Back-Blast Saturday 09-05-2020 – Pelican / Dauber Derby Day Co-Q @ The County

The Labor Day Derby Nest Pelican / Dauber Co-Q was literally the most over-hyped F3 Louisville event ever, and it did not disappoint. The bar was set high, we aimed for average and emphatically under-delivered.  Even the pre-workout was pretty much a cluster.  Lots of PAX were already there when I arrived (including Pelican whoContinue reading “Back-Blast Saturday 09-05-2020 – Pelican / Dauber Derby Day Co-Q @ The County”

Pelican BB-IPC @ the County 8.31.20

Started off week 1 way better than week 0. I was on time and present-from there it went completely downhill. I did make one good decision as yesterday Jolly Rancher and I set the location for the playground since rain was in the forecast. The plan was to keep the electronics and the early arrivingContinue reading “Pelican BB-IPC @ the County 8.31.20”

PB-Pelican Q 8.26.20 Foundry at the County

Bring gloves and a coupon to the County. Be ready for the same but different kind of workout. No running, Dauber said we are back to heavy’s. No bear crawls, man makers or nuclears. Also no burpees or SSHs. Running short on exercises but I’ll find a way fill at least 30 minutes up. SYITG–maybeContinue reading “PB-Pelican Q 8.26.20 Foundry at the County”

BB Pelican Q Wisteria 8/21/2020

Wasn’t sure what numbers would look like this day as Pleasantville gets random people dropping in as it is and the monthly ruck was that evening. There was also a first official workout at the Garden. It had a marketing campaign like new Coke and is also the self proclaimed hardest working AO in theContinue reading “BB Pelican Q Wisteria 8/21/2020”

BB-GROWRUCK infomercial at the Loco at County 8.4.20

Also known as Pelican’s birthday Q. I was super excited to plan my bday Q and even more excited when some of the hard commits started rolling in. A couple of FNGs were slated to attend and the weather couldn’t have been better. I stayed up late working on a playlist that was full ofContinue reading “BB-GROWRUCK infomercial at the Loco at County 8.4.20”

BB-Tidwell’s VQ-The Nest @ the County 7.25.20 (as told by Pelican)

Ok I’m going to write Tidwell’s backblast for him cause even though he inspired and led 28 of us this day he’s still just 15. I had the opportunity to help him get ready for his VQ and I was absolutely honored. I still don’t think he knew he could have chose someone else butContinue reading “BB-Tidwell’s VQ-The Nest @ the County 7.25.20 (as told by Pelican)”

PB-Tidwell’s VQ the Nest @ the County 7.25.20

I’m super pumped that Tidwell is letting me help him out with his VQ tomorrow (I’m not sure he knew he had a choice but that’s ok). He’s got a good one planned, bring your coupons and be ready to work. We will break up into teams for some friendly completion (not like the 76er/PelicanContinue reading “PB-Tidwell’s VQ the Nest @ the County 7.25.20”

BB-Pelican Q-Basketball tryouts @ The Escalator @ the Abyss 7/15/20

I was fired up for the basketball tryouts at the Abyss. Figured after the debacle that was the Boondocks tryout we could only go up. My jersey even got an upgrade-my name on the back. Custom jerseys aren’t as hard to make as I thought, I’ll have to talk to the NBA store to helpContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q-Basketball tryouts @ The Escalator @ the Abyss 7/15/20”

PB-Pelican Q 7/15 The Escalator @ the Abyss

If I was a basketball coach I’d be a lot like Shooter-drunk all the time and you’d never be sure if I’d show up or not. For tomorrow at least you don’t have to worry about that—I think. Going to try to find out how the Long Run Park all stars compare to the PeggyContinue reading “PB-Pelican Q 7/15 The Escalator @ the Abyss”

Pre-Blast Pelican Q Boondocks 7/7/20

There’s nothing a Pelican likes better than a week at the beach. That’s come to an end so time to work off all the extra fish I ate. Come get back in shape with me through a basketball style conditioning session on the legendary Peggy Baker basketball court. Fun fact-Bulletin is the all time leadingContinue reading “Pre-Blast Pelican Q Boondocks 7/7/20”

BB-Pelican Q North Posh 6.22.2020

Great morning for a workout-the morning after Father’s Day when you are either full, hungover, tired or all 3. Also, apparently clocks stopped working as about 30% of the PAX were late or didn’t show. Not going to names but as we started COP we had to dodge Bulletin, then WILDflower and finally Holy RollerContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q North Posh 6.22.2020”

Pelican BB-Wisteria @ Pleasantville 6.12.20

I arrived at the amphitheater about 5:23 and saw Hush Puppy practicing for his race tomorrow by driving laps around Pleasantville. And that was it, didn’t see anyone else but then 3 minutes later the PAX started rolling in. Thanks to Captain Crunchberry for bringing a couple extra coupons for those who didn’t have one.Continue reading “Pelican BB-Wisteria @ Pleasantville 6.12.20”