BB: 7/8/21 at The O: 41st B-Day Q!

41 years, never felt so good. Woke up nice and early to get locked and loaded for another great workout. 8 of us showed up for a “baseball” style workout with coupons. Shyster, Klopek, Why Not, Russdiculous, Sump Pump, Motorboat, Huggies and Flo Jo (Q) rallied up for disclaimer, then headed to drop off our coupons on the tennis courts…more on that later.

Headed over to Cogan’s Cove (been awhile), down to the bottom the half pipe for some warm ups. Downward Dog, right over left, switch, right-right, switch. Straight into Mountain Climbers (x 20 IC), Straight into Merkins (X15 IC). Up for Grass Grabbers, Imperial Squat Walkers (x 15 IC), Kinder Newmann, Michael Phelps, and we were ready to go.

As a kid, I was a big Pete Rose fan. In honor of the hits king, we did 14’s. Pete is second all time in doubles, so we counted by 2. Started at the bottom of the hill with 12 lunges IC, then sprint to the top for 2 squats. Mosey down for 10 lunges IC, then sprint to top for 4 squats. All the way down to 2 lungs IC and 10 squats. Quick 10 count, then back to the tennis courts for some more loose baseball. Last hill sprint was Prisoner Style, also a nod to good ole Petey, bet on it!

Started at the side of the first court, at the end of the net (home base), mosey over to 1st base (in between 2nd and 3rd courts), that station was Merkins. Mosey over to 2nd base (end of net at 4th court), coupon straight arm raises/swings. 3rd base was opposite 1st…you all know baseball…that station was Overhead Claps IC. We started with 1 Merkin, then 2 Straight Arm Raises, 3 Overhead Claps (IC), then Home for 4 Burpess. Kept it going with 5 Merkins at 1st, 6 Straight Arm Raises, 7 Overhead Claps IC, then back for 8 Burpees. This continued up to 16 Burpees, then we started counting backwards until we got to 1 Overhead Clap. 7 runs scored by all 8 of us.

Playlist (for baseball):

Centerfield – John Fogerty, Batter Up – Nelly (St. Lunatics), My Oh My – Macklemore, Right Field – Peter, Paul & Mary, Talkin’ Baseball – Terry Cashman, Load up the Bases – Whiskey Falls, ended with Organ playing of Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Total was 64 Merkins, 64 Straight Arm Coupon Raises, 128 Overhead Claps, 64 Burpees.

Some random Mary to finish as we all staggered in behind Russ.

Offered up thanks for all of our blessings, prayers and blessings to those less fortunate than us.

Great start to another birthday, shoulders a bit sore in the golf round Thursday afternoon.

Flo Jo

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