BB Squid Q The Baptizer @ The Garden 09.25.2020

The mumblechatter leading up to this WO was strong on Slack. Somehow the PAX attendance became a competition, I think Pelican and Jewel took it as a popularity contest. Either way, the 2 HC’s were giving me a bit of cause for concern. I came in a little bit early to put some boards inContinue reading “BB Squid Q The Baptizer @ The Garden 09.25.2020”

Pre-Blast – Ruck 9/26 – “Lets not Ruck to Indiana”

**Tomorrows / Saturday Morning Ruck is still on!!** This started as a tribute to last year where @flounder and I decided to get some extra credit after a ruck PT on a Saturday 2 and decided to “Ruck to Indiana and back”, but based on the current environment we are going to not walk towardsContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Ruck 9/26 – “Lets not Ruck to Indiana””

Pre-blast, Wisteria @ THE COUNTY (note change of location) 9/25/20 @ 5:30

Changing locations (one week only) for Pleasantville to The County at St. Aloysius located in Peewee Valley. This change is a result of the current Jefferson County curfew. We will run. Bring shoes. No coupons needed. Address for St. Aloysius – 212 Mt. Mercy Drive, Peewee Valley, KY 40056 in the back parking lot. SYITGContinue reading “Pre-blast, Wisteria @ THE COUNTY (note change of location) 9/25/20 @ 5:30”

BB- Pleasantville 9/11/20- Meter Maid Q

I had reached out a few weeks ago to Holy Roller to Q. I wanted to do a themed 9/11 Q to pay tribute to all the many victims, first responders and families that were impacted by the tragedy 19 years ago. I am sure those who were alive know exactly what they were doingContinue reading “BB- Pleasantville 9/11/20- Meter Maid Q”

BB- 9/24/20 Inferno @ The Station – Meter Maid Q

Captain Crunchberries reached out a few weeks ago looking for a Q and I was glad to oblige. You may have noticed but it hasn’t rained the last few weeks. Much to my surprise when I woke up, I saw it was raining outside. I checked out my iPhone weather. Below is what I saw.Continue reading “BB- 9/24/20 Inferno @ The Station – Meter Maid Q”

Backblast 9.23.2 0 The Bridge

Attendance: Double Down, Stick Up, Dynamite, Ripple, Fertile Myrtle, Jewel, Mr. Kotter, Meathead, Dryrub, Short Change, Bob Ross Q. It was a nice morning – probable 60 degreesish. Happy to see Mr Kotter there early stretching when I pull up. Head count of 10 then a late arrival makes 11. WARMORAMA SSH, Grass Grabbers, ImperialContinue reading “Backblast 9.23.2 0 The Bridge”

Pre-Blast 9.24 ToG @ The O – 630am Start Time

In order to adhere with the city imposed curfew, The Temple of Gloom at “The O” will begin at 630am tomorrow (9.24).  Since “The O” uses a city park, I feel it is imperative we adhere to the city curfew. Be prepared to explore the park and all it has to offer at this newContinue reading “Pre-Blast 9.24 ToG @ The O – 630am Start Time”

Pre Blast 22-Sept-2020 the Loco at the County Jerry MaGuire Q

Caballeros, Bring your coupon and come see me tomorrow. Age will be a factor, but you know I like to take the senior citizen discount. Then we will see your luck of the draw as we exercise from a (Spanish 40) deck of cards. Finally, we will run, dance, and lift to a Ritchie RayContinue reading “Pre Blast 22-Sept-2020 the Loco at the County Jerry MaGuire Q”

BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/18/20

Rule #1 of F3 fight club, don’t erase the Q’s white board. Dammit Pelican. Okay, I’m not mad. I hated the burpee part anyways. So….I’ll start by saying thank you to Jolly Rancher for bringing his entire extended family to make it one of the largest crowds I’ve seen in Pleasantville on a Friday. ThankContinue reading “BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/18/20”

Backblast 9.19 The Ruiner @ The O

PAX (13): Russdiculous, Yoshi, Motor Boat, Handbook, Stick Up, Blowfish (DR from Naperville), Lincoln Log (DR from Lexington), Scuba Steve, Touch and Go, Tron, OJ, Vincent (R), Violet (Q) Warm Up: Mosey to base of hill at Cogan’s Cove. 5-minute dynamic warm up featuring 10 exercises executed for 30 seconds each. Neck Rotation Hips RotationContinue reading “Backblast 9.19 The Ruiner @ The O”

Preblast – Jolly’s Making it Rain at The Cliffs @ The Garden – 09/22/2020

That’s right. I’m invading The Garden tomorrow as the Gardeners doing the IPC head over to Posh for the lush, green grass. I’ve got the “AO of the Year” flag, the “Best AO Ever” flag, and the “South County” flag to plant on the sacred grounds of The Garden. I just hope someone is thereContinue reading “Preblast – Jolly’s Making it Rain at The Cliffs @ The Garden – 09/22/2020”

BB Russdiculous Q (9/21/20) – The Incubator @ S. Posh

What an amazing morning to post at an awesome AO at South Posh! It was a pleasure to lead a great group of HIM during a brisk 50 degree Monday morning. I promised a full body beat down in my PB and 14 HIMS showed up ready to work! Here’s how it went down… AfterContinue reading “BB Russdiculous Q (9/21/20) – The Incubator @ S. Posh”

BB Squid Q – The Fog @ Posh 09.19.2020

The PB banter on Slack put Bob’s desire to go fast up against his desire to slay mythical monsters in the gloom. I felt pretty confident that the proverbial Bob’s of the ‘ville would much rather get their motor runnin’ than they would smash krakens. It was immediately evident that the PAX are a bunchContinue reading “BB Squid Q – The Fog @ Posh 09.19.2020”

Back Blast – IPC Week #4 at The County – 09/21/2020

IPC WOs are tough. IPC WOs on Monday’s are pretty stupid. IPC WOs on Monday after a long rule on Sunday are really stupid. But, whenever I feel sore or tired, a good ‘ol fashion beat down continues to be the best medicine. So, onward and upward. Got a text from Pelican at 5:07am suggestingContinue reading “Back Blast – IPC Week #4 at The County – 09/21/2020”