PreBlast 10/29/21 Wistaria @ Pleasantville Ghost Q

Tomorrow’s workout will include the following: A deceptive activity where a person creates a fictional persona or fake identity on a networking service, usually targeting a specific victim. The practice may be used for financial gain, to compromise a victim in some way, as a way to intentionally upset a victim, or for wish fulfillment.Continue reading “PreBlast 10/29/21 Wistaria @ Pleasantville Ghost Q”

10.26.21 Back Blast – Cliffs at The Garden – Ghost Q Week

Weather: 48 degrees, sprinkles of rain on the way in, dry otherwise. Slight breeze just to let everyone know that fall is approaching. Pax: Nice and Slow, Towel Biter, Wide Right, Dirtbag, Jitterbug (R), Subprime, Wet Bandit, Diane Dukes, Husky (R), Wabbits, Jewel, Huggies, Natty Lite Q: Stick Up As everyone circled up and discussedContinue reading “10.26.21 Back Blast – Cliffs at The Garden – Ghost Q Week”

PB – The Cliffs ☘️The Garden☘️Tuesday 10.26.21 – Ghost Q

Come over to The Cliffs at The Garden and find out who the Ghost Q will be! “We will all subscribe and become part of my pyramid scheme. Coupons may or may not be used. Good thing there is a stock pile of them out there just in case. Gloves recommended.” – Ghost Q SYITG!!

PB 10/26/21 – Ghost Q – The Planetarium at the Boondocks

Tomorrow is the 4th day of the Scorpio.  The daily horoscope for October 26 says that bone and lower back problems may persist and rigorous exercises or physical training should be avoided. To that we say, BS!  Bring coupons, gloves and running shoes. We will strengthen those bones and lower backs!  SYITG!

BB – The Agony at the County – 10/21/2021 – Aerobie Q

DeVitto, AirRaid, Abacus, Trebek, NanMoore, Banana Peel (DR), OctoDad, Jerry McGuire, Cochran, Aerobie (Q), and F3 runners (busting out a cool 5-miler with hill work): Giselle, Cratchitt, BigBird, Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid Since this was my 55th B-day on 10/21, I gave a title to the workout we did at the County, calling it theContinue reading “BB – The Agony at the County – 10/21/2021 – Aerobie Q”

PB 10/21/2021 Slide Rule Q – The Big Kapowski

All, Tomorrow @5:30 AM. we will have a bench warming session at Bayside. This is what you do to work as hard as those in the game, until you get your big break. No coupon needed Gloves unnecessary. Bring your competitive spirit so that you can earn a participation trophy by the time we areContinue reading “PB 10/21/2021 Slide Rule Q – The Big Kapowski”

10/12/21: BB – Mutt

Pax: Bloody Mary, Tiger, Glenn Ross, Back Draft, Wham-O (R ), Plan B, Larry Flint, Deuce, Old Bay, Wham!, Pork Chop, Ynot, Soft Top, Digiorno, Windshield, Ball Boy, Ronny Beaver, Peeping Tom, Fergie (Q) COP: Mosey around the long way of the school, and the standard warm-up; SSHs, Grass grabbers and some other stuff. Thang:Continue reading “10/12/21: BB – Mutt”

BB- The Blender @ The Mutt – Larry Flynt Q

PAX (10): Why Not, Peeping Tom, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Backdraft, Zima, Unabomber, OJ, Pope, Larry Flynt (Q) It was a brisk morning in the gloom with 10 PAX ready to celebrate Snoop Dogg’s 49th bday, and the 20th day of the 10th month of the year. We moseyed around the school for a warmContinue reading “BB- The Blender @ The Mutt – Larry Flynt Q”

BB: 10/19/21 – BoW @ the O

Weather: Cool, low 50s Pax: Tron, Russdiculous, Handbook, Harry Caray, Part B, Palmolive, Gollum, Whitney (R ), Fergie (Q) COP – quick 1/4 mile loop, then SSHs, grass grabbers, stretching & tempo merkins Thang – We took a mile coupon lap with stops at every other lamppost. Stops included things like: man-makers, curls, skull crushers,Continue reading “BB: 10/19/21 – BoW @ the O”

PB – 10/20/21 – Larry Flynt @ The Blender @ The Mutt

Come one come all…not 100% sure of what we’ll be doing but count on coupons, likely a Merkin Mile and ? (Disclaimer: It is National Sloth Day, Statistics Day, Chefs Day and Chicken and Waffles Day…but let’s all be fully aware that it is also Snoop Dogg’s bday and he will be 49 years old…letContinue reading “PB – 10/20/21 – Larry Flynt @ The Blender @ The Mutt”

Pre-Blast – Old Bay @ The Rooster at the Mutt – 10.19.21

I currently have no idea what we will do tomorrow, but it will likely be a typical Old Bay dog and pony show: Pretty easy, some light running, some light couponing, some respectful verbal interactions with all present, etc. Come on out and get some. Let’s get the numbers up as we head into ConvergenceContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Old Bay @ The Rooster at the Mutt – 10.19.21”