Pre-Blast: 06.28.22 – Boondocks – Kitty Litter Q

Love dem ‘Boonies! I’ve been an occasional guest out Yander, but may have only Q’d the AO once. We’ll have perfect weather, fully-committed Pax, and nothing easy going on. Don’t delay!…Set alarms, mark calendars, promise the man you shave with that 0530 Tuesday you’re committed to getting fitter. We’ll have some fun stuff, new stuff, hard stuff. Bring: Coupon, Gloves, FNGs, and an attitude void of heavy grumbling (i.e. no grumblechatter). SYITG, –KL–

BB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner at The “O”.

YHC Hasn’t felt the best all week and this was only my second post. I felt like I needed to makeup for the fartsacks and make others suffer with me.

5 PAX total: Harry Caray, Spanx (R), E-Z Pass, Sub-Zero (DR), Sump Pump (QIC)

Weather was seasonal. Started with the standard fare warmups and threw in some Steve Earles and 60 second arm circles for good measure.

Thang 1 – Indian run around the main track and stop at every third light pole and alternate between merkins, LBC’s and flutter kick (10 IC).

Thang 2- Partner up or 3 up in my case. The PAX would perform the below in rotating fashion between the PAX until the rep count was reached. 25 manmakers and then run the perimeter of a small soccer field. 25 more manmakers for good measure and another lap. Next was 100 overhead presses where we would start at the top of the press and complete in rotating fashion until we reached 33, and 66 We would then run another lap. We then finished with a farmers carry that involved cones placed 20 yards apart. Each team would plank and send 1 PAX to farmer carry both coupons to the first cone and return to relieve the planking PAX so he could farmer carry from cone one to cone 2. Rinsed and repeated until we got to cone 4 and then would work our way back down the latter.

Just enough time for 50 step-ups and time was called.

Welcome to Sub-Zero DR from Michigan.

Reminder about the June ruck on July 1 with @benkiloclark and @jfstewartjr (Holly Roller’s) dare to care for today. Intentions we given and ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead this group.


Sump Pump

Pre-Blast; The Nest @ The County; 6/25; Cochran Q

Dauber reached out to request that I use my legal background to give a one-hour lecture tomorrow on the battery of decisions the Supreme Court handed out this week. I rejected that invitation, but agreed to Q.

Solstice week is always memorable at the County, and the Nest tomorrow will be no exception to that rule. Bring a coupon, and be ready to put in work.


PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner at The O 6/25/22

Come out and think of some random numbers with me in the morning and then lets get to work. 1st- You’ll want to bring a coupon (yes, coupon), and a good ole pair of sneakers and gloves. Bring an extra coupon for the FNG you’ll bring with you. 2nd- You’ll need a can do attitude to push yourself beyond the mental block that kicks in at 10%.


Sump Pump

6.24.22 Back Blast – The Choppa at Vets

Long, Long ago, on Monday 6/13/22, while in the middle of a work out I hear “Hey, Mr. Dependable, are you able to Q the chopper for me Friday since I’m going to be out of town?” Thinking Worm was talking to Huey, I instantly turned to see Worm looking at YHC.

“Well, sure I can do that. But, wouldn’t you rather have someone that will make the guys work hard?” was the reply.

“I have 100% complete faith in your ability as a leader of these fine men to do what needs to be done and bring a great honor to Veterans’ park on a Friday morning. I cannot think of anyone better suited for this or more ready for the opportunity before them.” responded Worm.

So, here we are, Friday morning 0530 when 12 other Pax circled up around the seal and got ready for something special. Several new faces were among the crowd and looked eager to see what was in store. The night before Fertile Myrtle double dog dared me to “run the snot” out of the pax and that sounded like a great idea. So, that was my plan (that was planned out before we got to the gloom Mr. Carey), and we started the whole thing with COP after the disclaimer was given at 0530.

PAX: Tenderfoot (DR F3 Geneva), Harry Carey, Vincent (R), Pizza, Double Entry, Bombay, Leno (R), Ladybird (R), Snuggles (FNG), Diablo, Fertile Myrtle, Snowday, Stick Up (Q)

COP: SSH x 20, Grass Grabbers x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10, Hillbillies x 10, downward dog, calves, L/L, R/R, Jenners, 4ct Merkins x 10, Mtn Climbers x 10, Kendra Newmans.

THANG 1: We moseyed down past the chopper, down the paved hilled and stopped below the pavilion at the base of the grass hill. Partner up. 3 rounds of P1 running to the top and doing 10 step ups while P2 AMRAPs squats at the bottom. Switch.

THANG 2: Mosey along the creek, up the road and stop at the stone bleacher by the ball field. 5 dips, 5 steps. Work your way up the levels and add 5 reps per step.

THANG 3: Mosey up to the Jeffersonian parking lot and partner up again. Starting at the curb by the ball field, P1 bernies to the first parking spot while P2 AMRAPs lunges. P1 ARAMPS lunges until P2 Catches them using bernie sanders. continue P1 to the next spot, followed by P2 until reaching the far side. 3 rounds or so. Ended with an all you got from one end to the other.

Mosey back down and along the creek to finish with the big paved hill by the chopper.

Circled for some Mary before COT.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

Thanks for coming out this morning fellas. It is always an honor to led you fine men!

-Stick Up

BB 6.23.22 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

It was another perfect weather morning in the Gloom! Part 2 of my fair theme WOD went like this.

Disclaimers, mosey to courtyard for COP.

PAX: Borland (R), Banana Bread, Slide Rule, Birdie, Slugger, Firing Pin, Sadie (Q)

COP- 20 SSH (IC), 15 Grass Grabbers (IC), Plant Stretch, Arm Circle and Michael Phelps. Mosey to front parking lot.

The Thang: Hopped off the Mary-Go-Round ride and hit carney games! Everyone had a partner. Partner 1 played the game, then both partners did the exercise based on the results of the game. Then Partner 2 played the game… both partners did the exercise.. R&R. Stayed at each game/station for 3 minutes and then rotated to the next.

Burpee Ball Toss- Toss 4 Balls from 5 Yards away into a bucket. Miss= 4 Burpees Make= 2 Burpees

Big Boy Bag Toss- Tossed 4 bags at cornhole boards. Miss= 8 Big Boys, Hit the Board= 4 Big Boys, Make It= 2 Big Boys

Triple Multiplier Hot 777’s- had a table set up with ex. Large 8×10 size deck of cards. Do amount of reps based on card #1-10, EXCEPT for 7’s. 7’s we’re the lucky bonus card triple multiplier so 21 reps! Face cards were 10 reps. Hearts= Manmakers, Diamonds= Monkey Hunters, Spades= Merkins, Clubs= Bonnie Blair’s (IC)

Corndog Coupons- 15 Curls, 15 Bent Over Rows, 15 Shoulder Presses. Run 50 yards and back. R&R.

This was something a little different. But it flowed well and everyone got good work in and had fun. Side note- Bayside PAX are not skilled in ball toss or cornhole. Horrible. Unless air balls are good then we are awesome!

Circle up last couple minutes for Mary followed by COT. Count, name, intentions, closing prayer.


06.24.22 Pre Blast – The Choppa @ Vets

Tomorrow we do something different at The Choppa. Since the Site Q is out of town, we are actually going to have some fun out there. None of this serious, all work – no play attitude any more. We are going to change things up and enjoy ourselves. Lets get away from the the typical vets 4 corners routine with boards. We’re gonna break all the rules tomorrow!! Leave the coupons at the crib, grab an FNG and get in the Gloom!

-Stick Up

BO Goshen BackBlast 6.23.22 w/ Jewel

The strong leadership out at Goshen decided it was time to take their young AO to the next level of scheduled Q’s by having a week full of Garden guys. Natty Lite had Tuesday, and I had this morning. Let the games begin. Natty gave me a rundown on his weinke so I didn’t duplicate.
A fantastic morning with high 60s and low humidity.
Spam (FNG)
Man O’ War
Natty Lite
Jewel – Q

0530 and disclaimer was given
Kraken burpees x 8
Kraken burpees x 6
Copperhead squats
Kraken burpees x 4
Downward Dog/ Runners stretches/ Caitlyn Jenner
Kraken Burpees x 2

Thang – cones set up for gassers for the run after specific exercises below
50 Hopovers
25 Merkins
15 Squirrels
5 Manmakers

after each stationary exercise PAX ran gassers using the cones laid out. Most got 2 full rounds, a few got into the 3rd round. Hard work was done by all.

Strong work out in Goshen lately. 13 total workouts at an average of 12 PAX. I encouraged all in attendance today to continue to post, and to branch out and try some new AOs. Too many good places and people to stay stationary.

Thanks for all of the hard work today. And thanks for the invite. Keep it up out there…

6.18.22 Back Blast – The Ruiner @ The O

Growing up my Dad was a wanna-be hippie. Our family car was a VW Vanagon, my Mom drove a convertible VW Rabbit and at any time he would have two VW Bugs in the driveway (still does to this day). He had to pick out softball uniforms for the team one year and chose tye dye. Favorite bands were the Beetles, Pink Floyd and really any band that headlined in Woodstock. When I was a teenager I was convinced my Dad was a stoner and maybe he was but he stands firm that he has never touched the “reefer.” I think he just loved the era…loved the music…and appreciated what peace, love and happiness were all about. Maybe there is some small parallel to be drawn with me, Notorious B.I.G. and the Gangsta rap era. I was never in a gang, I respect women, blunts aren’t my thing and I couldn’t care less about money, hoes and clothes. But there is a part of me that thinks I’m “Gangsta.” I like feeling like that at no other time than when getting in a good pump whilst working out. When inspiration struck to have a Biggie themed workout I was jazzed and came prepared to share with my Saturday brothers.

The PAX: Spanx (R), Sump Pump (R), Dot (R), Easy Pass, Stick Up, Tammy Faye Baker, Snotz, Stick Up, BigBird (Q)

As I pull into Seneca Park at 10 minutes to 7 there was not a parking spot to be found. I had to park on a side street cozied up to someone’s front yard. Dot would later tell me that when he showed up for the Ruck there was hardly anyone there. So, within an hour a whole park full of weekend warriors had the same idea…Get up, get out and get better!

0700 and time to get underway. Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a mosey to the Waldorf school for COP: SSH, Abe Vagodas, Toy Soldiers, Pendulums, Runners Stretch complex with some Merkins and Mountain Climbers mixed in. Recover and would go down and back in the parking lot to do some Super Mario’s, Karaoke, High Knees and Butt Kickers. Recover and head to the bathrooms for…

Thang 1: Jack Webb of Dips and Box Jumps. I would like to call this the uncomfortable, awkward Thang. Now, Sump Pump and I immediately became friends during my first post at the Mutt some years back. And maybe Sump makes the comments that he does during a Bird Q because he knows I am a fan of the back blasts and hopes his name will be mentioned. But I feel like Sump is just being Sump for anyone that has the Q. Whichever is the case, Sump will once more be brought up in this post workout reflection. At some point during this portion of the workout there was a scantily clad, I’d venture to say very attractive female that walks past us to use the restroom while we were putting in work. Everyone suddenly became quiet except for Sump who shouts out (before the bathroom door has a chance to close)….”eyes up here boys!” Suffice it to say she exited the bathroom a hell of a lot quicker than when she went in. Thanks Sump for making it weird…recover…ish

Tammy Faye was wondering where the Biggie was as he had exclaimed that was why he pulled himself our of the fartsack. Your wish is my command sir. We would mosey to where I parked so that I could grab the Tailgater and then moseyed back to the playground area, fired up my Biggie playlist and got after it for…

The Next Thang: 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 pullups, 10 Merkins and 16 Jump Lunges followed by a lap around the tennis courts. During one of the laps YHC made an attempt to HL a dad pushing his son on a swing that was quickly thwarted. I let him know that we are here every Saturday and throughout the week if he wants to enjoy some fellowship, make friends and get mo better. Some good mumble chatter here as a I got to talk with some of the new faces that the O has brought out in the last few previous weeks. Recover

The Final Thang: Head to the tennis courts. Sump was asking if would could go to a non normal tennis court cuz…that’s where the ladies were at…Poor Sump Pump is hard up and needs to get something out…much like water that has gathered in a basement…Anyway, normal tennis court area for a 4 corner ladder. 5, 10, 15, 10, 5. corner 1: Burpees. Mosey to the next corner. Corner 2: Sumo Squat. Bear Crawl to the next corner. Corner 3: Carolina Dry Docks. Mosey to the next corner. Corner 4: Jump Squats and finally Broad Jump back to the Startex. We all put in some solid work, Biggie blaring from the Tailgater and to my knowledge Sump didn’t make anymore creepy comments.

Recover and we had time for 4 PAX to call out a Mary exercise. Time was called and we would head back to the flag for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements and said some intentions. Thanked The Sky Q for this group of men who made the decision to come hang out, work hard and get better on a Saturday morning. Finished the morning off to meet up with Vincent at Heine Bros for some fantastic 2rdF!

Until next time…


Back Blast 6/22/2022 – The Foundry @ The County

I’ll be short and sweet with this back blast. Here is what you need to know: to Pelican’s dismay I Qed (not Subprime even though he posted a pre blast), Tidwell fartsacked (i.e. lied to Jerry McGuire), we went through 3 playlists (2 sucked worse than normal) and we had a solid song-to-ad ratio, Double Down is posting everyday now which is awesome, Cochran can do a one arm pull up, and Backflop rode a scooter.

PAX – Meter Maid, Jerry McGuire (R), Double down (R), Cochran, Brown water, Valdez, Backflop, Pelican, Dauber (Q)

Disclaimer and quick COP.
10 Min EMOM:
5x OH press
10x curls / lunges

10 Min EMOM:
10x skull crushers / chest press
10x BBSU

10 Min EMOM:
5x pull ups / 10x Squats / 10x merkins (choose 2 of 3)

Wrapped up with Mary then COT – CoR, NoR, announcements, intention, prayer.

  • Dauber

PB -Moonshiner @ The Boondocks 6/23/22

Looks like the weather forecast for tomorrow morning is hot and wet. Don’t let that stop you from coming out and making yourself better. Running shoes and gloves are advised, coupons need not apply. FNGs are always welcome. We will work on form and movement, but nothing too extreme due to the predicted temps. Water will be available on site. You are on your own for a towel for the ride home. SYITG.

Single Source

Back-Blast 06.20.22 The Patriot (Kitty Litter “R” Q)

I had this Q on my calendar for a couple months, knowing that “never miss a Monday” would converge with the day I planned on completing my first (of two) five-decade blocks of life. The Patriot AO, and all those HIM who frequent the joint, provided the perfect venue to assure my foot would remain solidly mashed down on the accelerator.

Got there a bit early to mark off 50 yards of concrete hurt in the big parking lot adjacent to Heartbreak Hill. Also dropped off the “flexi-weinke” (I had a series of ideas written down, deciding to let the morning unfold organically… pick & choose as we progressed, based on what type of cruelty I felt the Pax yearned for). Anyway, back to the Patriot Statue and shovel flags to greet the 17 gloom-dwellers (including an FNG) who came from near and far. Offered a solemn salute to all the Fathers Day Dads who dutifully shepherd their 2.0s through this crazy fallen world. Did disclosures and then off to the races: Snapped off 50+ SSHs, Down-Dog Stretches, etc. Mosey w/ coupons to the Lot for….

The cones were positioned to go downhill for 50 yards, then back up for 50 yards. This was a metaphor for the “easier” (downhill) first half of life and then the more challenging uphill 50…when it’s often a greater effort to stay fit, uninjured, and heathy. (I never understood the “over the hill” concept…ain’t none of us coasting past 50). Anyway, first trip down was Rifle-Carry Lunges x 5, then a Man-Maker, then repeat for the 100 yard circuit. Next we did a group Bear-Crawl Indian Run down and back 50+50, with Pax lined up in plank position until passed, then as the Six pealed off the back, he would join a continuous advancing/passing line to get to the front (on all fours). Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Huh?” It may be hard to picture, so imagine this: It ended up looking like someone accidentally stepped on an ant hill with half the ants immediately going into a coma, and the other half becoming very confused, severely wounded, and wishing desperately that they could either join the coma-ants…or just keel over and die. Yeah, that’s about right. Next exercise was 50 Sq-urls (coupon squats + curls). Then 50 of something else fun (I forget because I was too busy jamming to Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks”). Then, I think we did 50 coupon pull-through ‘Merkins. Then, 50 x 4-count Flutters. Then 50 “pass the coupon” back-to-back with a partner. Then we all moseyed down to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill for an all-out gallop back to the top. Then, what fun would it be without 50 yards of Murder-Bunnies? Seems like we ended the WO with some ab & core work, but by then I was just trying to stave off mutiny.

COT: COR/NOR (YHC inducted into the “R” Clan). We welcomed FNG TrapperKeeper (invited by Col. Klink), who put in an awesome first effort. Announced the announcements and expressed prayers, intentions, and gratitudes for that which we are entrusted to protect, those brothers in our midst, their families, their communities, their lives, and all that was left unspoken. Thanks y’all for coming out to celebrate with me…it meant a lot and you are truly HIM. –Kitty Litter–

Pre-Blast 06-22-2022 The Foundry @ The County

I am honored to follow-up Alexa’s Foundry Q last week as Meter Maid has made a run on ex-Foundry Site Qs (i.e. washed up Qs). However, I will do my best so that is worth something, right? It is a heavy so no running, but we will get the heart rate up a bit so bring a dry shirt to change into after. You will need whatever is your coupon of choice as well. Meet at the Playground. SYITG.

BB 6.21.22 The Maxx at Bayside

It was a perfect morning for some fun around the Bayside campus. Part 1 of my 2 part Q went like this.

PAX- Borland (R), Ruby (R), Banana Bread, Birdie, Slugger, Schotzie, Slide Rule, Sadie (Q)

COP- 50 SSH (IC), 10 AbeV’s (IC), 20 Sumo Squats (IC), Plank Stretch

Mosey to backside of Moorman school. There is a road all the way around school with 20 light poles.

Thang 1: Mary-Go-Round. American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s. Each exercise 20 count (IC). One exercise per light pole. Get up run to next pole. All the way around. 15 poles total so each exercise was completed 5X’s with a total of 200 reps each, 600 total.

Thang 2: Merkins, Shoulder Taps (IC), T-Merkins. Each exercise 15 count. Follow the poles back around same sequence as above. We only stopped at 9 poles on way back. 9 poles total so each exercise was completed 3X’s with a total of 45 reps each, 135 total.

Mosey to flag for COT. Count-o-Rama, name-o-Rama, announcements, intentions, closing prayer giving thanks.

Left with free tickets available for part 2 Thursday we will get off the Mary-Go-Round and jump on a new ride!

SYITG! -Sadie

BB – BO Goshen – 6.21.22 – Natty Light

Weather was perfect in the low 60s. 12 HIMs gathered for a workout but found themselves trapped in a torturous Jack Webb Circuit.

Disclaimer given, SSHs, grass grabbers, imperial walkers, DD/LoR/LfLh/Tuck/DD/RoL/RfRh/Tuck, kendra neumans / phelps while the thang was described.

The Thang:

At the starting line, at the beginning of each round, 5 Manmakers, 30 coupon squats followed by an out and back 4:1 Jack Webb. At the turn around on each round, 30 LBCs.

Round 1 – Bear Crawl / Ghiadora

Round 2 – Lunge Walk / Bobby Hurley

Round 3 – Broad Jump / Burpee

Round 4 – Bear Crawl / WMDs

Round 5 – Lunge Walk / Jump Squat

Round 6 – Broad Jump / Mountain Climbers

Slid into the finish with a 1 min plank.

@Dot was a beast and was able to sneak in a partial Round 1 for a second time.

Promised Steve-O no running, no running is what we did.

Announcements, Intentions, Our Father.

Always a pleasure to lead!

Cheers ~ NattyLite

6.17.22 Back Blast: The Avenger @ The Patriot

I was ahead of schedule. I had all my stuff ready the night before. I woke up early and was out the door, sure that I had plenty of time for a nice easy drive out to LaGrange. As I walked outside, it was still hot but not like the prior days this week where it felt like you were walking into an oven at 0515. I was even kissed on the face by a gentle breeze as I stepped into my car. I knew at that moment…today was going to be a good day.

My “good vibe” feelings were further validated when I arrive at the Patriot. I was greeted by 12 other dudes that had made it out even earlier than I did. Knuckle bumps were exchanged, mumble chatter was strong and the energy filled the air on a Friday morning when the night was turning into day. I had a good one planned for these HIM and I was ready to get under way.

PAX: Holy Roller (R), Yankovic (R), Single Source, Kitty Litter, Mannequin, Ferb (2.0), Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Layover, Furdays, Focker, Xerox, BigBird (Q)

0530, disclaimer was given and off we would mosey until we arrived just outside of Mannequin’s house where we would circle up for some COP. I figured this would give him and his 2.0 Ferb a chance to use the restroom, pick us up a snack for us or some Kool-Aid to drink. They passed on the opportunity…

COP: SSH, Hillbilly Squat Walkers, Pendulums, Runners Stretch stuff with Pigeons and not Caitlyn Jenners. While in plank we would 4 count Merkin, followed by Mountain Climbers, followed by more 4 count Merkins and finished us off with some Plank Jacks. Recover and head to Heartbreak Hill for…

Thang 1: we would only utilize half of Heartbreak Hill for this one and during the explanation Holy Roller would ask YHC if I was sure I didn’t want to go all the way down. Yes HR, myself and 11 other dudes were sure…but wait…what’s this? Is that our Site Q Patty that came in hot and apologetic? All good Patty! Your energy and push would come right on time and you would turn our unlucky 13 into 14! See? This day just keeps getting better!

The work would be 25 Squats at the top of the hill, mosey down the halfway point at the stop sign (the first stop sign Holy Roller), 25 Merkins and then all you got to the top of the hill. Rinse and Repeat-o until 3 rounds were completed. It was a sight to behold seeing dudes lined across Heartbreak Hill pushing themselves while the sun was rising! Recover and cross the train tracks for…

Thang 2: Set of 11’s – Burpees on one end and Jump Lunges on the other. A cool moment from a Bird’s eye view: Snaggletooth who is Rip’s 2.0 is 15. He works hard like us grown men. Well, at some point Mannequin’s 2.0 Ferb was struggling. Snaggletooth stopped, checked on him and stayed with him the whole rest of the time talking with him and helping him through. Rip’s raising him right and he already knows what it means to leave no man behind. Nice job young man!

Recover and a slowzey (slow mosey…or just a walk – thanks Rip for the inspiration on that one) back to all of the flags. We would have just enough time for some lazy Toy Soldiers (YHC fudged that one up) and some Flutter Kicks.

Circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements (The Man in the Arena challenge at The Patriot this Saturday) and lifted up our intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for this special group of men that made the decision to come out on a Friday to get mo better. Always a pleasure boys.

Until next time…


2022 Capture the Flag Ruck and TKO Parkinson’s


Capture the Flag Ruck


In order to make this fair and keep Jewel from cheating and stacking a team we will be doing a team draft.  Each pax will be placed in a hat and pulled one by one to be placed on a team. There will be 10 teams in total.  Each team will be assigned one of the 10 segments on the map above. For example team 1 will plant their flag in segment 1 on the map above.

The draft will take place on Monday 6/27 (Broadcast on Zoom, link will be provided)  

From the center point (The Raven 3900 Shelbyville Rd.) each team has been assigned a slice of the map. Within that slice, you must place your flag (Flags and maps will be handed out to designated team captains prior to event start).

Start at your Flag!

Your flag cannot be planted until the night of the event, which is where you must start.  Your flag must be in a public area. It must be planted in the ground. It cannot be coveredhidden or disguised.  It must remain in the original condition as when you received it. Your flag cannot be placed somewhere where it is likely to be removed, or that will put other Pax in serious danger.  It is recommended that you scout your location prior to the Ruck to maximize your time rucking.

No Pax may use a phone, GPS watch, or other device to map or otherwise track locations. Team must stay together!

Meet up at your start location with your team at 7:45 pm.

At exactly 8 pm, the Team Captain will take a picture of their paper map with the exact location of their Flag marked with an X.  (you will need a sharpie)

This picture must be clear and the X must indicate (Small X please), as close as possible, where the flag is located. The X cannot be so large that it does not show where the flag is located.

The picture will then be sent via slack to #capturetheflag2022, along with the Team Number associated with the map image.

At this point, the game is on.

The Objective: ruck to as many flags as possible, taking a clear picture of the flag showing the Team Number on the tag and at least 2 Team members.

The team that returns to The Raven by 11 pm with the most pictures of flags wins. 

BONUS of 1 flag given to team with most donation money to TKO Parkinson’s

Maybe other Bonus’ sent out during event……Stay tuned

Any team that fails to return to the Ainsworth by 11 pm is disqualified.

The winning team will be HANDSOMELY rewarded with GORUCK swag.

3rd F TKO Parkinson’s

We are fighting against the progression of Parkinson’s in our bodies. TKO stands for Technical Knock Out. We are fighting to knock out the symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s. This is an awareness and fundraising page. Encourage anyone you know with Parkinson’s to look into Rock Steady Boxing. You will make a difference in their lives. 

Every $250 raised enables one Parkinson’s patient to receive free training in the rock steady boxing program for one year!!!

Our goal is to sponsor 4 patients and raise $1,000!!

Please make donations

TKO Parkinsons in the news


At 11 PM all teams are due to be at TheRaven (3900 Shelbyville Rd.) Look for the event host (Kilo) show off your pictures of flags captured and the total $ donated.  Scores will be tallied and a winner will be HANDSOMELY rewarded with GORUCK swag.  Oh and patches will be given out.  Have Fun!