Backblast 7.16 Temple of Gloom @ The O

The workout was focused on “Bear” related exercises or exercises to get away from a “Bear” PAX (4): Flo Jo, Krillin, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet (Q), ) Warm Up: Mosey to CAL Body Rotations (neck, hips, kneed and ankle, arms) x 5 each direction 15 seconds high knees, 15 seconds butt kicks 10 x GrassContinue reading “Backblast 7.16 Temple of Gloom @ The O”

Back Blast 7.15 – The Bridge @ The Poshlands

Another great morning at the Posh and was glad to see the HIMs ready to go.  PAX (10): Huggies, Nino, Dynomite!, Stick Up, Little Jerry (R), Bob Ross, Mr Kotter, Dry Rub, Nice N Slow, Double Down (R) (Q) Weather was steamy as we moseyed a short distance to the lot for the COP:  SSH,Continue reading “Back Blast 7.15 – The Bridge @ The Poshlands”

BB-Pelican Q-Basketball tryouts @ The Escalator @ the Abyss 7/15/20

I was fired up for the basketball tryouts at the Abyss. Figured after the debacle that was the Boondocks tryout we could only go up. My jersey even got an upgrade-my name on the back. Custom jerseys aren’t as hard to make as I thought, I’ll have to talk to the NBA store to helpContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q-Basketball tryouts @ The Escalator @ the Abyss 7/15/20”

Pre-blast- BO at Chapel Lake Park – Grinder Q, 7/16/20

Calling all HIMs! It doesn’t take much to get up that extra few minutes early and cross the river to work out with your buddies. Plumb Bob and I are pros. Hell, if you come out to my Q tomorrow, I’ll reimburse your toll. HL a Southern Indiana friend and bring them with you andContinue reading “Pre-blast- BO at Chapel Lake Park – Grinder Q, 7/16/20”

Back Blast – Silo @ North Posh – 07/13/2020

I hate Mondays. I’m not sure why but it’s just hard to get up and get motivated. But, Monday is also weigh in day for the #weightright challenge. And that means one last chance to burn off some calories before weigh in (don’t worry – I’m always consistent in weighing in after working out…so itContinue reading “Back Blast – Silo @ North Posh – 07/13/2020”

Back Blast Tuesday 07/14/2020 – Tour of the Boondocks

PAX: Focker, Holy Roller (R), Cochran, Le Pew, Backflop, WILDFlower, Geppetto, Dauber (Q) The weather was perfect (low 60s, no humidity) as the PAX arrived and gathered in eager, almost giddy anticipation for their Boondocks tour.  I collected tour tickets, gave disclaimer (confirmed by PAX) with an extra reminder on keeping our distance, and we setContinue reading “Back Blast Tuesday 07/14/2020 – Tour of the Boondocks”

BB – Vincent B-day Q @ the Rooster.

I could not sleep last night.  I woke up at 2:15 and tossed and turned until the alarm went off at 5AM. It was not due to “Q” anticipation, I have Q’d enough to not even think about it.  It was not because of B-day anticipation either.  Lord knows I have had plenty of themContinue reading “BB – Vincent B-day Q @ the Rooster.”

PB-Pelican Q 7/15 The Escalator @ the Abyss

If I was a basketball coach I’d be a lot like Shooter-drunk all the time and you’d never be sure if I’d show up or not. For tomorrow at least you don’t have to worry about that—I think. Going to try to find out how the Long Run Park all stars compare to the PeggyContinue reading “PB-Pelican Q 7/15 The Escalator @ the Abyss”

7.14.20 BB – The Loco at the County

The weather was perfect and 16 HIMs came out to celebrate my 400th post.  Much appreciated and we got to work.  PAX: Abacus, Tidwell, Cratchit, Fezziwig, Mama’s Boy, Boozer, Jerry MaGuire (R), Gisele, Kilo, Captain Insane-O, Uncle Rico, Crock Pot, Jolly Rancher, Launchpad (R), Iceman (R), Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R) (Q) Crock PotContinue reading “7.14.20 BB – The Loco at the County”

PreBlast – Vincent B-day Q@ the Rooster 7/14

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my birth.  What better way to celebrate than to come out to the Rooster and run through my VQ.  It’s been a long time since that work out was used.  It’s old… just like me.  We will be using coupons but will stay 6′ apart.   Bring your own orContinue reading “PreBlast – Vincent B-day Q@ the Rooster 7/14”

7.14.20 PB – The Loco at the County

Come celebrate with me at The County – this will be my 400th post!  Thanks to Tron for keeping track – not sure how he does it!   We may do 400 burpees (Holly Roller would like that) or we may just enjoy a good beat down to start off our Tuesday.  Either way, I hopeContinue reading “7.14.20 PB – The Loco at the County”

Jolly Rancher Q – North Posh – 07/13/2020

I know what you are thinking – you must need to go see an eye doctor. Is that really Jolly Rancher who signed up to Q at North Posh? Why in the world would Jolly Rancher Q Beastmode at North Posh?!? He’s not a beast. While that may be true, I also know that theContinue reading “Jolly Rancher Q – North Posh – 07/13/2020”

Bizarro Nugget Q at the Hurt

PaxCaptain InsanoKY (DR)BackdraftSump PumpWhamo (R)Wham!BlueprintTigerTureenLeft EyeDojoFleaSoft TopBubblesFish tacoSnowmanSeabassDigiornoHuckstableGlen RossNugget Q It was a beautiful morning, which is the first part that is the opposite of my normal Q. Gearlander: Does Zoo still read these? Nike Tights, adidas shorts, mudgear T. At 6:50, I was a little concerned about numbers, but the Mutt pax always comeContinue reading “Bizarro Nugget Q at the Hurt”