The Rooster Crowed 12.3.19 BackBlast

I’d originally signed up to Q The Rooster last week, 11.25.19, but underestimated the mental & physical toll moving would take on me so I asked Backdraft to cover for me. Thank you brother! It’d been 10+ days since I last worked out so when putting together the WO I wanted something to hit theContinue reading “The Rooster Crowed 12.3.19 BackBlast”

11/30/19 #TheHurt Blackbast

QIC: Wham! 5 PAX: Pepperoni; Sump Pump; Glen Ross; Nugget; Wham! Time: 0700 Weather: 40 Degrees and steady/pouring rain with a “feels like temp of 34” ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Full UofL gear (hat, shirt, hooded sweatshirt and socks).  Go Cards!  Take state! (yeah, that didn’t happen but…we’re really good at basketball) Pre-WO Thoughts In myContinue reading “11/30/19 #TheHurt Blackbast”

Back Blast 11/28/19 Mutt/O Burpee Football

PAX(33): McAfee, Duckling, Snowman, Vincent(R), Soft Top, Flo Jo, Aerobie(R), Tammy Faye Baker, Whitney(R), Diablo, Blueprint, Sump Pump, KY, Nugget, PK, Miyagi, Slinky, Yoshi, Blowfish(F3 Naperville), Wham-O(R), Handbook, Kilo, Trump, Fridge, Bill Dance(2.0), Tightrope(FNGal)(2.0), Buschhhhh, Face, OJ, Stan Lee(2.0), Tee-Ball(2.0), Deuce(Co-Q), Plumb Bob(Co-Q) WEATHER: 40deg, cloudy, light breeze As expected there was a great crowdContinue reading “Back Blast 11/28/19 Mutt/O Burpee Football”

Dos Locos @ The Loco – 12.3.19 Pre-Blast

It’s always fun to challenge yourself, but even more fun to do so with a partner. F3 has taught me how to push myself, but even more so it has given me the opportunity to challenge myself against some intensely fit dudes, both within the Louisville Region as well as across F3 Nation. Tomorrow, CatfishContinue reading “Dos Locos @ The Loco – 12.3.19 Pre-Blast”

F3Louisville Servant Cheerleader

What we (Leadership Council) want to highlight is a SHARED LEADERSHIP structure. Where no central leader is making final decisions on anything F3Louisville. We will all work together to better serve the pax of F3Louisville. Please click the link below to read the post from Diablo if you havent done so already. Therefore my titleContinue reading “F3Louisville Servant Cheerleader”

Back Blast 11/30/19 The Nest @ The County

I can still hear the C-A-R-D-S chant drowning out the C-A-T-S chant over the pouring rain at The County. Well, I can’t talk smack now because my Cardinals didn’t show up on Saturday. The rain? Who cares? These true HIMs embraced every bit of it while undergoing a gauntlet WO! PAX (7 total) – Pelican,Continue reading “Back Blast 11/30/19 The Nest @ The County”

F3 Louisville – New Leadership – 12/1/19

We cannot thank Red Roof and Captain Insane-o enough for the leadership they’ve provided to F3 Louisville. While others have been instrumental in building what we have – I’d name names but would certainly inadvertently omit someone I shouldn’t – these HIMs laid out foundation. I’m humbled to be a part of our new LeadershipContinue reading “F3 Louisville – New Leadership – 12/1/19”

12/2/19 PreBlast: Milton Q North Posh @ the Silo

Eat and drink too much this weekend?  Me too…. come out to North Posh tomorrow to burn some calories with me and start your week off on the right foot.  Nothing too fancy, but we will be moving, eh running, for most of the workout.  We will be on pavement, but headlamps and gloves areContinue reading “12/2/19 PreBlast: Milton Q North Posh @ the Silo”

Pre Blast – 11/30 The Nest @ The County 0700 Backflop Q

Don’t let a little rain scare you off! You’re better than that. We’re F3 HIMs and should gladly take the rain as an added benefit! I’ve tee’d up an awesome WO to which you’ll be able to burn off the last bit of turkey from Thanksgiving. Wear your favorite team’s colors. It’s rivalry day atContinue reading “Pre Blast – 11/30 The Nest @ The County 0700 Backflop Q”

Back Blast-Black Friday Ops @ The County 11.29.19 Pelican Q

I wanted to put a BlackOps on the calendar for Black Friday as I figured I wasn’t going to be able to get up for 5:30 AM workout the day after Thanksgiving. Also I was having serious JOMO around missing burpee football at the County so I could allow time for that at the end.Continue reading “Back Blast-Black Friday Ops @ The County 11.29.19 Pelican Q”

Back-Blast – The Cliffs at The Garden – 11.26.19

It had been a while since I Q’d at The Garden so I was excited to get the opportunity this week. Due to the terrain, The Garden has become one of the harder sites in terms of the workouts and I’ve been motivated by the PAX laying beatdowns there on a regular basis. That said,Continue reading “Back-Blast – The Cliffs at The Garden – 11.26.19”

Giving Thanks For F3

Happy Thanksgiving from the Second Annual F3 Burpee Football Bonanza! 28 PAX made it out for the game: Jolly Rancher, Airplane Co-Q, Gisele, Mayhem, Rice 2.0 FNG, Backflop, Spygate 2.0, Crockpot, Brown Water, Limestone 2.0, Worm, Porkchop, Valdez 2.0, Exxon , Fungi, Meter Maid, Presto 2.0, Bob Ross, Rocky, Gilligan, Double Down, Dauber, Retainer Co-Q,Continue reading “Giving Thanks For F3”

Pre-Blast Pelican Q-11.29 Black Friday Ops @ The County 7-8 am

I put this black ops on the calendar for a couple of reasons. First after what I’m going to eat and drink today I know I’ll need a workout and there’s no way I’m getting up in time for the regularly scheduled one. Second I knew I was going to miss burpee football at theContinue reading “Pre-Blast Pelican Q-11.29 Black Friday Ops @ The County 7-8 am”

11/26/19 Backblast Loco @ The County – Brown Water VQ

Conditions: 43F and Clear Skies PAX (14): Crockpot, Crachit, Uncle Sam, Worm, Lady Bird, Ice Man, Jerry McGuire, Rocky, Asian Zing, Wildflower, Valdez, Pelican, Gisele, Brown Water (VQ) Did a quick count and gave quick disclaimer. Mosey to the front lot for CoP 15x SSH IC 10x Grass Grabbers IC Downward Dog – Left OverContinue reading “11/26/19 Backblast Loco @ The County – Brown Water VQ”

BackBlast St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Black Ops 11/27

920 F3 Louisville is absolutely amazing.  920 pairs of socks we raised in 4 weeks.  THANK YOU.  Special thank you to Jane Walsh and Keith Steer with St. John Center who gave us some of the history of St. John Center and braved the elements with us.  I know this time of the year whenContinue reading “BackBlast St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Black Ops 11/27”