PB – Sump Pump Q – ToG @ The O – 3/9/23

IHC Q #10 for YHC at The O tomorrow morning. Make the commitment now to put two feet on the floor and start your day off with friends tomorrow. There are a ton of great options. I humbly request you join me and The “O” Studs, but if not, post somewhere. I’d hate for youContinue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q – ToG @ The O – 3/9/23”

BB – The Ruiner at the O – Meter Maid Q – 7/16/22

Dot had reached out earlier this month to Q where it all began for Louisville. Dot and YHC did a preruck and in 3.5 miles which still allowed me 15 for Dot, Patches and me to setup for the O’s first potted plant tour. We had 7 pax who made it out (Dot [R], MarvinContinue reading “BB – The Ruiner at the O – Meter Maid Q – 7/16/22”

PB- The Ruiner at the O – 7/16/22 – Meter Maid Q

Come join where it all started in Louisville. There will be a preruck at 5:45am and the regular workout at 7am. It will be the 1st time the potted plants have come to the O. They will bring their friends the sandbags and rucks as well. Bring gloves and be ready to run some shortContinue reading “PB- The Ruiner at the O – 7/16/22 – Meter Maid Q”

Pre-blast: 6/28/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O

Join me @ The O tomorrow morning for a you vs. you, quality over quantity style full body workout. We’ll be doing AMRAP while focusing on form all set to a banger of a soundtrack. Minimal running but I can promise your cardio won’t suffer as long as you come ready to bust your tail.Continue reading “Pre-blast: 6/28/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O”

PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner at The O 6/25/22

Come out and think of some random numbers with me in the morning and then lets get to work. 1st- You’ll want to bring a coupon (yes, coupon), and a good ole pair of sneakers and gloves. Bring an extra coupon for the FNG you’ll bring with you. 2nd- You’ll need a can do attitudeContinue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner at The O 6/25/22”

Pre-blast: 4/5/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O

It’s probably going to be raining when your alarm clock goes off tomorrow. Don’t let that be the reason you decide to stay in the fartsack. The O arguably offers the least amount of shelter of all the AO’s in the region but we do have some options. That said…. if it’s raining, I canContinue reading “Pre-blast: 4/5/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O”

PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O 2/26/22

I’ve picked up the Q at the Ruiner in the morning. Be there and ready to go @0700. We’ll be venturing off campus, so if you are prone to being tardy, tomorrow is not the day to hit the snooze. Get up, get out, and get gooder. We’ll keep moving to forget about the cold.Continue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O 2/26/22”

PB – Sump Pump – Q at the O #bagofwrenches 2/15/22

Heartsacks are off the table in the morning. Like @captaincrunchberry says, The weinke is still in the approval process. Hopefully it will get the rubber stamp by morning. Bring a coupon just in case, as I’m not entirely sure what I will have planned. SYITG SUMP PUMP

The Ruiner at the O- 1/8/22-Meter Maid – Q

For those who haven’t made it out to the O, you really should visit soon. This is where it all started for F3 Louisville. Today was my 5th Q since the start of the week. I had a plan that involved running and no coupons but modified my workout along the way as you willContinue reading “The Ruiner at the O- 1/8/22-Meter Maid – Q”

Pre-blast: 10/21/21- Temple of Gloom @ The O

Tomorrow @ The O we’ll make a trip over to the adjacent neighborhood to admire some Halloween decorations. While we are over there we’ll also work on our multiplication and other difficult tasks. No coupons but gloves, running shoes, and a desire to get better are a must. SYITG -Handbook

Pre-blast: 09/02/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a coupon focused beatdown @ The O. Let’s have one tomorrow, shall we? Bring some weight like a cinder block/sandbag/ruck/etc. as well as gloves. If you have any extra weight, bring that with you in case we have anyone that shows up empty handed. Although any running will beContinue reading “Pre-blast: 09/02/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O”

BB: 7/8/21 at The O: 41st B-Day Q!

41 years, never felt so good. Woke up nice and early to get locked and loaded for another great workout. 8 of us showed up for a “baseball” style workout with coupons. Shyster, Klopek, Why Not, Russdiculous, Sump Pump, Motorboat, Huggies and Flo Jo (Q) rallied up for disclaimer, then headed to drop off ourContinue reading “BB: 7/8/21 at The O: 41st B-Day Q!”

Backblast: Murder Bunny day at The O 6/17

Rolled into my parking slot at 5:11 this morning, Tron was already waiting, ready to go. Was all ready to go to the field behind the playground when I noticed the lights on the softball field were on, so I headed that way to setup some cones for the workout. Came back, and 9 HIMsContinue reading “Backblast: Murder Bunny day at The O 6/17”

Pre-blast: 05/01/21- Derby Day Ruiner @ The O

Come witness the birth of a new Derby morning tradition at The O. Wear some shoes that you are comfortable moving around in and be ready for a few curls. Coupons will be provided so feel free to leave yours at home. Don’t miss this one… if you are reading this, you’ve earned it. SYITGContinue reading “Pre-blast: 05/01/21- Derby Day Ruiner @ The O”

Pre-blast: 3/25/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O

I’m back on the Q at a The O tomorrow as I work towards closing out my IHC journey. My last Q there we explored some rarely charted territories but this time we’ll visit just one place that should be familiar to most who post at The O. Our coupons will be coming with usContinue reading “Pre-blast: 3/25/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O”

Pre-blast: 3/16/21 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O – 300th POST

According to our Weasel Shaker, Bag of Wrenches tomorrow will be my 300th post with F3 Louisville We will celebrate by moseying around the AO while taking 300 second long stops at some pain stations along the way. No coupons but gloves are recommended. Be prepared to cover some ground and plan on working yourContinue reading “Pre-blast: 3/16/21 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O – 300th POST”

BB: 2/27 at The O with Flo Jo – 3 year Post-Versary

Special thanks goes out to Dauber for giving up his planned Saturday Q so I could lead some fine HIMs on my 3 year anniversary. 9 showed up to celebrate, and relive some of the OG days of F3. Tammy Faye Baker, Handbook, Violet, PK, Big Bird, Alfalfa, Sump Pump, Shyster and Flo Jo allContinue reading “BB: 2/27 at The O with Flo Jo – 3 year Post-Versary”