PB – 40th BIRTHDAY/VQ @ Tank with Flo JO

Looking for some motivation to get up… maybe unsure where you want to go in the morning?  Why not come celebrate Flo Jo’s 40th birthday at the Tank.  Your present to me, come with a can-do attitude, ready to run a bit, and get some good mumblechatter in along the way.  Nothing long distance, justContinue reading “PB – 40th BIRTHDAY/VQ @ Tank with Flo JO”

BB: Tabata around the O with Flo Jo 6/18

11 PAX showed up for Tabata training at the O on Thursday.  Sump Pump got the memo on #TTT, nice work!  Plain White T was down range and showed up early in a polo shirt….made me think a bit as I got there early as well, come to find out he sleeps in them!  OneContinue reading “BB: Tabata around the O with Flo Jo 6/18”

BB: Hills are Alive at the O! 3/10/2020

8 strong braved the possible thunderstorms, and showed up for the sound of M.U.S.I.C at the O on Tuesday.  Viking, Wham!, Flo Jo (Q), Tammy Faye Baker, Loco, Handbook, Violet and Escort all embarked on a journey to conquer the hills of Cogan’s Cove. Started off with a short mosey around the tennis courts, highContinue reading “BB: Hills are Alive at the O! 3/10/2020”

BB: 1/23/20 at the O – Coupons for All!

12 strong showed up at the O on Thursday for a different kind of Flo Jo workout.  As many know, I like to run.  But know that we all get better with Coupons, and they can sometime be uncomfortable, so thought I would try some new moves with coupons for all. Shyster, Twon, Russdiculous, Handbook,Continue reading “BB: 1/23/20 at the O – Coupons for All!”

BB – A Few of my (least) favorite things, Dec 17th at The O

In the spirit of the season, 7 showed up a week before Xmas eve to celebrate some of Flo Jo’s favorite things form the past year at  The O.  Violet, Vincent, Wham!, Handbook, Yoshi, Ship Lap and Flo Jo (Q) all embarked on workouts of seasons past in anticipation of the Holiday season. If youContinue reading “BB – A Few of my (least) favorite things, Dec 17th at The O”

BB: 10/10/19 at The O: SUICIDE SQUAD

12 strong showed up on Oct. 10th at the O for a beat down inspired by two fronts.  Gillispie, Star Child, Jitterbug (R), Number2 (R), Tron, Vincent (R), Lobsta, Glen Ross, OJ, Violet, Ice Man (R) and Flo Jo (Q) all came out to join the Suicide Squad. Gear – TTT, nuff said. Thang 1: Continue reading “BB: 10/10/19 at The O: SUICIDE SQUAD”

BB: 8/1/19 at the O – Why FloJo?

(15) Violet, Scuba Steve, Wham!, Vincent, Nugget, Tron, Dunphy, Undertaker (DR), Buschhhhh, Pope, Digiorno, Glen Ross, Trump, Gillispie, and FloJo all got better on Thursday with a good all out workout. Why FloJo?   Well, I was once a runner, and love to work on getting back into it.  So as advertised in the PB, someContinue reading “BB: 8/1/19 at the O – Why FloJo?”

June 27th BB at the O – If you can dodge a wrench….

23 strong showed up for a one of a kind workout on June 27th at the O.  @Tron, @Dorothy, @Green Wave, @Jeter, @Eggo, @Pixar, @Headboard, @Tammy Faye Baker, @Snowman, @Gepetto, @Fridge, @Plumb Bob, @Scuba Steve, @PED, @Butcher, @Lobsta, @Dixie, @Wham, @Sump Pump, @Pope, @Violet, @Flo Jo, @ReRe (?) all got better as we embarked onContinue reading “June 27th BB at the O – If you can dodge a wrench….”

BB: May 2 – FloJo at the O for Olympic Prep

Shiplap, Oboe, Pixar, Butcher, Wham!, Scuba Steve, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet and FloJo (Q) got a good pre-run in for the Olympics on May 2 and the O.  9 strong ready to rock it on May 18th – have you all signed up?! Quick mosey over to basketball court for warmups: SSH’s x 30 ICContinue reading “BB: May 2 – FloJo at the O for Olympic Prep”

BB – Flo Jo at the O3/21….Da Da Da Dut da dah!

Charge!  With baseball just a week away, I loosely likened our workout to some good past times.  8 strong showed up for a killer workout (Violet, OJ, Shiplap, Who Dey!, Tammy Faye Baker, Gillespie, Trump, Flo Jo (QIC)).   Quick disclaimer, then headed to pick up some coupons on our way to Cogan’s Cove for aContinue reading “BB – Flo Jo at the O3/21….Da Da Da Dut da dah!”

BackBlast: BoW Nov. 13th – Catch me if you can!

HIMs:  Wham, Ponzi, Violet, Gillispie, Red Roof, Star Child, Captain Insane-O, Zartan, Scuba Steve and Flo Jo! Pre-blast asked if you were in need of motivation, or perhaps looking for some competition.  Well, this was the post for you!  We moseyed around the tennis courts, and on to the main court for a quick warmContinue reading “BackBlast: BoW Nov. 13th – Catch me if you can!”

11.01.2018 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom

Alas, I finally get a Q at the O, site of my initial workout.  10 strong showed up for a beat down (Ponzi, Scuba Steve, Violet, OJ, Tammy Faye Baker, Captain Insane-O, Gillispie, Star Child, Face, Flo Jo) in what was expected to be pouring rain.  Shout to to all for braving the elements! StartedContinue reading “11.01.2018 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom”

Fight for Air Climb: F3 Louisville

PAX – Looking to gauge interest from F3 Louisville on participating in the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb on Saturday, February 2nd at PNC Tower in downtown Louisville.  This is a 38 floor, 768 stair challenge to raise money for the American Lung Association.  Registration is $25, and you are encouraged to raiseContinue reading “Fight for Air Climb: F3 Louisville”

Carpenter Backblast – Long overdue

11 strong showed up to welcome me to the Q world on 5/8/18 at Carpenter (@Shiplap, @Grinder, @Captain Insane-O, @Red Roof, @Trump, @Situation, @ Pew Pew, @Flounder, @Nickleback, @Scuba Steve, @Flo Jo.  Rough night of sleep, anxious to know that I had planned enough hard work to be worthy of a good Q.  Heavy rainsContinue reading “Carpenter Backblast – Long overdue”