etc.), Intentions & Prayer.
Humbled to lead you men this morning.
– Dauber

Back Blast – The Ruiner @ The O – 06/12/2021

Great day for a workout where things all started for F3 Louisville. Enjoyed the good mumblechatter with Stick Up and Harry Caray in the extra credit ruck, too.

Time was called and disclaimers provided. It was great to see YNot back out for a second helping of fun after posting for the first time on Thursday.


  • Tammy Faye Baker
  • Shyster
  • YNot
  • NoNuts
  • Sump Pump
  • Vincent (R)
  • Bob Ross
  • Presto (2.0)
  • Tron
  • Flo Jo
  • Silver Dollar
  • Stick Up
  • Harry Caray
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)


We set off for a quick mosey to the tennis courts for some COT which included all of your favorites, like:

  • SSH
  • Downward Dog and Runner Stretches
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Copperhead Squats

Thang 1 – Hindenburg BLiMPS

Timeshare told me what he was planning for The Nest and it smelled good enough for the men at The O. So we did. We used the 1/4 mile loop for this basically making it into a square. We did four rounds of Bs (one at each “corner”) and then four rounds of Ls and four rounds of Is, etc. Rep count increase by 10 at each corner for each letter. So, it was as follows:

  • Burpees – 10 each corner; 40 total
  • Lunges – 20 each corner; 80 total
  • Imperial Walkers – 30 each corner; 120 total
  • Merkins – 40 each corner; 160 total
  • Plank Jacks – 50 each corner; 200 total
  • Squats – 60 each corner; 240 total

After each letter, the goal was to flutter kick for the six. We were all pretty tightly packed though so not a whole lot of flutterkicking.

Thang 2 – Merkin Waterfall

Arms needed a little more. So we then went back to the courts and did a quick merkin waterfall. YHC likely didn’t provide great instructions, but it was very clear this was relatively new for the PAX present. We started with 10 reps – I counted out loud to 3 and the PAX next to me goes. Rinse and repeat all the way around the circle. Then, rinse and repeat with 9 reps. Then same all the way down to 1 rep.

Mary – Round Robin

We went around the circle and everyone called their favorite Mary exercise. Silver Dollar is ready for his VQ for anyone wanting to pick it up.

Time was then called.


Countarama. Namearama. Announcements and then intentions in a ball of man.

Special shout-out to Motor Boat was made by YHC. As most of the PAX knew, June 12 was the second anniversary of the birth and passing of their 2.0, Grace. A special Q and weinke was completed on Thursday by Motor Boat (he tries to give me co-Q credit but I didn’t do anything). It was great to see the group on Thursday rally behind him in his time of need. Though, that need always exists – it just manifests itself differently for different days. And that is true for so many of the PAX.

We need to continue to love on one another in our times if need. Be vulnerable. It is not a sign of weakness, but instead a sign of strength.

Love you guys.

Jolly Rancher out!

Pre-Blast Tuesday 06/15/2021 – 2yr Postiversary…The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Get out to the Boondocks tomorrow as I celebrate my 2 year Postiversary by running back my second Q at what was then the “Peggy Baker Park Black Ops”. (Get it?…2nd Q for the 2yr Postiversay?). Anyway, no coupons and no squeal-like-a-pigs. It will be fast paced with a good amount of running. Syitg.
– Dauber