Temple of Gloom Backblast – Mostly on the Fly


Pax (9): Deuce, Handbook, Butcher, Pixar, Tin Cup, Jitterbug (R), Wham!, Pinecone, CI. Not included, but perhaps important to note is that Mrs. Tron was at the same park leading a workout of no less than 50, dropping Ric Flair Woo’s with banging music. So, we’ll call it 59.

Conditions: Murky. Deuce said the dew point was 75, which may explain the blanket of fog and the fact that I can’t swallow right now due to cotton mouth. So thirsty. I also made us roll around in the grass so we’d be more comfortable.

Gearlander: Only thing worth noting is my pride Miller Lite tank top courtesy of Busch, who skipped my workout and went to the Mutt. Guess he’s mad at me. I also had 5 cones I grabbed on my way out of the garage.

Ok, here’s the thing. I basically forgot that Violet asked me to lead this workout until I looked at the calendar yesterday. I’ll admit, I was pretty jazzed; haven’t led a workout in a while. And the benefit of doing this now for 3 plus years is I kind of have my favorite things in my head that’ll piece together a decentish workout. So, here’s what that looked like.

After setting up the cones for a starfish later, I emerged from the trees to give a disclaimer. The workout started dark, so I wasn’t clear who was there, but confirmed no FNGs.

After a short jog, we ended up in the field hockey field for COP, which was a bottom to top warm up of:
SSHs 20xIC
IWs 20xIC
GGs 20xIC
Kendra Newmans F&B OYO

I will note that this group is not good at circling, but we excelled at oval’ing, even amoeba’ing.

Another short jog to – WHAT IS THIS – a brand new set of steps and a clear path to Cogan’s Corner! I’ve been out for a while, so I was unaware. But what a nice surprise. No more risk of turned ankles, no sir. It’s all hills and bliss from now on.

Anyway, at the top of Cogan’s Corner, I gave Wham! the option of which hill to run. As you should know, Cogan’s Corner is a half-pipe of sorts, which gives you two decent hill options. He chose the hill we were on. Choice made, we ran a Triple Nickel. This is, by far, my favorite running set; it’s super simple, but with the right hill is is a great one. After we finished that, I made up the next set – mostly in the name of social distancing – where we divided into two groups (counting, like circling, was a struggle this morning), one to the bottom, one at the top. The bottom group named a movement exercise (e.g, lunges, bear crawl, Mario, broad jump) and we either ascended or descended to the middle doing that movement. Then, the groups switched – not before a new exercise was picked by the other group – and jogged to the opposite end of where we last started. Tin Cup said I did not explain it well; he was right. Hopefully, this summary is better. We did those four exercises, and when Jitterbug called crab walks, I decided we’d had enough.

After a short mosey and a safe, quality walk up those new steps, we hit the field hockey field (near the hobo bathroom area; you know where I mean), for the starfish. This is a set with four corner cones and a center cone. With the group divided into four smaller groups, we do an exercise at each station, with station 1 being 1 rep. Then, you run to the middle for 2 merkins. Moving counterclockwise (hat tip Tin Cup for being my lieutenant-Q (but where were you on that hill?!)), we then do the exercise at the next station for 3 reps. Back to the middle for 4 merkins, then so on and so on, each time adding one more rep to the set. The four corners were Bobby Hurleys, Big Bois, Imperial Scott Walkers and Carolina Dry Docks. We went to 25. IMHO, that was a lot of combined exercises, but we still had 10 minutes left.

I mentioned Mrs. Tron’s group; they were hogging the step-up area (i.e., the non-hobo bathroom area). There was also a group of dudes on the tennis courts with yoga mats, blaring U2 (who ITF works out to U2? I strongly dislike U2, I’ll admit it, but working out to U2? Nah.). Those areas, covered, I decided we’d do a fartlet sprint set. Basically, using telephone polls from the startex road to the horse fence, sprint, jog, sprint, jog, sprint, jog, sprint, jog.

Then, we moseyed to the short grass (hat tip Deuce) for a Mary-O-Rama, where we did exercises called out by each Pax until timex.

On the mosey back to the flag, Mrs. Tron (pushing a giant baby stroller) led her group of 80 past us, and when I gave her, “Way to go Mrs. Tron!”, she fired back with this….

Zero doubt her workout was better.

We circled up for COR and NOR. Announcements included the monthly ruck and GrowRuck. Intentions for Fall Guy and his family. And I took us out by telling my story of how I’m doing everything I can to listen, learn and reflect so I can best understand and support the efforts for equality.

It was a good morning.

CI out.

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