Back blast-Pelican Q-Peggy Baker Park 1.28.20

Today was my first time Qing at Peggy Baker but have been out there quite a bit since August. There’s always a good core groups of guys there who have worked hard to get this close official AO status. It’s a great location and if you haven’t posted out there you should soon. Six PAXContinue reading “Back blast-Pelican Q-Peggy Baker Park 1.28.20”

Backblast, Incubator @ South Posh, Pelican Q-1/20/20

It was cold this morning but 15 HIMs fought the fart sack and got out and got better. I signed up to Q at the Incubator before I realized I play basketball about every Sunday night and my legs are usually sore the next morning. I had originally planned on doing some running and sprintingContinue reading “Backblast, Incubator @ South Posh, Pelican Q-1/20/20”

Backblast -Pelican Q The Max @ Bayside 1.10.20

This summer Le Pew ran the Billy Madison workout at The County and at Peggy Baker park. I enjoyed it in the way you enjoy something that really sucks. So when IHC came around I decided to make a trip to Bayside and see if Billy could graduate with Zack and Kelly. We loaded upContinue reading “Backblast -Pelican Q The Max @ Bayside 1.10.20”

BB-Pelican Q The Agony @ The County 1.9.20

I’ve been coming to the County since May, have Q’d six or seven times total but this was the first time I’ve Q’d a Tuesday or Thursday. These days always draw big numbers so wanted to come up with something good and slightly different. I got there a bit early to “set up” which consistedContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q The Agony @ The County 1.9.20”

Backblast-Pelican Hangover Heavy Q 1.1.20 Foundry at the County

For the New Years Day workout I asked Dauber if we could move the start time back to 7 and go for an hour. I wanted to work hard for about half the time and get some burpee football in the other half. He graciously obliged but our relationship has gone down hill since then.Continue reading “Backblast-Pelican Hangover Heavy Q 1.1.20 Foundry at the County”

Preblast-Pelican Q Hangover Heavy Bowl, The Foundry @ The County 1.1.20

Come start the New Year with me at the County. We are going to meet at the playground for 30ish minutes of heavy work and then switch to the green space for some burpee football because what’s New Year’s Day without a bowl game. Bring gloves for the heavy. I can’t promise this will cureContinue reading “Preblast-Pelican Q Hangover Heavy Bowl, The Foundry @ The County 1.1.20”

Backblast Pelican Q 12.27.19 Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Like a lot of the PAX I’ve been indulging in all the holidays have to offer so I was excited to not drink and eat all day and night and go to bed early for the first in over a week. Around 2 or 3 AM my 2.0 Cookie Monster came and took my spotContinue reading “Backblast Pelican Q 12.27.19 Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

12.14.19 Back Blast –  The Nest @ The County-Big Bugs VQ

Pelican gave me the green light and was fully supportive of “Something New” for my VQ. I was really hoping the PAX would bring an open mind and have a willingness to try some new things. The PAX was truly awesome. All 16 PAX were engaged, focused, and completely into learning new movements. The PAXContinue reading “12.14.19 Back Blast –  The Nest @ The County-Big Bugs VQ”

Preblast: Something New @ The Nest at The County: Saturday, December 14 07:00 Big Bug’s VQ

Ready for something a little different? Come out to The Nest for a CrossFit-flavored workout with an emphasis on movement standards and technique. We’ll spend time going through a couple of progressions to learn pistols and handstand push-ups. Whether you are already proficient at these movements or you’ve never even heard of them, you’ll beContinue reading “Preblast: Something New @ The Nest at The County: Saturday, December 14 07:00 Big Bug’s VQ”

Backblast PWV Fire Department Black Ops Pelican Q 12.12.19

l PAX-Fungi, Brown Water, Captain Crunchberry, Back Flop, Cochran, Le Pew, Abacus, Air Plane, Pelican (Q) This Black Ops has been going strong since summer but I’ve only visited a couple times. When Fungi reached out for Qs last month I figured raising my hand would be a good way to lock myself in forContinue reading “Backblast PWV Fire Department Black Ops Pelican Q 12.12.19”

Pre-Blast 12.12.19 Pelican Q PWV Firehouse

Come count down to 2020 with Pelican at the Firehouse. This workout is inspired by a workout I did on my own in a hotel room in my underwear this summer. If that intrigues you or even if it repulses you come out and you will get better. Here’s a hint it’s not pickle pounders.Continue reading “Pre-Blast 12.12.19 Pelican Q PWV Firehouse”

Back Blast-Black Friday Ops @ The County 11.29.19 Pelican Q

I wanted to put a BlackOps on the calendar for Black Friday as I figured I wasn’t going to be able to get up for 5:30 AM workout the day after Thanksgiving. Also I was having serious JOMO around missing burpee football at the County so I could allow time for that at the end.Continue reading “Back Blast-Black Friday Ops @ The County 11.29.19 Pelican Q”

Pre-Blast Pelican Q-11.29 Black Friday Ops @ The County 7-8 am

I put this black ops on the calendar for a couple of reasons. First after what I’m going to eat and drink today I know I’ll need a workout and there’s no way I’m getting up in time for the regularly scheduled one. Second I knew I was going to miss burpee football at theContinue reading “Pre-Blast Pelican Q-11.29 Black Friday Ops @ The County 7-8 am”

BB The Nest 8/24-Pelican VQ

Pax-Rocky, Backflop,Big Bird, Le Pew, Gisele ,Gilligan, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Crockpot, Brown Water (FNG), Free Agent (FNG), Bob Cratchet (FNG), Echo (2.0), Prime Time (2.0), Trekkie (2.0), Dauber , Brick (2.0), Mama’s Boy, Storm Trooper, Mannikin, Pelican (Q) 20 PAX present for disclaimer in perfect 60 degree weather. But wait Pelican I count 22Continue reading “BB The Nest 8/24-Pelican VQ”