Bridge Backblast 12/4

It’s not a Bridge Post if you don’t do something on the Bridge. So, I decided to cook up something that I hadn’t seen before.

PAX: Dry Rub, Double Down (R), Lady Bird (R), Jitterbug (R), Stickem, Dynomite, VeraDeMylo, Mayhem, Buzzsaw, Maxi, Retainer, Woo, Mr. Kotter

Mosey lap to the Coupon Lot for the COP. SSH, GG, and 2 minutes of runner stretches. Did a quick burpee circle, then grabbed coupons and headed to the Bridge.

Thang 1:  Partner up, grab a coupon, and head for the Bridge. Partner 1 bear crawls up the bridge while partner 2 holds coupon on their back. Then switch.  Then Partner 1 wheel barrows up the Bridge while partner 2 holds their ankles. Then switch. This was a beast.

Thang 2: Return coupons and circle up for some Tabada. 12 minutes, 1 minute intervals. Each minute, do: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 10 airsquats. We did the last two minutes in cadence. Woof.

Circled up for COR and NOR. We celebrated and lifted up Double Down on the one-year anniversary of his surgery. What a great HIM, great dude, great friend. Glad he’s back out ITG.

Retainer out.

12/2/19 BB The BIG MO Heavy@The Tank-Meatball/Geppetto Co-Q


PAX (6)- Worm, Snow Day, Tureen, Backdraft, Geppetto (Q) and Meatball (Q)

Weather- A balmy 29* and a lovely rain, snow, sleet mix.  In other words, a great day to lift heavy stuff outside.

After arriving at 4:45 to set things up I went to grab some coupons for the Big Mo beat down but sadly, EVERY SINGLE coupon was gone.  Even the little baby ones were gone.  So sad, but an audible was called and with some help from the PAX we managed to still get SWOLE.


Geppetto led

-Short Mosey


-Grass Grabbers

-Abe Vigodas


Sticking with the Co-Q theme, we partnered up and went to work

8 stations, 4 minutes at each station

Upper and Lower Body Exercise at each station

Station 1- partner 1 (21s curls weight Bar needed)

Partner 2 (21s calf raises-35 or 45 pound plate)

Station 2 Partner 1

    Partner 2 Tire Flips-10

    Tire squats with partner 10

Station 3

Partner 1 Offset Merkins-10 each side (with Kettle Bell)

Partner 2 Goblet squats 20 (kettle bell)

Station 4

Partner 1 Steering Wheels 20 (25 plate)

Partner 2 Step UPS with Ruck 20

Station 5

Partner 1 Battle Ropes Regular grip All ya got 1 minute

Partner 2 Rest or LBC

Switch partners

Second time through Bicep grip all ya got one minute

Partner 2 rest or LBC

Station 6

Partner 1 and 2 Tire pull together for 4 minute cycle

Station 7

Partner 1 Kettle Bell Swings 20 (Kettle Bell)

Partner 2 Goblet Lunges 20 (Kettle Bell)

Station 8

Partner 1 20 Dips (WEIGHTED 25 pound plate)

Partner 2 American Hammers 20 (25 dumbbell)


Intentions and remembering our blessings

It was fun co-Qing and thanks for everyone’s help bringing all the Heavy Toys. It was great having 3 Mutt guys there, especially Tureen even though he thought he needed his passport to travel all the way to J-Town.


11/29/19 Pleasantville Backblast

PAX: Abacus, Jolly Rancher, Dauber, Plumb Bob(Q)

Weather: Mid 40s, partly cloudy, light wind

Pleasantville is probably my favorite place to Q. With the amphitheater, stage, plenty of trails, and a place for pull ups, the possibilities are endless.  When trying to figure out my wenkie I found that I had more things I wanted to do and take advantage of than time would allow.  Volunteering to Q on Black Friday at 0530 also posed a bit of a challenge when creating the wenkie.  How many people would actually show up that early on a day that many people had off from work?  Flexibility was going to be important. I was glad when 3 other HIMs showed up to get better.

At 0530 I started with normal pleasantries and we mosied over to NC Elementary School.

COP: 50 SSH (IC), 20 imperial walkers (IC), 20 grass grabbers (IC), arm circles, downward dog and calf stretches, 50 SSH (IC)

THANG 1: We partnered up and each partner took turns doing 15 leg throws each and then went to the pull-up bars for 15 pull ups apiece.  REPEAT

THANG 2: On the amphitheater stage we circled up for three different time bombs.

  • Merkin time bomb, holding plank while waiting
  • Big boy sit-up time bomb, holding feet about 6″ in air while waiting
  • Squat time bomb, hold Al Gore while waiting

THANG 3: 11s-Started with a single merkin at the bottom of the amphitheater and 10 Bobby Hurley’s at the top of the steps.  Worked our way to 1 merkin-10 Hurleys

THANG 4: We had about 3 minutes left so we circled on the stage, the PAX each chose an exercise to close us out. (I don’t remember what they all were but I know they were good ones!)

It was another great time at Pleasantville.  Although the numbers were a bit small due to Black Friday those that showed up had a great time and got better.

~Plumb Bob~


Back Blast – BO @ Peggy Baker – 12/3

Weather: Mid 30’s with a chilly breeze.

PAX: Jolly Rancher, Cowboy, Backflop, Le Pew, Cochran, Leprechaun, Gisele, Brown Water, Big Bird, and Captain Crunchberry (Q)

COP: One lap mosey to get the blood flowing, followed by Kendra Newmans, Imperial Walkers, Michael Phelps, and a modified low impact Side Straddle Hop.

THANG 1: A whole lot-a-Tabata. PAX split into 4 groups, to run 4 stations of TABATA. Consisting of curls, dip, rows, and pull ups. Rotate until you completed all four exercises.

THANG 2: Boxer’s Pyramid Workout. 2 minutes of Big Boys, 1 minute 30 seconds of Merkins, 45 seconds shadow boxing, 30 seconds imaginary jump rope.

THANG 3: 3 Man Weave. PAX split into groups, and proceeded to the basketball court. Group 1 at one end line held Superman, Group 2 at the midline performed 10 American Hammers with a coupon. Group 3 on the far baseline did Imperial Walkers. However rather than just going through the motions, extra consideration to engage the core. Consider it a standing LBC. Everyone completed each station once, then time got us.

We circled up for Mary. Because, did you even exercise if you don’t do at least 30 flutter kicks?

Announcements: Ruck December 7.

Intentions: Continued prayers for Bulliten, hopefully things are progressing so he can return to the gloom soon.

Naked Man Moleskin: I was really concerned about this WO. I had it in my head how easy it would be to do a workout, that didn’t include jumping (for my foot) and without a lot of knee bending (for Big Bird.) We killed some arms. Probably a little too much focus on one area, without a decent recovery in between.

In closing: I expressed how I’m dealing with some foot pain, and Big Bird has a bum knee. Our pain pales in comparison to some others in the world. So, be kind, think of other people’s pain, and be thankful for the ability to get up, in the gloom, and exercise.

-Captain Crunchberry

12/2 BB Incubator #KiloQ

20 pax strong at the Incubator the Monday after Thanksgiving!! YHC was not going to let the HIMs down, knowing they all showed up to burn off some of Grandmas pumpkin Pie. I think i was successful. Fanny Pack will love my watch stats, but they were pretty impressive yesterday.


Chapo, Dauber, DeepDish, Jitterbug, Lepew, Amelia, Iceman, BobRoss, Retainer, Dynomite, DryRub, Wapner, Huggies, Cochran, BackFlop, BuzzSaw, StickUp, Jolly Rancher, Pelican, Kilo


started with 10 BOYO. followed by some SSH IC. Then hit the exercises of the day

10. 8 ct. body builders- burpee with plank jack in the middle all IC

10. Bonnie squats- jump lunge each leg followed by a squat.

10. Partner wheel barrel derkins – wheel barrel position pax does merkin other pax squats at same time

Mosey to the 64 bridge and keep your partner



do the 10 rep set above with your partner.

grab a rock and run to the top of the bridge for 10 Rockeys

run back under the bridge. Repeato!

at 0610 we finished with a native american run back to the flags for COT


11/29 BB the chopper #turkeyHangover

Sweet Tart Sweet Stache!!!!!

Ill start with the fact that i was WAY prepared for this workout. Nino style. lights and cardboard pieces with exercises written on them. The Vets hill was lit up and a circuit was set up all around the park. YHC got done setting up at 0527, walked to the seal to find 3 others ready to workout. McAfee, Handbook, and Sweet Tart. Very thankful for these dudes!!! not gonna name the fartsackers, because I will do it soon. Im also not going to show my workout because youll have to post at my next Vets Q to figure it out.

YHC decided that the 4 of us would do the circuit together rather than OYO. No doubt we got the 2rdF in!! post WO we went to starbucks for a little black friday shopping. Not naming names but someone spent ALOT of money at GORUCK…….


The Rooster Crowed 12.3.19 BackBlast


I’d originally signed up to Q The Rooster last week, 11.25.19, but underestimated the mental & physical toll moving would take on me so I asked Backdraft to cover for me. Thank you brother! It’d been 10+ days since I last worked out so when putting together the WO I wanted something to hit the entire body to “shock” it back into the groove. This is what I came up with…


  1. Kilo
  2. Plumb Bob
  3. Ripple
  4. Woooo
  5. Tiger
  6. Larry Flint
  7. Tony Malito
  8. Eto
  9. Backdraft
  10. Whamo (R)
  11. No Show
  12. Huggies
  13. Deuce
  14. Worm
  15. Snowman
  16. Nice & Slow
  17. Hamm
  18. Soft Top
  19. Fall Guy (R)
  20. Blueprint
  21. Nino (QIC)

At 0530 I gave the disclaimer to the group letting them know I am not a professional. I’ve received zero training & everything I say to do is a suggestion encouraging the PAX to listen to their body & modify as needed. We then took a mosey around the school/church to the big back parking lot for CoP.


  • (10) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (10) SSH IC
  • (10) Imperial Walkers IC
  • (10) SSH IC
  • (10) Imperial Walkers IC

The PAX then partnered up & we all went to get coupons for The Thang.

The Thang – 5 Stations

I placed 5 stations along the paved loop that goes around the fields.

Station 1

  • (100) combined Coupon Curls to Shoulder Press
  • While P1 started doing reps P2 Bear Crawled out to a maker 25 yards away, did (10) Jump Squats, & then Bear Crawler back
  • Switch…so on & so forth until the pair completed the (100) reps & then it was a mosey with the coupon to Station 2

Station 2

  • (50) combined Man Makers
  • While P1 started doing reps P2 ran up the hill across to a maker 20 yards away, did (10) Curtsy Lunges, & then ran back
  • Switch…so on & so forth until the pair completed the (50) reps & then it was a mosey with the coupon to Station 3

Station 3

  • (100) combined Bent Over Rows
    • **After doing 15 reps the PAX stopped, held the coupon overhead for a 10 count, & then went back into doing the reps
  • While P1 started doing reps P2 Bernie Sanders out to a maker 50 yards away, did (10) Jump Tucks, & then Bernie Sanders back
  • Switch…so on & so forth until the pair completed the (100) reps & then it was a mosey with the coupon to Station 4

Station 4

  • (50) combined Merkin Derkins
  • While P1 started doing reps P2 Farmer Carried both coupons out to a maker 50 yards away, did (10) Coupon Squats, & then Farmer Carried the coupons back
  • Switch…so on & so forth until the pair completed the (50) reps & then it was a mosey with the coupon to Station 5

Station 5

  • (10) Big Boys
  • (10) Straight Leg Throw Downs
  • (10) Windshield Wipers
  • (10) Peter Parker’s IC
  • (10) J-Los IC

Rinse & repeat as many times as possible until all pairs get through at least one set. We then put the coupons up & lined up for a final Scout Run around the loop getting back to the flag at 0615.


  • CoR (didn’t lose anyone)
  • NoR
  • Announcements
    • Catfish & McAfee are leading the December Ruck Event this Saturday 11.7.19 from 0415 – 0755.
    • Backdraft asked that Kilo & I discuss the recent structural changes within the Region. Kilo & I discussed the recent structural changes within the Region per Backdraft’s request. If anyone has any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
  • Intentions
    • Tony Malito has a friend in Colorado in need of TaPs.

I thanked the PAX for coming out this morning & the opportunity to lead them for 45 minutes of their day. I reminded them that every day we interact with numerous people & never really know what they might be going through or to what degree. With this in mind, I challenged them to try to genuinely interact with one person today because you never know the impact you might have. As always, it’s a humbling opportunity & a privilege whenever I get to Q.

Nino out.

12/3/2019 BoW BackBlast

PAX (18) Fridge, OJ, Diablo, Violet, Tammy Faye Baker, Handbook, Wham!, Escort, FloJo, Shiplap, Loco, Zima, Pope, SumpPump, Digiorno, Buschhhhh, Tron, Glen Ross Q

 Conditions:  Dry and 34* (feels like 28*)

Big crowd out at the O today.  Got there at 5:27 and already 10 pax out waiting!   5:29, I give pax the countdown and OJ tells me to go ahead and get started (I wanted to wait for Wham!).   Issued disclaimer and off for mosey around robbers row to the tennis court.

As promised in the preblast, we would have a warm up today (unlike yesterday).  Circled up for 20 SSH, then 10 merkins, 20 Plank Jacks, 10 merkins, 20 mountain climbers.  Nice and warm now, we mosey out of the cage and exit the park for ½ mile prisoner run—stopping 5 times for 10 single count prisoner jump squats.

Re-enter the park for Thang1:  So I try and Q once a month out at the O and nearly every Q involves us working out over by the restrooms.  Yesterday at Nugs Q we did some restroom work and while there I thought of a Jack Webb style workout that we could do there today.   I was expecting 10 pax so I thought I had plenty of wall space, but with 18 I would need to modify and switch this up.  So half the pax did this:  1 box jump, 4 incline merkins, while other 9 did 1 overhead press, 4 curls.  2 different Jack Webbs going on at once was kind of a shitshow–probably wouldn’t do this again.  When we got to 5/20 we switched.  We switched again at 8/32 and at 10/40 I allowed Pax to pick how they wanted to finish.

Not sure what I was thinking here because that’s a lot of incline merkins in 5 minutes!  

Next paired the pax into groups of 2 and walked over to the field.   Partner one would AMRAP coupon jumps (getting ready for ski season), while partner 2 runs 40 yards and does 20 SSH then switch.  We repeated this 4 times and then added a few more like right arm rows and left arm rows.  With less than 10 minutes left we put up the coupons and made our way back to the cage for mary.  Using each corner, the Pax circles up in super tight formation for 15 LBC/ 15 Flutter Kicks.  Run to the next corner for 20 gas pumps, 20 Freddie Mercs.  Run to the next corner for 15 LBCs/ 15 Flutter kicks.  2 minutes left we ran to the last corner and I passed over to my dueling Q OJ for 15 dying cockroaches.  6:15 and we mosey’d back to the flag for COT

Announcments:  Ruck this Friday and Leadership update.  Thanks to Diablo and the others for stepping up.  There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of what we do each day and we are all very busy—so Tclaps to Diablo and the other 3!  Intentions—prayers for Larry and his surgery today and ended with Our Father.     



Black Ops backblast the O

Old Bay
Glen Ross
Fall guy
Sump pump
Nugget Q

Gearlander: nike tights, adidas shorts, reebok cold gear, F3 long sleeve

Warm up

That was more of a command then a traditional COP, so we dove right in.

5 Merkins, 10 LBCs, 15 squats

Then run to the other side of the tennis courts

Rinse and repeat 20 times….yes 20 times. Pretty sure that we were warm. Vincent told Cookie that it was a Nugget Q, so very little running. Sorry that Vincent mislead you, Cookie.

So as to not make Bincent out to be a liar, we headed to grab coupons and took them out to the front of the bathrooms. There we did the next part of the warm up

Fight gone bad

5 exercises, 1 minute each followed by a 6th minute of rest. 3 rounds



Coupon swings

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Push press

Very little mumble chatter, but we all pushed through.

Finished with some Pax counted Tabata of flutter kicks.


15 pax was way more than expected, but it did keep Old Bay and I from a hand holding good time. This is my 3rd post after a 3 week hiatus. You guys make it the best part of the day, and a big Energy boost. Try and get some of the guys back out, it’s worth it.

11/30/19 #TheHurt Blackbast

: Wham!

5 PAX: Pepperoni; Sump Pump; Glen Ross; Nugget; Wham!

Time: 0700

Weather: 40 Degrees and steady/pouring rain with a “feels like temp of 34”

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Full UofL gear (hat, shirt, hooded sweatshirt and socks).  Go Cards!  Take state! (yeah, that didn’t happen but…we’re really good at basketball)

Pre-WO Thoughts
In my opinion, there is no worse weather for F3 than steady rain and 35-40 degrees.  Give me 20 degrees and snow all day over that, but as much as I like to control things,  I could not control the weather on Saturday, so it was what it was.  Shout out to the 4 HIMs who braved the elements and hung in there with me even though we stayed in the rain for 90% of the WO.  Special shout out to Nugget who went to work prior to our 0700 start time and still made it to The Mutt for the majority of the workout and then to coffeeteria afterward.  T-Claps to him.

Mosey around the school and then circled up under the portico for the following:
– 15 SSHs in 4 Count Cadence
– 10 Imperial Squat Walkers in 4 Count Cadence
– 10 Abe Vigodas in 4 Count Cadence
– 15 Merkins in 4 Count Cadence
– 10 Flutter Kicks in 4 Count Cadence

Thang 1
My Q today was focused on various versions of suicides at different places at and around The Mutt.  I basically did the same Q at The O a few weeks ago and really liked it so I thought I would bring the same thing to The Mutt’s Pax on Saturday.  Because of the terrible weather and understandably low turnout, I may have to run this one back once spring time hits.

First stop on the suicide train was the large parking lot in front of the church’s portico.  We lined up and did the following:

– 10 merkins, run to first cone, 5 plank jacks, return to starting spot
– 10 merkins, run to second cone, 10 plank jacks, return to starting spot
– 10 merkins, run to third cone, 15 plank jacks, return to starting spot
– 10 merkins, run to fourth cone, 20 plank jacks, return to starting point

We then did a Round 2 of the above other than we switched out plank jacks for mountain climbers.

Thang 2
We moseyed to coupon garden to grab some coupons and then returned to the smaller parking lot (near Pre-K drop off) and did the following:

– 5 man makers, run/walk to first cone with coupon, 5 coupon curls, return to starting spot
– 5 man makers, run/walk to second cone with coupon, 10 coupon curls, return to starting spot
– 5 man makers, run/walk to third cone with coupon, 15 coupon curls, return to starting spot
– 5 man makers, run/walk to fourth cone with coupon, 20 curls, return to starting point

We then did a Round 2 of the above other than we switched out the man makers for overhead presses and the coupon curls for coupon rows.

Thang 3
Prior to moving to Thang 3, a car came flying into the parking lot and we originally thought it was Zoolander (remember him?) but instead it was Nugget who had already been logging work hours for the day.  For this Thang, I wanted/needed a good hill and so we left the friendly confines of The Mutt and took a longer than anticipated mosey down Elmwood Avenue until we arrived at Wending Court, which is basically straight uphill.  After lining up at the bottom of the hill, we did the following:

– 10 squats, run uphill to first cone, 5 lunges (each jump was a 1/2), return to starting spot
– 10 squats, run uphill to second cone, 10 lunges, return to starting spot
– 10 squats, run uphill to third cone, 15 lunges, return to starting spot
– 10 squats, run uphill to fourth cone, 20 lunges, return to starting point

We then did a Round 2 of the above other than we switched out lunges for “boxless box jumps” (someone, maybe Glen Ross, came up with this name) which then morphed into Bobby Hurley’s.

One thing I did not consider when choosing Wending Court as the location for Thang 3 was how long and uphill the mosey back up Elmwood Avenue to The Mutt would be after we were finished.  I believe Glen Ross suggested that we name this stretch of road “John Holmes” which I believe speaks for itself.

Thang 4
For the last suicide for the day, I had planned a progression of big boys, bear crawls, LBCs and rosalitas at the basketball court, but I decided that as wet as we were, none of us wanted to put our six/backside on the wet concrete and so I called an audible and we instead headed to the portico for some Mary and then an old school Jack Webb of merkins and air presses.

At 0758, I decided to call it a day especially because kids and adults were starting to arrive for a jamboree basketball game and 5 grown men doing air presses and ab work in front of the gym entrance was slightly awkward to say the least.

We closed out with numbers, names, announcements, intentions and the Our Father prayer.  Very appreciative of the gents who allowed me to lead them on Saturday, especially in such nasty conditions.  We definitely don’t get up for easy and Saturday was a perfect example of that mantra.



Back Blast 11/28/19 Mutt/O Burpee Football

PAX(33): McAfee, Duckling, Snowman, Vincent(R), Soft Top, Flo Jo, Aerobie(R), Tammy Faye Baker, Whitney(R), Diablo, Blueprint, Sump Pump, KY, Nugget, PK, Miyagi, Slinky, Yoshi, Blowfish(F3 Naperville), Wham-O(R), Handbook, Kilo, Trump, Fridge, Bill Dance(2.0), Tightrope(FNGal)(2.0), Buschhhhh, Face, OJ, Stan Lee(2.0), Tee-Ball(2.0), Deuce(Co-Q), Plumb Bob(Co-Q)

WEATHER: 40deg, cloudy, light breeze

As expected there was a great crowd for this annual event.

Quick mosey around the school for some COP: 20 SSH, 20 hillbillies, 20 grassgrabbers, downward dog into calf stretches, into cobra.

THANG 1 led by Plumb Bob: We went on a short jog because of the 2.0s we had on hand.  We stopped at the first light pole for 10 merkins, 10 big boys at the next, and 10 squats at the next.  We repeated this pattern until as we traveled down Leland Rd to St. Matthews Ave., over on block to Brookfield Ave, and back to the school.

THANG 2 led by Deuce: The PAX circled up for a ring of fire. 10 merkins, 15 mountain climbers (IC), 10 merkins, 15 plank jacks (IC), 10 merkins, 15 donkey kicks, 10 mekrins all while holding a plank between each of the exercises. We followed this by a circle burp, shouting our F3 moniker as we clapped.  We repeated with another circle burp, this time doing two burpees.  Finally we repeated the ring of fire.

THANG 3: BURPEE FOOTBALL-The PAX divided into two teams with members of one team deciding it would be shirts v skins.  Others smartly decided it was just too dang cold to go shirtless.  Since there was no official scorekeeper for this spirited game I believe that it was a tie game and I dare anyone to prove to me otherwise.

Afterwards we circle up for COT led by Deuce.  Obviously his words of encouragement was about being thankful for the gifts we had and how thankful he and all of us were to have F3 as an important part of of our lives.

~Plumb Bob~


Dos Locos @ The Loco – 12.3.19 Pre-Blast

It’s always fun to challenge yourself, but even more fun to do so with a partner. F3 has taught me how to push myself, but even more so it has given me the opportunity to challenge myself against some intensely fit dudes, both within the Louisville Region as well as across F3 Nation.

Tomorrow, Catfish and I will be leading a partnered inspired workout to challenge both you and your fellow HIMs. So invite a fellow HIM and come out to join us for what is sure to be one “Loco” workout.

We will be working with coupons, so bring gloves!

Word is, the County has the Ghost Bat, so which AO is gonna come and get it!


-McAfee and Catfish


F3Louisville Servant Cheerleader

What we (Leadership Council) want to highlight is a SHARED LEADERSHIP structure. Where no central leader is making final decisions on anything F3Louisville. We will all work together to better serve the pax of F3Louisville.

Please click the link below to read the post from Diablo if you havent done so already.

Therefore my title as “Nan’Tan” should mean nothing more to you than cheerleader. Im the glue guy, championing every F in F3 and everything F3Louisville. Many of you know me as the loud, boisterous, neon loving pax who, through f3, transformed from over weight to fat Thor. I’ve been the F3Lousivlle RuckQ and most recently the CommzQ. However, Cheerleading is kinda my thing. My vision for the “Nan’Tan” role is..


What does that look like?

The Servant leader is a servant first. It begins with the NATURAL feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to inspire to lead.

Robert K. Greenleaf

When I first read this quote, the word “Natural” really stuck out to me. Why is that included? To me it means that the feeling to serve has to come from with-in and it can not be forced. Servant Leadership has to be NATURAL and not FAKE. I promise to strive to serve first for the benefit of the PAX, and not the benefit of myself. Placing the focus on others and not on myself or the other members of the Leadership Council.

I plan to serve by lifting the pax up, keeping the energy level high and engaging. Constant communication and transparency on discussions and decisions being made by the leadership council. I will continue to work Commz and strive to improve our reach and voice in the community through social media and marketing avenues.

F3Louisville 2020 vision and mission


Grow and develop a group of men who view F3Louisville as more than just a workout group.  Where its difficult to tell where 1stF ends and 3rdF begins.  

-We already have a strong core of pax who see F3Lousiville as “More than a Workout” this vision outlines the goal of growing that group. I call this “Horizontal Growth” across all 3Fs. We have pax that LOVE the early morning bootcamps, guys that love HDHH, and guys that are all into bible study and or community outreach. What horizontal growth would look like is more guys in all three of those groups. That is certainly not to say that its “bad” if guys only come for 1 of the 3Fs. However, weve all seen the effect when more and more pax are bought in on all 3 levels. This thing takes off!!!! A pax is much more likely to headlock an FNG if he himself is active in all 3Fs. Creating natural “vertical growth” through expanding horizontally across Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.


Empower and Inspire male community servant leadership through better Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health.  

-This mission is how together, we are going to achieve the 2020 vision laid out above. F3Louisville offers YOU the opportunity to serve others by leading them to be better…

  1. Physically – 1stF
  2. Mentally – 2ndF
  3. Spiritually – 3rdF

How can we (Leadership Council) serve the pax in a more effective way? If you have any ideas, share with me on slack!



Back Blast 11/30/19 The Nest @ The County

I can still hear the C-A-R-D-S chant drowning out the C-A-T-S chant over the pouring rain at The County. Well, I can’t talk smack now because my Cardinals didn’t show up on Saturday.

The rain? Who cares? These true HIMs embraced every bit of it while undergoing a gauntlet WO!

PAX (7 total) – Pelican, Dauber, Jewel, Fear Factor, Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid, Backflop Q

We took a mosey to the overhang across from the playground for a little Warm up (and to stay a little dry).

COR – 30 SSH IC, 15 Grass Grabbers IC, 15 Toy Soldiers IC, 15 Mountain Climbers IC, 15 Merkins IC, Downward Dog w/ running stretches, Michael Phelps, Kindra Newman’s, and Quad stretches to complete the warm up.

Thang #1 –

I tried my best attempt at several rounds of 11’s. The PAX ran a 1/4 mile loop around the church in between sets of 11’s. We made it through all 5 sets. Each completed set was followed by a chant from the PAX’s favorite football team.

1st set – Merkins & Plank Jacks (2 count)

2nd set – Jump lunges (2 count) & Squats

3rd set – Pickle Pounders (single count) & Burpees

4th set – Big Boys & SSH hops (4 count)

5th set – Mountain Climbers (2 count) & Flutter kicks (single count)

Ended with COR, NOR & COT

COT – I brought my LED lamps to the County once again (go figure). The lights serve as a reminder that us HIMs should be the shining light for everyone we encounter throughout the day. Put a smile on someone’s face, go the extra mile, do something for your M that makes her feel special, donate to a charity, volunteer somewhere, grab an angel off the angel tree, go out of your way to hold the door for someone, just do something.

It doesn’t have to be big, just be the light. Pass it on…it’s contagious.

Ended with an Our Father.

Till next time…Backflop out!

F3 Louisville – New Leadership – 12/1/19

We cannot thank Red Roof and Captain Insane-o enough for the leadership they’ve provided to F3 Louisville. While others have been instrumental in building what we have – I’d name names but would certainly inadvertently omit someone I shouldn’t – these HIMs laid out foundation. I’m humbled to be a part of our new Leadership Council and am excited to set forth what I, Catfish, Nino, and Kilo have in mind. More information will follow from Kilo, but here’s what we conspire to do.

Shared Leadership – A Conspiracy to Influence Movement to Advantage

We often think of a “conspiracy” to be an agreement to commit a crime, or a plan to achieve mischief. But, a conspiracy is really just an agreement between two or more people to act in harmony toward a common end. Conspirators work together because a crew working together is far more likely to possess the range of skills necessary to carry out a plan. By pooling their efforts, they greatly increase their likelihood of success because each man can focus on the proper performance of his particular role rather than trying to do everything at once. Men who combine in furtherance of positive outcomes are far more likely to achieve their common objective than they would be if they acted alone, because the sum of their individual efforts is greatly exceeded by the product of their concerted action.

Shared Leadership is a specific type of conspiracy to achieve an advantage. It is more than just an agreement between coconspirators to collectively pursue a superior circumstance, but also to move other people—people outside of the conspiracy—through Effective Leadership that is guided and restrained by the habits and ethics of moral excellence. In other words, Shared Leadership is a conspiracy to influence the PAX, and to provide the leadership necessary to prosper.

Kilo, Nino, Diablo, and Catfish – Your Conspirators

We intend to share leadership to push the PAX of F3 Louisville forward. Neither of us can do it alone, and we cannot do it without YOU who are reading this. As Nino said when we were discussing the conspiracy to make us all better, we envision Shared Leadership where the PAX cannot see where the 1st F ends and the 3rd F begins. Our workouts will lead to fellowship, and our fellowship with lead to strengthening our faith and our community work. We intend to pool our talents and resources to lead in an open and transparent manner, and one that gathers and pools the talents and resources of the PAX. You will revive updates on what we discuss and what needs to be done. Many of you will be asked to help us carry out this grand conspiracy. Our hope is that after a year or so, a new group of leaders will be ready to take what has been built, and make it even better.

Within this Shared Leadership, we continue to believe it important for the PAX to know who is trying to do what. Or, if nothing else, to whom you can reach out to for what. Therefore, while we will share leadership responsibilities and blur all of these lines, we will focus our efforts as follows:

1st F Q – NINO

Nino will ensure the smooth running of the AOs and ensure that Site Qs are doing their jobs and may hold regular meetings to do so. Nino and McAfee have absolutely knocked this role out over the last year, taking over for me and taking the PAX in all the right directions. McAfee is welcoming his first 2.0 in a couple of months and, being the HIM he is, he is going to put his focus in the right spot.

2nd F Q – DIABLO

HDHH, family picnics, Christmas Parties, Coffeeteria, wings & football, etc. – really anything to get PAX motivated and excited about Fellowshipping together – and that fellowship can and will include CSAUP activities as well.


He can plant anything from a weekly Bible Study, to an open discussion group, to a regular community service opportunity for Pax – anything to push the essence of F3 Louisville, which is Male COMMUNITY Leadership. Faith can mean many things, but, at minimum, we all should live for and serve something bigger than ourselves.

Nan’tan – KILO

The word is adopted from the Apache word for “Chief.” It’s ambiguous, but I call this HIM our cheerleader, our spiritual guidance, and our glue. (Kilo is, as you know, quiet, but expect a follow up communication from him soon!)


We are excited to push this conspiracy forward. And, I can absolutely ensure you that YOU will be a significant part of it. You continue to be Freed to Lead.



11/21/19 : BB – Mary BO

Pax (7): OJ, Glenn Ross, Deuce, Lionel, Fridge, PorkChop, Fergie (Q)

Weather: Can’t win em all. Rainy and low 50s.

As we stood around in the driving rain at 5:29, we decided a small audible to the plan was best. There was no way around getting wet in the 50 degree weather, but some mixed feelings about 45 minutes in it. So, we made our way to the aptly named Forcht Bank VIP Pavilion. We did a light COP under the roof with; SSH * 20, Squat jacks * 20, Grass Grabbers * 10.

Thang 1

Partner up. P1 begins sets totaling 100 dips, 100 merkins and 100 imperial squat walkers (4 count). P2 did 10 burpees. Rotate through completion.

Thang 2

The Mary Sue. No much to say about this one. Woof. I won’t give much description, as you’ll need to come out on a Friday to experience Mary Sue. We started on some 11s; at the top – lunges, bottom – groiners. We made 3-4 trips and, lacking the Q juice I needed for the day, called it quits. Mary Sue beat me. Beat me good. The rest of the HIMs were still powering up and down, but if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.

Just as well however, as we noticed a maintenance truck rolling along the cart path heading our way. Our time on Mary Sue was up anyway. We snuck away with about 10 minutes left.

Thang 3

Too much Mary already, so we instead closed with 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, repeat. Went 4-5 rounds to close things out.



12/2/19 PreBlast: Milton Q North Posh @ the Silo

Eat and drink too much this weekend?  Me too…. come out to North Posh tomorrow to burn some calories with me and start your week off on the right foot.  Nothing too fancy, but we will be moving, eh running, for most of the workout.  We will be on pavement, but headlamps and gloves are probably a good idea.  Don’t be a turkey and come out and let’s get better together!


– Milton


Pre Blast – 11/30 The Nest @ The County 0700 Backflop Q

Don’t let a little rain scare you off! You’re better than that. We’re F3 HIMs and should gladly take the rain as an added benefit! I’ve tee’d up an awesome WO to which you’ll be able to burn off the last bit of turkey from Thanksgiving. Wear your favorite team’s colors. It’s rivalry day at the Nest…let’s see who shows up and which team comes out ahead. Blue or red…your choice (but God forbid don’t wear blue…I won’t go easy on you…ha)! SYITG…Backflop (aka 2004 Cardinal Bird)

Back Blast-Black Friday Ops @ The County 11.29.19 Pelican Q

I wanted to put a BlackOps on the calendar for Black Friday as I figured I wasn’t going to be able to get up for 5:30 AM workout the day after Thanksgiving. Also I was having serious JOMO around missing burpee football at the County so I could allow time for that at the end.


Ice Man (R)

Jitterbug (R), Scrum-FNG (R),Sump Pump, Rocky, Backflop, Cratchit, Brown Water, Meter Maid, and Pelican (Q)

Gave the disclaimer and did a quick mosey to the parking lot behind the chapel. There we circled up and got loose.

Grass grabbers-10x IC

Copperhead squats-10x IC

Toy solider-10x IC

Michael Phelps-OYO

Kendra Newman’s-OYO

Downward dog into R over L and then runners stretch, switch and repeat

Wanted to make this fairly simple with a lot of movement so we partnered up and did the following.

Max out set of merkins then Bernie sanders to dumpsters

Max out set of squats then MARIO to benched on the green space

Max out set of dips then mosey to playhouse

Max out set of box jumps then mosey all the way around to the chapel parking lot.

We partnered up so everyone had someone to do that last long mosey with and partake in some mumble chatter if you could. We made it through 3 rounds of max out sets and at least for me I probably had my reps cut in half as we progressed.

There was an hour on the calendar and this left us about 20 minutes for some burpee football. We split teams up by shirt color and I’ll just say both teams competed hard but one team did a lot more burpees. After all was said and done we logged 3+ miles as well.

No time for Mary so we circled up and named our FNG, announced the December ruck, welcomed Sump Pump to the county for the first time in his two years in F3(welcome back anytime) and got open invites to the Mutt. We said our intentions and called it a day. Thanks for the push this morning would have been easy for me to stay in bed today without my F3 brothers.

Until next time,