5/30 PB Pelican/Backflop 4 year Postiversary Q at the Loco

Get your ‘short’ work week started off right with Backflop and myself at the County. 4 years ago Alexa talked me into finally making a workout and I brought Flop along. He was Tweety Bird (I think cause he was little but not sure really)for the day. Forest Springs PAX should be more sober andContinue reading “5/30 PB Pelican/Backflop 4 year Postiversary Q at the Loco”

BB-Pelican 5/18 Q at the Agony at the County

They say writing a back blast is kind of like riding a bike. No wait Big Bird said it was like a box of chocolates. No you get a box of chocolates if you write a good one, that’s what it was I’m going with that. Writing back blasts can be a challenge but whenContinue reading “BB-Pelican 5/18 Q at the Agony at the County”

PB 5/18 Pelican Q the Agony at County

Leave your coupons in your trunk, garage or by the train tracks. We will roam campus together and make some stops along the way for some PT. Will be a great primer for the County Fair. Meter Maid forgot about this workout in his excitement to hype the County events today so don’t expect toContinue reading “PB 5/18 Pelican Q the Agony at County”

PB-Pelican Q at the Nest 3/4/23

After last week’s debacle at the Nest we have been told we can no longer use coupons on Saturdays. Fortunately, I wasn’t planning on using them anyway. We will hit up Mt Mercy for some cardio and other stuff, hang by the playground for the pull up guys and depending on time go play burpee(less)Continue reading “PB-Pelican Q at the Nest 3/4/23”

PB-8/11/22 Pelican Q at the Moonshiner

Flight delays last week caused my Q to get pushed a week. Thanks for Holy Roller for stepping up. But it was a blessing in disguise as I assume 80% of the PAX haven’t played basketball since last F3on3. Bring your favorite ball if you have one, if not I’ll have extras. We are goingContinue reading “PB-8/11/22 Pelican Q at the Moonshiner”

BB-Pelican/WILDflower/Cochran Co-Q Foundry 6/29/22

So apparently everyone at the County knows their way around the train except me. It caused a near 20 minute delay for me and messed up my Q. Because of the train I showed up in glasses and slides (not flip flops Cochran). Luckily Wildflower and Cochran knew I’d be late and were prepared. WILDflowerContinue reading “BB-Pelican/WILDflower/Cochran Co-Q Foundry 6/29/22”

BB-Pelican Q Goshen BO 5/31/22

A simple text to Flexseal and Viking congratulating them on the numbers they have been getting at the new Goshen BO turned into them signing me up to Q. I’ll never congratulate anyone again. It’s a fairly long drive from the County out there but those boys and others have been doing it for yearsContinue reading “BB-Pelican Q Goshen BO 5/31/22”

BB-Pelican Q-2/1/22 Loco

The County is back. We showed up in huge pre-COVID numbers today as everyone was super excited for my Q. I’m only going to name 9 of the countless PAX who were there though –GiseleWildflowerHush PuppyCrock PotJitterbugLady BirdVikingMeter MaidPelican (Q) Gave the disclaimer and took our coupons to the portico. By ours I mean theirs,Continue reading “BB-Pelican Q-2/1/22 Loco”