BB Pelican Q The Silo @ North Posh 10.19.20

Word on the street was the PAX were expecting me to fart sack the Q Monday so they were showing up in droves to take my Q and hold it over me for the rest of their lives. Also after Stick Ups slack message talking about how it was going to rain a lot at South Posh I expected large numbers to be there. Of course I wouldn’t fart sack, I haven’t fart sacked my last one Qs on a Monday so why would this one be any different.

Of course I showed to the disappointment of some, I was even early. I got there and saw GQ with about 6 layers of clothes on which may be why he takes his shirt off every workout. If I wore 6 shirts on a 60 degree day you’d be able fill up an Olympic sized pool with the sweat you would be able to ring out of my base layer. The other PAX started rolling in including ETO who for some reason I thought was Jewel for like 10 minutes. But then I realized he hadn’t said anything about the Garden being the hardest working AO in the region yet and I realized it wasn’t him. Also apparently he was wearing underwear per Dauber and Jewel doesn’t wear underwear at least not as an outer layer. The rest of the PAX were Nino, Meter Maid, Backflop, Huggies, Holy Roller, FOCKER, Nice n Slow, Motor Boat, Cratchit and me.

I gave the disclaimer and then we hit the parking lot for COP. We did some things that I don’t remember except for we did do SSH and we didn’t do Copper Head Squats. Backflop thinks I only know one way to do so COP and he’s right for the most part. I did do some right right and left left stretches as well as cobra/scorpion. Also downward dog and stuff. I even did merkins and mountain climbers. Man props to the guys who plan out COP—like that one time Retainer had us do COP for like 30 minutes. It takes a lot of planning. Anyway at this point I realized that Airplane wasn’t there. He did give me two pumpkins from his pumpkin patch and a beer Saturday though…that was cool and nice of him.

Then we got ready for the Thang. It was very dark and the lights didn’t help see the white board much but Nino thinks of everything and used his hat light for us to see. I explained the thang (fairly poorly but whatever). Focker asked if I gutted a deer on my white board. If I ever gut a deer on a white board Mrs. Pelican will have me sleeping on one of your couches. It was left over from Cookie Monster’s art work. Each round had 3 exercises of 20 reps. You did exercise 1 at the top of the hill, exercise 2 at the pull off place thing, and the last exercise down by Shelbyville Rd. Running between each one and then running all the way back. The exercises were as follows—

Box Jumps/plank jack merkins/v-ups

Dips/Squats/gas pumps

Derkins/jump lunges/flutter kicks

Calf Raises/over head claps/see saws (ask Meter to demonstrate if you don’t know what these are)

Once we finished we repeated doing 10 reps. I made it through 5 rounds and this some made it to 7 (maybe). Highlights of the workout include the sewage truck coming through and everyone yelling car real loud—that was nice of them. And then there was the car pulling in from Shelbyville rd with a wide turn almost taking out a few PAX laying down doing core work. We yelled car but it was kind of late. Cratchit and I got to hear a cool song from Scarface and we talked about the Ghetto Boys for a few minutes. There was probably some other cool stuff that happened that I didn’t hear. Also I think I called Motor Boat Huggies or the other way around. It was dark.

We were nearing time so we all moseyed to the mid point and then sprinted back up the hill. Then we did LBCs, pickle pounders, maybe some other things and then stretching.

We did our countarama, name o Rama, announcements and intentions. Motor Boats VQ, Focker at the Foundry and Holy Roller at the Nest. I ended by talking about the impact we can have on each other. Like we can say car loudly so people don’t get hit by cars—that’s impactful. But also every interaction with others in the group can mean the world to them, pick them up on a bad day or just be that extra push they need to finish a workout. Be sure to welcome FNGs and talk to guys you don’t alway talk with. You never know how that makes someone feel. Ended with an Our Father.

Until next time


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