Chopper Backblast 10/18

Q: Captain Insane-o

Pax (29): Storm trooper, BOGO, Face, Tony Malito, Sweet Tart, Fergie, Short Hose, Fructose, Domino, Nino, Nice and Slow, Bueller, Stick up, Meatball, Kilo, Aerobie, Crock Pot, Snow Day, Greenwich, Dynamite, Ripple, Yoshi, My Boy Blue, Alexa, Mamas’ Boy, Woo, Big Bird, Airplane, CI

Conditions:  40* and clear

Gearlander:  Compression tank; shorts; Fred; socks and shoes.  No vest because I knew what was about to happen.

With 29 including 2 DR, I gave a long disclaimer, but I was interrupted by Kilo who came late and had to announce his arrival. :eyeroll:


We stayed where we were, but circled up for a COP that included numerous exercises 20xIC, followed each time by a sprint around the monument.  The exercises were:  SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Kendra Newmans, Merkins, Grass Grabbers.


Mosey across the park to the a parking lot for a starfish.  Pax divided into groups of four.  Corner one A2G Squats.  Corner two extended leg LBCs.  Corner 3 Mountain Climbers.  Corner 4 coupon thrusters. In the middle, Merkins.  You know the drill.  Start with 1 rep at your starting station, then run to the middle for 2 merkins.  Then, rotate clockwise to the next station for 3 reps, then to the middle for 4 merkins.  We did this until all Pax got to 30 merkins in the middle.  Do the math; it was a lot of merkins.

But we weren’t done with merkins.  We dropped right into a Steinl.  For those unfamiliar, this starts in plank followed by 3 ten counts, 10 merkins, elbow plank for 3 ten counts, 10 merkins, peter parkers 10X IC, 10 merkins, knees never touch the ground.

Close on time, we moseyed back to the start for ANOTHER STEINL!  At this point, our shoulders were blown, so we were done.

COR, NOR, COT where I encouraged everyone to lift each other up.

BB: 10/10/19 at The O: SUICIDE SQUAD

12 strong showed up on Oct. 10th at the O for a beat down inspired by two fronts.  Gillispie, Star Child, Jitterbug (R), Number2 (R), Tron, Vincent (R), Lobsta, Glen Ross, OJ, Violet, Ice Man (R) and Flo Jo (Q) all came out to join the Suicide Squad.

Gear – TTT, nuff said.

Thang 1:  Mosey around tennis courts to field by coupons for warm ups:

5 Boyos

Imperial Squat Walkers IC x 15

SSH’s IC x 30

Toy Soldiers IC x 15

5 Boyos

Mountain Climbers IC x 15

Grab coupons and head to the court for the main Thang – first an explanation:

I was sitting at home thinking about what do to for the workout.  I had some music on, and 30 Seconds to Mars was playing.  My 2.0 walks over with her #Squad Goals shirt she made for our visit to Universal and Harry Potter world last year.  I started putting things together.  30 Seconds to Mars lead singer is Jared Leto, who also plays the Joker in the Suicide Squad movie.  #SuicideSquad was brewing in my head, and I started writing down our workout:

Coupons aside to start the suicides

Round 1:  Burpee Suicide (2, 4, 6, 8)

Round 2:  Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear Suicide (2 courts)

Round 3:  Merkin Suicide (5, 10, 15, 20)

Round 4:  Bernie Sanders

Couple of 10 counts, then back to it

Round 5:  Man Maker Suicide (1, 2, 3, 4)

Round 6:  MONKEY HUMPER SUICIDES WOLF! (2 courts):  Grab your ankles, side straddle walk down (feet together, feet apart, together, apart).  This was a killer!

Round 7:  Big Boy Situps Suicide (5, 10, 15, 20)

Round 8:  AYG Suicide

Circled up for some Mary and called it a morning.  Big burn on the watch for this one, loved it!

Flo JoJared Leto Joker

B.B. 10/18/2019 B/O @The Mutt

Pax:  PED, Glen Ross, Fridge

Conditions:  Brisk

Gear:  Layered up and running kicks

Another Friday, another B/O @ The Mutt.

We ran 3-4 laps around the path and school.   During each lap we stopped at three different stations.

Station 1:  Coupon work/arms (Coupon Garden)

Station 2:  Legs (Front of School)

Station 3:  Core (Playground)

We rotated calling out an exercise at each station.

Great work this morning fellas!  Thanks for helping me get better.

– Peace


10/17/2019 Temple of Gloom BackBlast

Pax (11) Pope, Violet, OJ, Handbook, Vincent (respect), Diablo, Escort, Fridge, Pork Chop, Flo Jo, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: clear, 39*
Gear: tights, UA heat hoodie, left the blanket in the car

In the preblast I told the pax we would cover some ground and I had a general idea of what I wanted to do- wasn’t sure if we could squeeze it all in.  Side note,pax at the O get there much earlier than at the mutt which provides some quality pre-workout mumblechatter.

Disclaimer at 5:30 and mosey to the cage for warmup.  Warmed up with a series of exercises that would require pax to stay in plank position- mountain climbers, merkins, Peter Parker elbow planks and plank jacks.   Nice and warm we mosey out of the park to Cogans Ct for some Blimps:  2 stops- one at the top and the other at the bottom, while Bernie’d back up the hill.  Everyone knows how this works so I’ll fast forward to thang2:

finished with BLIMPS and moseyed to the troll bridge for some bridge work.  3 rounds of the following- incline merkins, dips, decline merkins.  Round 1, 15 of each, round 2 we did 20 and round 3 we did another 15.   With the arms and shoulders nice and loose we made our way over to Cherokee Gardens Rd.
We used to use this spot a lot when I first started coming out but traffic can make it difficult to use.  Today, traffics wasn’t bad and they have a new light at the top- provides a ton of light.  We did a simple Jacobs Ladder here- with T merkins at the top and merkins at the bottom.

With 10 minutes left we made our way back to the tennis courts for some Mary.  2 rounds of the following: gas pumps, LBCs, American Hammers, Freddie Mercs.  This also allowed me to play some tunes- of course we had Kenny Loggins for Pope and also worked in some Taylor Swift for the other guys.   By this time we had 3 minutes left so we lined up for Merkin suicides.  Nice way to keep moving and knock out 40 merkins.
Circled up for COT:

Announcements: October Ruck, F3 Fall Picnic this Saturday

Intentions: For Pope’s friend

Prayer:  be thankful

Another beautiful day in the gloom and thankful for the 10 men that got up to join me


Back-Blast Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/18

PAX: Jolly Rancher, Viking, Blart, Grizzly, Peach, Milton, Cowboy, Captain Crunchberry (Q)

Weather: A cool 36 degrees, with plenty of dew.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, I have received no formal training, anything I say is a suggestion, and you should modify as necessary. Aye?

Short mosey to get the blood flowing.


– Good Morning stretch.

– 10 Grass Grabbers IC

– Runners stretch.

– Imperial Walkers

– Michael Phelps

– Kendra Newman

Thang 1: Super 21 – Merkins & Big Boy Situps. – Using light poles as stopping points, we performed 1 merkin and 1 sit-up at the first pole. Adding 1 to the count at each light pole. (Light pole #2 had 2 merkins, 2 sit-ups, light pole 3 had 3 each, etc.) Once a count of 21 was achieved we proceeded to the amphitheater.

Thang 2: Super 21 – Squats & Dips – Using the amphitheater we started at the bottom and proceeded up.  Performing 1 squat & dip.  For each step 1 was added to the count. Some of us were a little behind the others, so to finish out, we performed box jumps to the top, and proceeded to meet up for some Mary.

Mary consisted of gas pumps, flutter kicks, box cutters, pickle pounders, and a plank until time expired.

Ended with announcements: Fall Festival, Convergence, and likely something else I can’t remember already.

In summation, if each PAX was able to complete the Super 21, they performed 231 of each Merkins, Big Boys, Squats, and Dips while also accumulating about a mile of running.

I totally forgot to ask if there were any intentions, and went straight into my own closing remarks.  I read Genesis 33:14 -So let my lord go on ahead of his servant, while I move along slowly at the pace of the flocks and herds before me and the pace of the children…

I thanked the PAX for coming out with me to get better.  I compared the verse to our workouts.  When I started F3 in June, I might not have been the slowest guy out there, but I still felt a little like the anchor, holding everyone back. But this group has a way of making you feel like you are right where you are supposed to be.  Some may go ahead, but there is always someone to help pull you along, at the pace of the “flock” that need it a little slower.  I might not be setting the pace at the front of the group, but I certainly don’t feel like the anchor either.

Stay Crunchy!

-Captain Crunchberry

Back Blast : Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/11/2019 – #SuperSamuelBirthdayQ

Delayed back blast…sorry, PAX.

I signed up to Q at Pleasantville on 10/11 because this date is pretty special to me.  It really didn’t dawn on me though that it was the morning before the GORUCK Tough event – which was bad ass, by the way.  It didn’t matter – I *HAD* to Q on 10/11 somewhere.

But why?

Every time I Q I find myself pushing harder.  I can run longer.  I can jump further.  I can tolerate the pain a little easier.  There’s a little more spring in my step.  Call it the Q juice if you want – and that may be true for other days, but on 10/11, the driving force to push me a little more was Super Samuel – my late son who passed away in March 2018.  He spent a lot of his little life in a hospital having to fight each and every day.  What he endured and the way in which he was able to overcome those obstacles was, and continues to be, inspiring to me.  I just feel so weak in comparison to the things I’ve had to experience – including a little workout in the gloom with a bunch of other idiots.


65 degrees with 78% humidity.  Otherwise known as perfect.


  • Soft Top
  • Milton
  • Pork Chop
  • Dauber
  • Big Bird
  • Kimble
  • Alexa – IRONMAN X2 BABY!
  • Mama’s Boy
  • Gilligan
  • Le Pew
  • Valdez
  • Captain Crunchberry
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

In the pre-blast, I announced this would be a run heavy Q – primarily to help preserve the muscles for the GORUCK Tough event.  I reiterated this in the beginning, along with the standard disclaimers.

We started off at the concrete pad up near where we plant the flag.  We started with some normal warm-up exercises.  Can’t honestly remember them anymore, but I know we rocked some side-straddle hops because in the middle of them Valdez rolled in HOT and I felt like we had to keep them going in order to give him a little warm-up on them, too.

The Thang:

Once we were done, we proceeded to the one and only Thang, which was The Cooper.  This is a fairly simple workout and includes taking a mosey around the circle – and, when you finish the lap we completed:

  • Merkins – 10x
  • Squats – 10x
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups – 10x

Then, we did another mosey around the lap – and, when we finished the lap we completed:

  • Merkins – 9x
  • Squats – 9x
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups – 9x

And then so-on-and-so-forth until rep count was 1x.  Unfortunately, time was called short – but in the end we clocked around 3 miles.


For COT, I rolled back to another exercise done on Celebration Day [reference Back Blast on 03/15 at Vets].  For this, we circled up into the plank position and took a turn around the circle with each PAX sharing what they were thankful for.  We don’t do this enough to pause and take a minute and pinch ourselves – because we are all blessed beyond words.  And we need to be humbled by one another to remember that life is more than just all about you.

We ended with the normal:

  • Countarama.
  • Namearama.
  • Announcements.
  • Intentions.

Humbled and honored to lead these 12 other HIMs today.

Jolly Rancher out!


Rucktoberfest PreBlast 10.18.19

It’s finally here. After a year of waiting, the prefect combination of 1nd and 2rd F has arrived. It’s Rucktoberfest.

Event details

What: October Ruck event

When: 730pm HardStart 11ish endex

Where: Holy Trinity Parish School.

Cost: $25 PayPal or or exact change in cash at event.

What to bring:

Ruck with weight (your discretion)


Proper clothes for weather (hat, gloves…)

(1) 3×5 index card and (1) writing utensil

Snacks for fuel

Headlamp (if you have one)

Reflective gear on Ruck or person

Phone/wallet/cash for Uber/Lyft and additional beverages and food at endex (could also easily Ruck back to HT depending on how hard you participate in the Ruck.

Positive attitude and willingness to work as a team.

Smart watches are fine for tracking distance and phones can be used to take pictures or whatever else you kids use then for these days.

Our ask is that everyone be signed in, paid and Ruck on back at 730pm. I will be there at 7pm to start checking people in and handing out goodies. As always, this event is voluntary and Buschhhhh and I are not professionals. Everything we ask you to do is a suggestion. Listen to your body and don’t do anything stupid. We will be traveling along and across some roads and we will expect everyone to listen to our safety instructions and follow them.

Any questions hit me up on Slack or text/call me.


When the Rooster call, what do you do? Back Blast – 10.15.19

The Rooster is one of the most unique names for a workout, but I love the premise (or what I assume to be the premise). We don’t get up for easy, and the rooster is typically seen as a wake up call for many, but for others we are often up before the rooster is, getting in the hard work for the day that needs to get done. That is what F3 is all about. Getting up early, putting in hard work, so that we can attack, tackle, or take on any challenges that may come our way that day.

I also love Tuesdays at the Mutt, the boys always show up strong to “start” off their week. Today was no exception. I was a little delayed in start to the day, blaming it on soreness and tiredness from the previous weekend, but still made it to the Mutt just in time to get everyone started.

Weather: Cloudy and overcast with temps around 45 degrees.

Gearlander: Nike baselayers, Nike socks, Nike Metcons, Nike training joggers, Under Armour sweatshirt, Nike tech hat, and Machanix gloves.

PAX: Pope, Porkchop, Deuce, BUSCHHH, Plumb Bob, Bumblebee (R). Wham-O (R), Mouth, Larry Flynt, Blueprint, Soft Top, Snowman, Backdraft, Tiger, Fridge, No Show, Digiorno, Zime, Fergie, McAfee (QIC)



15 Grass Grabbers IC

15 Imperial Squat Walkers IC

Kendra Newmans

Michael Phelps

MAIN THANG: McAfee The Terrible

Partner up and complete the following:

Round 1:

50 SSH IC (Each Partner does 50 OYO)

100 Lunges, 100 Merkins, 100 Big Bois (Partners can split this work however they want)

Round 2: 


80 Lunges, 80 Merkins, 80 Big Bois (Partner split)

Round 3: 


60 Lunges, 60 Merkins, 60 Big Bois (Partner split)

Round 4: 


40 Lunges, 40 Merkins, 40 Big Bois (Partner split)

Round 5: 


20 Lunges, 20 Merkins, 20 Big Bois (Partner split)

  • Once you finish, pick up the 6 and help them finish.


Jack Webb Ladder

1:4 ratio of Merkins to Air Presses

Went from 1:4 increasing the first rep by one until 10:40, the went back down to 1:4


Finished with announcements about Rucktoberfest, Fall Festival and Convergence.

Lifted up several prayers to the Sky Q and lead us in a prayer of thanksgiving.

Until next time Mutt Squad.

-McAfee out.


BackBlast – @theSilo Abacus Q 10/14/19

YHC was happy to answer the call. Preparedness is all about being ready to step forward when called. Catfish called Sunday seeking a Q and I was eager to help. As an added benefit Catfish requested it be simple…running and yoga. As a brilliant Site Q, Catfish lured PAX in with the promise of yoga with running as an after thought.

Turns out it was more running and less yoga, but we still accomplished the mission.

Began with disclaimer. Welcomed a DR PAX, Slinky. We warmed up and then headed south down the awesome Poshland trail. After approximatley 12 minutes we turned for home and headed back to starting point.

We hit some yoga and ended with COT.

PAX – Catfish, Airplane, Valdez, Slinky (Down Range), Abacus Q

BB 10-15-19 Holler VQ The Cliffs @ The Gardens

PAX-Huggies/Cowboy/Fructose/Domino/Latex/Milton/FNG Jump Seat/Catfish/Minnow/Blankman/Husky/Uncle Rico/Nino

Being my VQ and knowing how much I hate “The Hill Of Forgotten Souls” I stuck to the low laying area AKA Holler at the bottom for my Q.

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of posting at many AOs and seeing some great Qs. So I took their styles into consideration when planning my own.

I blended in Mary into the middle of the station work to get a true full body beat down. 6 total stations with your coupon by your side for the whole duration. 4 total rounds to complete.


Warm UP


15 GG


Mosey Over To Grab Coupons

Meet back at 1st of 6 total stations to give PAX DL on what’s ahead. First rule “Never Leave Your Coupon Behind”

4 rounds to be completed total of 660 reps involved. 

Station 1

Merkins 30

Coupon bear crawl to station 2

Station 2

A:Big Boys 30

B:Flutter Kicks 30 

Coupon lunges to station 3

Station 3

Man Makers 15

Overhead coupon mosey to station 4

Station 4

Coupon press 30

Coupon lunges to station 5

Station 5

A:LBC 30

B:Shoulderr Taps 30

Coupon bear crawl to station 6

Station 6

Coupon squats 30

Overhead coupon mosey to station 1 

Rinse and Repeat 

Mosey to put coupons away then back to flag. Name O Rama had FNG come into middle and welcomed Jump Seat.

Announcements, COT, and  ended with our father. 

BB 10/17/19 Sump Pump – Extender at The Mutt

10 got after it for some 7’s, Planks and BLIMPS at the Mutt. 

Weather: Clear and 40!.

PAX (10)
Soft Top
Wham-O (R)
No Show
Plumb Bob
Sump Pump (QIC)

Sump Pump (QIC) – After a full disclaimer was given, we would mosey to just in the front of the refection path by the new playground.


  • 25 SSH’s
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Grass Grabbers (slow)
  • Downward Dog w/ Calf Stretch and Runners Stretch
  • Pretzel crunch
  • 60 Second Plank on hands

Thang 1:   10 up/downs on the reflection path hill.

Mosey over to the back side of the reflection path where the hill has a steep incline/decline and Partner up. P1 runs up the hill and back down.  P2 planks.   Switch until team total is 10.

Thang 2:   7’s – Mosey over on the Cherrywood

Mosey back the way we came to corner of where @Cornbread lives.  Big Boys at the top, Run down to the entrance of Mary Hill. T-Merkins at the bottom, Rinse and repeat.  Plank when finished or pick up the 6

  • 60 Second Plank (counting courtesy of Deuce)

Thang 3:   Blimps – Start on end line by the front of the school and Bear Crawl 3 spaces in between each exercise     

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges (each Leg)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 30 Squats
  • Plank for the six
  • Rinse and Repeat

ThunderStruck Plank/Merkins – I think this one belongs to OJ. 

4:52 of planks with a Merkin every time you hear (or think you hear) Thunderstruck.


Plumb Bob and Blueprint had intentions for friends/family members that needed an extra prayer.  Announcements for the October Ruck and fall festival.  Encouraged those that are able, to contribute to Convergence.

I asked that the Lord watch over the PAX and allow them to make this the easiest/hardest thing they will do today.  I also challenged them to reach out and be a lifeline to someone they’ve not see ITG for a while.  We closed out with the Our Father and set out to be the change this world needs.

Sump Pump

#F3counts @F3TheMutt @F3Louisville

Chopper Preblast 10/18 – CI Back at Vets

I’m still a little gimpy and I’m fighting a cold, but I’ll be the Q at Vets this Friday. Come see what I’ve got planned, or don’t. Either way, you’re making a choice and I respect that.

Who: all y’all

What: 45 workout

When: 0530 on 10/18

Where: Veterans Park

How: through indomitable will

Why: the most important question anyone can ask. Why indeed.

Pre-Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/18

Come out to Pleasantville tomorrow and go sailing with the Captain! There will not be quarter offered to anyone, show up, work hard, and sail off into the sun rise knowing you got better. We will put the wind at our back, mix some running into a simple (but effective) full body keelhauling. No coupons, gloves optional for ground work for those with sensitive hands.

Stay crunchy!

-Captain Crunchberry

PB 10/17/19 Sump Pump Q – The Extender at The Mutt

I’ve heard some chatter during our extended summer that you couldn’t wait for the cooler weather so you could get back out ITG. If 42 degrees isn’t cooler enough, please get with Tron so he can move you off of the Active Pax list.

For those still reading, bring your gloves, running shoes and maybe a headlamp if your eyes aren’t what they used to be. We’ll make good use of our time and get better together.


Sump Pump

Cloverfield 10.17.19 PreBlast


I’ve got a surprise for anyone posting at The Garden tomorrow…a hill will be involved. Simply put, if ever Q at The Garden & don’t use one of the hills then in my opinion my Q credibility is shot. If you’re not scared to WO on a hill, bring some gloves & come out to The Garden. We’ll run, we’ll bear crawl, we’ll lift stuff, we’ll carry stuff, blah blah blah, we’ll GET BETTER.



10.15.19 BB Smash Bros Co-VQ: Loco @ The County

Yesterday, the Smash Brothers—My Pleasure and Red Card—put together a brothers-themed work out for the Pax at the County.

Weather: perfect

Crock Pot
Mama’s Boy
Flip Flop
Asian Zing (R)
Uncle Sam (R)
Bulletin (R)
Jolly Rancher
Dutch Oven
Brown Water
Big Bird
Meter Maid
Captain Crunchberry
Mud Bug
Red Card (Co-VQ)
My Pleasure (Co-VQ)

After a quick disclaimer, we lined up in two liens for a burpee run around the property.

THANG 1: Knockout. We lined up for a classic game of knock out. While in line, pax stayed busy with squats, imperial walkers, and SSHs. It pays to be a winner! Pax who got knocked out had to do burpees (a ton, since we had a lot of guys, and it was a fight to the finish). We cooled down from knockout with a mosey around the parking lot.

THANG 2: Dora. Pair up with yo brutha from anutha mutha and get through the board of pain.

  • 50 (1ct) Spidey merkins
    • Marios across the parking lot
  • 75 (1ct) Imperial squatters
    • Bear crawls (halfway)
  • 100 (4ct) American hammers
    • Karaoke
  • 125 Carolina dry docks
    • Sprint
  • 150 (2ct) lunges
    • Broad jumps (halfway)
  • 175 (4ct) flutter kicks
    • Bernie Sanders
Finish with Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, announcments, and intentions. Pray.

BackBlast – Bulletin Q at The Foundry – 10/16/2019

It’s always fun putting a workout together for the heavy. There are usually some staples in a Bulletin workout: Pullups, Merkins, and the workout on the Bulletin Board. I did not disappoint.

Arrived and unloaded the gear: the Bulletin Board, weights, and 2 buckets filled with dirt and rocks for a true farmers carry.

PAX: Crock Pot, Flip Flop, Uncle Sam (R), Dauber, and Bulletin (R) QIC.

The workout was simple: 10 exercises listed on the board and try to completeas much as possible in the time aloud but KEEP GOOD FORM. Goal was 100 reps of each but break it up anyway you wanted.

NOR, COR, Announcements, Intentions and Our Father. Done.


PreBlast – Bulletin Q at The Foundry – 10/16/2019

Please join me out at the County for a heavy You-vs-You workout. This will be a high volume/total body workout. We will make use of the coupons but if you have some dumb bells, bring them along to share. Bring gloves for the coupons and be ready to get wet while you do your pullups (you know we are doing pullups!) .

Come Check out the Bulletin Board!!! SYITG – Bulletin

BB10/11 Chopper at Vets. SweetTart

Stick Up, Number2, Jitterbug, Buzzsaw, Ripple, Yoshi, Shrimp Boat, Lady Bird, Maxie, Atlas, Flea, Ringo(FNG) Whitney, Carlos’e, Airball, SweetTart.

Warmed up 1 mosey lap and got in formation circle around seal. Gave disclaimer but forgot to ask about FNGs. Sorry Ringo who is Whitney’s 2.0. Did a headcount as shrimp boat joined. 16

30 SSH



10 burpee and mosey over to community center parking lot.

Thing 1 partners while partner jobs to end of lot and back

100 merkins

100 Bobby Hurley’s

100 big boys

Both lung to end of lot and back when finished

Thing 2 partner 1 went first one big group the  partner 2 went. 2 times each.  (Figured out we had an FNG)

Mosey around outside of lot in a square 20%,40%,80%, and 100% each time you turn to make a big lap/square.

Mosey back to seal and did some Mary free for all took turns calling out exercises. Did some monkey humpers, box cutters, mountain climbers and merkins tower, big boys, American hammers.

The 6th gave his story-Jitterbug,  Announcements, Name o Rama, named FNG-Ringo and Prayer.


10.14.19 PB: Smash Brothers co-VQ, LOCO @ The County


Smash bros.jpgTomorrow, My Pleasure and Red Card (aka The Smash Brothers) will be leading a co-VQ at the County. It will be a brotherhood theme front to back. If your brother can’t come to F3 tomorrow, that’s ok: these brothers will you hook you up with the next best thing! First, a not-so-calm version of knock out. Then we’ll pair up in a killer Dora throw down so you and your brutha from anutha mutha can see if you can keep you with 16 and 15 year olds! 

Guys, these are my 2.0s. I couldn’t be prouder of my boys for stepping up. Look, you can get a great workout at any AO tomorrow, but if you make it to The County, you’ll be giving my boys the opportunity to take a significant step. It’s not every day that teenagers get to lead full grown men. This is risky and uncomfortable for them and this dad is grateful to all the HIMs who give them the chance to learn some life through leadership!



Ruiner backblast

Q Nugget

Pax Tureen, Lamarvelous, Red Roof, Captain Insano, Seabass, Vincent, Violet, Wham!, Pork Chop, Nugget, Fergie

Weather: First chilly day but after a few minutes we were warm.

Gearlander: tights, that’s all that matters. Tights weather again

We all moneyed to the tennis courts for COP


Copperhead squats

Abe Vigodas

Grass Grabbers

Broke up into groups of 4 for 700 club

Each team completed 100 Burpees, 200 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 200 squats while running the tennis courts. Good way to get warm.

Headed to the coupon field.

Modified Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds with 1 minute of each exercise AMRAP followed by 1 minute of rest



Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Push Press

Coupon Swings

This is harder than it seems. We modified the burpees to Burpee pushes, as created by Lamarvelous.

Next, we each grabbed a partner for crazy 8s

8 rounds of

8 push press

8 coupon swings

8 walk over Merkins

While one partner works, the other rests.

After all of this hard work, we deserved a rousing game of Burpee football. Lamarvelous picked teams and how could we lose.

Finished the game. Good guys won and headed back to the flag.

Thanks again to the HIMs that joined us on the cold morning.