10.10.19 Cloverfield@ El Jardín- Back Blast

Third week of August. Nice and Slow says the Garden needs Q’s. Is say, “sign me up!” N&S says the first open date is in October. Uh? October? What?! You know September comes after August, right? Thought you said you needed Q’s?! Pretty sure my calendar’s wide open. Still…sign me up! Well, I guess once you leave The Garden, you’re dying to get back in…and lead! Nice job Men on such a successful Starfish!!! Suffice it to say, Time is both a blessing and a curse. In true BigBird fashion, YHC would be thinking about it, but wouldn’t truly put pen and paper to his wienke until about 14hrs prior. A little Recon mission on Tuesday evening helped me to realize all that the Garden has to offer and all that I had not yet explored. Let’s do it! Won’t you do it with me HIM?

Beast PAX on this day: Gypsy, Domino, Uncle Rico, Swifty, Huggies, Holler, Minnow, Fructose, Blankman, Husky, SweetTart, Mr. Roper, BigBird-Q

It would be a brisk, perfect Thursday morning with the pungent smell of one of LePew’s kin close by. All good. Sounds like Fructose is ready to take ownership.

A little mumble chatter as 0530 approached. Said disclaimer and notified the PAX as to who I was, who brought me out and only part of the story of how I got my name….LET’s GET IT ON!

Started with a Mosey around the parking lot before COP: SSH, Hillbilly squats, Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, Runners Stretch, Pigeon Stretch and into Cobra, Michael Phelps.

The Thang: we would work around the whole campus. At the hill right inside the entrance is where we would begin. All out sprint for about 80 yards, Bear crawl from there, up about 80 yards, Bernie Sanders from there and up about 80 yards and then mosey to the top playground.

3 sets of 10-pull-ups and jump lunges; set of flutter kicks

Mosey to the bottom of the hill where the coupons were there waiting for us. 3 sets of 10-curls, tricep press and thrusters. We would do two sets OYÓ and set #3 we would do together.

Return coupons and short mosey to the picnic tables. 3 sets of 10-incline diamond merkins, dips, box jumps. We would once again do the 3rd set together. Get in a set of DaVincent’s

Mosey to the lot and do a 50 Meter All Out then 10 merkins rinse and repeat twice more.


Next we would play the song Praise You by Fatboy Slim. We would SSH for the entirety of the 4 minute song, dropping for a burpee after each time we heard “Praise You.”

Bit of time left over for some MARY. PAX would call out the exercises. T Claps to Domino for the rope grab.

Circled up for COR, NOR & COT Holler was the 6 and we learned not only who HL’d him and the origin of his name but also the credit he has not been receiving for posting because his name is HOLLER as in the hills of Eastern Kentucky not hollar or holla like “hey you!”

Made some announcements and said some intentions. Gave thanks to the PAX for making me better and to The Sky Q for another day.

Until next time…


BB – B.O. at The Mutt – 10/11/2019

PAX (5): Pepperoni, Glen Ross, PED, Wham!, Deuce

This was a group effort to lead.  We ran all through the neighborhood, stopping at various locations (6-7 stops) where each PAX would call out an exercise and the amount of reps.  We did just about everything we could think.  It was perfect weather and a lot of fun.  Appreciate the Friday morning work and shenanigans.  As always, end with intentions given and COT.


PB: 10/14/19 – Glauc Q @ S. Posh – The Incubator

After an almost 2 month hiatus from a severely strained calf muscle, I am back ITG on a somewhat regular basis.  Looking forward to getting back to the posh and have a pretty nice one cooked up..

In that, there will be no merkins… no burpees and nooo bear crawls..

“Glauc, how can you have a full body blast workout without those exercises? ”

Post @ S. Posh in the AM and you will find out !

5:30 am sharp. S. Posh.

Pelican BB-The Nest 10/12

This was my second chance to Q and again I took on a Saturday at the Nest. There’s something to be said about starting your weekend off right with your F3 brothers that is hard to explain to anyone but this group.

Anyway, 19 PAX show up for the Craft Fair and ended up staying for the workout. It was just under 40 degrees when we started which was cool enough to keep my 2.0 (Primetime) home in bed. 

PAX: Backflop, Dauber, LePew, Gisele, Cardigan, Double Down (R), Big Bird, Captain Crunchberry, Brown Water, Cochran, Alexa, Asian Zing {R}, Pelican (Q) and then the 2.0s—Brick, Trekkie, Bus, Shalimar, Limestone (FNG) and the GOAT

Primetime’s birthday was the night before so between the calories consumed and beers drank I didn’t sleep great. With that said I was up pretty early so thought I head to the County ahead of time to soak in some quiet time before the WO began. Once there I was quickly reminded of Abacus’s message on slack to “watch out for crazy craft ladies hauling ass across the parking lot”. By 6:30 there was a lot of activity on campus and by the time we got started with the WO there were cars and craft ladies everywhere.

I gave the disclaimer and took a quick mosey to the front lot where I was again reminder it was Craft Fair day when I found that the lot was already filling up for the days festivities. So we took the mosey a little bit further to the side of the chapel. We were out of traffic for a bit but managed to be down wind of a sewer line or something awful smelling…maybe it was just the beer and food I ate the day before I’m not 100% sure.

For Warm Up we did the following—

SSH (IC) x 20

Toy Soldiers (IC) x 15

Michael Phelps OYO

Kendra Newmans OYO

Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10 or 15 or something

Downward dog into runners stretch on both sides

10 merkins

Thang 1:

I’ve been a fan of Tabata prior to joining F3 and my site Q bird brother Big Bird always seems to have some sweet Tabata workouts handy so I thought I’d try one myself today. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of one its 8 sets of the same exercise with 20 seconds of work per set and 10 seconds of rest between.  For this first round we were doing bodyweight work and did the following 4 exercises:

Air Squats

Hand Release Merkins

Jump Lunges


The rest time in between the sets allowed for some great mumble chatter and some comments about YHC’s play list for the WO.  Vanilla Ice and Elvis were definitely the favorites of the PAX, well maybe not of the 2.0s.

Thang 2:

In case we didn’t get enough Tabata during Thang 1 I upped the ante and brought coupons into this round.  Shout out to Brown Water for bringing some sweet 2.0 coupons to the County.  Also by now we had a steady stream of cars coming in asking where the gym was and looking at us like we were crazy. Also a few cars kind of parked right where we were working out even though there was a huge parking lot on the other side….unfortunately Crock Pot and Mama couldn’t make it this morning or I’m sure we would have head locked a couple new PAX. But fortunately Alexa showed up to offer his support before his Iron Man the next day  and helped with traffic control. Back to Thang 2, for this round we did the below exercises all with coupons-

Push Press

Kettle Bell Swings

Up Right Row


After we finished this round up we put the coupons up and mosey’d back to the flags for some Mary.  I think we did the below but I hit my head with a coupon on one of the last Thrusters so I may not have remembered everything correctly.

Flutter Kicks

Da Vinci’s

Gas Pumps

Plank for the last 20 seconds or so


CoR/NoR-We welcomed Limestone who is Brown Water’s 2.0. They dress alike so its easy to tell who belongs to who.

Announcements-F3 Fall Festival at LePew’s next Saturday. Evite is on slack so RSVP if you are coming. Mentioned the upcoming Beer Ruck as well. Some HIMs took up LePew’s offer to come help set up for next week and they knocked it out by early afternoon.

Intentions were said for Alexa’s Iron Man and our brother WILDflower’s mother.

I closed with some words of wisdom from the GOAT, not Big Bird’s 2.0 but MJ-“Never say never because limits like fears are often just an illusion”. We said the Our Father and then called it a day. Then the 2.0s helped me dispose of some leftover donut holes from the birthday party.

Always my pleasure to join a WO and feels even better to Q one.

SYITG soon,



Ruiner preblast Nugget Q

As you all know, my Q’s are really easy. Not a lot of work. When you’re done, you feel like you just had a massage. We never use coupons, or timed workouts, or AMRAPs. We may mosey. Who knows, we are all here for the conversation and the coffee, right?

Might wanna bundle up a bit since the cold weather is moving in.

Just ask the guys who have come to my recent workouts. They’ll tell ya…nothing to worry about

BB Thursday 10/10 The Agony @ The County -Backflop Q

It was great to get out and Q again @ The County. I’m always trying to think of creative/different ways to change it up for the WO. I find myself wanting to incorporate lights into the WO’s and there is good reason for that (see below for COT message).

Today, the 12 PAX embarked on a journey that proved difficult, but oh so fulfilling when the work was accomplished.

Weather – 51 degrees, partly cloudy and dark as sin at 0530

PAX – Mama’s Boy, Pelican, Asian Zing (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Mudbug, Dauber, Wildflower, Dutch Oven, Cochran, Leprechaun, Peach, Backflop Q

F3 Disclaimer – I’m not a professional, you’re here on you’re own free will, every exercise is merely a suggestion and please modify as necessary

Mosey around to front of school parking lot

COR – 30 SSH in cadence, 15 Grass grabbers in cadence, 15 Toy Soldiers in cadence, Downward dog (right over left, left over right), kinda Newman’s (front/back), Michael Phelps and quad stretches left and right legs.


Split the 12 PAX up into 2 groups of 6 HIMs. The WO was a designed Native American run where the PAX run in a line. The HIM at the end of the line sprints up to become the leader of the line. This motion is repeated with the next HIM in the back replaces the leader of the line. So on and so forth.

Each group of 6 HIMs had one person carry a small LED lantern light. Once the person carrying the lantern light cycles through the line using the Native American running style, the PAX then stops to perform an exercise. Once the exercise is completed, the PAX starts the Native American run again until the person holding the LED lantern light cycles back through the line. Every time the person with the LED lantern light cycles through the line, the PAX stop to perform the next exercise. Stop, rinse, repeat.

This WO was designed to put the HIMs in constant movement and very much a team thang!

With this being said, the rotation of exercises performed through this Native American style run are below. We started with 10 reps per exercise and increased the reps by 5 per exercise once the complete set was finished. Each group of 6 PAX made it through ~ 10, 15 and 20 reps of each set (well, almost through 20 reps of each set…ha!).

Native American run – start

Light cycle #1 – Merkins

Light cycle #2 – Big boys

Light cycle #3 – Lunges

Light cycle #4 – Burpees

Light cycle #5 – Squats

Light cycle #6 – gas pumps

We wrapped up at 6:10AM

Circled back around for some Mary – 20 American Hammers, 20 LBCs, 20 pickle pounders, 20 flutter kicks and 30 second plank to finish it off.


Announcements – Alexa running iron man this Saturday, Mama mentioned Beer Ruck on the 18th of Oct.

COT, as I put the LED lights at the foot of the flag, I explained to the PAX that we should be the light, be different in a positive way and carry this bright light into our daily activities. Better husbands, fathers, sons, etc. There is something about a bright light in the darkness, IT CANT BE IGNORED…be that LIGHT for people to see.

We ended with an Our Father.

I am pumped for the next Q! Till then, peace out.

PB 10/11 The Chopper @ Vets SweeTART

The last few days have been rough both my parents ended up in the hospital in Alabama. One having emergency surgery and the other fell while waiting for the other to get out of surgery.  I was thinking I would have to go help but things turned out ok. Lessons learned: prepare for the worst and keep pushing when things get tough.

I’ve been very excited for this Q and Im glad I didn’t have to bail. If you’ve had a rough week or need some motivation to hit it hard tomorrow come out to J-town to Veterans Memorial Park and get better together.  I promise to deliver with this one! #SYITG



Pre-Blast : Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/11/2019

For those that monitor the calendar, you may have seen that tomorrow’s workout at Pleasantville is labeled as Super Samuel’s birthday. This will be the second birthday we will celebrate after he passed away.

Nuff said. Come get busy with me in the morning. For those doing the Tough in the evening with me, don’t be scared – you can take a nap during the day to re-energize for the evening.

Bring your running shoes. Gloves, too.

SYITG – Jolly Rancher!

Back Blast “Overcome Obstacles” 10-Oct-2019 Thursday Pewee Valley Fire Department BlackOps 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 9 (which was fabulous for a 45 minute 3-man weave… cha-ching!)

Brown Water

Uncle Sam (R)



Captain Crunchberry

Powder Coat

Flip Flop


Crock Pot (Q)

Weather: 51 deg F, 98% RH, intermittent puffs of breeze.


YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a high intensity exercise, so if you have any medical condition or physical limitation, you should consider not participating. You are encouraged to modify everything as necessary according to your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc.

Warm Up:

SSH (IC) x 15

Imperial Walkers (IC) x 10

Michael Phelps (10 count)

Kendra Newman (10 count forward, 10 count reverse)

Toy Soldier (IC) x 10

Slooooow Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10

Stay down, hold left ankle (10 count)

Stay down, hold right ankle (10 count)

Good Morning (Bear Hug/Hulk) (IC) x10

SSH @ 1.5x Speed (IC) x 15


We set up a 3-man weave in the main parking lot, with one coupon per team placed as ‘obstacles’ at the midpoint between station A and B. PAX 1 would work AMRAP at the “A” station (lower body exercises). PAX 2 would work AMRAP at the “B” station (core/Mary exercises). PAX 3 would run between stations to complete the weave, and would always pick up the coupon and do an upper body exercises. We weaved for 3 rounds of 9 minutes, which left round 4 to be the remainder of time.

Weave 1:

A: Squat B: Gas Pump Coupon obstacle: 10 Overhead Press

Weave 2:

A: Tuck Jumps B: American Hammer Coupon obstacle: 15 Curls

Weave 3:

A: Alternating Lunges B: Mountain Climbers Coupon obstacle: 15 Bench Press

Weave 4:

A: Jump Rope Skips B: Big Boy Sit Ups Coupon obstacle: 6 Man Makers



Announcements- HC for the F3 Fall Festival at Le Pew’s in Crestwood. It’ll be awesome. If you’re in the southern Indiana / downtown area see if you can meet up and encourage on the PAX doing the custom GoRuck tough event. Convergence is Saturday Oct 26 at Vets. Do it, it’s an awesome way to put names and faces together.

Message- Paul, writing Romans 8:18 says, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

From what I can tell, Paul was accomplished two points with the way he wrote this statement. The first was obviously an encouragement of the people. He tried to set perspective that no matter what the people were dealing with, it was minuscule compared to the glory that was yet to come for all believers. The second thing he accomplished was he let them know that the obstacles/sufferings were a guarantee. Just like the coupons in the middle of the weave today, the obstacles are already there. You WILL face them. But, keep in mind, the sufferings are one of the ways that glory is revealed. He also says that the whole creation is waiting and groaning for this to happen.

Is it fun? No. Is it hard? Yes. Will it happen to you? Yes. If there’s not an obvious obstacle coming to your mind right now, I promise there will be. But, just like Paul says, the way you overcome them is the way that glory is revealed. People are counting on you. The Spirit will help you through your weakness. Have faith, go bust through the obstacle.

Intentions- Fungi’s 2.0 Brittanica has had a rough ~14 days, including sickness and broken hand.

NakedMan Moleskin: Maybe I’m the stupid one and everyone knew this, but it dawned on me mid-workout how to effectively modify a 3 man weave when Murphy’s law kicks in and you have one (or two) ‘remainder’ people after making 3-PAX groups.

The simple answer is: have each ‘remainder’ person to pick a ‘team PAX’ to shadow. The catch is: you do NOT allow the ‘remainder’ person to tag or get tagged.

The ‘remainder PAX’ stays at station one until the ‘team PAX’ person gets tagged. Both begin the run when ONLY the ‘team PAX’ person gets tagged. When they get to the end of the run, only the ‘team PAX’ can tag the partner. By only counting only the ‘team PAX’ tags and NEVER the ‘remainder PAX’ tags, you avoid a ‘double tag’ scenario. It keeps the work intervals timed similarly to everyone else, while allowing EVERYONE to go full speed the whole time. It’s not dependent on ‘team PAX/remainder PAX’ being faster/slower the whole time.

This same goes for Dora exercises, where the ‘remainder PAX’ reps do NOT count to the total.

Again, maybe you all knew this (or maybe I should’ve been working harder during the workout haha), but for the benefit of the PAX, there you go. Modify as necessary, but I think this is the best way to do it. If you disagree I’ll happily give you a refund.

Until next meal,

Crock Pot

10.10.19 Cloverfield @ The Garden-BigBird Q

Yo ser la partida a la jardín y yo ser la partida a explorar!!

The garden has a lot to offer. I’ve been out there a few times and have been put through some punishment in various areas of the campus…and each time it sucked!….good! (Courtesy of Nino, Mama’s Boy and Fructose)! It’s time now to do a bit more exploring and go on an adventure!!


We will get loose, we will stretch, we will run, we will bear crawl, we will Bernie Sanders, we will do a lot of things in 10’s, we will use coupons. The only thing you need to bring…is heart!!


PB – Thursday 10/10/19 The Agony @ The County 0530 Backflop Q

I’m excited to Q up another WO this Thursday @ The County. It will be coupon free, but every bit difficult to endure. I’ve planned for some Native American style running mixed with station exercises. We will do this together as a PAX and will be better HIMs when we’re finished. SYITG

BBlast – 10/9/19 @The Foundry (heavy) @THE COUNTY. W/ WILDflower

Had 9 HIM’s out for another perfectly crisp fall morning. I hope this weather lasts a lot longer than last years fall season!
PAX – Peach, Alexa, Crock Pot, Uncle Sam (R), Cardigan, Double Down (R), Gilligan, Pelican, WILDflower (Q)
Warmup (COP)

SSH 30 (IC)

Imperial walkers 15 (IC)
Kendra OYO
Pulse squats 20 (IC)
Merkins 15 (IC)
Low plank 60 second hold
Mosey to get coupons….
THANG….we parterned up
Partner 1 – Pull ups – 30 (partner 2 SUMO pulse squats w/ coupon AMRAP)…then switch
P1 – Derkins 20 (normal stance) – 20 (wide stance with fingers pointed out) (P2 lat row w/ coupon AMRAP)…switch
P1 Coupon press (30) (P2 Big boys AMRAP)…switch
Both Bearcrawl together to dumpster/ mosey back
Both Hold low plank together for 60 seconds
Rinse n repeat x2
COT – we all gave Alexa some words of encouragement for his upcoming FULL Ironman this weekend. Many prayers up for him in this monstrous journey! Last night we got some incredible news from Rocky about his quarterly MRI results being 100% clear. Praise GOD! The HIM’s of F3 and the accountability that goes along with it has changed my life forever. Eternally grateful to get in the Gloom with you Gents every week!
WILDflower out…Peace.

Pre Blast “Overcome Obstacles” 10-Oct-2019 Thursday Pewee Valley Fire Department BlackOps 05:30 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot?

At this week’s Pewee Valley FD BlackOps we will operate in multiple 3-man weave teams for the entirety of the workout. Expect lots of AMRAP exercises. Also expect to bust through obstacles (pick up a coupon) every time you find one on your path between A and B. It will be a well rounded, full body routine. Wear gloves. See you in the gloom.

10/8 – The County Backblast – Peach VQ

Crisp morning at the county but it didn’t stop all 19 PAX from working up a good sweat!

PAX: Cratchit, Jolly Rancher, Grizzly, Big Bird, Valdez, Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Brown Water, Wildflower, Mama’s Boy, Pew Pew, Cardigan, Red Card, Scratch-N-Dent, Preppy, Care Bear (FNG), Crock Pot, Powder Coat, Peach (VQ)

Mosey to front parking lot for COP:

40 SSH

15 Copperhead Squats

15 Grass Grabbers

20 Imperial Walkers

Calf stretches from downward dog position

Grabbed coupons and partnered up for DORA work:

50 burpees -> 75 lunges w/ coupon -> 100 merkins -> 125 jump squats -> 150 curls -> 175 mountain climbers -> 200 LBCs

While one PAX did reps the other had a few options: mosey with coupon, bear crawl to first set of cones and mosey the rest, or fireman’s carry with a PAX to the left

Big encouragement was to have an eye open for assisting/encouraging the duo next to you by assisting with reps or modifying up or down with them.

Mosey’d back with coupons and closed out with intentions and prayer


Preblast: 10-9-19 The Bridge @ Posh – Sadie Q

Pumped to Q tomorrow at south Posh!

We will be doing partner work with and without coupons. Coupons will be the lightweight.

We will then reverse to test your muscle stamina with no weight as we hold on until the music stops.

Choose your partner wisely. Be ready for a burn! We will get better and have a good time doing it!



Back Blast Tuesday 10/8/19 – Nickels & Dimes @ Peggy Baker BO with Dauber

It was a perfect morning at Peggy Baker Park with a chill in the air (temperature in the 40s), light fog, and 8 HIMs getting after it with high-tempo rounds of Nickels and Dimes.  This was my second Q and I continue to be grateful for the PAX and am humbled to lead.  Opened with a quick thanks to the PAX for motivating the Q both in the first F as well as the second and third F.  Disclaimer was given and confirmed. PAX:  Gisele, Bulletin (R), Flip Flop, Cochran, Abacus, Leprechaun, Captain Crunchberry, Dauber (Q)

Warm up started with a mosey to the COP at the Peggy Baker concession stand. COP:  20x SSH;  Kendra Newmans;  Michael Phelps;  15x Mountain Climbers;  Downward Dog w/ Cobra;  10x SSH for good measure since the air was cool

Base of operation for the Main Thang remained at the concession area which provided the equipment needed for our alternating rounds of Triple Nickels and Double Dimes:

Triple Nickels (5 reps of exercise, run, 5 reps of other exercise, repeat 5 times)… Alternating with … Double Dimes (10 reps of exercise, run, 10 reps of other exercise, repeat 2 times)

The pace was fast and we completed three rounds of triple nickels and two rounds of double dimes with interval running as follows:

Triple Nickel – 25 Burpees; 25 Squats  /  Ran a Lap (YHC failed to measure the distance in advance, so we will just call it a “Peggy Baker Lap”)

Double Dime – 20 Jump Lunges (counting one leg); 20 Big Boy Sit Ups  /  Triple Nickel – 25 Derkins; 25 Jump Squats  /  Ran a Peggy Baker Lap

Double Dime -20 Dips; 20 Groiners  /  Triple Nickel – 25 Box Jumps; 25 T-Merkins  /  Ran a Peggy Baker Lap which was extended back to the front of the park where we wrapped up with a round of Mary

Mary:  Gas Pumps, American Hammers, Reverse BBSUs (Thanks for that extra pain Bulletin!), Box Cutters, Pickle Pounders, J-Los

The PAX gathered in the COT for CoR, NoR, announcements, and intentions.  A special call out given to Bulletin for his humble leadership and selflessness…the epitome of a HIM.  We ended with a Hail Mary.  Once again it was an honor to lead. – Dauber

10/8/19 Douglass Hills BO Backblast

Arrived at the pool parking lot and Snowman announced he needed a sick day.  I volunteered to take over Q duties so he could go home and rest up for the Tough this weekend.  He handed off his notes and cones with a brief explanation and we were off.

PAX: Ripple, Zip Line, Stick Up, Maxi (subQ)

Mosey to concrete pad by gazebo for COP:

20 SSH

20 Grass grabbers

Calf stretches from downward dog position

Snowman planned on having 6 stations (with 3 transitions from one to the next), so I chose the Soccer field.  I placed cones on the four corners using half the field.  The other two were each placed halfway between two corners (halfway between midfield cones and halfway between out of bounds cones, which was right in front of the goal).

Each cone had a workout x 20: Squats, Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, Shoulder Taps, Lunges, Hillbillies.

Transitions were as follows between stations: Lunge, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, Lunge, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump

Rinse and repeat x 3 almost brought us to a close.

Mosey back to pool parking lot for Lt. Dans.  If I recall correctly, we made it to 8 squats/32 lunges before time.

COT.  None of us are doing the Tough, but open to Rucktoberfest because beer.  Prayed us out, in particular for Snowman to get better before the tough.







10.5.19 Back Blast for The Nest-Rocky Q

PAX: Dauber, Le Pew, Fructose, Brown Water, Cratchet, Cardigan, Gilligan, Jolly Rancher, Holler, Leprechaun 2.0s(Trekkie, Bus, Brick, Chalamare, Von Braun(FNG)) Rocky-Q.

Short mozie then circled up for a warm-up. SSH, Grass Grabbers, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog & E2K.

The Thang: Mozie down to get a coupon and headed to the back lot for roll the dice with Rocky. 11 possible exercises depending on the sum of the first roll then the second roll determines reps. Red dice is the first digit blue dice is the second digit. We all got better together!!

Had some 2nd F burpee football to close. COT for announcements, intentions, and prayer.

Make it a great day! Rocky

BB – 10/8/2019 – The Mutt

PAX (23): Wedding Singer, Cornbread (R), SumpPump, Mouth, Deuce, Quimby, Pope, Buschhhhh, Tiger, WhamO (R), PED, Messy, WaterBoy, Blueprint, Plumb Bob, Fridge, NoShow, Meatball, Geppetto, Newman, Glen Ross, Cowbell, Larry Flynt (VQ)

Conditions: 48 and perfect!

It was a great morning to break in my first Q this morning with perfect temperature and 23 of us ready to GO!

Mozy to big parking lot for warm ups

Side Straddle Hops X20

Kendra Newmans

Grass Grabbers X20

Imperial Walkers X20

Runner Stretch

Cobra stretch

Thang 1

Mozy to top of hill at corner of Leland & Cherrywood

-Run to Mary Hill Sign and do 10 sit ups

-Back to top – 7 push ups

-Run to the ‘New Yard Art’ piece on Leland – do 10 pecker pounders

-Back to top – 7 push ups

Repeat 5 times.

Thang 2

Mozy back to prayer garden get coupons

-20 curls

-20 over head press

-20 sit ups

-20 curls

-15 over head press

-15 sit ups

-20 curls

-15 over head press

-15 sit ups

-Due to extra time, Mary until 6:12

-Coupons back and circle up

It was awesome finally Q’ing and will certainly sign up again…thanks to all who came out!

Bag of Wrenches Backblast 10/8 – Sound and Fury

Q:  CI

Pax (11):  Fall Guy, Diablo (weighted), Vincent, Pork Chop, Fergie, Handbook, Soft Top, Adidas, Trump, Flo Jo, CI

Conditions:  48*, crisp.  My favorite weather.  I feel like I can go harder with less risk of passing out.

Gearlander:  Busch 26.2 F3Louisville Jersey, shorts, shoes, socks, Fred.  No weight vest because I was Qing and needed to talk and count and stuff.

If you’ve been around me in the last month, seen my Twitter feed, or been next to me in traffic, you’ve heard about little else other than Sturgill Simpson’s new album Sound and Fury.  Obsession is a word that’s often overused, but here it’s accurate.  I cannot stop listening to (and even thinking about) the album.

I stumbled on to Sturgill Simpson about 6-7 years ago.  I read an article about the new savior of country music who was releasing an album, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.  As a long-time country fan, who was completely soured by today’s current “country” sound, I was intrigued.  And then, like now, I got hooked.

I think the thing about this guy’s music – who incidentally went to high school with one of my good friends (who also said, he and I would NOT have gotten along then) — is that he seems to know about a lot of things that interest me, and has a similar attitude towards them that I hold.  Case in point, the song, Turtles All the Way Down on the aforementioned album Metamodern…  In that song, Sturgill takes the dogma of most major religions, somewhat excoriates them (if that’s possible; is “excoriate” like “unique” and can’t be modified?  Someone will know), but then distills them into one simple concept:  love.  Clearly, I’m not that gifted or even that thoughtful to do something close, but that’s very much in line with how I think (case in point, today’s COT; you had to be there, or read on if you want).  I don’t like being told what to do by someone who simply made up the rules.  I don’t care for dogma; in fact, I think it’s insulting.  So, Stu (what he went by in highschool) and I are on the same page there.

Then, THIS came out….


This album, on first listen, has a lot of familiar sounds.  Not because Simpson has made music like this before (which he’s getting some push back on), but because he seems to have been inspired by ZZ Top, Beck, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and some other things we all know.  But then, there’s this discordant sound and feel that is almost hard to listen to.  It’s discomforting, but also familiar at the same time.  It took me a bit to figure it out; it wasn’t until I read an interview he gave where he told us the answer:  “I think it’s the responsibility of an artist to make music that represents the world they live in, and the world is fucked up.” Yup; there it is.

Now, let’s get it straight.  My world isn’t f’d; in fact, I’ve got a pretty good little thing going on.  But sometimes I feel like that coffee sipping dog in a fire muttering, “This is fine” to myself, my wife, my kids and people I care about.  And listening to this album – kind of like working as hard as I can in the morning – gives me an outlet to know it isn’t fine, but to focus that feeling there; compartmentalize it somewhere else other than soccer carpool, or at happy hour.  Things aren’t fine in the world right now, and they’ll probably never be (and never have been). And it may be in a week I’m over this sound.  But for now, I like it, I like what it does for me, and I like that it was the loose inspiration for today’s workout.


I greeted the Pax and gave a longer than normal disclaimer and we moseyed to the tennis courts.

Remember to Breathe

COP which consisted of:
SSH x 20IC
Imperial Walkers x 20IC
Abe Vigodas x 10IC
Grass Grabbers x 20IC
Extended Leg LBC x 10IC

Sing Along

Short mosey to Cogin’s Corner for a triple nickel with merkins and squats.  “Well, I know you know that you’re killing me but it’s worth it just to see you smile.” What a great line.

A Good Look

From the bottom of the hill, we moseyed as a group back to the tennis courts, but at each street lamp we stopped to do 5 merkins ascending by 5 at each for a total of 85.

Make Art, Not Friends

I laid out four cones in a diamond for a little group work. Station 1 five burpees, bear crawl to station 2 to relieve AMRAP Merkins, who bear crawl to station 3 to relieve AMRAP squats, who then bear crawl to station 4 to relieve AMRAP extended leg LBCs, who bear crawl to station 1 for burpees.

Best Clockmaker on Mars

Repeat above with walking lunges between stations.

All Said and Done

Money back to Cogan’s Corner for another Triple Nickel.

Last Man Standing

Bear crawl halfway back up the hill, then mosey you the top. “It’s Fuck all y’all season.” Another great line.

Mercury in Retrograde

Short mosey back to the tennis courts for a Steinl.

Fastest Horse in Town

NOR and COT. In COT, I did my best Simpson impression by asking my friends there to mind a simple rule: don’t be an asshole.

If you were at the workout, listen to the album and see if the cadence matched. If not, fret not, it was free.

CI out.