3/3/23 – The Chopper at Vets – Meter Maid Q

Sometimes when you get lemons like the deluge of rain projected tomorrow, you gotta make lemonade. Come on out to the Chopper and get stronger. Bring your favorite coupon, sandbag or ruck. I’ll keep us under the portico with a mixed bag of EMOM and tabata style. Plan to finish with plenty of core exercisesContinue reading “3/3/23 – The Chopper at Vets – Meter Maid Q”

Pre-blast: 3/25/22 – The Chopper @ Vets

It’s been weeks since my last Q and months since the last time I Q’d @ Vets. Looking forward to finally being back leading a workout under the flags @ Veterans Memorial! Tomorrow’s workout will include some Vets staples along with some exercises that break the Vets’ unwritten rules. We’ll get a little cardio inContinue reading “Pre-blast: 3/25/22 – The Chopper @ Vets”

Pre-Blast: 12/23/20 – The Tank @ Vets

Life has thrown me a couple of curveballs recently that have kept me out of the gloom for the most part over the past month. I’m back with a bang tomorrow as Q @ the one and only Vets. One of the curveballs I mentioned was a knee injury that I’m still not fully recoveredContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 12/23/20 – The Tank @ Vets”

BackBlast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets

Conditions: 77°F and clear. Humidity: 81%. PAX (9): Diablo, Meatball, Cousin Eddie, Yoshi, OJ, Worm, ETO, McAfee, Handbook (Q) Here’s how it went down:  Quick disclaimer @ 0530 then straight into Warm-O-Rama. Warm-O-Rama: 20x SSHs IC 15x Grass Grabber IC 15x Abe Vigodas IC Calf/Quad Stretches Michael Phelps The one & only THANG: DECK OFContinue reading “BackBlast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets”

Pre-Blast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets

Start your week off right with a trip to Vets for a heavy workout led by YHC. We’ll keep safe distances between each other and there will be no sharing of any equipment or coupons. Please bring a ruck with appropriate weight or other coupon of your choice and be ready to get after it!Continue reading “Pre-Blast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets”

Pre-Blast: 3/6/20 – The Chopper @ Vets

I’m making The Chopper a mixtape to celebrate my 10th Q of all time and first Q at Vets.  It’s going to feature some of my favorite moments from my previous nine Q’s including crowd pleasers such as coupon work and (a little bit of) running.  ‘Get to the choppa’ in the morning and getContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 3/6/20 – The Chopper @ Vets”

BackBlast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets

Conditions: 33°F and cloudy. PAX (8): Yoshi, Diablo, Meter Maid, Tool Time, Ditka, Frankenbaby, Plumb Bob, Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Issued a quick disclaimer prior to startex.  At 2100, it was ruck’s on and off for a quick warm-up. Warm-up: PAX rucked from the memorial into the park toward The Jeffersonian.  Hung aContinue reading “BackBlast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets”

Pre-Blast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets 9pm TONIGHT

YHC is on the Q tonight at our weekly Ruck Ops workout and I’m pumped for the chance to lead one of these.  This workout has quickly turned into one of my favorite posts of the week.  Always a great opportunity to put in some hard work to go along with some of the bestContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets 9pm TONIGHT”

02.08.2019. Miyagi Q @ The Chopper. Vets. Who is this? It’s Miyagi…from the Mutt. What are you wearing “Miyagi from ‘The Mutt’?” Uhhh…Khakis…

    When: 0530 Where: Vets   Will YHC actually show in khakis? Show up tomorrow and find out. We will work hard. We will be winded. Gloves would be smart. Insurance is known for the fine print, so see if you can figure it out.   Bring an FNG Unleash your inner beast ResistContinue reading “02.08.2019. Miyagi Q @ The Chopper. Vets. Who is this? It’s Miyagi…from the Mutt. What are you wearing “Miyagi from ‘The Mutt’?” Uhhh…Khakis…”

Heavy at Vets: 12 Days of HEAVY – Backblast

After a weekend of indulging, I thought of no better way to start off the week than with a HEAVY workout with my HIMS. SO when Worm asked me last week if I would Q it, I said YES because it will force me to get out on a Monday after a long weekend. AtContinue reading “Heavy at Vets: 12 Days of HEAVY – Backblast”