Pre-Blast 03.07.23 Boondocks Planetarium (Kitty Litter Q)

YHC always checks the weather when heading out to the “Planetarium”. After all, it’s called Planetarium for a reason. Details: mild temps (with a promise to make you lose a layer by 0540-hrs), mostly clear skies, and –get this– a full moon! Perfect for a bit of coupon work (yes, bring ’em), ground work, partner work, star-gazing Mary, FNG-naming, and a wee bit of moseying…just enough to keep heart rates up (inversely proportional to the mumblechatter). SYITG! –KL–

03/09/2023 FIVE YEAR AO-versary @ BAYSIDE !!!

Get ready for a Bayside Reunion five years in the making. Nobody parties like the preppies. We will have 45 minutes of full body beatdown with the classics blaring over the PA system. No Coupons needed for this burner. We will be observing our five year mark at 5:30am on Thursday 03/09/2023 at the Big Kapowski, though the true anniversary is 03/08.

After we have exhausted our physical capacities we will have coffeteria and gluten galore to celebrate the good times. Do your part and headlock a sad clowns in your life as well as those pax that have forgot what they are missing. Cheers! -Slide Rule

PB-Pelican Q at the Nest 3/4/23

After last week’s debacle at the Nest we have been told we can no longer use coupons on Saturdays. Fortunately, I wasn’t planning on using them anyway. We will hit up Mt Mercy for some cardio and other stuff, hang by the playground for the pull up guys and depending on time go play burpee(less) football in the green space swamp.

Looking forward to the morning!


Preblast – Jolly Rancher Q – 03/03/2023 – The Defender at The Patriot

Yes, this is a little tardy. But, in my best Marshawn Lynch voice, I needed to post something so I don’t get fined by F3 Leadership.

Weather looks great for tomorrow morning. Come on out and join me for what is for sure going to be a fun one.

Bring a coupon!

Jolly Rancher out!

3/3/23 – The Chopper at Vets – Meter Maid Q

Sometimes when you get lemons like the deluge of rain projected tomorrow, you gotta make lemonade. Come on out to the Chopper and get stronger. Bring your favorite coupon, sandbag or ruck. I’ll keep us under the portico with a mixed bag of EMOM and tabata style. Plan to finish with plenty of core exercises so be ready for those one legged flutter kicks.

-Meter Maid

PB – 3/2/23 – The Moonshiner at The Boondocks – Swag Q

Exactly 1 month after an unfortunate injury at the 1 year anniversary of The Range at The Patriot being official, I’m making my return to The Gloom.

For those PAX on the lookout for a ‘not very mobile mostly stationery’ heavy themed workout. You have found it tomorrow, 0530, The Boondocks (Peggy Baker Park) where shooting stars are a guarantee.

We will do some warmups I can do, followed by some other fun stuff I can do, all while wearing a boot.

Should be fun, would love to have you join me! -Swag

BB – Patty Q – The Range at the Patriot – 3/1/23

March is here, and YHC had the pleasure to welcome in this month at the Home AO with a top notch crew! 0530 hit, disclaimer was given, the F3 Playlist was “Lit” as they say, and we were ready to go.

Attendance at the Range-
Rip Van Winkle
White bread
Patty Q

Slow Mosey Lap around Courthouse
Copper Head Squat
Runners stretch
Mountain Climber
Tempo Merkin
Faster Mosey Lap Around Courthouse and to the parking lot for the Main Thang

Main Thang – 6 and 6 – Full Body

We would use the 4 corners of the parking lot for this one. Each corner was a exercise location where you did 10 reps of the set.
You go from start to corner 1 -2-3 back to start and then go to corner 3-2-1 back to start. No exercise at the start, so you have 6 locations to do the set (exercise) and have 6 different sets. Full body – Arms-Abs-Legs

Sets include:
Gas Pumps (single count)
Bobby Hurley or Tony Delks
American Hammers (Single Count the Hard Way – only count the right side)
Monkey Humpers (SC)

We would FINISH each set all together and wait for the 6 with either Al Gores, Planks, or Flutter Kicks.

After a few ten-counts sprinkled throughout the workout, we finished with an Everything You Got Sprint to the flags. Finished right in time 😎


COR – 19

NoR – No FNG or DR

Announcements – F3 Softball Game coming soon, Holy Roller’s April Fools Beatdown, Jolly Rancher has the Q on Friday.

Intentions – Quick healing and those unsaid. I also shared a few thoughts on potential intentions that may be going on in your life you may want to pray for and topics to help remember what they are.

  • Things that are Ordinary in our life
  • Things that makes us Tired
  • Things in our life that bring Beauty
  • Grief-stricken things that enter into our life
  • Things that are Overwhelming
  • Things that are Painful
  • Parts of our life that are Garbage and need to be taken out
  • Things in our life that effect the Lives of others
  • Things in our life that are Holy

Ended with the BoM and the Sky Q’s Prayer

The Patriot is my Home AO and have felt like part of this group since day 1. I hope all others who join in the Gloom feel that same inclusion that ALL ARE WELCOME and you will never be left behind. See you all next time!


PB – Patty Q – The Range at the Patriot – 3/1/23

Taking request to enhance your F3 experience 🙂

No Coupons, No Burpees! Bringing it back old school for some original Patriot Full-Body Workouts that I can kinda remember we may have done. Meet at our Colonel Oldham Statue!

F3 Playlist Vibes will be on high so be sure to bring the energy, an FNG, your Fancy Gloves without holes, and sneakers. SYITG!

100 W. Main St. LaGrange KY 40038

2.28.23 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks – BigBird Q

HODGEPODGE: A confused mixture.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had the Q. I’m looking into my bag of tricks to amaze and delight for a solid 45 minutes. Who knows? It may even be 45:23 before time is called…We will be sure to move to get our heart rates up and open up our sweat glands on this mid 40 degree, last day of February morning.

No need for coupons on this day as we will put in enough work without them.


PB Baptizer @ The Garden 02.24.23 – Wide Right Q

Fridays at F3 Louisville always offer a good variety of workouts but I truly hope you come and join me to get your weekend started at The Baptizer at The Garden!

Our campus offers a variety of opportunities to work hard and get better, so we will try to explore a few of them. Coupons on site, so just get yourself up, reach out to some friend that has not been out in a while and let’s get after it!


PB – Sump Pump Q – Cloverfield at The Garden 2/23/23

I’ve got the Q at Cloverfield in the morning. I’ll be running back a you versus you that will give you all that you need to get your day started right. Bring a coupon and running shoes. I’ll bring a speaker that works for Pelican and a playlist without commercials for Dauber.


Sump Pump

Pre-Blast 02.23.23 Temple of Doom at The O (Kitty Litter Q)

It’s been a while since YHC has dented the hallowed ground of The O with a concrete building block. So, HIMsters, we got some work to do. It’ll be an all around challenging effort, zero rep counting, probably some teamwork, mild on the mosey, definitely coupons needed, and extra credit for HL’ing an FNG-SC. SYITG.

2/23/23 Pre-Blast The Agony @ The County – Fungi Q

I’m not a big Nascar fan but was inspired by the Daytona 500 last weekend. “I feel the need for speed”. Bring your running shoes tomorrow. Lungs and abs to get get a workout tomorrow.

No coupons needed.

I also watched “Facing Nolan [Ryan]” on a recent flight. Who knows, maybe we’ll do some of those as well.

SYITG- Fungi

BB – Patty Q – The Stallion at the Stable – 2/21/23

Happy Fat Tuesday! Mannequin and I rode together to join the Stable Pax. We showed up, set up the cones, and hit play on the F3 Playlist. We would later come to find its popularity of mix of different genres. Fist bumps were exchanged, the coupon cIrcle Stonehenge was created, and 0530 hit. Let’s go.

Sump Pump
Pork Chop
Light foot
Patty -Q

Imperial Walkers
Runners stretch
Tempo Merkin
Michael Phelps

Mosey into the neighborhood and turned around at the clubhouse.
Stop for:
Derkin x10 OYO
Incline Merkin x10 OYO

Brought the Pax back to the coupons to end COP and start the Main Thang

Main Thang : The Coupon Lap – Dora
Start at the main parking lot. Partner 1 does the exercise and Partner 2 travels the lap. 3 total laps!

One pax would do the exercise while the other was traveling. Once exercises were complete, partner 1 would catch up to partner 2 and switch until 3 total laps were complete. Exercises include:
10 each of the BBB – Burpee/Big Boys/Bobby Hurley

With a 10 count and some time to rest after the pax came together at the end. We finished with some No Feet Marry. Mary exercises but try to keep feet in the air as long as you can.

Hello Dolly
flutter kicks
Freddie Mercury
Elevators – went around the circle.

We still had 2 minutes – so we had to finish with a plank.

Nothing about today was easy, but the Pax pushed it today. Great work.


COR – 16

NOR – No FNG / No DR

Announcements – 4/24 Rucking 101 Event

Intentions – those said and unsaid

Ended with the Sky Q’s prayer

Thanks again for letting me join you all. FlexSeal and Viking energy is contagious and appreciate their passion for F3. The Stable is a GREAT group! If you can make it- try to come out! Worth the trip! See you next time!