7.23.2021 Back Blast-The Defender @The Patriot

0525 and as one rolls into town at zero dark thirty you’ll find downtown LaGrange lit up with the ambient glow of subtle orange lights in a city just beginning to wake up. There were workers already getting after it watering plants, cleaning up and putting their spit shine touch on it to keep BossContinue reading “7.23.2021 Back Blast-The Defender @The Patriot”

7.23.21-The Defender @ The Patriot: BigBird Q

Independence: The quality or state of being independent. Independent: Not requiring or relying on something else. Come out ITG and earn yours from the work week. Start it out right, own the day and set the tone for the weekend. We’ll be running…Native American style… amongst other CSAUP stuff. No coupons required. SYITG!

BB- The Agony – 7/15/21 – Meter Maid 50th Q

It has been a while since I last Qed. Airplane was originally scheduled to Q but had out late yesterday that he had to be in Lexington early. I snatched up the Q from the Greater County Area text string last night around dinner time. In my preblast, I had warned there would be noContinue reading “BB- The Agony – 7/15/21 – Meter Maid 50th Q”

PB- The Agony 7/15/21 – Meter Maid 50th Q

Airplane was originally scheduled to Q but has to be on the road to Lexington early. I quickly scooped up the Q that will be my 50th. Sorry no pizza or pizza boxes will be present. Bring coupons and gloves are recommended. It will be a you vs you workout. SYITG! -Meter Maid

7.7.21 Back Blast The Bridge @ Poshland

The workout was only 45 minutes but after today’s, let’s call it…experience, I have enough material to write a book! And to those PAX in attendance today, we all went through something special and I am truly blessed to have been a part of it. As I arrive I see Schotzie off to side talkingContinue reading “7.7.21 Back Blast The Bridge @ Poshland”

7.7.21 Pre Blast: The Bridge @Poshlands-BigBird Q

When day comes, we step out of the shade aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light. If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it. Let’s get out tomorrow, climb The Bridge and get better together. NoContinue reading “7.7.21 Pre Blast: The Bridge @Poshlands-BigBird Q”

Pre-blast: 7/6/21 – The Max @ Bayside

Tomorrow will be my first (and long overdue) trip out to Bayside. Figured what better way to debut at an AO than to lead the workout. I’ll be bringing one that will challenge the major muscle groups while mixing in some cardio. Coupons will be necessary and gloves will be helpful! Looking forward to it!Continue reading “Pre-blast: 7/6/21 – The Max @ Bayside”

BB Sump Pump Q ToG at The O – 7/1/21

PAX: Russdiculous, Flo Jo, Handbook, McAfee, Ynot, Harry Carey, Motor Boat, Sump Pump (Q) Weather – 90% chance of rain. I’m not sure it rained at all. Standard fare warmups. Arm Circle, Michael Phelps, SSH, Steve Earle, 60 Second Arm Circles. Thang 1 — Partner up for a Modified Brick by Brick Shuttlerun (BBBS). PartnerContinue reading “BB Sump Pump Q ToG at The O – 7/1/21”

Pre-Blast: 6/28/21 Sadie Q- Incubator @Posh

It’s going to be a perfect weather morning for a little ball buster at Posh to get our week started right! We are going to go for a mosey, pause for some Mary along the way, come back around and get to know our coupons well. Bring your mosey shoes, coupons, and gloves. We areContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 6/28/21 Sadie Q- Incubator @Posh”

6.23.21 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County

0525 and as I am en route to The County I see Abacus on his morning run, likely 15 miles into a 20 mile run…or something probably similar to that. Right away, I know it’s going to be a good day. As I pull into the lot, there’s a flurry of activity already with dudesContinue reading “6.23.21 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County”

BB – 5.18.21 – Loco @ The County

11 PAX came out this morning for a full body beatdown! We had a 12th pop in.. Jerry Maguire made an appearance at 05:28 to present Doubledown with a custom bottle of hand signed Heinz 57 for his 57th birthday. Jerry Maguire was feeling a bit under the weather so he presented the Heinz 57,Continue reading “BB – 5.18.21 – Loco @ The County”

BB – 5/18 – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs @ The Garden

18 Pax woke up early and got in a solid bodies by Rico workout while enjoying the grassy hill at The Garden. The Pax almost got to see some merlot as well. Pax – Cinnamon (FNG), Wide Right, Edward Scissorhands, Huggies, Gypsy, Domino, Natty Light, F Stop, Diane Dukes, Mr Roper, Pepper (FNG), Late HitContinue reading “BB – 5/18 – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs @ The Garden”

Pre-Blast 5/7/21: Patriot BO- LaGrange Courthouse Square

Been seeing and hearing the hype about this new AO in the LaGrange courthouse square! I’m super pumped to come lead out there and have a good one lined up for us. We are going to move so make sure you have your running shoes on. We are going to be on the ground soContinue reading “Pre-Blast 5/7/21: Patriot BO- LaGrange Courthouse Square”

Pre-blast: 05/01/21- Derby Day Ruiner @ The O

Come witness the birth of a new Derby morning tradition at The O. Wear some shoes that you are comfortable moving around in and be ready for a few curls. Coupons will be provided so feel free to leave yours at home. Don’t miss this one… if you are reading this, you’ve earned it. SYITGContinue reading “Pre-blast: 05/01/21- Derby Day Ruiner @ The O”

BB- 4/29/21- The Moonshiner at the Boondocks – Meter Maid 3 Year Postiversary Q

It is hard to believe that I have been coming out three years with F3 Louisville. Airplane head locked me (glad to see him back out and Qing today at the Agony) and my first post was a black ops workout at Crestwood Elementary. Fast forward to today which was my 533rd post and 48thContinue reading “BB- 4/29/21- The Moonshiner at the Boondocks – Meter Maid 3 Year Postiversary Q”

PB – 4/29/21 – The Moonshiner at the Boondocks – Meter Maid 3 Year Postiversary

Come out to celebrate my 3 years in the gloom. It will be a you vs. you workout where each years’ exercises get progressively more challenging throughout the workout. I also plan to roll out a new COP exercise tomorrow. Bring a coupon, gloves and an FNG! -Meter Maid

BB- 4/20/21: Sadie Q The Maxx @ Bayside

Beautiful morning out at Bayside perfect weather to do a lot. The PAX showed up strong and put in the work for what was not my easiest weinke. Sticking with the 4-20 theme, here we go: PAX: Shuttlecock(R),GrandpaBear, Charolais(R),Birdie,Pickleball, FannyPack(R),Borland(R),Sadie(Q) COP: 50 SSH (IC), Plank Stretching, Arm Circles Thang 1: Broke WO into three sectionsContinue reading “BB- 4/20/21: Sadie Q The Maxx @ Bayside”

BB- 4/20/21- The Planetarium at the Boondocks – Meter Maid Q

The Q this morning was inspired by a prior workout I led at the Mutt about 15 months ago. It was preCOVID (seems so long ago) where I did a “what happened on this date.” You would learn some history and have a workout that related to it. When I arrived to setup, there wereContinue reading “BB- 4/20/21- The Planetarium at the Boondocks – Meter Maid Q”

Pre-Blast 4/20/21 Sadie Q- The Maxx @ Bayside

Looking forward to bringing some heat to The Maxx at Bayside. We will be celebrating 4/20 with 4 sets of a lot of 20. The heat will be coming from your body not from a puff puff pass. We are going all out 4/20 F3 style at Bayside. Grab your coupon, gloves, running shoes areContinue reading “Pre-Blast 4/20/21 Sadie Q- The Maxx @ Bayside”