3/25 The Zoom with Fertile Myrtle

The scene: Lower 40’s, but in the comfort of our opened garages, a few guys at The Mutt, and Wiki from his basement sweat studio. All warped into zoom for a virtual beatdown. The PAX (9): Aerobie (R) Grinder Larry Flynt McAfee Old Bay Plumb Bob Pork Chop Wiki Fertile Myrtle (QIC) Welcome/disclaimer – WelcomeContinue reading “3/25 The Zoom with Fertile Myrtle”

Virtual Mist BlackOps 3.27.2020 PreBlast

Weather conditions at 0600 are 62 degrees, which sounds pretty ideal to get up & out into your driveway for a WO. Things you’ll need; Smart phone or connected device Zoom app or Zoom link (https://zoom.us/j/221604443) Driveway or garage (given the weather forecast I strong encourage you to get out into the driveway) Coupon orContinue reading “Virtual Mist BlackOps 3.27.2020 PreBlast”

3/25 in the Zoom with Fertile Myrtle

YHC is opening up the zoom for a burner at 0530 tomorrow. Contrary to yesterday’s maiden voyage with Kilo, you’re going to want to have access to the great outdoors, as we’ll be mixing in some OYO running. Bring a wearable stopwatch if you have one for timed runs, so we can stay together. ClickContinue reading “3/25 in the Zoom with Fertile Myrtle”

Back-blast: 3/23/2020 – The Incubator (Poshlands)

Let me just say how thankful I am for the group……really thankful. We kicked off our week keeping our distance but getting after it. Let’s get into the details. Mr Kotter, Holy Roller (R), Stick Up, Jitterbug (R), Focker, Deep Dish (QIC) Disclaimer including social distancing. Mosey to parking lot. SSH (20) Grass grabbers (15)Continue reading “Back-blast: 3/23/2020 – The Incubator (Poshlands)”

3-24-20 Backblast The Rooster @The Mutt w/Geppetto Q

Corona virus, Corona virus, Corona virus, blah blah blah, mother effin Corona virus.   To say the least my last week, and I know if you’re reading this you can relate, has been consumed by this shit.  I haven’t posted in a little over a week (pretty much ruined my chance at an Iron Pax patchContinue reading “3-24-20 Backblast The Rooster @The Mutt w/Geppetto Q”

Distancing at the Ruiner BB

I’m getting paranoid, and so we were very cautious. 10 feet apart the entire morning. Violet Vincent (R) Flounder Tammy Faye Baker Russdiculous Handbook Retainer (Q) Disclaimer and COP,  including SSHs, merkins, GGs, merkins, Toy Soldiers, merkins, IWs, merkins, and 2 minutes of runner stretches. Mosey to the halfpipe, 10 feet apart all the way.Continue reading “Distancing at the Ruiner BB”

BackBlast – #theLoco 3/24/20 Abacus Q

12 PAX turned out to “Stay in your lane bro” version of social distancing. Friday evening YHC received a birthday card from my sister simply stating, “I’m pretty sure you won’t forget this birthday”. I’m pretty sure she is correct. Coronavirus madness has swept the nation. Following the workout today, YCH noticed a re-post onContinue reading “BackBlast – #theLoco 3/24/20 Abacus Q”

Back Blast : Planetarium @ Boondocks – 03/24/2020

Great day for a workout this morning. Weather was great, but company of the PAX that showed up made it even better.   PAX: Focker Holy Roller (R) Colonel Klink Brown Water Ma Bell Cratchit Fear Factor Cochran Bulletin (R) Jolly Rancher (Q)   COP: Disclaimers provided. Headed out on a mosey to the concessionContinue reading “Back Blast : Planetarium @ Boondocks – 03/24/2020”

3/24 in the Zoom with Kilo

Big opportunity to get a taste of the Zoom tomorrow. It’s certainly not the gloom, but you get a great workout and have the ability to talk a little smack. Oh yea, you’re Not alone. Here’s what you’ll need Zoom app on phone or computer https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7508265442 click that link at or before 0530 a couponContinue reading “3/24 in the Zoom with Kilo”

Pre-Blast : Planetarium @ Boondocks – 03/24/2020

The Boondocks, or “boonies” for short, is a great place for social distancing.  So, come on out and join me in the gloom. Weinke is not yet finalized, but the current restrictions make it a little hard to be too creative.  So, you can expect some running and body work exercises.  We will be respectingContinue reading “Pre-Blast : Planetarium @ Boondocks – 03/24/2020”

3/21/2020 Hurt BackBlast

Stay in your Lane Q PAX (15): Left Eye, Windshield, Soft Top, Barney Fife, Fridge, Tiger, Tureen, Deuce, WhamO (Respect), Buschhhhhh, Fall Guy (Respect), Old Bay, SumpPump, Digiorno, Glen Ross Q Conditions: 36*, feels like 27—really cold I wasn’t sure who would show, but classic doggystyle they all rolled in at 6:59. Issued the disclaimerContinue reading “3/21/2020 Hurt BackBlast”

Virtual Gloom BlackOps 3.23.20 PreBlast

Over the last three days I’ve heard, “our new reality” countless times in the news, advertisements, etc. Tomorrow I will take a step into this new reality by Qing a virtual WO via Zoom. Things you’ll need; Smart phone or connected device Zoom app or Zoom link (https://zoom.us/j/221604443) Driveway or area with 20-30 yards ofContinue reading “Virtual Gloom BlackOps 3.23.20 PreBlast”

03/22/20 – Black Ops Mary T

PAX (5): Old Bay, DiGiorno, Buschhh, Fall Guy, Backdraft Conditions: Sunny and brisk.  Glorious.  Perfect for stealing your neighbor’s no-so-street-legal gator, and driving up to Mary T. COP: Kind of.  SSH, Dog, Stretch, interrupted by some Mother Ruckers.  Digiorno called merkins to scare them off.  Well done men! Thang1: 8 rounds of 8.  8 pull-ups,Continue reading “03/22/20 – Black Ops Mary T”

PB – 3/23/2020 – The Motivator at the Abyss

Gentlemen, Thanks for having me out dark and early to the Abyss. Below is the order of events. Spread far out COT 1st Thing –  Warm-up (5 min) Repeat the below 3X 25 SSH IC  10 merkin IC 5 FMJ OYO 2nd Thing – Merkin – stretch (5 min) 10 diamond merkin IC Downward Dog 10Continue reading “PB – 3/23/2020 – The Motivator at the Abyss”