BB: 10/17/20 at the O with Flo Jo – Visit to Wham! Island and the Pier

Tron, Tammy Faye, Violet, Motorboat, Harry Carry, Handbook, ToolTime (DR from Carolina) and Flo Jo (Q) all made a visit to Wham! Island on the first cold morning of the year this past Saturday for the first time in a while. We started off with a mosey down to the Island, and circled up for Copper Head Squats, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and 4 Count Should Taps for warm up. Then onto the thangs:

Thang 1: We headed over to the newly coined “Pier” off of Wham! Island for a Flo Jo round of 11’s. It wasn’t a long distance (at least I didn’t think so at the start), but it quickly seemed to be forever. Started with 10 merkins on end one, then bear crawl across roughly 10 yards, and do one groiner. Then CRA BEAR back to the start for 9 merkins, bear craw back for 2 groiners…so on. About the fourth round town Tool Time asks “Boy, do you have something against shoulders?” Woof!

Next, we moseyed a short way down the road, and over to the grass hill that I have not visited in my time with F3. We ran up the hill about half way to a round about at some trees, and completed 5 burpees, then completed a figure 8 back down to the bottom, around some other trees to the start for 10 Tuck Jumps (Violet is a beast at these – there his Jam!). We continued this figure 8 patters (5 burpees at the top, 10 Tuck Jumps at the botttom) for roughly 20 minutes.

We stopped at the burpee point after 20, and then did an all out to the top of the hill where there was a flat. Spent about 8 minutes here doing some Mary (LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Pretzel crunch each side, American Hammers, Freddy Mecury andPickle Pounders).

Moseyed back to the tennis courts…they were packed with kids getting lessons. We were able to get in the small court for a quick 3 laps around, sprinting up, shuffling the baseline, bernie sanders back, shuffle back to start. 3 quick laps.

Back to the flag for announcements (Tool Time from Carolina praised the HIMs for all they do, and mentioned Give for Good campaign, Violet reminded us about Dare to Care – check slack for more details). Intentions were said, and we were all through.

Honored to lead such great men in a tough workout. Nice work everyone!

Flo Jo

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