YOU SHOULD READ: 12/9 Q/Lead/Convergence Backblast from @F3Louisville @darkhelmetF3 #getbetter #ISI

Q: Dark Helmet (DR, KD F3Nation Royalty on a mission to GROW)

Pax (50, 2 FNGs, or was it 75?): Captain Insane-o (YHC), Face, Wedding Singer, Double Down (respect), Red Roof, HazMat, Glaucoma, Digiorno, Swifty, Waterboy, Bumblebee (respect), Kilo, Tron, Choir Boi (FNG), Mr. Hat, Gillespie, Hobbs, Kidnapper Van, Macafee, Preemie (FNG), Abacus, Situation, Old Bay, Cardinal, Spinal Tap (Enya), Trump, Backdraft, Geppetto, PK, Wham-O, Steemer (respect), Happy Fingers, Spreadsheet, Dynamite!, Wham!, Methane, Scratch, Mad Cow, Bob Ross, OJ, Loco, Skid, Diablo, Zartan, Cutlass, Star Child, Little Jerry (respect), Quimby, Tiger, Dark Helmet

There are many moments from today that I hope my over-taxed, tiny brain can remember. I’ll try to get some of them down here (Smith-son-ian!), but there’s one I want to start with. Then, I’ll try to make interesting through the power of the typed word, Dark Helmet’s visit to F3 Louisville.

For those of you following along, we started 4/22/2017 as a Leap Site. According to legend, there were some back in Charlotte at F3Nation HQ (it’s like the building from the Avengers I hear; never been invited, but hey, whatevs), that thought we wouldn’t make it. It was touch and go to start; some lowish turnouts maybe at the beginning (you can read all the Backblasts on this site from jumpstreet). Perhaps an inauspicious start, but as I said it was a legend. And we know that legends are just fairy tales. Speaking of legends, one time Zartan and I jumped over a bus. So, where was I, oh right. At today’s Lead School, Dark Helmet asked all of us that were at that first work out to stand. Only one Pax stood: Red Roof. So, of the 50 of us that posted for Q School today (and the 40 of us at Lead School), only one Pax had been here since the beginning. Red Roof. As Red Roof stood, YHC was hit with powerful feels of happiness, respect, responsibility and….hey…is it dusty in Mellow Mushroom? Digiorno, is there some allergen in the air? My eyes are getting a little misty… GRATITUDE.

Think of it this way: had Red Roof not posted at the first workout and kept going to the next and the next after that, we may not have this gift in our lives. I’m not exaggerating when I say, we owe Red Roof. His perseverance and strength got us here, and now we have an incredibly strong Pax that will carry us forward to the next step and beyond. Red Roof is the man.

Okay, enough feels, I’m sure you’re reading this to see if I can make Dark Helmet look good. Let me just say this: I cannot. But I’ll tell you a story.

Dark Helmet first hit out radar 4 months ago when we were contemplating launching F3 Lexington, Kentucky (which will be F3LexVegas; sorry OBT and Dredd, already decided). We were really feeling good about what we were doing (if you don’t know this, follow us on Twitter or here on this awesome Website. We like the smell of our own brand quite a bit), and we thought, heck this will be easy. We were put in touch with DH, who was on vacation and took our call from the beach. He was very kind and listened closely and said, “No. You don’t want to do that. That’s a terrible idea.” Of course, he was right, but we were a little taken back. Who’s this straight shooting, dry as toast dude to tell us what we can’t do? Well, turns out he’s a prophet with honor (for those of you on Twitter, you see what I did there). We could barely keep our own stuff together, let alone launch a new city. Hell, we could barely cadence count and didn’t know at the time the difference between an AO, a workout, a region or a nomad. Still don’t, but that’s what DH is for; and for comic relief. Soon, we forgot about DH.

Then, we saw that F3 Toledo got a Q/Lead School. Let me say, I love F3 Toledo. Colonel is my man. But F3 Toledo is the Marcia to our Jan. The Payton to our Eli. They’re a miracle; we’re a surprise. So, hat tip to Colonel, who told me who to bug to get Q/Lead School, and boy did I. For those that know me, I’m a super laid back dude that’s wound about as tight as the town prostitute (i.e., I’m loose). Actually, none of that is true. I’m super type A and when I feel slighted or want something I tend to take action (reference: The Great Burpee Debate of ’17: Clap v. No Clap). I WUPHF’d F3 Nation. Every comz at my disposal was aimed at Q/Lead School (coming for GrowRuck next OBT; you should have never given me the Twitter Password). To his credit, DH answered immediately. He gave me his email, then eventually his cell phone and at that point IT WAS ON. We all settled on 12/9 at the date for a Convergence/Q & Lead School, and we started marketing and planning.

Fast forward to 12/8. Yesterday. Not sure ya’ll know this, but Atlanta and Charlotte were hit with snow and ice, and almost every plane at CLT was grounded. We were oblivious in Louisville. It was cold, but no precipitation was here. It was Wedding Singer’s text to me after reading my last BB that joked DH may not come due to our Twitter-antics that led me to text DH to confirm his arrival. Within seconds I got, “100%.” Within seconds, I then got, “Well, they just cancelled my flight.” Remember that laid back status I have… But fearless, Red Roof, Star Child, Zartan and Digiorno sprung into action. We’d pipe him in digitally, we’d run Q school on our own, we’ll buy a robot (my idea). Short answer, calm down CI, we’ll figure it out. Luckily the easiest solution presented itself. DH took control of the weather by flying through the Philippines to get here. He arrived in the wee hours of 12/9 (not really; it was like 11:30 pm on 12/8, but it sounds better if he got here hours before his Q/Lead and crushed it; legends kids, legends).

Conditions: 21*, humidity 72%. Windchill probs 15*. There was frost everywhere. Top layer of the ground was frozen.

Gear (for Zoo): Digital camo doo rag, tights (full length), shorts (no Quimby), men’s socks, Red F3 South Wake F3 short Sleeved tshirt, black and pink gloves, trail Newbies. Yep, I went short sleeves. Huuuuuuge mistake. Star Child was dressed in a Santa Claus onesie….

We started today with a 26 Pax Ruck. I think Kilo will post something, but it was a good ruck. Nugget, Zartan and I were sweeping the six and cut across the field to meet our guest Q, and to our surprise this dude with knee braces and incredible (and I’m not lying when I say incredible) hair pops out of nowhere and introduces himself as Dark Helmet. That hair, man. Woof. Pretty sure he got a fresh cut before coming to see us. Didn’t you DH? You wanted to be pretty for us. That’s cool. We appreciate a lady who likes to shine. Anyhoo, we bro-hugged, talked logistics and introduced him to the Pax. I will try to stop complimenting the guy cause his head is already large, but he dropped into the Pax like he knew us. Pretty sure he met every one of the 50 there in the 10 minutes before he started his disclaimer. Very cool to watch unfold.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what we did because you need to experience Q school for yourself. But I will say this to our Pax. If you thought the workout was disjointed or not hard enough, you missed the greater point. You can tell this dude is a pro (despite us not being professionals). All the stuff he did (or didn’t do) was on purpose to teach, to show, to make you realize that there’s a good way to do things and a bad way. In short, he taught us what to do by showing us what not to do. He also gave good instructions when his jaw wasn’t frozen. It was freaking cold. And he kept stopping and talking or letting other guys talk, and YHC was getting core cold. I’m stupid. He may be a dick. But in a good way.

COR, NOR were epic. Everyone was there, but some were not (and were missed). We had two FNGs. What? Choir Boi and Preemie. Welcome. Go fill out the paperwork in the menu so we can find you. Many intentions were given. The Mutt Pax announced the Santa Toy Drive 12/20 at Mellow Mushroom, and Star Child took us out with a wonderful prayer. I sprinted to my truck and my pullover. But not before pictures…. (there’s more after the pictures):

So, you stuck around. Nice. I’ll tell another story. After the frigid adventure that was Q School, the warmth of Mellow Mushroom (and the food and coffee, Tclaps Nugget, Kilo and Face) were a welcome relief. Lead School was going down, and it did go down, but I won’t share the secrets of that either. But I remember DH telling us in our first planning call that when we completed Q/Lead School we’d get a belt buckle. But then he said, “No, not really. There’s no belt buckle. But that would be cool. You do get a trophy.” Then, he said, “actually, no you don’t get a trophy.” That stuck with me. It was funny, but also seemed like maybe a line he really likes to use. Although we really didn’t look, we couldn’t find a belt buckle and there was no trophy available, so we got him something that combined it all: a WWE (or Wonder Woman) Championship Belt. YHC won’t say whether it fit or not, but it looks good slung over DH’s shoulder.

Well, we’re on the road to Region-hood. It seems kind of daunting, but in a fun way, like figuring out how to best get a hole in the top of a shovel flag. We’ll get there. We have Red Roof. Now, we have Dark Helmet (we’ve clearly eclipsed F3 Toledo as his favorite Nomad). And we have this stud Pax that keeps YHC going every day to get better.

Thanks Red Roof. Thanks Dark Helmet. Thanks Pax. Now, let’s figure out how to give this away to more men. They need it just like we do.

CI out.

2 thoughts on “YOU SHOULD READ: 12/9 Q/Lead/Convergence Backblast from @F3Louisville @darkhelmetF3 #getbetter #ISI

  1. The Godfathers agree that Red Roof deserves an extra helping of gratitude.

    And we are proud as hell to see what you guys are doing.

    Makes us pumped up to launch the next city.

    You guys ready to help launch another city ??


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