Preblast 11-16 The Hurt at The Mutt

Next man up!  That’s what we say when the starter is injured.  That’s sorta the way it’s been for my beloved Boilermakers since we’re currently on our walk-on 4th string QB, but I digress.  When Sump Pump messaged a few of us saying that he was on the DL and he needed a back upContinue reading “Preblast 11-16 The Hurt at The Mutt”

Diablo #BackBlast from Pleasantville 11/15/19 – “Thou Shall Not Stand Around”

Q: Diablo PAX: (13) Face, Number 2, Jitterbug, Iceman, Valdez, Airplane, Dauber, Wildflower, Jolly Rancher, Plumb Bob, Viking, Soft Top, Diablo Introduction PAX gathered at the Norton Commons Amphitheater for a cold morning workout. As some in attendance learned for the first time, YHC doesn’t see very well on a normal day, and is essentiallyContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from Pleasantville 11/15/19 – “Thou Shall Not Stand Around””

Back Blast – The Tank – 11/13/19

PAX: Yoshi, Vincent (R), PK, Weedwacker, and SnowDay (Q). Weather: Clear and 16 degrees. We started off with a easy mosey around the circle followed by SSH’s and Toy Soldiers. After a few minutes of stretching, we were off. Knowing that is was going to be cold I wanted to keep everyone moving the entireContinue reading “Back Blast – The Tank – 11/13/19”

11/15/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast

Pax (12): Fall Guy (Respect), Tammy Faye Baker, Fergie, Hamm, SumpPump, FloJo, Fridge, Lionel, Handbook, Blueprint, Wham!, Glen Ross Q Conditions:  28* feels like 23 Week 4 of the Friday BlackOps at Mary T and really loving this location.  Very similar to the O, but more tightly compact with 9 hole golf course, reservoir trackContinue reading “11/15/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast”

11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q

The Gloom has a good way of bringing things out in people. Effort. Digging deep. Finding that you can push yourself beyond your limitations. That’s the 1stF. The Magnet. Then there’s the part where you get to know guys on a deeper level. The stories we share with one another as we do a warmContinue reading “11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q”

Diablo #PreBlast for Pleasantville 11/15/19

I respectfully suggest that YOU should join me at Pleasantville tomorrow morning for exercise-type activities. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the high-rent district. While the real estate is expensive, the workout will be free of charge. As always, you can expect a full-body workout from YHC. When: 11/15/19 at 5:30-6:15 am Where: NortonContinue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for Pleasantville 11/15/19”

Back Blast – Extender @ The Mutt

It was a brisk 30 Degrees this morning when the Q came rolling in at 5:29 to get things started.  There was a little mumble chatter but I came in hot giving the disclaimer as I walked up and immediately moseyed around the school for the Warm-up. The PAX was 19 strong and consisted of: Continue reading “Back Blast – Extender @ The Mutt”

Not Your Mama’s Ruck – 11.22 November Ruck PB

The November ruck is not to be missed. @Mama’s Boy and I have some good stuff planned. You’re in for a good mix of rucking, PT, trivia, hard laughs and great times. Plan to meet at Bowman Field (2815 Taylorsville Road) at 7:30 on 11/22. Bring your ruck, hydration, appropriate weather gear, a writing utensilContinue reading “Not Your Mama’s Ruck – 11.22 November Ruck PB”

PB Thursday 11/14/19 @ 0530 PWVFD BO Backflop Q

Come get your blood flowing and adrenaline pumping at the Peewee Valley Fire Department BO tomorrow @ 0530. Trust me, the PAX won’t be cold after this WO gauntlet. We will be on our feet in constant motion with a mixture of agility and coupon work. Oh and make sure you study your alphabet beforeContinue reading “PB Thursday 11/14/19 @ 0530 PWVFD BO Backflop Q”

Backblast Heavy Blender at the Mutt 11-13-19

Signed up to Q this about two weeks ago.  Don’t remember exact temperatures that day but I know I was wearing shorts and  a tank.  WTF? I have worked out in sub-zero temps in my F3 lifetime but it seems like my body had a chance to work it’s way into it.  Going from 65Continue reading “Backblast Heavy Blender at the Mutt 11-13-19”

Foundry 11.13 BB – Alexa on the Q

“Alexa, what did you at the Foundry today?” Ok. Here’s what happened: These HIM’s showed up: Dauber, Jewell, Pelican, Leprechaun, Alexa (Q) The weather was VERY cold and dry. The COP workouts were: SSH, Hillbilly Squats, Kendra Newmans. With the weather being cold, the PAX needed to warm up. This was done via a tabataContinue reading “Foundry 11.13 BB – Alexa on the Q”

Nest 11.9 BB with Alexa

“Alexa, what did you at the Nest this weekend?” Ok. Here’s what happened: These HIM’s showed up: Gilligan, Brown Water, Double Down (R), Valdez, Wildflower, Dauber, FNG-Dingy, Captain Crunchberry, Pelican, Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Cratchet, Jewel, Drysdale, Big Bird, Alexa (Q) The weather was cold and dry. The COP workouts were: SSH, Finkles, Hillbilly Squats, KendraContinue reading “Nest 11.9 BB with Alexa”

Chopper BB: 11.8 with Alexa

“Alexa, what did you at the Chopper last week?” Ok. Here’s what happened: These HIM’s showed up: Dauber, Domino, Pelican, PK, LePew, Sweet Tart, Tony Malito, Snow Day, Whitney, Ladybird, Meathead, Stickup, Meatball, Shrimpboat, Woooo, Alexa (Q) The weather was cool and dry. The COP workouts were: SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbilly Squats, Kendra Newmans, Leg/CalfContinue reading “Chopper BB: 11.8 with Alexa”

11/12 bayside backblast

Pax: Charolais (r), Fanny Pack (r), Grandpa Bear (q) Getting ready to head out solo, Charolais rolled in and we moseyed to courtyard. Gave disclaimer as we began to mosey. Grass grabbers ic Right side grass grabbers ic Left side grass grabbers ic Hillbilly walkers ic Calf/leg stretches Cobras SSH ic Mosey to coupons MerkinsContinue reading “11/12 bayside backblast”

Backblast 11/11 The Silo at North Posh

Pax: Catfish, Jitterbug, #2, Nino, Huggies, Dunphy, Ladybird, Milton; Q-Iceman Disclaimer and F3 Credo, leave no man behind but leave no man where you find him. Mosey to bottom of hill for LOP (line of pain/warmup) Arm circles, knee grabs, butt kicks, high knees Mosey back to top parking lot COP Grassgrabbers, Downward dog, stretches,Continue reading “Backblast 11/11 The Silo at North Posh”

Diablo #BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 11/12/19 (“But this workout goes to 11.”)

Q: Diablo PAX: (11!!) OJ, McAfee, Tron, Wham!, Handbook, FloJo, Whitney, Digiorno, Violet, Tammy Faye Baker, Diablo CONDITIONS: 22 degrees; 15 mph wind; snow cover – it was cold. I dressed appropriately. INTRO This time of year is when I think our workouts become the most fun and memorable. Yes, some can be hard toContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 11/12/19 (“But this workout goes to 11.”)”