BB – 6/20/20 Sump Pump Q – The Hurt @ The Mutt

PAX: Fridge, Bill Dance (2.0), Plumb Bob, T-ball (2.0), No Show, Deuce, Backdraft, Tiger, Eto, Sump Pump (QIC) Weather: A bit on the warm side, but dry. 6:58 and Deuce and I were wondering if it would just be the two of us. By 7:01, Plumb Bob, T-Ball an Tiger had joined us. Tiger almost leftContinue reading “BB – 6/20/20 Sump Pump Q – The Hurt @ The Mutt”

Back-Blast – The Fog @ The Poshlands – 6/20/2020

This morning we scrambled our core around the egg lawn! PAX (10): 1. Jitterbug (R) 2. Buzzsaw 3. Harbaugh 4. Deep Dish 5. Number2 (R) 6. Maxi 7. Ladybird (R) 8. Stick Up 9. Leno (FNG) Welcome! 10. Mr Kotter (QIC). Conditions: 70° and sunny. Not used to seeing so much sun during a workContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Fog @ The Poshlands – 6/20/2020”

BB: Father’s Day Weekend Gisele Q at the County

27 Pax of Sweat including 12 2.0s: Duffer 2.0, Muscle Milk 2.0 (FNG), Dauber, Brick 2.0, Joe Dirt 2.0 FNG, Hush Puppy, Whoppie, Overflow, Jolly Rancher, Boozier, Asian Zing (R), Gilligan, Bulletin (R), Soaper Soaker 2.0, Backflop, Squirt Gun 2.0 (FNG), Alexa, Echo 2.0, Primetime 2.0, Ride Rider 2.0, Pelican, Cratchit, Tiny Time 2.0, FertileContinue reading “BB: Father’s Day Weekend Gisele Q at the County”

Back Blast 6.19 The Chopper @ Vets

PAX (11): Cousin Eddie, Eto, Handbook, Kilo, McAfee, Meatball, PK, Tony Malito, Worm, Vincent (R), Violet (Q) Conditions: A sticky 64 degrees with a slight wind out of the southwest Warm Up: Mosey around monument and playground using road until we reached the back of the church parking lot.  Circled up in church parking lot.Continue reading “Back Blast 6.19 The Chopper @ Vets”

Backblast – The Chopper – 6/10/20

Pax present included: Meatball, Bunghole, Worm, Kilo, Merlin, Slothie (FNG), Tony Molito, PF, Jinxy, Cousin Eddie Q. We had nearly perfect weather, mid 60’s nice and cool, perfect morning for some HIMs to get after it. We played “It Pays to be a Winner” a motto of the Navy SEALs where those that win theContinue reading “Backblast – The Chopper – 6/10/20”

Backblast – The Agony @ The County 6/18/20

If you could have only been there…construction all around St. Als didn’t allow me to park in the normal church parking lot. I couldn’t find the back way to get there. So what did I do? I illegally parked my car on Mt. Mercy before the construction and ran with 2 flag shovels, LED lights,Continue reading “Backblast – The Agony @ The County 6/18/20”

Back-Blast – The Cloverfield @ The Garden – 6.18.20

Workouts at The Garden have been Beastmode as of late. As a matter of fact, The Garden might be the new Beastmode. Either way, I wanted to do my part and chip in. The weather was perfect and with Nino’s mix the conditions were perfect to get after it. Here is what we did: Warm-up:Continue reading “Back-Blast – The Cloverfield @ The Garden – 6.18.20”

Backblast – The Foundry @ The County 6/17/20

Dauber had a late cancellation and needed a Q for the Foundry. I was happy to oblige. PAX – DauberPelicanHoly Roller (R)Launch Pad (R)Bulletin (R)Hush PuppyOverflowBackflop (Q) Weather was comfortable 62 degrees and clear skies We mosied to the front of the school and warmed up: 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10x Toy Soldiers, downward dogContinue reading “Backblast – The Foundry @ The County 6/17/20”

Back-Blast Thursday 06/18/2020 – Four Corners in The Inferno @ The Station

This morning at The Station was unexpectedly awesome. Flat…Out…Awesome. The weather was perfect (around 60 degrees and no humidity). I had a solid workout planned and even printed out a few signs to keep the PAX organized.  I was planning on taunting Pelican quite a bit throughout the workout, expecting a smallish group based onContinue reading “Back-Blast Thursday 06/18/2020 – Four Corners in The Inferno @ The Station”

Backblast – The Big Ka-POW-ski 6/18/20 @Bayside

COP SSH 20 in cadence, grass grabbers 15 in cadence, plank downward dog,calf side to side, hand to foot then twist to sky then other side, 3 corbas, arms (shoulders/triceps), quads Indian ran to Grab mini coupons  Pre circuit  Brick walk with rows from 10 to 30 yrds/ bernie back Circuit 1min Carry mini coupons withContinue reading “Backblast – The Big Ka-POW-ski 6/18/20 @Bayside”

BB: Tabata around the O with Flo Jo 6/18

11 PAX showed up for Tabata training at the O on Thursday.  Sump Pump got the memo on #TTT, nice work!  Plain White T was down range and showed up early in a polo shirt….made me think a bit as I got there early as well, come to find out he sleeps in them!  OneContinue reading “BB: Tabata around the O with Flo Jo 6/18”

Pre-Blast Thursday 06/18/2020 – The Inferno @ The Station

The Station is one of the newer AOs in F3 Louisville, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. If you have not been to The Station before or if it has been a while, come out on Thursday 0530. We will do some exercises that I like and mix in some exercises that PelicanContinue reading “Pre-Blast Thursday 06/18/2020 – The Inferno @ The Station”

Preblast – The Agony @ The County 6/18/20 @ 0530

3rd Q for me in 4 days so I will bring a mixed bag of tricks. You better be on your game because I’m putting an exclamation mark on this week of Q’s! I’ve got new batteries in my lights and we’re gonna light up the County sky like you’ve never seen before. It willContinue reading “Preblast – The Agony @ The County 6/18/20 @ 0530”

Pre-Blast – The Cloverfield @ The Garden – 6/18/20

Still planning the weinke but I can you tell this: It will be a high intensity, you v. you AMRAP workout. There will also be a “finisher” included in a tribute to Nice and Slow’s Q from a few weeks ago. It won’t be the same finisher but it should leave a similar effect. BringContinue reading “Pre-Blast – The Cloverfield @ The Garden – 6/18/20”

Preblast-The Big KaPOWski @ Bayside 06/18/2020 HEAVYWEIGHT OF THE WORLD!

Come prepared for the fight of your life! This is sad clown you vs HIM you. Were gonna train like the pros…can you last till the bell rings? Come out to The Big KaPOWski at Bayside tomorrow @5:30 AM to find out. Bring your boxing gloves (and WO gloves)…and the heart of a champ. LETSContinue reading “Preblast-The Big KaPOWski @ Bayside 06/18/2020 HEAVYWEIGHT OF THE WORLD!”

Backblast – The Blender at the Mutt – 6/17/20

Pax present included: Violet, Plumb Bob, Blueprint, Glen Ross, Fridge, Tron, Sump Pump, Cowbell, Noxeema Jackson, Wham!, PED, Larry Flint, Fall Guy, Backdraft, and Pope (Q). The conditions were perfect – it felt like the temperature was in the low sixties with low humidity.  We lucked out and got topped off with a beautiful sunriseContinue reading “Backblast – The Blender at the Mutt – 6/17/20”