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Established in October 2017, F3LouRuckin host monthly peer led ruck events in and around Louisville as well as Black Opps (BO) pre-workouts before regularly scheduled Beatdowns. For specific dates and ruck schedule, refer to the F3Louisville event calendar OR visit our CONTACT page and we will get you looped in with the guys.

Part of F3 Louisville? Reach out on Slack to our trusty Ruck Q’s:

Pizza and Meter Maid

Ruck Event Calendar

Training Schedules and Locations

DescriptionLocationTimeType of Ruck
Monthly RuckMonthlyAM/PMDistance/PT/Training
Monday BO EVENING RuckThe O – Seneca Park7:00 PM – 8:00 PMDistance
Thursday Bi-Weekly BO EVENING RuckThe County – St. Aloysius 7:00 PM – 8:00 PMDistance/PT/Training
Saturday RuckPre- AO WorkoutRotating Time – Reach out for detailsDistance
Sunday BO RuckHatmakers – Posh0500 – 0700Black Ops/Weight Training
Please check the Announcements page for more details and locations as they are subject to change

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