June 27th BB at the O – If you can dodge a wrench….

23 strong showed up for a one of a kind workout on June 27th at the O.  @Tron, @Dorothy, @Green Wave, @Jeter, @Eggo, @Pixar, @Headboard, @Tammy Faye Baker, @Snowman, @Gepetto, @Fridge, @Plumb Bob, @Scuba Steve, @PED, @Butcher, @Lobsta, @Dixie, @Wham, @Sump Pump, @Pope, @Violet, @Flo Jo, @ReRe (?) all got better as we embarked on […]

Fight for Air Climb: F3 Louisville

PAX – Looking to gauge interest from F3 Louisville on participating in the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb on Saturday, February 2nd at PNC Tower in downtown Louisville.  This is a 38 floor, 768 stair challenge to raise money for the American Lung Association.  Registration is $25, and you are encouraged to raise […]