Back Blast – F3 and BMR Convergence – 07/24/2021!

The first of what is hopefully many opportunities to converge with Black Men Run in the Louisville area is complete. The weather was beautiful, the location was perfect, the mumblechatter was high, and the encouragement during the workout was strong to quite strong. We started the day off with a pre-ruck, led by Handbook –Continue reading “Back Blast – F3 and BMR Convergence – 07/24/2021!”

BackBlast – The Blender at The Mutt – 7.28.21 Random Q Week

I’m extremely honored and humbled to be a part of the Leadership Council for F3 Louisville. Yesterday we had our monthly lunch to discuss all things F3. During that conversation, I was inspired to post at the Mutt to bask in all it’s Mutt-ness, mumblechatter and all. It has you know, been the most consistentContinue reading “BackBlast – The Blender at The Mutt – 7.28.21 Random Q Week”

BB-7.28.21-Abyss: Kitty Litter Random Q

After casting lots and rolling dice to determine who’d get to Q, six pax were woken up to a horrific looking Winkie stashed in KL’s trunk. So gangly was the workout line-up that we (KL) had to call multiple audibles throughout. In other words, we ALL had to “modify as necessary”. Turns out that kickingContinue reading “BB-7.28.21-Abyss: Kitty Litter Random Q”

BB The Foundry @ The County 7-28-2021 Random Q Week

I set out the white board, battle ropes and speaker and headed back to the basketball goals as the PAX gathered. 5:30 came with 6 HIMs ready to go so we did the randomizer and Dauber was the winner of the Q….but then Holy Roller arrived and we re-ran the draw and Hardwood was chosen….thenContinue reading “BB The Foundry @ The County 7-28-2021 Random Q Week”

BB The Loco at the County 7/27/21 Random Q week

I loaded up my truck with all of my best Q gear (cones, winke board, bluetooth speaker, coupons) and hit the highway from J Town. My goal was to have everything avaliable that any given random Q could use on the fly. Also downloaded a random number generator the night before. Everything was in placeContinue reading “BB The Loco at the County 7/27/21 Random Q week”

7.23.2021 Back Blast-The Defender @The Patriot

0525 and as one rolls into town at zero dark thirty you’ll find downtown LaGrange lit up with the ambient glow of subtle orange lights in a city just beginning to wake up. There were workers already getting after it watering plants, cleaning up and putting their spit shine touch on it to keep BossContinue reading “7.23.2021 Back Blast-The Defender @The Patriot”

Backblast from 7/27 Planetarium @Boondocks;

It was a beautiful morning, and I came to the Boondocks equipped with my handy D20. We counted off and then I rolled the die to find out who would get to take the lead on the workout. Lucky me? More like, lucky them! PAX: Le PewBulletin (R)SkullHoly Roller (R)SwagFlex SealYankovich (R)Virginia SlimsDevittoHoney DoBoss HogContinue reading “Backblast from 7/27 Planetarium @Boondocks;”

Back-Blast – The Cliffs @ The Garden – 7.20.21

Nino had something come up and I hadn’t Q’d in while so I jumped at the opportunity to cover for him when asked. I wanted to keep the workout simple but effective. I also wanted to give the PAX an opportunity to focus on form instead rep count. We ran a Dora set on theContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Cliffs @ The Garden – 7.20.21”

PB 7/27/21 The Loco at the County – Random Q

Summer is in full swing which means it’s time for random Q week in Louisville F3. All PAX are welcome, no need for any past Qing experience! We will randomly choose our Q from the PAX in attendance with a drawing. Random Q week is a great opportunity to get out and support your F3Continue reading “PB 7/27/21 The Loco at the County – Random Q”

BB 7.26.21 The Incubator @ Poshland

Random Q is underway and to the misfortune of the Pax of the Incubator….I got the Q. I honestly was planning on skipping this morning until Buzzsaw hit me up last night, so it is his fault! The result, a series of bad ideas…. PAX: Jewel, Jitterbug (R), Buzzsaw, Schotzie, Fertile Myrtle, Dynomite! (Q) COPContinue reading “BB 7.26.21 The Incubator @ Poshland”

7.24.21: Bayside BO: Harbaugh Q: Backblast

The weather was perfect. The moon was full. A great morning at Bayside was on the horizon. PAX: Charolais (R); Borland (R), Mr. Mom, Birdie. Harbaugh (Q) Welcome, disclaimer, COP: Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigodas, Grassgrabbers, Downward Dog, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newmans. The Main Thang: Island Hopping 6 “Islands” with 2 exercises at each. 25Continue reading “7.24.21: Bayside BO: Harbaugh Q: Backblast”

BB – Squid Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

14 PAX showed up to see what hand they’d be dealt. We started with a lap around the loop and ended on the amphitheater stage. WORSSHToy SoldiersHillbilly WalkersDDKendra Newmans ThangFind a partnerEach PAX draw two cards from F3 Beatdown DeckPlay two rounds of War and perform the exercisesBox jump all the way to the topContinue reading “BB – Squid Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Squid Q – Baptizer @ The Garden 07.16.21

This one is a bit overdue so I’ll keep it simple.4 PAX showed up to celebrate my 41st trip around the sun. More importantly, we also commemorated a PAX’s father. Brut, of F3 Greensboro wrote the second half of this weinke in honor of his dad who passed away recently. He posted it on TwitterContinue reading “Squid Q – Baptizer @ The Garden 07.16.21”

Pre-Blast – BMR + F3 Convergence – 07/24/2021 @ Big Four Bridge

Saturday is sure to be a great day for two organizations in Louisville that push this community to grow better men. In what is to my knowledge the first of its kind, we’re having a convergence style workout that brings together F3Louisville and Black Men Running, or BMR. BMR is a group that focuses onContinue reading “Pre-Blast – BMR + F3 Convergence – 07/24/2021 @ Big Four Bridge”

7.23.21-The Defender @ The Patriot: BigBird Q

Independence: The quality or state of being independent. Independent: Not requiring or relying on something else. Come out ITG and earn yours from the work week. Start it out right, own the day and set the tone for the weekend. We’ll be running…Native American style… amongst other CSAUP stuff. No coupons required. SYITG!