PB-Pelican Q Motivator at the Abyss 6/14/21

I haven’t led basketball practice at the Abyss in a while. Going to run back the playlist and some of last year’s practice with quite a bit of modification on the workout. Bring a coupon this time as we work to get stronger in addition to fine tuning our skills. Start your week off rightContinue reading “PB-Pelican Q Motivator at the Abyss 6/14/21”

BB 6/11/21 The Chopper at Vets Hush Puppy Q

Conditions: It was a beautiful morning in J Town, a warm and somewhat humid 73°. Stuff I brought: Coupon, Cones, Winke Board, Bluetooth Speaker. PAX: Wildflower, Cratchit, Bunghole, Pelican, Gringo, Bombay, Vincent, SnoDay, Big Bird, YHC. Clown Car: Pelican, Wildflower, Big Bird, Crachit Shout out to my County Boys for rolling out to Vets withContinue reading “BB 6/11/21 The Chopper at Vets Hush Puppy Q”

Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q – The Ruiner at The O – 06/12/2021

I don’t make it out to The O very often, but it’s no surprise that the first shovel flag of F3 Louisville was planted at Seneca Park. That place is awesome and it is HOPPING every single morning I’m there. So, I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to take in all of theContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q – The Ruiner at The O – 06/12/2021”

BB – 6-10-2021 – Uncle Rico – Cloverfield @ The Garden

Note to self; don’t let someone who just got hurt and can’t do the workout choose the workout. You will want to remember this. Being the friend that I am I graciously subbed Q for our fallen NattyLite and thought sucks that Natty is hurt so I’ll cheer him up and let him pick theContinue reading “BB – 6-10-2021 – Uncle Rico – Cloverfield @ The Garden”

BackBlast – 6/9/21 Holy Roller Q The Escalator @ The Abyss

Since the Lake is a beautiful sight in the early morning darkness of the Abyss, I wanted the PAX to get to experience it from all angles. That’s kind of how it started. Got there a little early to plant 7 lights around the loop road, unequally spaced, but most placed strategically around the views.Continue reading “BackBlast – 6/9/21 Holy Roller Q The Escalator @ The Abyss”

Back-Blast Wednesday 06-09-2021 – The Foundry @ The County

Jolly Rancher did a great job leading the 3 year anniversary of The County yesterday. I am told said some inspiring things, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Regardless, it put me in a nostalgic mood so as I planned out my Q for The Foundry I wanted to get back to the old styleContinue reading “Back-Blast Wednesday 06-09-2021 – The Foundry @ The County”

Pre-Blast Kapowski @ Bayside 6.10.21 w/ Jewel

Tomorrow will be only my 2nd post at Bayside, and first Q there. I’m excited, and normally I would be recruiting hard to get other PAX to make the drive east. Tomorrow however is not that day. I would prefer all other skip this workout and go to the O to support our man MotorContinue reading “Pre-Blast Kapowski @ Bayside 6.10.21 w/ Jewel”

Back Blast – County’s 3-Year Anniversary Party – Jolly Rancher Q – 06/08/2021

About 3-months ago, I was randomly staring at the original County AO flag and I realized it was planted on June 8, 2018. So, inevitably a celebration was in order for June 8, 2021. And, when I looked at the calendar that far out, naturally it was still open so I scooped it up fromContinue reading “Back Blast – County’s 3-Year Anniversary Party – Jolly Rancher Q – 06/08/2021”

6/9/21 BP Holy Roller Q – Escalator @ The Abyss

Hey, its only 9:30 PM Pelican and I am getting this PB out there! Come on out to the Abyss tomorrow (Wednesday). I promise that we will stay together, sort of. Bring a coupon and gloves. And a great attitude. And a friend. We might get wet but that will just cool us down. IContinue reading “6/9/21 BP Holy Roller Q – Escalator @ The Abyss”

PreBlast: Motorboat and Jolly Rancher Co-Q Temple of Gloom @ The O, Thursday, June 10 0530. 266: Never Out of the Fight

For two hundred sixty-six minutes on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, a newborn girl fought for her life at two hospitals, surrounded by over two dozen nurses and doctors. She died ten minutes after she was baptized, but she was never out of the fight. She was tiny, beautiful, powerful, and good. Her heart was donatedContinue reading “PreBlast: Motorboat and Jolly Rancher Co-Q Temple of Gloom @ The O, Thursday, June 10 0530. 266: Never Out of the Fight”

6.8.2021 – LePew’s PB at The Boondocks

@airplanef3 is the king of delegation. He’s making a cameo at the County tomorrow, so I’m picking up his Q. I don’t mind because he along with Abacus are responsible for headlocking so many men in the early days of F3 Louisville. That said, come out to the Boondocks tomorrow for leg day. No Coupons.Continue reading “6.8.2021 – LePew’s PB at The Boondocks”

Back-Blast Monday 06-07-2021 – The Incubator @ Poshland

When I got up this morning it was pouring. Checked the weather and it showed a100% chance of rain at 5am and 6am. So on my leisurely drive over to South Posh I was thinking through ways to modify the workout I had planned. As I passed North Posh there were already a bunch ofContinue reading “Back-Blast Monday 06-07-2021 – The Incubator @ Poshland”

Pre-blast – The County Turns 3! – Jolly Rancher Q at The Loco – 06/08/2021

…from the O, which was the birthplace of F3 Louisville, a few PAX decided to lead a starfish effort off of Poshlands to plant a new shovel flag in Oldham County. After a few BlackOps at Crestwood Elementary, things moved a little back towards Jefferson County where a few more BlackOps determined that St. AloysiusContinue reading “Pre-blast – The County Turns 3! – Jolly Rancher Q at The Loco – 06/08/2021”

Back blast: The Patriot (LaGrange) Black Ops, Yankovic VQ

Seventeen HIMS showed up strong for my VQ: Honey Dew Big Bird Ruby (R) Swag Captain Crunchberry Holy Roller (R) Yoshi Focker Boss Hog (R) Brownwater Lambeau FNG, Shade Tree Abacus Asian Zing (R) Back Flop Divito Yankovic (R, Q) Thanks for the amazing support. We did two ten minute Tobata’s focusing on the wholeContinue reading “Back blast: The Patriot (LaGrange) Black Ops, Yankovic VQ”

BB-Pelican/Backflop Co-Q The Nest at the County 5/29/21

This was our two year postiversary and we thought why not run back our first post. Surely it has to be easier than it was that very first day. It wasn’t, but I did recover a lot quicker this time around. Last time I don’t think I made it out for another two weeks andContinue reading “BB-Pelican/Backflop Co-Q The Nest at the County 5/29/21”