1.19.23 Pre Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O-riginal – BigBird Q

There’s nothing quite like putting in some running miles with your brothers before the sun has risen; before the city has woken up; with all the potential that a new day can bring…and you are the one setting the tone. No matter what happens on the day yet to come, you are prepared to takeContinue reading “1.19.23 Pre Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O-riginal – BigBird Q”

PB – The Foundry at the County – 1/18/2023 – Meter Maid Q

With it being in the midst of NFL playoffs, there are “Lions, Tigers, and Bears. “ Well maybe only the Bengals are remaining playoff team from that list but I’ll be bringing my “potted plants, sandbags and rucks.” Bring your favorite coupon for this heavy with no running. You’ll need that coupon to rifle carryContinue reading “PB – The Foundry at the County – 1/18/2023 – Meter Maid Q”

1.4.23 Back Blast: The Range @ The Patriot

My man Swag has done a stellar job as site Q at The Range. Prior to 2.2.22 he was one of the cornerstones at The Patriot, posting nearly every possible day. When it came time at the end of January ‘22 to promote Wednesday’s black ops to a regularly scheduled AO, the Site Q ofContinue reading “1.4.23 Back Blast: The Range @ The Patriot”

1.11.23 Pre-Blast – The Bridge @Poshland: BigBird Q

Wednesday’s Parkland’s AO is the Bridge, however, we will have none of that. As a matter of fact to keep the suspense at a minimum, we will use the Egg Lawn, we will get in a set of 11’s, we will listen to a playlist that gets your Bird’s wings a flappin and we willContinue reading “1.11.23 Pre-Blast – The Bridge @Poshland: BigBird Q”

PB- The Loco at the County – Meter Maid Q

It’s gonna be 20 degrees colder than yesterday but don’t worry. We will be moving and doing various exercises all over the Greater County Area (GCA). It will be just like a classic Pelican Q (I’ll make it up as I go). Strap on some running shoes and bring a pair of gloves. Leave thoseContinue reading “PB- The Loco at the County – Meter Maid Q”

1.4.23 Pre Blast – The Range @ the Patriot: BigBird Q

Tomorrow is National Spaghetti Day! I don’t know that it means anything for the beatdown but Yankovic always has some sort of Nation Day of…themed workout so I figure I’ll steal one out of his playbook. I’m looking forward to showing up for a big crowd and sharing a bit of what’s in the secretContinue reading “1.4.23 Pre Blast – The Range @ the Patriot: BigBird Q”

12.27.22 Back Blast: The Loco @ The County

Don’t know how many of you are aware but Tuesday’s Loco is Pelican’s second go round as Site Q. His first was taking over The Nest passed on by yours truly. Fast forward a year or so and as The County #’s were falling off, he and Dauber decided to take matters into their ownContinue reading “12.27.22 Back Blast: The Loco @ The County”

12.20.22 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Slims is my guy! We formed a bond while I was always trying to keep up with him during our run training for 2021’s Louisville half marathon. Since that time he’s taken the reins as Site Q on Tuesday’s Planetarium beat down at The Boondocks. He’s done a stellar job, posting some of the bestContinue reading “12.20.22 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks”

12.27.22 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County – BigBird Q

It sure has been a holiday week to remember. Pretty certain this isn’t what Bing had in mind when crooning his holiday tune about a White Christmas. Insult to injury, your Bird had succumbed to any one of the 63 variations of sicknesses going around. Welp, the cold weather is soon to be on theContinue reading “12.27.22 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County – BigBird Q”

12.20.22 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks – BigBird Q

This is it. The last week where you can choose either to get on Santa’s good graces or just say fagettaboutit…you can’t make things better in 5 days anyway, right? Either way, whether you identify as Nice or Naughty, come out to the Boondocks to see if you are right. Both will suck; one willContinue reading “12.20.22 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks – BigBird Q”

BB ### R-E-S-P-E-C-T WEEK ### – Sump Pump (R) Q @ The Stallion at The Stable 12/13/22

Weather: Clear and 30ish PAX: Viking, Flexseal, HBK, P-Diddy, D-list, Porkchop, Sewanee, Steve-O, Maytag, Lumbergh, Depends, Twister, Montezuma, Sump Pump (QIC) 14 PAX got out this morning to do this: After a quick disclaimer and warm-up, we took a quick lap (1 mile) around the mean streets of Hillcrest. Movement was an Indian run whereContinue reading “BB ### R-E-S-P-E-C-T WEEK ### – Sump Pump (R) Q @ The Stallion at The Stable 12/13/22”

12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q

A star, a star, a wonderful bright shining star! Whiter and brighter than any by far…A star, a star, a star! Thursday’s the first day of December and we are officially into the Christmas season. And even though the Magi didn’t see the star until like, 13 days or so after the birth of Jesus,Continue reading “12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q”

11.26.22 BackBlast: The Majestic Fog

The Back Blast. Often overlooked but ever so important. Why is that you say Bird? Well because it comes as a form of engagement. It’s an opportunity for The Q of the day to put his spin on what went down. Who was there. What crazy stories were there to share…like pocket holding or anContinue reading “11.26.22 BackBlast: The Majestic Fog”

11.26.22 PreBlast: The Fog @ Posh – BigBird Q

If you got out today and put in work after the most gluttonous holiday of the year…Good on you! You’re now better equipped to get beat down tomorrow. If you chose to take advantage of a day to sleep in…good on you for that as well. You will feel well rested and be ready toContinue reading “11.26.22 PreBlast: The Fog @ Posh – BigBird Q”

11.18.22 PreBlast – The Chopper at Vets: BigBird Q

The Chopper ain’t just a vehicle for the road. It ain’t just an aerial transport method. Hell, it ain’t just an AO either. It’s an attitude! It’s for those mumble mouth bada$$es that choose to peel themselves out of the fart sack to commit to doing something tough together on a Friday to earn theContinue reading “11.18.22 PreBlast – The Chopper at Vets: BigBird Q”

Ragnar Bourbon Chase Relay – Van 1: Back Blast

Preface 1: 6 weeks is a long time to wait for a back blast. Apologies to those that have been anticipating it. I will tell you though I’ve been working on this one for a minute with the intention to do justice to our journey. Looking at the positive: All of us in Van 1Continue reading “Ragnar Bourbon Chase Relay – Van 1: Back Blast”

BB – The Moonshiner at the Boondocks – Meter Maid Q – 10/13/22

When it’s 57 degrees, you don’t think it’s gonna feel like winter but today was different. There was a strong breeze pushing leaves the road like snow for the drive into gBoondocks. There were 4 pax ready to cut through the strong wind to get their work in (Swag, Bulletin (R), Honey Do, and MeterContinue reading “BB – The Moonshiner at the Boondocks – Meter Maid Q – 10/13/22”

Preblast- The Nest at the County – 10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q

It was a cold morning (about 37 degrees) so running would be the focus. I left the house a few minutes early only to find a train rolling through Pewee Valley. No worries as this one looked to be moving quickly and cleared before the starting time. When I arrived there were others already parkedContinue reading “Preblast- The Nest at the County – 10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q”

10/7/22 BB Layover Q @ The Patriot

It was a beautiful morning for flying. Disclaimer was made and we were ready for departure for our tour of the beautiful city of La Grange. We started with an on time departure for a quick mosey around the court house square. COR (18), SSH, grass grabbers and DD to complete our warmup. Destination 1:Continue reading “10/7/22 BB Layover Q @ The Patriot”

PB- The Nest at the County —10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q

Bring your running shoes, reflective gear and head lamps for a Bourbon Chase themed Q. We will do the Pewee Valley loop and stop along the way to do some exercises along the route. There might be a few exercises you may not have done before. No coupons needed for admission. #MTCGA #Bourbon Chase -MeterContinue reading “PB- The Nest at the County —10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q”

10.4.22 Back Blast: the Loco @ The County

You know how when you were a kid you used to love having sleepovers at your friend’s house? As fun as it usually was, in the words of Judy Garland’s Dorothy, “there’s no place like home.” I feel like this in our little F3 Louisville Nation. I love getting out and about, reconnecting with andContinue reading “10.4.22 Back Blast: the Loco @ The County”

10.4.22 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County – BigBird Q

If WordPress allowed me to post a hype picture it would probably include something from Smokey and the Bandit with the caption “10-4 good buddy!” Since it doesn’t you will have to use your imagination and pretend that its here. Tomorrow ITG we will celebrate 10/4 by putting in some hard work, murdering some bunniesContinue reading “10.4.22 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County – BigBird Q”

9.22.22 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O

Handbook sweet talked me into this one. For your Bird, it don’t take much but I believe the two words “amazing” and “leader” were put together. I don’t know about that but how can one say no when found being held in such high regard? Besides, I was going somewhere on Thursday morning; why notContinue reading “9.22.22 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O”

9.9.22 Way Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets

A little behind on this one but I promised Lockbox I would get it out. The days are long, the years are short and in the F3 world two weeks is an eternity. That said, it’s strange how I struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I have no trouble remembering theContinue reading “9.9.22 Way Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets”

9.22.22 Pre Blast – The Temple of Gloom at the O: BigBird Q

Its funny how our F3 names are a piece of who we are. And sometimes, the more that time goes on the more you somehow relate and take ownership over your name. Viking knows what I’m talking about. Bunghole, Eye Booger, Mom Suit and Tramp Stamp…I can’t speak for you. And Toots…well, he still doesn’tContinue reading “9.22.22 Pre Blast – The Temple of Gloom at the O: BigBird Q”