Broga Backblast 9.25.2020

Four HIMs stretched it out @ Pewee Valley Station #2: Skirmish (R), Uncle Sam (R), Flip Flop, and Mr. Hat (R).

After IPC, The Abyss bros decided Broga was needed. For 45 minutes, we stretched, talked, leaned, reached, and hurt. It felt good, and after pushing our bods during IPC, it was much needed.

If you’ve never done the Broga, I highly recommend it. It’s not just about stretching. It’s about pushing your body in ways you never have before and giving your body time to recover from the beatdowns.

I hope to SYITG soon. Hat out.

IPC Week 4 at the County Take 2

I’ve never fart sacked the IPC Q two times in the same week so everyone knew I’d be there and ready to go this time. To be fair this past Monday was more a smart sack than a fart sack. The Super Samuel Ruck (which was awesome) left my back more sore than I expected and nobody wants to do murder bunnies with a sore back. Luckily it was back (ha back, get it) to normal pretty quickly and I made a plan with a couple other County guys to run it on Thursday and put this years challenge to bed.

The PAX who took the challenge were Dauber, Backflop, Cratchit, Honey Do, Hush Puppy, Muncher (Named after the menu item not whatever Tony Malito’s dirty mind thinks it is) and Pelican.

We got a late start as St Als was doing NTI and we collectively agreed sleep is cool. We arrived around 6 and saw some beasts taking on Squids workout. I didn’t realize til later that Honey Do used it as a warmup for IPC! He made one of us that warmed up. I was too busy setting up cones using the lines that Jolly and Captain marked for us to remember to do the disclaimer or any kind of warmup. Dauber caught me on the warmup but we all agreed it didn’t matter really so let’s just get to it.

If you want to know what the workout is go to the Iron Pax site. What I’ll say is it was hard and the murder bunnies amplified everything. From this point on we will not be murdering bunnies at the County anymore. Rain made the field nice and moist and left me covered in about a pound of grass (not Snoop grass just regular grass). As usual Backflop was killing it while I was picking up the six. Also as usual the music was fire—Dauber even almost liked it. Had something for everyone on it. My favorite part about this IPC workout (other than the obvious fact of it being the last) was that Bulletin stuck around after the Agony and rooted us on. Then Meter Maid and Holy Roller came over from the two workouts that were held at the Inferno that morning and gave us their support. I have a feeling watching IPC is way more fun to do than actually doing it. They already did it though so more power to them.

Anyway we powered through it. Shout out to the 16 year old Muncher (menu item) who is outshining his brother Overflow and is probably now Hush Puppy’s favorite 2.0. He’s been crushing it the last few weeks. Since this wasn’t officially one of my Qs and I sort of fart sacked Monday I’m not going to mention that Airplane wasn’t there.

We did countarama, name o Rama, announcements and intentions. I don’t remember it all but I do remember stressing to the PAX that now is a time to listen and try to understand. Everyone won’t agree with you and that’s ok but try to look it at from someone else’s perspective. We closed with a moment of silence (not for a small chronic break) and went and conquered the day.

Until next time


BB Squid Q The Baptizer @ The Garden 09.25.2020

The mumblechatter leading up to this WO was strong on Slack. Somehow the PAX attendance became a competition, I think Pelican and Jewel took it as a popularity contest. Either way, the 2 HC’s were giving me a bit of cause for concern.

I came in a little bit early to put some boards in place before the PAX showed up. By the time I got to the parking lot Instadoodle (FNG) was already hanging out. He was told the night prior to go buy a coupon. Somehow, “Show up in the parking lot with a cinder block at 0530.” didn’t scare him off. Well done sir! One and Done (FNG) was conned into showing up over a few beverages the night prior, he came walking in like a ninja. Before I knew it we were 13 PAX deep and ready to put in some work.

I gave a disclaimer and emphasized to the FNG’s that we are not here to get hurt, only to get better. (I’d say by now they recognize that they got better and it hurt though!) They understood that they know their limits and were encouraged to modify as needed.

We grabbed our coupons and moseyed to the bottom of the Hill of Stolen Souls (at least I think that is what Jewel called it). You know how these garden guys are about their hills, they sure are proud of them!

We circled up and got our blood flowing and our bodies moving. Once we were warmed up I explained what we were going to be doing today.

Thang 1:
I’ve brought linus with me to a couple workouts and he was introduced to the Garden today. We were going to pick up our coupon, and like Linus and his blanket, it wasn’t going to be put down for the duration of our WO. We had two ladders of four exercises, one at each end of the hill. We started with 10 reps of ladder 1 exercise 1 and the rifle carried our coupon up the hill. Once at the top we did 10 reps of ladder 2 exercise 1. We did a half curl carry down the hill and did ladder 1 exercise 1 x10 and exercise 2 x20. Back and forth we went for 4 exercises at each station. Every execercise and every carry was with coupon.

Ladder 1:
10xAmerican Hammer
20xElf on the Shelf
30xShould Shrug (15 per side)

Ladder 2:
20xOverhead Press
30xStanding Single Arm Row (15 per side)
40xKettlebell Swings

While we as guys finished they held plank of did LBC’s until the six caught up.

For our final few minutes we cut-a-flip. We performed 5 big boy sit-ups, flipped over performed 5 merkins of your preferred variety, flipped for 5 BBSU, flipped for merkins, etc.

With three minutes to spare we moseyed back to the parking lot. We caught our breath and each guy stretched as they felt necessary.

I explained the COR and NOR for the FNG’s.

COR, NOR, announcements and intentions.

We learned today that a pair of labradoodles named 2Pac and Biggie are far more famous than any of the rest of us could dream to be.

Well done gentleman, it was great to be back at the Baptizer. It was even better to leave in one piece this time. My last WO here sidelined me for two and a half weeks!

Until next time,


BB Squid Q – Agony @ County 09.24.2020

I showed up about 15 minutes early and the only other car in the lot was the creepy stalker SUV that was slowly driving around the parking lot. About the time they left Asian Zing pulled up. Shortly after that the rest of the PAX showed up. LePew came in with the most energy by far. He was feeling a whole lot of “Come at me bro!” over all the nonsense going on around us. Fortunately, our secluded corner of the gloom was just as quiet as usual.

Weather – Intermittent slight drizzle with typical early fall temps

Asian Zing (R)
Bulletin (R)
Shark Bait
Honey Do
Squid (Q)

After giving the disclaimer, we took a short stroll around the parking lot to get our heart-rate up a little. We performed some typical warm up exercises and stretches.

The one and only Thang for the day:
We lined up on one side of the parking lot. I had a list of exercises written on a board. We performed 10 reps of the exercise, sprint to the other side of the parking lot, 20 reps, mosey back, 30 reps, sprint across again, 40 reps and mosey back. After that, move on to the next exercise and keep climbing the ladder until time was up.

The intended exercises were:
Bobby Hurley
American Hammer
Jane Fonda Left side
Gas Pumps
Jane Fonda Right Side
Big Boy Sit-Ups
Smurf Jacks

Most of the PAX made it to the big boy sit-ups. It was clear that pretty well everyone had a new found love-hate relationship with Jane Fonda. We found some new muscles in and around our hips. Two days later and squatting down is still a challenge.

Just before 0600 Pelican’s BO crew came in and with them went Honey Do. He was the only one tough enough to do 100 deconstructed burpees before he went and crushed the IPC.

At 0615, we wrapped up, caught our breath and circled up around the flag. NOR, COR, announcements and intentions. I prayed us out and hopped in the Prius before I got roped into a second round of IPC.

As always, it’s great to get out with dem county boyz!

Until next time,


Pre-Blast – Ruck 9/26 – “Lets not Ruck to Indiana”

**Tomorrows / Saturday Morning Ruck is still on!!**

This started as a tribute to last year where @flounder and I decided to get some extra credit after a ruck PT on a Saturday 2 and decided to “Ruck to Indiana and back”, but based on the current environment we are going to not walk towards downtown and stay in suburbia instead! I have a great route that has high % of sidewalks and/or easily traversed ground.

This will serve as a great training ruck, mainly focused on miles, to the tune of 12-13 miles. This will help you prepare for GrowRuck as it’s a great opportunity to help test and break in gear, get your food and drink down, help focusing on pace and keep your head strong. It helped last year to help validate I was ready for the tough.

So come for good F2, or come to test your gear, or come for the conditioning, or just come for the fun, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Location: Start and Stop at the O, Seneca Park by the tennis courts

7am – Optional PT with @squid Q at the O
8am – Start Ruck
12pm (ish) – Finish Ruck

Pre-blast, Wisteria @ THE COUNTY (note change of location) 9/25/20 @ 5:30

Changing locations (one week only) for Pleasantville to The County at St. Aloysius located in Peewee Valley. This change is a result of the current Jefferson County curfew. We will run. Bring shoes. No coupons needed. Address for St. Aloysius – 212 Mt. Mercy Drive, Peewee Valley, KY 40056 in the back parking lot. SYITG – Backflop Q

Backblast 9.24 ToG @ The O

PAX (8): Diablo, Fergie, Flo Jo, Handbook, Russdiculous, Sump Pump, Porkchop, Violet (Q)

Warm Up: Mosey from the flag to the basketball courts.

  • 50 x SSH (IC)
  • 40 x 4-count Shoulder Taps (IC)
  • 30 x Mountain Climberes (IC)
  • 20 x Hillbillies (IC)
  • 10 x BOYO

Thang 1:  11s

  • Completed 11s on the basketball court.  PAX moved from sideline to sideline between exercises.  The mode of travel varied based on direction of travel. 
  • Exercise 1 = Jump Lunge, Tuck Jump (one jump lunge per leg followed by a tuck jump equals 1 rep)
  • Mode of Travel Out = Bear Crawl
  • Exercise 2 = Angry Mules (one Plank Jack followed by one Mule Kick equals 1 rep)
  • Mode of Travel back = Crab Walk

Thang 2:  Bridge Work

  • Mosey from basketball court to golf cart bridge
  • Completed the following set of exercises
  • 30 Dips
  • 20 Derkins
  • 15 Dips
  • 10 Derkins
  • 15 Dips
  • 20 Derkins

Thang 3: Mary

  • Mosey from bridge to flag and completed a few abdominal sets
  • 60 seconds of A-Rods (4 count Jo Lo followed by 4-count Pickle Pounder)
  • 60 seconds of Flutter Kicks

COR, NOR, COT: Announcements included rucking opportunities this weekend.  Prayed for peace in our city, love in our hearts, and grace for our sins.  Also lifted up Shiplap and Vincent.  God bless.

Broga Preblast

We will not be @ Long Run Park tomorrow; Pewee Valley Firestation #2 @ 2677 Ash Ave is the AO for tomorrow ITG.

All stretching. IPC tore up my bod, so let’s all circle up and stretch it out together. I promise we won’t discuss Disney princesses and our favorite colors, but we will have some good conversations I’m sure.


BB – Planetarium @ The Boondocks 9/22/20

I dreamt we’d be going off the grid for this WO. I wanted to change it up for the PAX. Not that the scenery is bad at Peggy Baker Park, but new turf to explore is always kind of cool. We met up in the usual spot. I came in somewhat hot holding 8 of my LED lights. Dumped them on the ground along with my Bluetooth speaker.

The clock quickly hit 5:30 and I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional (although I’ve always wondered what it would take to be a professional). Modify as necessary, you’re here on your own free will and everything I say is merely a suggestion. I asked each HIM to put their all in on this WO. Give it 100%. But before we go on, Pelican’s name was brought up for some playlist he created when he Q’d out at the Boondocks last week. As we hit 5:30 (right after this playlist story), I transitioned right into telling everyone I was Pelic…and I will be your Q today. I caught myself before I said it completely. I then corrected and we were good to go.

9/22/20 Planetarium at The Boondocks
Bulletin (R)
Hush Puppy
Meter Maid
Honey Do
Holy Roller (R)
Backflop (Q)

With that we did some warm up COP – 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10 Toy Soldiers, downward dog stretches and quad stretches.

I asked the PAX to pick up a light and follow me into the darkness (off the grid and away from the Peggy Baker park lights). I led the PAX to a hill that I remembered from running out this way years ago with Pelican. Little did I know it was exactly 1 mile away from Peggy Baker. So after we burned up 1 mile (and some valuable time), we got started with the THANG. Before we started, I instructed the PAX carrying a light to put 4 on one side of the hill and 4 on the other side giving us some light to work with.

We started at the top of the hill and did 10x Plank Jacks, then ran down the hill and did 20x Merkins, then ran back up the hill and did 30x plank jacks, then back down the hill for 40x Merkins, then back up the hill for 50x plank jacks.

Then we switched it up to:

60x LBC’s at the bottom of the hill, 70x mountain climbers at the top of the hill, then ran down the hill and did 80x LBC’s, then ran up the hill and did 90x Mountain climbers, then ran down the hill and did 100x LBC’s.

That completes 1 set. I believe Cochran and Focker made it through 1.5 sets before we had to pack up the lights and head back, which if you remember is 1 mile. We pushed the pace on the mile back and got to Peggy Baker Park with 3-4 min to spare. I just remember Meter Maid’s C-LAN comment as I passed him on the way back. We busted out 10 burpees and 20 or so gas pumps for Mary. We ended with a few running stretches and time was called.

Count o Rama, name o Rama, COT

We prayed for said and unsaid intentions. I thanked the PAX for coming out and sent them on their way with a few words of encouragement. We ended with the serenity prayer. If you don’t know it, google it. You’ll be glad you did.

See ya! Backflop aka Blackflop and on a really bad day I double as Pelican…just a few inches shorter.

BB- Pleasantville 9/11/20- Meter Maid Q

I had reached out a few weeks ago to Holy Roller to Q. I wanted to do a themed 9/11 Q to pay tribute to all the many victims, first responders and families that were impacted by the tragedy 19 years ago. I am sure those who were alive know exactly what they were doing when the unimaginable events unfolded.

I came early (5:13am to be exact) to Pleasantville although I did not have anything to setup for my 9/11 WOD. As you would imagine if have Qed recently, Brown Tail was already there. I am starting to think he may camp out at the AOs the night before posting.

Others who were very early included Focker and Malpractice. It was a great 2nd F opportunity. Everyone stretched and mumble chatter was high. I later learned Malpractice had came early to get some laps around the nearby path beforehand. He hadn’t read the preblast that we were running but not everyone reads the blast (like Airplane).

All in all there were 13 PAX who participated: Pelican (looking like a sweaty younger 30 – discussed later), Motor Boat (not sure which one as apparently there is more than one), Brown Water (the Russian dancer – see the Devitto Wednesday Foundry backblast), Focker (not Faulker – that’s what you’ll learn at Q school in October), Colonel Klink (a few weeks ago, Holy Roller credited him with 50 Flutter Kicks in cadence – I’ll take it- I can see the mixup), Dauber (he is good at getting up fast if you were wondering), Sump Pump (one of the few Mutters that is capable of getting outside the Watterson), Brown Tail (still camping – see above), Backflop (still Qing or napping about Qing), Jitterbug (strong on the 3rd F), Holy Roller (put the man in manmakers- word is he did them at the County during drop off), Malpractice (I hear he is looking for coupons to help GQ open his vehicle) and Meter Maid (Q- he may need to go to Q school with his close out of today’s workout).

I gave the disclaimer and we moseyed to the Amphitheater. For COP, we did downward dog and stuff (Pelican’s staple), grass grabbers (11 IC), quad stretches (Backflop’s staple), and Michael Phelps OYO. I gave some stats around the World Trade Center but explained the people were the most important point. Over 2,700 people died on that day in NYC. To put this in perspective, there are 2,700 seconds in a 45 minute Q. Those who struggle with math or workout at the Mutt will just have to trust me.

I grabbed my speaker and we began our 2001 meter mosey (1.25 miles). I told everyone to stick together like a fire crew would do. Trying to keep everyone together was like herding cats.

I had some patriotic music through my speaker.

Pelcian asked if there was any Snoop songs as we started, I told him no. He was disappointed. I suspect we may see this Snoop patriotic song at an upcoming Q for him.

My original plan was to go 5/8 of a mile and circle back around but we just kept running and didn’t double back. I have learned sometimes you just need to let go and see where it takes you. At around 0.9 miles, we got close to an area with a large U.S. flag. Someone asked is this where we will stop? It looked like a good idea so we circled around it until we hit 1.25 miles.

Next up was 9 different exercises with 11 reps each. They included merkins, mountain climbers (4 count), heel touches (4 count), Carolina drydocks (single count – OYO), Jungle Boi Squats (those doing IronPax week 1 will remember it), Big Boys, Plank Jacks (Dauber’s staple – 4 count), V Ups (single count), and Pelican’s favorite SSH IC. On some we may have only done 10 because I had a 2.0, I mean Pelican, asking “how many are we doing now?” between each exercise in jest. I hope Primetime, his 2.0, gets to ask this on this next vacation “are we there yet?”- lol!

To complete the thang, we had to complete another 1.25 miles running. We went back toward the flag and went around the running/walking path near the flag. I believe it is roughly 0.30 miles per loop. This allowed some of the faster runners start to open up their jets. I appreciated how we picked up the six (leave no man behind) and encouraged everyone to get better.

We headed toward the flag and did some LBCs while we waited for a few PAX to complete their final loop. I had everyone circle around the flag. In my haste to have veterans, current military and first responder provide their thoughts, some of it went out of order, but the messages during COT was great.

Motor Boat talked about losing a relative who worked in the World Trade Center as an Equity Analyst. Another relative worked to collect the ash remains from the building. Focker talked about a real hero, Jeff, who was in the NYFD. He was one of the first responders. He went in the building to save others and luckily didn’t die when it collapsed. In 2005, he went to Afghanistan as a medic and helped when his hospital had a bomb that killed over 300. In his instinctive action to help save others, he was working to stabilize them and was killed by a sniper leaving behind a wife and two kids.

If you want to read more about Jeff, use this link.

We also heard from Colonel Klink, Brown Tail and Sump Pump as well. The thoughts that resonated with me is to not let hatred consume.

God has given us tools- faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Below are the late lyrics from Alan Jackson- the 2nd song on my playlist (Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning).

I ended with a prayer, and circled back to COR, NOR and announcements. While out of order, the messages will remain with us. Make sure to ask Pelican how old he is. During NOR, he said 30 and corrected to 40.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

BB- 9/24/20 Inferno @ The Station – Meter Maid Q

Captain Crunchberries reached out a few weeks ago looking for a Q and I was glad to oblige. You may have noticed but it hasn’t rained the last few weeks. Much to my surprise when I woke up, I saw it was raining outside. I checked out my iPhone weather. Below is what I saw. The only rain for the week was right before my Q.

We wouldn’t let a little rain get in the way of getting better. As I arrived, I nearly ran over huge bag of garbage at the turn in for the Firehouse. When I arrived, I started to look at my weinke to make sure I was prepared and ready to go.

I did want to point out three things Captain Crunchberries did this morning (I hope he gets this message since he has an Android but he is exploring getting an iPhone). First, he picked up Tidwell to get him to the workout. Second, he spotted the trash in the road and went right out to pick it up and get it into a dumpster. Lastly, not all the PAX had coupons so he went to pickup coupons by the Firehouse for everyone. As you can see, he is a true HIM.

I waited for Captain Crunchberries to return with the extra coupons before we could get started. I gave the disclaimer that I was not a professional, modify as necessary, everything is merely a suggestion, you are here on your free will and accord, know your body, watch for traffic and before careful on slick pavement.

We 8 PAX – Holy Roller (R), Jolly Rancher, Lucky Charms, Captain Crunchberries, Tidwell, Moab, Seal Pup (2.0) and Meter Maid (Q).

I showed everyone a preview of the main thang and talked about Steve Skipton Sr., a firefighter, who the workout was dedicated. He was a NJ firefighter who was a first responder at 9/11 and spent several weeks at Ground Zero. He died from cancer at age 41 and it was believed related to his time at Ground Zero. Even with his diagnosis, he maintained a positive attitude.

For COP, we did 25 SSH IC (good thing Pelican was at IPC), Downward Dog and Stuff (No Focker here to yell out “left left” or “right right” so I had to do it myself), Front and Side Planks (we don’t do the side planks enough in my opinion), Floor to Ceiling Presses with Coupon, and Deadlifts. Many of these core and strength are important for firefighters to be able to carry, hoist and drag people out of fires.

Here was the board with the main thang.

If you are new like Lucky Charm, be careful watching Holy Roller. He made many of these exercises every more difficult by doing manmakers instead of Burpees and squats with coupons.

I told everyone that completed to start doing Mary. As you would expect, Holy Roller was done first and stared into his version of Mary in the form of Manmakers.

After the first lap, I turned on some themed music. With the running, they may not have heard all the songs. Below was the full playlist.

There was lots of good mumblechatter. I love how Jolly said he has been a firefighter for 21 years and we have never done any of these exercises. This must be for professional firefighters, not volunteers.

Moab said he wasn’t sure about posting but his 2.0, Seal Pup, got up first and encouraged that they come post. They are both really crushing it.

We spent the last 5 minutes with Mary. We did a tabata with a new exercise, Boxer Sit-ups. You did a sit-up and at the top, you punch right and then left. We did 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off for 4 rounds. (I know Pelican would have tried to change it to 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.). For the last one, we did 40 seconds of alternating splinters. Time was called.

We did NOR and COR. For announcements, the monthly ruck tomorrow night is being modified to only taking place in Oldham County and largely on sidewalks and outside residential neighborhoods. For tomorrow given the curfew, Pleasantville will be done at the County at 5:30AM. Viking has a ruck scheduled for Saturday morning. Check out Slack for more info.

For intentions, we prayed for the police officers shot last night, coworkers dealing with ailments and PAX self-quarantined by COVID. We lifted up these intentions and those unsaid intentions to the Sky Q and ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

PS- Holy Roller and I left the workout and traveled to the County to cheer the PAX competing the final week of IPC4 on the green space.

Backblast 9.23.2 0 The Bridge

Attendance: Double Down, Stick Up, Dynamite, Ripple, Fertile Myrtle, Jewel, Mr. Kotter, Meathead, Dryrub, Short Change, Bob Ross Q.

It was a nice morning – probable 60 degreesish. Happy to see Mr Kotter there early stretching when I pull up. Head count of 10 then a late arrival makes 11.


SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Plank Jacks, High Knees, and lots of stretching.

Indian sprints with 2 lines to the Bridge -for the Thang!

The Thang


Grab a partner grab a rock!

100 Incline Mericans

200 Decline Mericans (derails)

300 Shoulder Taps

All of these are accumulative – one partner runs with the rock up the bridge does one Burpee while the other parter does the exercise above.

After complete we make are way with another Native American run back to the flag

Mary and step ups with a little pickle pounders for the ladies than out.

Intentions and Ball of Man.

Bob Ross

Backblast – The Tank 9/23 – Vincent

It was a perfect morning to workout and I was glad to lead the 13 PAX (see attendance report) that joined me for a Vincent Q. It’s been a long 9 days for me and I needed to vent a little so Q’ing was the perfect opportunity. First I want to thank all of the PAX members who reached out with their condolences. The sentiments and kind words have helped tremendously.

We started with a quick warm up around the Seal – Copperhead squats, Downward dog with calf and runners stretch followed by mountain climbers and merkins. Next we moseyed to the big lot for the escalator. The thang – perform one exercise with a weight then run to the opposite end of the lot and perform 10 jump squats and run back. After each set we added a weight exercise and followed it up with the sprint, jump squats and return. Here is what the entire thing entailed:

20 presses – sprint with 10 jump squats

20 presses, 20 curls – sprint with 10 jump squats

20 presses, 20 curls, 20 Rows – sprint with 10 jump squats

20 presses, 20 curls, 20 rows, 20 squats – sprint with 10 jump squats

20 presses, 20 curls, 20 rows, 20 squats, 20 dead lifts, – sprint jump squat

We then went down back down the list dropping an exercise until we got back to where we started.

Next, we moseyed to the playground for Mary of DaVincents, Cross Pike, Freddie Mercs and flutter kicks.

Last we returned to the monument for a Brupee, merkin plank jack webb.

Wrapped up with intentions a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Thanks again for the sentiments and until next time, SYITG.

Pre-Blast 9.24 ToG @ The O – 630am Start Time

In order to adhere with the city imposed curfew, The Temple of Gloom at “The O” will begin at 630am tomorrow (9.24).  Since “The O” uses a city park, I feel it is imperative we adhere to the city curfew. Be prepared to explore the park and all it has to offer at this new start time. No coupons required but I would wear your running shoes and gloves.

BB Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 09.22.2020

It was great getting back out with the Bayside PAX. It feels like it has been forever since I have been at my home AO.

Shark Bait and I showed up a little early for some pre-WO reconnaissance. I brought something new and wanted to make sure my spacing and exercises would work. Everything looked good so we headed back to the car just in time for the rest of the PAX to start rolling in. Banana Bread was the first one to show, he made it just in time to complete his pre-workout activities. He was followed by Birdie, Firing Pin, and Slugger who rolled up the the M’s Hoosier-mobile. Shuttlecock and Schotzie pulled in just in time to start. We took off for a mosey around the parking lot even though we were missing Mr. Consistent himself, Charolais.

We made it to the front of the school and circled up to get stretched out. As we started our SSH, we were happy to see Charolais’s truck slide into his parking spot. He joined the group just as we began our grass grabbers. We focused on our shoulders and legs for the remainder of the stretches, they were going to be our focus for the day.

Once we were nice and warmed up, we took off for another mosey around the parking lot and returned to the front of the school.

Thang 1:
Today’s WO took us three times around the clock. We found a spot on the curb or elevated circle and I explained the exercise. We started with an inclined merkin (12 o’clock). Next we pivoted to a merkin with the left hand on the step and the right on the ground (3 o’clock). The derkin was next (6 o’clock) and then right hand on the step with left on the ground (you guessed it, 9 o’clock). You get the picture, each movement was 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest as we worked our way clock-wise up and down the incline.

Incline merkin
Left hand on step
Right hand on step
Incline sphinx
Wide w/ left hand on curb
Diamond derkin
Wide with right on curb
Shoulder tap incline
Right hand reach w/ left on curb
Shoulder tap derkin
Left hand reach w/ right on curb

As it turns out, 40 seconds of merkins x 12 is a fair amount of merkins. Especially for those that were still recovering from last week’s IPC. Additional note, wide-grip offset merkins and diamond derkins are a special kind of fun.

Thang 2:
After taking another lap around the parking lot, I explained the second round of fun. This time we only had three rounds of three exercise with the same work/rest ratio as last time.

Box jump
Step-up with high knee
Calf raises

When the timer struck midnight, we were all ready to go home. Fortunately though the timer was done, the clock still had two and a half minutes for Mary.

Shuttlecock and Birdie lead us in the big boy situps and roll-up crunches, respectively. The clock struck 0615 and we circled up at the flag.

COR, NOR, announcements (Q school and monthly ruck), intentions (Praise – Charolais’s 30 wedding anniversary, Prayers – Banana Bread’s family and our community as a whole)

Always a blessing to be in the gloom with the Bayside Brothers!

Until Next Time,

Pre Blast 22-Sept-2020 the Loco at the County Jerry MaGuire Q


Bring your coupon and come see me tomorrow. Age will be a factor, but you know I like to take the senior citizen discount.

Then we will see your luck of the draw as we exercise from a (Spanish 40) deck of cards.

Finally, we will run, dance, and lift to a Ritchie Ray tune.

Coupons, counting, and some culture, all for free tomorrow at the County.

Show me the money,

Jerry MaGuire

BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/18/20

Rule #1 of F3 fight club, don’t erase the Q’s white board. Dammit Pelican. Okay, I’m not mad. I hated the burpee part anyways.

So….I’ll start by saying thank you to Jolly Rancher for bringing his entire extended family to make it one of the largest crowds I’ve seen in Pleasantville on a Friday. Thank you sir.

As I rolled in with 6 min to go, I noticed there must have been 10+ PAX already standing there ready for the disclaimer and opening bell. I went ahead and set up my lights and posted up my white board. This time I was going to be damn sure my new Bluetooth speaker works. Tested it, yep, check check.

We gathered around. I gave the disclaimer that I, Backflop am not a professional, but Blackflop (what Holy Roller put in on the calendar) may be a professional. We may never know. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Pelican strutting up 30 sec-1 min late. And he gives Holy Roller crap for being late??

I also told Focker to slow down, it’s just a warm up mosey. Not a race. Ha!

PAX included 18 HIMs –

9.18.2020 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

  1. Cratchit
  2. Tidwell
  3. MOAB
  4. Seal Pup (2.0)
  5. Squid
  6. Pelican
  7. Soft Top
  8. Meter Maid
  9. Shoeless Joe
  10. Iowa
  11. Jolly Rancher
  12. Lucky Charms
  13. GQ
  14. Captain Crunchberry
  15. Brown Water
  16. Time Share
  17. FOCKER
  18. Backflop (QIC)

We moseyed and circled up for COP under the pavilion.

We did the typical 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10x Toy Soldiers, Downward dog stretches and quad stretches.

The THANG – (and yes my music was finally playing out of my new speaker)

PAX started up the side of the amphitheater with a bear crawl. Once you reach the top, 5x burpees. Then run down the hill back to the pavilion to start #1 exercise. Each time you completed the exercise, you run to the top of the hill, do 5x burpees and run back down to perform the next exercise. Once you complete the round of exercises, start it all over again.

You would think it’s pretty straight forward, but Pelican needed a 2 hour lesson on it. He came prepared with the 20 question game. Meter Maid was encouraging him too. Thanks MM. Oh and he erased half my WO on the white board. Well, just the part that sucked.

So I digress, the exercises went as follows:

50x SSH’s 4 count

50x Plank jacks 4 count

50x Merkins single count

50x Big Boy sit-ups single count

50x flutter kicks 4 count

Start it all back over again.

We ended with 20x gas pumps IC.

Count o Rama. Name o Rama

COT – I thanked the PAX for coming out and prayed for courage. I told them how my family would always pray the serenity prayer before dinner. So that’s just what I did. I said a prayer for courage and wisdom. And it goes like this, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

– Backflop

Backblast 9.19 The Ruiner @ The O

PAX (13): Russdiculous, Yoshi, Motor Boat, Handbook, Stick Up, Blowfish (DR from Naperville), Lincoln Log (DR from Lexington), Scuba Steve, Touch and Go, Tron, OJ, Vincent (R), Violet (Q)

Warm Up: Mosey to base of hill at Cogan’s Cove. 5-minute dynamic warm up featuring 10 exercises executed for 30 seconds each.

  • Neck Rotation
  • Hips Rotation
  • Knee and Ankle Rotation
  • Kendra Newman and Michael Phelps
  • Cross Country Skier
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Knee Tucks
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • Lunge with twist

Thang 1:  Hill Sprints on Dane Hall Drive with exercise sets at top and bottom

  • Completed 2 rounds of Toe Touch Push Up Hops (40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest) at base of hill
  • Sprinted to top of Dane Hall Drive
  • Completed 1 round of Side Plank Oblique Crunches (40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest)
  • Mosey to base of hill
  • 2 rounds of Quick Feet/Tuck Jumps (Quick feet for 20 seconds then Tuck Jumps for 10 seconds)
  • Sprint to top of Dane Hill Drive
  • Completed 10 Wolverine Burpees
  • Mosey to Lilac Way

Thang 2: Hill Sprints on Lilac Way

  • Completed 2 rounds of Hops to Sit Through (40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest)
  • Sprinted to intersection of Lilac Way and Sunset Road
  • Mosey to base of hill
  • Completed 1 round of Climber Jacks (40 seconds work)
  • Sprinted to intersection of Lilac Way and Sunset Road
  • Mosey to Sunnyside Drive
  • Completed 1 round of squats, reverse lunge, kicks (30 seconds)

Thang 3: Downhill Sprint and Uphill Sprint

  • Sprint from Intersection of Sunset Road and Sunnyside Drive to Intersection of Sunnyside Drive and Beals Branch Drive
  • Mosey to Cogan’s Cove
  • Sprint to top of Cogan’s Cove
  • Run to base of Cogan Cove and complete 10 Burpees, then run to first light post on hill opposite Cogan, return to top of Cogan’s Cove

Thang 4: Court of Pain

  • Finished Mosey from Cogan’s Cove on the tennis courts
  • Completed 3 rounds of Mary (flutter kicks, American Hammers, leg lifts)
  • Finished with 5 minutes of stretching

Despite not having cool names for the exercises, as noted by PAX multiple time, the workout pushed our Cardio and introduced a few new movements.

COR, NOR, COT: Prayers for Vincent and Shiplap as well thankfulness for Grace and Mercy.  

Preblast – Jolly’s Making it Rain at The Cliffs @ The Garden – 09/22/2020

That’s right. I’m invading The Garden tomorrow as the Gardeners doing the IPC head over to Posh for the lush, green grass.

I’ve got the “AO of the Year” flag, the “Best AO Ever” flag, and the “South County” flag to plant on the sacred grounds of The Garden. I just hope someone is there to keep them afterwards.

Not sure what we will be doing yet, but bring a coupon and gloves as I’m sure they will be used. I promise we won’t be murdering any bunnies. Or burpees. Or nuclears.


Jolly Rancher out!

BB Russdiculous Q (9/21/20) – The Incubator @ S. Posh

What an amazing morning to post at an awesome AO at South Posh! It was a pleasure to lead a great group of HIM during a brisk 50 degree Monday morning. I promised a full body beat down in my PB and 14 HIMS showed up ready to work! Here’s how it went down…

After a brief disclaimer, we took a short mosey over to a parking where we circled up for a quick warmup consisting of  SSHs, Grass Grabbers, Mountain Climbers, Copperhead Merkins, double-time SSHs, and a runner’s stretch into Cobra.

Thang 1:

Used width of parking lot for a variety of dynamic movement exercises. It went something like this…

  • Mario – SSH x25 – Mario back
  • Broad Jumps – SSH x25 – Broad Jump back
  • Karaoke – SSH x25 – Karaoke back
  • Lunge Walk – SSH x25 – Lunge Walk back

Moseyed to the base of the bridge and broke into two groups (sort of) to maintain proper spacing.

Thang 2:

Round 1:

Base of bridge: T-Merkins (x20)

Crest of bridge: 8-count Body Builders (x10)

Base of Bridge: Hand-release Merkins (x20)

Mosey back

Round 2:

Base of bridge: T-Merkins (x20)

Crest of bridge: 8-count Body Builders (x10)

Base of Bridge: Hand-release Merkins (x20)

Mosey back

Round 2:

Base of bridge: T-Merkins (x10)

Crest of bridge: 8-count Body Builders (x5)

Base of Bridge: Hand-release Merkins (x10)

Mosey back

With 20 minutes remaining I gave Jewel the option of Mary or Rock Bridge and because he is a Man of Muscle, he chose Rock Bridge. After a quick mosey to the bridge, each HIM grabbed a rock and prepared for three rounds of movement.

Thang 3:

Round 1:

                Overhead Press (x20)

                Bent-over Rows (x20)

                Squats (x20)

                Curls (x20)

Round 2:

                Overhead Press (x20)

                Bent-over Rows (x20)

                Squats (x20)

                Curls (x20)

Round 3:

                Overhead Press (x20)

                Bent-over Rows (x20)

                Squats (x20)

                Curls (x20)

PAX moseyed back to the flag and with 3 minutes to spare, circled up for some Mary.

  • Flutter Kicks (x20)
  • Single-leg Flutter Kicks (x15 each leg)
  • V-ups (x15)
  • LBCs (x20)

Time Called. PAX circled up around flag for Count-O-Rama, Nam-O-Rama, Intentions, Announcements, and Prayer. Thanks for the opportunity to lead! – Russ

BB Squid Q – The Fog @ Posh 09.19.2020

The PB banter on Slack put Bob’s desire to go fast up against his desire to slay mythical monsters in the gloom. I felt pretty confident that the proverbial Bob’s of the ‘ville would much rather get their motor runnin’ than they would smash krakens. It was immediately evident that the PAX are a bunch of Kracken killers so in the Fog, fewer would be running.

For those that showed, it was time to get the fun started. The air was cool and sun was bright, this was going to be a great morning.

9 PAX circled up to get stretched out. Jitterbug, Ladybird (w/ Emma), FNG (Later to be dubbed Manscape), Slumdog, Pumpernickel, Leno, Drysdale, Meathead and myself got warmed up with some standard full body movements. It was not time for the one and only Thang.

Lets Ride Nicolas Cage GIF - LetsRide NicolasCage GoneIn60Seconds -  Discover & Share GIFs

We took a mosey over the bride and through the woods, to the soccer fields we went. On our way, we ran past a couple and their three dogs. One of which was not on it’s leash and was not well trained. Fortunately, Emma is easily one of the best mannered dogs I have been around, kept strolling even as the other dog was barking in her ear.

Once we made it o the soccer field I explained how we were going to fill our hour. The PAX lined up on the sideline of the soccer field. I had a list of exercises written on a board. We would perform 10 reps of the exercise, sprint to the other sideline, 20 reps, mosey back, 30 reps, sprint across again, 40 reps and mosey back. After that, move on to the next exercise and keep climbing the ladder until time was up.

The intended exercises were:
Bobby Hurley
American Hammer
Jane Fonda Left side
Gas Pumps
Jane Fonda Right Side
Big Boy Sit-Ups
Smurf Jacks

I didn’t anticipate anyone would make it all the way through, but I try to always be prepared for guys like Catfish or McAfee.

I think Manscape managed to complete 3 merkins before the shirt came off and he earned his F3 name. He then proceed to smoke the entire PAX, this guy is a beast!

Most of the PAX managed to get to the Daniel-Sons. We probably could have made it further, but the LBFC’s blew their mind. It’s simply single count LBC’s while flutter kicking. You only count the LBC, the flutter kick is just added movement. Showing just how appropriate his name is, only Jitterbug managed to possess the coordination to complete these.

At 7:50 we took a couple ten-counts to catch our breath and moseyed back up to the lodge. We stretched out OYO and then gathered around the flag.

NOR, COR, announcements (Rucks galore), and intentions. I encouraged the group to identify their source of discomfort and lean into the challenge. Our opportunities for the most growth will come on the other side of our greatest discomfort. We prayed and headed out to enjoy yet another incredible weekend!

* I failed to mention at the end of the workout that the group had just performed 100 deconstructed burpees, sprinted 3/4 mile, moseyed another 1 1/4 mile all while throwing in 100 reps of several other exercises. Nice work fells!