Pre Blast – Edward Scissorhands- The Baptizer at The Garden – 01/21/2022

Come out to the Garden tomorrow and be ready to work. Earn those happy hour libations first thing in the morning. We will be using the campus – coupons on site, hills, stairs, flats and whatever else we can throw in the pot. Should be a good combination of cardio and heavy. Your heart rateContinue reading “Pre Blast – Edward Scissorhands- The Baptizer at The Garden – 01/21/2022”

BB- The Moonshiner at the Boondocks- 1/20/22- Meter Maid Q

Leading into last night, I thought we would have had snowmageddon. It would be another opportunity to use my 4WD, but alas the weather people got it all wrong. No snow in sight. The only thing that got right was the bitter cold. It was a cold 21 degrees with a cross wind that cutContinue reading “BB- The Moonshiner at the Boondocks- 1/20/22- Meter Maid Q”

1.19.2022 Back Blast: Black Ops @The Patriot

Since the beginning of December the HIM that run The Patriot have been growing substantially and have been HL machines! 11 FNGs in total would find their new identities. I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome these new future HIM who’ve been coming out and who are now a part of our F3 Nation.Continue reading “1.19.2022 Back Blast: Black Ops @The Patriot”

01/18/22 Rooster BackBlast w Old Bay

PAX 14: Wham-O (R), Fridge, Tiger, Fall Guy (R), Backdraft, Stick Up, Frosty, Peeping Tom, Splinter, Wham!, Larry Flynt, Fergie, Glen Ross, Old Bay (Q) Conditions: Cold-ish but dry. Some lingering ice on the mean streets near Holy Trinity COP: SSH, Merks, CopperHead Squats, Dog, Stuff and Things Thang#1: Ladder. A lap around HT isContinue reading “01/18/22 Rooster BackBlast w Old Bay”

1.19.22 Pre Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot-BigBird Q

The Mutt has some of the most fantastical mumble chatter in all of the land. How we were able to get 400 merkins knocked out in 44 minutes during my visit last week I’ll never know except to say that Fridge knows how to wrangle his men and scratch his head while rubbing his belly.Continue reading “1.19.22 Pre Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot-BigBird Q”

1/18 – Backblast The O #bagofwrenches #ToursOfCherokeeGardens5k

Conditions 21 degrees ice everywhere PAX: Handbook, Sump Pump (R), Russdiculous, Flo Jo, Harry Carey, OJ- Q Toured beautiful Cherokee Gardens to break from the O norm. COP – 100 SSHs IC ☺️ 11’s at Danes Hall Dr. Merkins and Jump Squats Dips, Derkins, Squats, Merkins, Freddy Mercury’s, more Merkins, All you Gots, Flutters, etcContinue reading “1/18 – Backblast The O #bagofwrenches #ToursOfCherokeeGardens5k”

Backblast – The Max at Bayside – 01/18/2022

Always a great day when I get to hang out with the PAX of Bayside. If you’ve never made it out there, you really should – while it may seem like a far way away, it’s really not as fart as you think. Take advantage of the kids on NTI this week and just doContinue reading “Backblast – The Max at Bayside – 01/18/2022”

Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q – The Max at Bayside – 01/18/2022

Looking forward to my quarterly visit to Bayside tomorrow. Still not sure exactly what the weinke will be, but, bring coupons just in case. We may just end up plowing the parking lot for the great folks at Martha Layne Collins High School. So, be prepared for anything. Jolly Rancher out!

Back Blast – The Ruiner at The O – 01/15/2022

Before the workout, I had to go get my passport renewed to make sure I’d be able to clear customs to get inside of the Watterson Expressway. It was great getting out to where this thing all started – and it always is a good time. And, January 15, 2022 was no different. It allContinue reading “Back Blast – The Ruiner at The O – 01/15/2022”

Back-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot

Disclaimer was given and confirmed….thank goodness as we absolutely needed it this morning at The Patriot. I had a pretty good plan…touring around the area to log some miles and exercises while staying in a group. The ice and snow, along with some questionable decision-making on my part, led to some serious adventure. Here areContinue reading “Back-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot”

Backblast – 1.17.2022 – Motivator @ The Abyss – Captain Crunchberry Q

This morning was windy, cold, and a little icy. It was glorious. It was the things legendary workouts are made of. I arrived first, and started sweating immediately. See, I never said I got there real early. Where was everyone? Will this be my first solo Q? Moments later Jolly Rancher and Glowsticks pulled in,Continue reading “Backblast – 1.17.2022 – Motivator @ The Abyss – Captain Crunchberry Q”

Pre-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot

I am pumped up to Q the hottest spot in F3 Louisville – The Patriot. Come see what the Lagrange boys have going on Monday morning. No coupons needed as we will be touring around to see many of the sights that The Patriot has to offer. Likely will include heartbreak hill once or twice.Continue reading “Pre-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot”

Pre Blast – Edward Scissorhands- North Posh – 01/17/2022

I’ve got a doozy planned for us on Monday at North Posh to kick off our week. All I can says is Ladders, Ladders, Ladders. Come out for some reflection and inspiration as we recognize MLK day. Bring your coupons and be ready to work! Grab a neighbor and drag him along if you can.Continue reading “Pre Blast – Edward Scissorhands- North Posh – 01/17/2022”

Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q – The Ruiner at The O – 01/15/2022

Had to go find my passport so that I can make it inside of the Watterson Expressway for my visit to The O tomorrow. Looks like we’re in for great January weather and I know there’s a pre-ruck going on at 5:45am, too. YOU WILL NEED A COUPON, RUCK, OR SANDBAG. Otherwise, be prepared forContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q – The Ruiner at The O – 01/15/2022”

Backblast – Gladiator @ The Abyss – Captain Crunchberry Q

On a chilly Friday at The Abyss, 5 PAX built a pyramid. I arrive a few minutes early to lay out the stations. At 0530 I was ready to go, but Flip Flop and Uncle Sam wasn’t there yet. We didn’t wait for them. Kitty Litter advised that Flip Flop is 50/50 on Fridays, notContinue reading “Backblast – Gladiator @ The Abyss – Captain Crunchberry Q”

1.14.22 Pre Blast – Baptizer at the Garden

There is a rumor about the Garden having some decent hills on site. I do not think they compare to the hills found at Posh, but they still may come into play tomorrow. There is also a nice area that can be used with four corners since, this has been requested, or at least askedContinue reading “1.14.22 Pre Blast – Baptizer at the Garden”

BB – 01.13.22 – Agony @ County – Kitty Litter Q

Had a six-pax (plus one Q) show up. Also a few F3 runners who show up…then gone like the wind. Opening disclosures and off to mosey for a “County-Tour” warm up. Along the way, we made pit-stops for COP (SSH, Grass-grabbers), 10 BOYOS, Turkish Get-Ups, Copperhead Squats, Dips, ‘Merkins, and some other stuff. Main Thang:Continue reading “BB – 01.13.22 – Agony @ County – Kitty Litter Q”