Pre Blast 17-Nov-2022 Thursday the Agony at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot? What do DNA nucleotides, the Ninja Turtles, and my IQ have in common? The number 4. Tomorrow’s workout lands directly between my 4 year Postiversary and my 4 year Q-versary. Bring your coupon. We will celebrate with 4 corners. If you are also capable of counting to 4,Continue reading “Pre Blast 17-Nov-2022 Thursday the Agony at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q”

Pre Blast – Pizza Q @ The Incubator at Posh 11/14/2022

Good morning HIM! YHC has the Q at The Incubator at Posh (Parklands) Monday morning at 0530! Why should you not fart-sack? Here’s a few reasons: 1) This is a you Vs you workout that’s sort of a pick your own adventure. Want an explosive HIIT workout? Done. Want a run heavy workout? Done. JustContinue reading “Pre Blast – Pizza Q @ The Incubator at Posh 11/14/2022”

Back Blast – 2022 BOURBON CHASE RAGNAR RELAY – Van #2

PAX IN VAN #2: TRAINING: Before signing up for the Bourbon Chase, I had done very little research about it.  In fact, I had done zero research about it – but I had heard from others that it was a great event and I knew it entailed a lot of running.  But, fresh off [okay,Continue reading “Back Blast – 2022 BOURBON CHASE RAGNAR RELAY – Van #2”

11/12/2022 The Nest at the County: DeVitto Q

The weather has turned cold but the HEAT will be on tomorrow. It won’t be a coupon extraganza but they will be used. We boys at the County even have a stash of coupons should you forget to bring one. We might also have a bit of an anatomy lesson, focusing on agonist and antagonistContinue reading “11/12/2022 The Nest at the County: DeVitto Q”

The Majestic Fog – 11.12.22 w/ Jewel

Tomorrow the Majesty will be on full display as the temps drop and we see who is committed to accelerating their fitness and adhering to rule #3. Like Sump Pump said last week – we are gonna separate the men from the boys from here on out. Get some good gloves. Grab your trusty coupon.Continue reading “The Majestic Fog – 11.12.22 w/ Jewel”

11-11-22 Pre-Blast The Defender @ The Patriot

Veterans Day at The Patriot is pretty awesome, right?? Well, I am honored to have the Q tomorrow and will try to do the day justice. This won’t be Man in The Arena or anything close to that, but we will work hard and you are going to have to do some math in yourContinue reading “11-11-22 Pre-Blast The Defender @ The Patriot”

Backblast – Half Marathon @ Parklands

A total of 10 PAX participated in this year’s Louisville Marathon or Half Marathon. PAX: No Show, Sputnik, Harry Caray, Dot, Captain Crunchberry, Virginia Slims, Newman, Motor Boat, Patty, and Saul Goodman. Each PAX listed above has their own story to tell, this is mine. Training this cycle was very inconsistent. In the past IContinue reading “Backblast – Half Marathon @ Parklands”

Blood Moon @ The Planetarium 11.8.22 w/ Jewel

A perfect morning at The Planetarium w/ the last Lunar eclipse for 3 years set to take place- I can’t think of anywhere more perfect to post in the morning. It’s also election day, so we will focus on perfection, since we know whoever is elected will absolutely screw up whatever they’re doing on dayContinue reading “Blood Moon @ The Planetarium 11.8.22 w/ Jewel”

PB – Ruby Q – The Defender at the Patriot – 11/4

It is Movember folks! Anyone have a sweet neck beard yet? Come find out who at the Patriot is going mustache or beard for a Ruby Q! He says, “No coupons. We will move around a bit and have fun.” I find when a F3 Q says we are going to have fun, it mostContinue reading “PB – Ruby Q – The Defender at the Patriot – 11/4”