Backblast: Murder Bunny day at The O 6/17

Rolled into my parking slot at 5:11 this morning, Tron was already waiting, ready to go. Was all ready to go to the field behind the playground when I noticed the lights on the softball field were on, so I headed that way to setup some cones for the workout. Came back, and 9 HIMs were ready to get at it.

MotorBoat, Russdiculous, Handbook, Tron, Klopek, No Nuts, Harry Caray, Sump Pump and Flo Jo (Q) were all ready to work. Disclaimers given, then we picked up the coupons, and moseyed over to the outfield to get started.

MotorBoat modified slightly as he wasn’t feeling great, but put in some great work running around the field multiple times.

Circled up for warmups. Grass Grabbers x 15 IC, Copper Head Squats x 15 IC, Imperial Walkers x 15 IC, Mountain Climbers x 15 IC, Merkins x 20, Downward Dog for some calf and runners stretches, Kinder Newmans and Michael Phelps, then instructions were given.

THANG: I had set two sets of cones, about 60 feet apart from each other. We started from near the left field line, and went toward center field. First exercise, Murder Bunny to first set of cones. Once there, 10 Big Boys. Then pick up coupon, and overhead carry to second set of cones for 10 thrusters. Drop coupon and sprint back to starting line, then mosey back to coupon. Rinse and repeat (starting on opposite side). Total of 10 “reps”, totaling 100 Big Boys, 100 Thrusters, about 150 murder bunnies, and about 500 feet of overhead carry, plus 10 sprints. Kept moving, and that took us to just about time.

Headed back to the flag, had a couple minutes for AMRAP Curls and Rows, then 1 minute plank on coupon.

Announcements given about June 27th “Ruck” event, check slack for details.

Intentions – The Murder Bunny image was put out to tease the workout, but also to bring up the alarming rate of murders we are seeing. Coupled with that are suicide rates from pandemic life. Reminder to reach out to a HIM you haven’t seen in awhile, or an old friend that might need it. We are all lucky to have great lives, but we all also have something we are going through, and we are all alike. Lean on F3 HIMs when needed. Thankful for this group.

Flo Jo

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