BB-Pelican Q the Extender at the Mutt 2/25/21

BOGO backblast day for Pelican. Day off on winter break filled with backblasts is what I’ve been looking forward to. Was pretty excited to Q the Mutt this morning, so excited I offered the County boyz a Duck Donut if they made the trip out. Only Meter Maid made the journey and he declined hisContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q the Extender at the Mutt 2/25/21”

BB-Pelican Q Nest at the County 2/13/21

Better late than never! It was cold but lots of HIM got in pre-rucks and runs prior to the workout. 15 total either came or stuck around for the workout— Airplane (no he wasn’t there) Yankovic (R)Hot TamaleBig BirdTidwellCratchitHoly Roller (R)Diane DukesHoney DoJolly RancherLe PewMeter MaidBackflopGisele Brown WaterPelican (Q)Ghost Flag Gave the disclaimer and weContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q Nest at the County 2/13/21”

BB-Pelican Q the Fog at the Poshlands 2/6/21

Got up real early but skipped the pre ruck Harbaugh was throwing down as I wanted to set things up prior to the workout. Got to Posh around 6:15 to set up the football field. Tape measure in hand and dark af I proceeded to mark off a nowhere near 100 yd field that wasContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q the Fog at the Poshlands 2/6/21”

PB-Pelican Q the Fog at the Poshlands 2.6.21

Don’t listen to the haters, tomorrow will not be a rest day. Bring a coupon and if you have a football bring that. I have extras so don’t worry if you don’t have one. We are going to lift, run, punt, pass and kick to get in our best Super Bowl Spirits. Tomorrow will beContinue reading “PB-Pelican Q the Fog at the Poshlands 2.6.21”

BB-Pelican Q Loco at the County 2/2/21

County showed up strong (🚫✈️)for a cold morning Ground Hog Day type Q. Someone declared it #boycottboondocksday even though the Ghost Flag was ripe for the picking. Seemed a bit harsh but I went along with it. No train so all 18 strong were there on time- PAX were-BackflopGiseleBig BirdHoney DoMethaneBrown WaterCartmanWILDFLOWERF-StopAsian Zing (R)TidwellCrachitJolly RancherMeterContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q Loco at the County 2/2/21”

PB-Pelican Q The Loco @ the County 2/2/21

My last two playlists were “Feel Good Country” and silence. Going to make up for it tomorrow with rap music that contains curse words. Bring a coupon and your buddies to come get the Ghost Flag. May seem like you heard this before but it is Ground Hog’s Day tomorrow and I didn’t get toContinue reading “PB-Pelican Q The Loco @ the County 2/2/21”

BB-Pelican Q the Agony at the County 1/28/21

Lots of cold and lots of snow was in the forecast for the morning so figured I’d have to scrap my original plan and come up with something based on the safe space available and the # of PAX in attendance. With the snow coming down I wasn’t sure how many people would be thereContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q the Agony at the County 1/28/21”

BB-Pelican Q Motivator at the Abyss 1/25/21

Night before the workout at I was at my parent’s house starting the prep work for the next day by asking my sister a few important questions that would prove useless the next day. Also sent Backflop a text to see if he would be there which he said yes and he’s bring his lightsContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q Motivator at the Abyss 1/25/21”

BB Pelican Q the Escalator at the Abyss 1/20/21

It went down like this. Site Q who shall remain nameless reached out trying to fill his Qs. Me being the HIM that I am graciously filled one for him. Said Site Q day before the workout starts planning a Ghost Flag Trip with the Bayside Boys. Yes the site Q on Wednesday at theContinue reading “BB Pelican Q the Escalator at the Abyss 1/20/21”

BB-Pelican Q the Big Kapowski at Bayside 1.7.21

This morning was awesome! Well I thought it was, hopefully everyone else did too. I clowned car’d with Big Bird and got some good 2nd F in on the two day trip out there. Once in the parking lot we saw the PAX already there or rolling in soon..Squid said Shark Bait was was stillContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q the Big Kapowski at Bayside 1.7.21”

BB-Pelican Q 12/30/20-Foundry at the County

A week is too long of time in between a workout and a backblast so going to keep this short and sweet. Here’s who was there, not on list Airplane: CratchitBrown WaterJolly RancherTidwellDevittoDauberHush PuppyFockerMeter MaidPelican (Q) We did mainly Tabata (not with a d and not 28 seconds or 33 or any of that nonsense),Continue reading “BB-Pelican Q 12/30/20-Foundry at the County”

Backblast 12/31/20-Pelican Q at the Inferno

I’m not going to talk about what exercises we did or did not do. There were probably more we didn’t do than did though. Today’s workout served as both the last workout of the year and the last workout at the Station as an official AO. I wanted to end the year right and haveContinue reading “Backblast 12/31/20-Pelican Q at the Inferno”

PB-Pelican Q Inferno @ the Station 12/31/20 @ 6:30

Going to start a bit later as I’ve been told 5:30 is too early to start drinking. No coupons needed and shoes are optional. If you have a favorite Bloody Mary recipe make enough for everyone and bring cups. If not I’ll have plenty of drinks for folks. We will work out some, I think.Continue reading “PB-Pelican Q Inferno @ the Station 12/31/20 @ 6:30”

Backblast-Dauber/Pelican Dream Game Co-Q 12/26/20

The build up for this co-Q was a bit like the build up for the big game. Usually this is a day circled on everyone’s calendar but since both Qs kind of have been off their game there wasn’t as much buzz. I like, the Cards, have been nursing an injury and have had someContinue reading “Backblast-Dauber/Pelican Dream Game Co-Q 12/26/20”

Pre-Blast-12/26/20 Pelican/Dauber Dream Game Co-Q at the Nest

I can only assume the above photo will be getting a re-boot after the way the Cayuts have started this year (Dauber wanted to use a picture of Katina but after Bird’s blast on Tuesday we were afraid it would be to be too explicit). Join us for a warmup at the County. No couponsContinue reading “Pre-Blast-12/26/20 Pelican/Dauber Dream Game Co-Q at the Nest”

BB-Pelican Q Wisteria @ Pleasantville 11/20/20

Ok once again a late backblast from me. As half of the Commz Q I really should get more timely at these but I like to spend a lot of time writing them and need to be focused to do so. Well I have neither time nor focus right now but going to get thisContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q Wisteria @ Pleasantville 11/20/20”

BB-Pelican Q Escalator @ the Abyss 11/18/20

The Abyss is really starting to be one of my favorite AOs in the region. Especially when Squid isn’t there. This morning was extra special cause even though the site Q Squid asked me to Q he wasn’t there. (He actually has a legit excuse for not showing but what fun is that). Anyways IContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q Escalator @ the Abyss 11/18/20”