PB Pelican Q Defender at the Patriot 8/13/21

Defender-hope we have a strong one of those Saturday or I’ll be putting up record point totals. For the Defender on Friday just bring yourself. We will be focusing on core and our legs so we can save the arms for our jumpers Saturday morning. We will have a fair amount of running but noContinue reading “PB Pelican Q Defender at the Patriot 8/13/21”

BB-Pelican Q Agony at the County 6/24/21

A little late on this one as I spent a long weekend in Nashville with some bachelorette parties. The amount of party buses and drinking bike things there going on at any given time of day is super impressive. It’s also fun trying to explain to your 4 year old daughter what twerking is andContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q Agony at the County 6/24/21”

Back blast Pelican Q-Basketball Camp at the Abyss 6/14/21

Pumped to write this back blast. Not only was the workout awesome and horrible at the same time but Airplane finally ended his boycott of my Qs. Airplane attend my 5th ever Q and after 64 Qs he attended Q # 69 (hehe 69, figures he’d be there for that one). During this time weContinue reading “Back blast Pelican Q-Basketball Camp at the Abyss 6/14/21”

BB-Pelican Q The Foundry about 3 months ago (actually 6/2/21)

Very tardy here, I’d apologize to the Comz Qs but at least one of those guys is a total a-hole so I won’t. There wasn’t a ton of memorable things that happened in this workout except for one thing that I’ll tell you about in my next back blast. For the most part we justContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q The Foundry about 3 months ago (actually 6/2/21)”

PB-Pelican Q Motivator at the Abyss 6/14/21

I haven’t led basketball practice at the Abyss in a while. Going to run back the playlist and some of last year’s practice with quite a bit of modification on the workout. Bring a coupon this time as we work to get stronger in addition to fine tuning our skills. Start your week off rightContinue reading “PB-Pelican Q Motivator at the Abyss 6/14/21”

BB-Pelican/Backflop Co-Q The Nest at the County 5/29/21

This was our two year postiversary and we thought why not run back our first post. Surely it has to be easier than it was that very first day. It wasn’t, but I did recover a lot quicker this time around. Last time I don’t think I made it out for another two weeks andContinue reading “BB-Pelican/Backflop Co-Q The Nest at the County 5/29/21”

BB-Pelican Q the Chopper at Vets 5.28.21

Memorial Day weekend was a great excuse to get over to Vets and Q a workout. I haven’t been there much but every time I go it’s a “special” experience. Mumblechatter is pretty much always on point no matter who’s the Q or who’s there and this Friday was no exception. Speaking of who’s thereContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q the Chopper at Vets 5.28.21”

PB-Pelican Derby Q at the Nest 5/1/21

It’s the most wonderfulest time of the year in Kentucky. What is even better is that my Co-Q from the 1st annual Derby Nest September workout will be at the track and won’t ruin my weinke. No coupons needed but we will do some gallops, giddy ups and money moves in honor of the firstContinue reading “PB-Pelican Derby Q at the Nest 5/1/21”

BB-Pelican Q Moonshiner at the Boondocks 4/22/21

It was a great morning for a workout but the weekend filled with convergence and kids sports made me forget most of what happened so going with a quick recap. PAX there were Captain Crunchberry, Softwood, Tidwell, Holy Roller (R), FOCKER, Cochran, Flex Seal, Yankovic (R), WILDflower, Honey Do, Jolly Rancher, Swag (FNG), Pelican (Q)Continue reading “BB-Pelican Q Moonshiner at the Boondocks 4/22/21”

BB-Pelican Q 4/16 Wisteria at Pleasantville

Holy Roller decided to give up his site Q duties on the day I was Qing. Which either meant he wanted to go out with a bang or he thought it was going to be a complete shit show and he wanted to quit before he was fired. You can decide that for yourself. SinceContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q 4/16 Wisteria at Pleasantville”