BB: The O 2.8.22 with Flo Jo

5 showed up to get better at The O on Tuesday. Really…only 5, where my boys at? Anyway, strong crew of Russdiculous, Tron, Harey Caray, Gomer and Flo Jo (Q) dropped coupons at the tennis courts and set off at 5:30 for a light jog over to Waldorf School parking lot for warm ups:

Grass Grabbers x 15 IC

Imperial Squat Walkers x 10 IC

Downward Dog for calf and runners stretches

Merkins x 20

Kinder Newman’s

Back to the tennis courts for the Thang:

4 rounds, 5 sets in each round:

Round 1: 5 Man makers, sprint one court down and back. Rinse and repeat x 5

Round 2: 10 Burpees, sprint two courts down and back. Rinse and repeat x 5.

Round 3: 15 Overhead Press, sprint three courts downs and back. Rinse and repeat x 5.

Round 4: 20 Merkins, sprint three (was going to be four, but ice on court four made us go only 3) courts down and back. Rinse and repeat x 5.

Finished with about 5 minutes left. So moved into Bear Crawl on court, Broad Jump one court, Crab Walk one court. Turn around, rinse and repeat back.

One minute plank, and time for 17 Big Boys, then time was called.

No intentions given, asked to keep those silent intentions in our hearts. Ended with an our father.

Playlist for today (if interested):

Sound of Madness, Shinedown

I Stand Alone, Godsmack

Savior, Rise Against

The Pot, Tool

The Red, Chevelle

Click Click Boom, Saliva

A Warrior’s Call, Volbeat

Song 2, Blur

Guerilla Radio, Rage Against the Machine

Flo Jo

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