Change Is Good – New Leadership Council

F3 hit me at the right time. I jumped in; all in. I drank the kool-aid. Hell, I was the kool-aid man for a while, nearly busting down walls to find the next guy who needed F3. I’ve been doing this for nearly two and a half years. I’ve done a few things considered “leadership”,Continue reading “Change Is Good – New Leadership Council”

#Loco Backblast Ghost Q Week – CI the Friendly Ghost

Q:  CI Pax (19):  Cowboy, Jolly Rancher, Wildflower (Happy Birthday), Asian Zing (R), Peach, Cardigan, Airplane, Pelican, Fungi, Abacus, Kimble, Big Bird, Limestone, Brown Water, Cratchet, Viking, Pew Pew, Alexa, CI Conditions:  54*.  Nice. Gearlander:  I don’t have a ghost costume, but I have a shirt with a spider on it.  So I wore that.Continue reading “#Loco Backblast Ghost Q Week – CI the Friendly Ghost”

Chopper Backblast 10/18

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (29): Storm trooper, BOGO, Face, Tony Malito, Sweet Tart, Fergie, Short Hose, Fructose, Domino, Nino, Nice and Slow, Bueller, Stick up, Meatball, Kilo, Aerobie, Crock Pot, Snow Day, Greenwich, Dynamite, Ripple, Yoshi, My Boy Blue, Alexa, Mamas’ Boy, Woo, Big Bird, Airplane, CI Conditions:  40* and clear Gearlander:  Compression tank; shorts;Continue reading “Chopper Backblast 10/18”

Chopper Preblast 10/18 – CI Back at Vets

I’m still a little gimpy and I’m fighting a cold, but I’ll be the Q at Vets this Friday. Come see what I’ve got planned, or don’t. Either way, you’re making a choice and I respect that. Who: all y’all What: 45 workout When: 0530 on 10/18 Where: Veterans Park How: through indomitable will Why:Continue reading “Chopper Preblast 10/18 – CI Back at Vets”

Bag of Wrenches Backblast 10/8 – Sound and Fury

Q:  CI Pax (11):  Fall Guy, Diablo (weighted), Vincent, Pork Chop, Fergie, Handbook, Soft Top, Adidas, Trump, Flo Jo, CI Conditions:  48*, crisp.  My favorite weather.  I feel like I can go harder with less risk of passing out. Gearlander:  Busch 26.2 F3Louisville Jersey, shorts, shoes, socks, Fred.  No weight vest because I was QingContinue reading “Bag of Wrenches Backblast 10/8 – Sound and Fury”

You Get What You Pay For – Garden BB 8/20

Q: CI Pax (1 FNG; 1 dog): Tony Malito, Skee-lo, Uncle Rico, Jewels (FNG), Kilo, Catfish, Domino, Harbaugh, Fructose, Nino, Husky, Nice and Slow, PK, Lady Bird, CI Conditions: 76* and humid. People pay for those those conditions when they do yoga. So we did. Gearlander: same stuff as normal, but no weight vest becauseContinue reading “You Get What You Pay For – Garden BB 8/20”

State of the Region: @F3Louisville is Good

This is not a vanity piece. I reserve those for This is an update; a deep share, if you will, of my impressions of the State of the Region. I realized this morning when I worked out with 7 guys I don’t know (3 I do), it would be good for me to introduceContinue reading “State of the Region: @F3Louisville is Good”

7/22/2019 Cox Park BO Backblast

Q: CI Pax (11): Face, PED, Nino, Nice & Slow, Huggies, Fall Guy (R), Busch, OJ, Nugget, Pope, CI Conditions: 74*. Tons of barking spiders. Gearlander: Pink buff (to be like Nino), 20# vest, 100 # sand bag, 60 # sand bag, 50/30/30# kettlebells We’ve hit Cox a few times. Zartan wrote the best backContinue reading “7/22/2019 Cox Park BO Backblast”

Sleepwalking Around the O – ToG Backblast 7.11.19. Welcome Deer Tick.

QIC: Captain Insane-o Pax (29, 1 FNG): Trump, Deuce, Pope, Busssccchhh, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, OJ, Eggo, Violet, Dorothy, Lobsta, Carlton, Methane, Whitney, Crock Pot, Wham!, Red Roof, Deer Tick (FNG), Pixar, Butcher, Zoolander, McAfee, Nugget, Tron, Dunphy, Catfish, Vincent (R), Tony Malito, CI Conditions: Like a hot blanket of bear fur covered in honeyContinue reading “Sleepwalking Around the O – ToG Backblast 7.11.19. Welcome Deer Tick.”

7/11/19 ToG Preblast-If you’ve never skipped a CI Q, here’s your chance #getrested

Been a while since I Q’d. I’m going to give some thought to what to do, but no promises that it will be good, original or even interesting. It’ll just be good to be there, or not if you’re tired. Here’s a picture I found in my photos that I like.

Murph BB at the O

Pax: Pepperoni, TFB, Tron, Wham!, Diablo, Nomar, Nugget, Chestnut, Viking, Speedbump, Face, OJ, Digiorno, Fridge, Pope, CI Gearlander: Black Hurley swim trunks, gray/black camo Shirt, Feetures socks, NB MR 1400 running shoes, Fred, 20lb Hyperwear weight vest. Conditions: 67*. Humid AF above merkin level. Awesome tunes through the air. Fall Guy approved. If you’re readingContinue reading “Murph BB at the O”

Memorial Murph at the O at 0600 – A CI Motivational

For anyone who’s not done this, here’s your chance. It’s to honor Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all that sacrificed defending our country. And it’s a great test of your fitness and resolve. I hear some of you saying, “But CI, I’m terrible at pull-ups.” To that I say, “you can do 5, right?” You reply,Continue reading “Memorial Murph at the O at 0600 – A CI Motivational”

A Tradition Unlike Any Other – 100-1-50-1 – BoW BB 4/9/2019

Q: CI Pax: Trump, Glenn Ross, Fridge, FloJo, Splash, Grinder, Tammy Faye Baker, Tronstache, Incognito (DR), Vincent (R), ValPak, Big Bird, Violet, Wham!, CI Conditions: Per Wham!, “weather was perfect for this.” So if your local weather person ever says, “it’s 56* and clear with 96% humidity,” you may end up getting destroyed if youContinue reading “A Tradition Unlike Any Other – 100-1-50-1 – BoW BB 4/9/2019”

Club Paradise 2 Backblast – 4/3/19

Q: Val Kilmer and CI Pax: Dry Rub, Glenn Ross, Digiorno, Yogi, Deuce, CI Who wants to work out on vacation? Apparently we do. Gearlander: camo Superman tank top, swim trunks, Florida Buff, Val Conditions: 50* and clear Deuce asked me Monday if I planned to use the beach. I figured I would but theContinue reading “Club Paradise 2 Backblast – 4/3/19”

I have 430# of stuff I have to get back in my basement. Who’s in to help? @PoshF3 Backblast 3.18.2019

Q:  Captain Insane-o Pax (12):  Carlton, Dunphy, Abacus, Fergie, Valdez, Catfish, Stormtrooper, Banana Hands (R), Pork Chop, Vincent (R), Grinder, CI.  (YHC excluded, this was one badass group of badasses). Conditions:  30*, 78% humidity.  Clear.  Waxing Gibbous Moon. Gearlander:  Florida Buff, tioght Nike thermal shirt, black swim trunks, Hoka One One Arahi 3s, Feetures Socks,Continue reading “I have 430# of stuff I have to get back in my basement. Who’s in to help? @PoshF3 Backblast 3.18.2019”

Alarm is Set. Calendar Booked. See you at North Posh on 3/18. Heavy, heavy heavy Preblast.

It happened.  I missed a Q this week.  I won’t go into the excuses because it really doesn’t matter.  I own it, and like a good friend said, “sh&t happens”.  So I have to make sure I don’t miss this Q. So I have it booked, marked, alarmed and planned out. I’m finally rounding backContinue reading “Alarm is Set. Calendar Booked. See you at North Posh on 3/18. Heavy, heavy heavy Preblast.”

2/9 Ruiner Backblast-Tour de Ruiner

Q: Captain Insaneo Pax: Red Roof, Wham!, Fergie, Escort, Vincent (R), Pope, Tron, CI Conditions: Eyeball freezing weather. 18*ish. Clear. No wind, which helped. Gearlander: Same things I wore on last night’s ruck. I picked up this Q despite it following a tough night ruck co-Q’d by beasts Diablo and Mad Cow and being outContinue reading “2/9 Ruiner Backblast-Tour de Ruiner”

I’m not mad, I’m disappointed- 2/9 Ruiner Preblast

Been a long week, so take this with a grain of salt. We got like a grand of us and no one stepped up to Q the Ruiner? I took it because I love it. Do me a favor, though. Figure out that you need to love it, too. I’ll show you why you shouldContinue reading “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed- 2/9 Ruiner Preblast”

Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective

Q: Captain Insane-o (father of a teenager) Pax: Zima, Chicklas, Fridge, Scuba Steve, Valdez, Fergie, Wham!, Pork Chop, Nice and Slow, Plumb Bob, Nino, Huggies, Airplane, Uncle Rico, Bussssccchhhh, Jolly Rancher, Grinder, Jitterbug (R), Alexa, CI Conditions: I’ll say it this way: no one’s eyeballs froze. It was fine. Gearlander: Same stuff I usually wear;Continue reading “Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective”

Pleasantville Pre-blast 2/1/19 – CI Q

I wanted to call the AO in Norton Commons, “The Village of the Damned”, but we settled on Pleasantville. I guess because nothing inspires you to work harder and push yourself to your limits when things are tough than something that’s pleasant. Maybe we’re using it ironically?  I doubt it since no one really knowsContinue reading “Pleasantville Pre-blast 2/1/19 – CI Q”

Ruiner Backblast 1/19 – Double Ugh

Q: Captain Insaneo Pax (13): Red Roof, Catfish, Face, Tron, Vincent, Wham!, Violet, Nugget, Incognito, Grinder, Porkchop, Diablo, CI Conditions: When I got to the O it was 41 and pouring. As the workout progressed, the rain let up. Or, as Violet said, the workout made him forget about the rain. Gearlander: normal stuff, plusContinue reading “Ruiner Backblast 1/19 – Double Ugh”

1/19 Ruiner Preblast – Ugh

I just checked the weather for tomorrow’s workout…. Oh well, rain or shine, amirite?  I can only promise one thing:  it’s been worse. Who:  All Pax with a pair What:  A CI Q in the cold rain When:  Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 0700 Where:  the O, which is located in Seneca Park by theContinue reading “1/19 Ruiner Preblast – Ugh”

1/14 North Posh Backblast – Beastmode, Engaged. @F3Posh

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (9): Dunphy, Iceman, PK, Kilo, Little Jerry, Abacus, Milton, Catfish, CI Conditions: 31*, Light Snow. Ground was mostly dry from this weekend’s snowpocalypse. Gearlander: White pullover, shirt, black tights and shorts (no Quimby), trail shoes, Feetures socks, waterproof winter gloves, Fred. Also, workout board (shown below), good time sound machine, lanternContinue reading “1/14 North Posh Backblast – Beastmode, Engaged. @F3Posh”

1/14 North Posh Preblast (Read on for some Pro Tips) – It Gonna Be Goooooood

I’m making my debut at NP as the Q. I’ve heard the workouts there are difficult. Catfish also asked me to favor the run. So, I’m planning a very difficult, run-heavy set. If it goes off as planned, you’ll feel it. This will be a good one if you want to push yourself or seeContinue reading “1/14 North Posh Preblast (Read on for some Pro Tips) – It Gonna Be Goooooood”

“Running is a life skill” – John Coctostan. Ruiner Backblast 1/5/19

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax: Here’s a question: if you come late and miss the workout but workout, do I count you here? Because Diablo wrote a backblast for these guys, imma gonna say naw. Vincent (R), Trump, Gillespie, Face, Violet, Pope, Pong, Oscar, CI Gearlander: Merrell shoes, feetures socks, shorts, Toledo Walmart tank top coveredContinue reading ““Running is a life skill” – John Coctostan. Ruiner Backblast 1/5/19”