Rucking F3 Louisville


What is Rucking?

Our friends over at All Day Ruck Off obviously receive this question on a regular basis, so they developed a well thought out response.  Follow the link below!

How to Ruck

-Ruck bag Reviews

5.11 Rush 12 Abacus review

Cannae Legion Day Pack Review

Condor Frontier Elite Review

Ruck Q&A with Kilo

Ruck Q&A link

-Please send questions directly to Kilo via slack.

F3Louisville Monthly Ruck Event Lineup


Qadre: Wham! And OJ

Date:  25th

Time: 9-Midnight

Location:  TBD

3rdF: TBD


Qadre: Kilo and Captain Insano

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

3rdF: TBD


Qadre: Skid


Qadre: Starchild and Methane


Qadre: Snowman and Jordy


Qadre: Diablo


Qadre: Glen Ross and Abacus


Qadre: Zartan

Check the Q/Event Calendar for All Upcoming Rucks

Ruck Q:  Kilo @ben_clarks 

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All day ruck off

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 F3 Nation Rucking Facebook

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