The Loco #BOP

Q: Nugget Pax: Little Jerry (R), Geppetto, Backdraft, Old Bay, Forced Close (R), Double down(R), Matlock, Cochran, Pac Rat, Meter Maid, Crab legs, Boozer, Viking, Yogi, Gilligan (FNG), Momma's Boy, Wildflower, Huggies, Launch Pad(R), Airplane, Grinder, Ashley, Scratch and Dent, Nugget We all know what we did, and honestly, if you want a list of … Continue reading The Loco #BOP

BackBlast “The O” Bag of Wrenches #BOP Debute #ThatWasStupid #F3Counts #HIM @OF3Louisville

A few days ago YHC asked all the Q's for today: "Next Tuesday 17th, we are all Q's. Would y'all be interested in doing the same workout at all AO's. It is a "You vs You". Something I did when I was DR at The Fort in South Click. Let me know and I will … Continue reading BackBlast “The O” Bag of Wrenches #BOP Debute #ThatWasStupid #F3Counts #HIM @OF3Louisville