BB: 9/8/20 at The O: Station work around the O

10 HIMs showed up for a mosey heavy workout at the O on Tuesday. Fertile Myrtle, Frankenbaby, Motor Boat, Russdiculous, Handbook, Superstitious (FNG), Cookie, Vincent, Tron (Made the right call), and Flo Jo (Q) all came together for a traveling workout.

Started with a quick warm up at the tennis courts after disclaimer. Warm up included Mountain Climbers (x15 IC), Plank Jacks (x16 IC), Groiners (x10 IC), SSH’s (x15 IC) and Merkins (x 20). Moseyed back over to the main track for the thang:

I setup 8 stations around the 1.2 mile loop from 5:00 to 5:10, each about .15 miles apart. The PAX were instructed to mosey between each station, and stop at the station for a workout. At each location, there were two laminated sheets that had a series of workouts on each side. When you arrive, turn the sheet over and complete the workout that is on the other side. Each new PAX that arrived would pick one of the two sheets, turn it over and complete the exercise. 10, 20, 30 rep exercises on each side, apart from one (see below)

Workouts included the following:

Sheet 1: 10 Burpees, 20 Deep Squats, 30 Merkins

Sheet 2: 10 Mountain Climbers (IC), 20 Bonnie Blairs (SC), 30 Groiners (SC)

Sheet 3: All You Got to the next station

Sheet 4: 10 V-Ups, 20 Big Boys, 30 Flutter Kicks (IC)

Sheet 5: 10 Jump Squats, 20 SSH’s (IC), 30 Plank Jacks (SC)

Sheet 6: 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 Hand Release Merkins, 30 Overhead Claps

Sheet 7: Bear Crawl (10 right hands), Crab Walk (backwards, 20 right hands), Crab Toe Touches (30 SC)

Sheet 8: All You Got to next station.

There were 4 workouts at each station, so you may have repeated workouts throughout. Once you completed the station, you moseyed over to the next station, on and on. A few made it a full two laps, woof!

Named the new FNG (took a bit, not a really motivated group after the workout), check slack for announcements, quick thank you to the Sky Q and we were through. I was so happy Tron was there for the workout, and honored to be mentioned in his post from the night before.

Flo Jo

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