BB-Pelican 5/18 Q at the Agony at the County

They say writing a back blast is kind of like riding a bike. No wait Big Bird said it was like a box of chocolates. No you get a box of chocolates if you write a good one, that’s what it was I’m going with that.

Writing back blasts can be a challenge but when you wait a few days the difficulty level goes up as trying to remember everything you did and what happened can be tough. But not if your workout is well planned out instead of random AF.

Valdez, like a good site Q should do, checked in with me prior to the morning to make sure all was good. He was going to be out of town but again like a good site Q he had a backup site Q lined up. But this is where the good site Q compliments stop. The backup site Q he selected had a 10% chance of showing up and I won’t name him but at 5 am the next morning I see a text from him saying he can’t make it. So I gave Airplane a little bit of shit but figured I can run it without one.

Now to the workout and who did show up which was solid crew of old and new PAX.

Brown Water
Tebow (R)
Air Raid (R)
Double Pump
Pelican (Q)

We warmed up and then ran around campus stopping for PT at various historical sites. First stop was the green space—one partner did seated squat jump things while the other ran to the tree and Bernie Sanders back. 3x each.

Next we went to the little colonel and one partner did dips while the other ran Central Park trying to dodge the sprinklers. Given the cool air of the morning getting hit with those was not fun, but a good thing to remember for the summer months.

Then I think we stopped in the front lot and Tebow complimented me on my well planned weinke and didn’t say I dressed like a carnie yet. We did some booyah merkins and maybe V-ups and then some broad jumps or something. This is when Tebow changed his mind and said the workout was random AF.

Then we went to the overhang place and did step ups and Mario’s and other things before heading backing to the flag for Mary.

I think I captured it all—we did all the end stuff and talked about the County Fair. I forgot the flyers so that’s probably why Double Pump, Audible and Air Raid didn’t make the fair. Y Not asked what he could bring for it and when I told him nothing somehow he heard chicken wraps from Costco. Which seemed weird but they were strangely delicious—I think Crestwood Cafe is adding them to their breakfast menu.

I probably won’t win the chocolates but felt good to write a back blast again. Unfortunately I think I fart sacked my incubator Q that I thought was Monday but was on the calendar for Sunday.

Til next time


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