BB – The Fog 3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q

I always enjoy working out and rucking at the Posh. Yogi and his team do a fantastic job of maintaining the grounds. As my pre-blast stated, I scheduled a pre-Ruck workout. Gaba Gaba and I cast off at 5:45am and got about 3.8 miles going to toward North Posh and back. Before the workout, itContinue reading “BB – The Fog 3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q”

PB- The Fog -3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q

Make it a double. I will be leading a pre-ruck at the normal South Posh from 5:45 -6:45AM. Then, I will be Qing the Fog. We will be moving and touring many areas of the Parklands. No coupons required but gloves are recommended. SYITG! -Meter Maid

BackBlast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets

Conditions: 77°F and clear. Humidity: 81%. PAX (9): Diablo, Meatball, Cousin Eddie, Yoshi, OJ, Worm, ETO, McAfee, Handbook (Q) Here’s how it went down:  Quick disclaimer @ 0530 then straight into Warm-O-Rama. Warm-O-Rama: 20x SSHs IC 15x Grass Grabber IC 15x Abe Vigodas IC Calf/Quad Stretches Michael Phelps The one & only THANG: DECK OFContinue reading “BackBlast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets”

Pre-Blast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets

Start your week off right with a trip to Vets for a heavy workout led by YHC. We’ll keep safe distances between each other and there will be no sharing of any equipment or coupons. Please bring a ruck with appropriate weight or other coupon of your choice and be ready to get after it!Continue reading “Pre-Blast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets”

Announcing GROWRUCK 21 Training Opportunities

Today marks 15 weeks exactly from the start of GrowRuck 21!  If you’ve already signed up, then T-CLAPS to you.  You’re awesome.  If you have yet to sign up, you’re still awesome but quit thinking about it, quit second guessing yourself, and take the plunge.  If you are asking yourself ‘can I make it 12Continue reading “Announcing GROWRUCK 21 Training Opportunities”

BackBlast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets

Conditions: 33°F and cloudy. PAX (8): Yoshi, Diablo, Meter Maid, Tool Time, Ditka, Frankenbaby, Plumb Bob, Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Issued a quick disclaimer prior to startex.  At 2100, it was ruck’s on and off for a quick warm-up. Warm-up: PAX rucked from the memorial into the park toward The Jeffersonian.  Hung aContinue reading “BackBlast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets”

BB- Meter Maid VQ at the Max – 1/25/20

It was my first Q at the Max so I wanted to do something special. I brought out my inventory of GoRuck rucks and sandbags. It was about 35 degrees and it was flurrying. I had gotten there early to check out the areas for my Q. Schotzie was the first to arrive. He doesn’tContinue reading “BB- Meter Maid VQ at the Max – 1/25/20”

St. Aloys – Black Ops Pre Workout Ruck for 9.9.18 – Pre Blast

This will be a good one for rucking beginners and 2.0 friendly. We will begin at 6am in the usual spot of the St Aloys parking lot. We will do a little more than three miles prior to the Viking 7am football themed beat down. SYITG! -Meter Maid

Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB

Pax: Star Child (Q), Thumbtack (VR), Zima, Snowman There were decisions to be made before we start the ruck: flag placement, whether to head east or west, how to rotate the sand bag, etc. However, one of the best decisions of the night was the application of Glide to the nether regions, Star Child madeContinue reading “Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB”

Team #1 Capture the Flag BB: Risk and (no) Reward (6/22)

I had the distinguished honor of captaining Team #1 or shall I say the A-Team! Gypsy aka Faceman, always looked good, start to finish. Old Bay aka Hannibal, not the captain, but a true leader within this crew.  He brought a speaker-genius! Newman aka B.A. Baracus, the man can carry 10 times his body weightContinue reading “Team #1 Capture the Flag BB: Risk and (no) Reward (6/22)”

4/14 Night Ruck Preblast

I’m currently at the UPS store getting maps laminated. I just bought 10 bucks worth of GU and caffeinated jelly beans. I confirmed with the Zoo we can park in their lot. And I’m waiting for confirmation that our ending location is cool with us being there. I’m still kinda stuck on the maps. I’mContinue reading “4/14 Night Ruck Preblast”

BackBlast #FogPreRuck Abacus Q – “Do I need a headlamp”

Winter is drawing to a close in six more weeks, thank you punxsutawney phil, and Storm Trooper came ready with winter gear…gloves and headlamp. Disappointment rang out when YHC announced headlamps were not necessary for the beatdown. As the PAX strolled to the starting spot, questions rang out were you doing Side Straddle Hops? Yes, IContinue reading “BackBlast #FogPreRuck Abacus Q – “Do I need a headlamp””

BlackOps #Fog Pre-ruck!!! This might be stupid…ABACUS Q Parklands 0600 to 0650

This really may be stupid, but the brave HIM’s that show up won’t be let down. Tomorrow we ruck train GoRuck style. Get your butt to the Gloom early for a Ruck Training BEAT DOWN! You can brag about how awesome you are at coffeeteria!

BackBlast #blackOps #Rucking @Poshland Abacus

YHC loves rolling into the site because you never know who is going to show. 3 PAX improved their #ruckstrength today! 3.75 miles covered about 1 hour Abacus – Q; PK and Storm Trooper Our ruck provided a perfect warm-up for the Storm Trooper VQ! Next week we will do it again and YOU haveContinue reading “BackBlast #blackOps #Rucking @Poshland Abacus”

1/19 @F3VilleBlackOps Backblast – CSAUP Ruck #getbetter

Pax (9):  Red Roof, OJ, Mad Cow, Wham!, Amelia, Mayberry, Captain Insane-o (YHC), Zartan, Face. A 7ft log and a 60lb sandbag (yes, both have names. No, I won’t print them in this Backblast.  Or will I?). Woof. Q: Rotated throughout depending on who was under the log/bag. I’m still waiting for someone to say, “Nah.Continue reading “1/19 @F3VilleBlackOps Backblast – CSAUP Ruck #getbetter”

PreBlast #BlackOps #Rucking #Poshlands 1/20/18 0530 Abacus Q (meet at normal Poshland AO)

Join Abacus for a pre-beatdown ruck through the gloom of the Poshlands! Let’s face it the Poshland is so Posh it’s not really gloom. Get out and #GETBETTER Objective – cover 4 miles @ 12 minute pace Stick around for Storm Trooper VQ at 0700 Coffeeteria 0800 for recollection of our feats of strength

YOU SHOULD READ: 12/9 Q/Lead/Convergence Backblast from @F3Louisville @darkhelmetF3 #getbetter #ISI

Q: Dark Helmet (DR, KD F3Nation Royalty on a mission to GROW) Pax (50, 2 FNGs, or was it 75?): Captain Insane-o (YHC), Face, Wedding Singer, Double Down (respect), Red Roof, HazMat, Glaucoma, Digiorno, Swifty, Waterboy, Bumblebee (respect), Kilo, Tron, Choir Boi (FNG), Mr. Hat, Gillespie, Hobbs, Kidnapper Van, Macafee, Preemie (FNG), Abacus, Situation, OldContinue reading “YOU SHOULD READ: 12/9 Q/Lead/Convergence Backblast from @F3Louisville @darkhelmetF3 #getbetter #ISI”

Updated with Gear Notes: 12/5 Ruck Backblast @OF3Louisville #getbetter #ruckyes

3 brave (*dumb) Pax: Diablo, Wham!, and Captain Insaneo (YHC) went for a ruck this am at the O at Seneca Park. It was raining. Steadily raining. It was 0445. Luckily it was 56*. Gear: rucks, Wham! and YHC had on jackets (maybe we Donald Ducked it. Maybe we didn’t. You weren’t there). Diablo evaporatesContinue reading “Updated with Gear Notes: 12/5 Ruck Backblast @OF3Louisville #getbetter #ruckyes”

12/9 Convergence/Ruck/Q School/Lead School Awesomeness with @DarkHelmetF3 #getbetter

Well, hello there!  The Hard Commits (HCs) are coming in fast and furious; at such a pace that spots are filling up fast!  Actually, there are no spots; this is F3 and open to all men, free and outdoors.  We’ll take everyone.  We want you to come.  So what’s stopping you from HC’ing? Is itContinue reading “12/9 Convergence/Ruck/Q School/Lead School Awesomeness with @DarkHelmetF3 #getbetter”

10/27 0515 V Ruck Preblast – @F3Louisville #blackops

First F3 Louisville Ruck. Grab a back pack. Put some water bottles, weight plates or a sand bag in it, say 10-20 lbs. Grab a headlamp or flashlight and reflective clothes and good shoes. Join us for a 3.5-5 mile ruck. Where: at the O at Seneca What: A Ruck When: 10/27 0515 Who:Continue reading “10/27 0515 V Ruck Preblast – @F3Louisville #blackops”