State of the Region: @F3Louisville is Good

This is not a vanity piece. I reserve those for

This is an update; a deep share, if you will, of my impressions of the State of the Region. I realized this morning when I worked out with 7 guys I don’t know (3 I do), it would be good for me to introduce myself (thanks Duggar, for introducing yourself this morning; I was having trouble breathing, so forgive my manners).

For those of you who don’t want to read on, here’s the bottom line:  Things are good.

For those who want to continue, I will try to have general headers for topics that may be of interest to you. For those of you who have input, there is a comment box below this post and I’d love to hear from you (even if you disagree), and if you have a complaint, you know where to go.

The Vision

I was recently pressed for my vision for F3Louisville. My answer was not poetic, but I’ve homed in on the poet who best stated my thoughts on the importance of my vision (imagine I’m Rusev about to spout my “vision” to the Rock)…

In other words (actually in almost the same words), my vision does not matter. Wuh, you may be saying? But CI, you’re supposed to be the Nathan (I prefer the Cathy, but whatevs), isn’t that your job? No; I don’t think so.

Instead, the vision for F3Louisville is yours, dear F3 Louisville Pax Reader (not you F3 Memphis; rules are rules). The vision for our region is in your hands, and starts with your daily leadership, your weekly leadership, your event leadership, your effort and drive to do something to improve our community, yourself, the folks around you and our group.

Sound contrived? Not really, but maybe. Maybe I’m taking the easy way out, but I don’t really think so. Instead, I believe I’m serving the mission of F3 by keeping my vision out of it and letting you crazy mofos run wild to do things like host a Custom GORUCK Tough (since we’ve been blacklisted by GrowRUCK :shouldershrug:), grow east like a weed, find new leaders to fuel the building of your vision, do events and support causes that I didn’t even know existed. Plus, my vision is primarily focused on things like whether to eat hot chicken soak bread and whether anyone truly heard my snarky comment that I repeated to zero laughs.

Bottom line – disagree below if you want – the vision of F3Louisville is your vision for what you want this to be. And I submit it’s working out pretty damn well. We are, on a daily basis, improving community leadership through fitness, fellowship and faith. In other words, your vision is serving the mission.

So, what’s your vision? Sounds great. What are YOU going to do about it?

What’s Good

Well, we’re still here. I’m sure back at HQ there was concern for a bit, but we pressed on. We fought off Orange Theory, general laziness, FiA (stealing our sites and times) and our current foe of F45 (JK; I passed by one this morning from Airplane’s Black Op and there was only a single person in there).

How about some stats? E’reybody likes stats

Pax who have posted at F3Louisville:  810
Pax in Slack (what I would call “active”):  503
Blasts published on  4100 (include F3Louisville Swapmeet Posts)
Workouts available each week: 24 (not including pop-up workouts we call Black Ops)
Sites: 9 (all over Louisville, with growth plans in place courtesy of Fungi).  We have a map on our website with directions. Don’t look right now; we’re updating it.
Parody Twitter handles:  3, possibly 4
Rucks available:  Monthly Ruck Events that emulate GRLs, sprinkled with our magic dust that makes us the Fun Factory (ugh, gives me shivers to type that; in the words of my 13 yo, “so cringy”. But Kilo and Winnebago have a thing for this and it’s not my vision, remember?).

I mentioned expansion and the workout I attended this morning was a starfish Black Op site inspection for expansion of the County. Man, the County. It’s reeeaaallll good. It’s also a good example of why my vision doesn’t matter. Wasn’t on my radar. But it was for Abacus. He and the guys out there have exploded the location, the workouts, the involvement, the community. They took F3 where it was needed most, and have grown it to an AO that now needs to starfish and spring new sites. That’s good.

But how about our vintage spots, like the O, the Mutt and Parklands. They’re, likewise, good. Parklands, like a wet gremlin, has popped out its own starfish locations, bringing in new Pax and new influence. The Mutt continues to draw huge numbers and remains one of the strongest sites we have. And the O, the Original, is drawing FNGs at a pace not seen since summer 2017.

I could go on and on about our spots and our growth, but know this, if we were in Glengarry Glen Ross, we’d all be getting coffee because we’re closing.

New Blood

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the Pax who have taken over the core roles required to move this thing along. Honestly, they make it look effortless and it’s not. They rarely seek attention and instead just do what they do for the Pax. But you have to know that without these guys, your vision may not get off the ground. So thank you to the team, and maybe thank them when you see them:

Red Roof:  3rd F Q
Kilo:  Ruck Q
Abacus:  Comz
Nino: 1st F Q
McAfee: 1st F Q (we have so much f’n 1st F we need two)
Airplane: 2nd F Q
Fungi: Growth/Expansion Q

Thanks guys. Remember this one fact: though I often seem serious, 90% of what I say is not serious. This, however, falls in the 10% part where I am serious: Thank you for all you do for the Pax (and for me).

Oh, for those of you that have a vision, these are your guides for your vision quest. Grab some peyote and a tepee (or don’t), reach out to them and get it moving. You want to plant a new site, great. You want to start a new event, great. You want to support a charity, great. They’ll help you do it. You want advice on your soak bread, give me a call.

The Impact

I don’t have the stats memorized any longer, but we raise a ton of money for charity. You know this man. We also do a ton of things for our community. In short, we’re Living 3rd. You want to help or know more, go here. But how about a couple of impact moments from F3Louisville.

  • My good friend Double Down is an inspiration. And the Nation’s support for our brother was incredible. I’m so happy to report he’s doing great. And he continues to kick ass in the gloom.
  • Just this morning, I heard two stories of Pax losing 60lbs and 100lbs, respectively. Woof. Not only is that life changing, that’s potentially life saving.
  • I (not a vanity piece) personally have benefited from the new friends I’ve gained from F3. Hell, whenever we go out, I see someone I know. And my family just says, lovingly, “F3, huh?” How many of us have made a connection through F3? All of us. That’s impact.
  • I (not a vanity piece) saw a picture of Weedwacker’s son on the ‘Gram yesterday and it was so uplifting.

There are hundreds of these moments and stories. I don’t know them all, but man they’re important. I challenge you to add to the State of our Region by commenting with an Impact Moment of your own. I dare you.

This alone is enough for me to report how Good things are. Drive on, boys and keep driving.

The End

I know there is likely more I should say, but this is already too long. That said, I thought it would be good for you to hear from me that things are good. But, if they’re not, YOU have the ability and vision to make them better. Start now.

CI out.


One thought on “State of the Region: @F3Louisville is Good

  1. Life is cyclical. When pulled away from the gloom because life happens and excuses become easier to concocte, the friends made through F3Louisville are there to bring you back and a HUGE reason we show up. Even better, the friendships I have made with “new guys” has reinvigorated that feeling in recent months. Thanks to all the leaders for continuing to growing this thing and steering the ship in an awesome direction. TCLAPs.

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