Back Blast – May 20, 2023 – The County Fair

Weather either sucked or was perfect depending on your personal preference. I thought the weather sucked but the morning was 100% pure perfection. Rain had been forecasted for Thursday-Saturday all week and somehow it missed us completely except for the steady downpour from 0530 – 0830…perfectly in The County Fair window.

The PAX were not deterred and the Qs made adjustments on the fly to make it work. Frisbee was cancelled, a coupon pyramid was built (and rebuilt), run/ruck time was extended, Backflop only called one of the exercises on his board (but we still did the same number of exercises…just stuff not on his board), Pelican worked around the playground maintenance crew, and Meter was still able to have enough equipment for the heavy even leaving 4k lbs of weight at home. Quick side note – those dudes are awesome. I give them a hard time sometimes but Meter Maid, Pelican and Backflop flat out make F3 great. All three do so in completely different ways also. It’s hard to name all of their positive traits so I will just name one each. Meter is an encyclopedia of semi-chronological announcements, Backflop brings the highest quality beer for 2nd F (no bourbon tho…jacka$$), and Pelican dresses like a carnie. Love those guys.

So despite the rain, the PAX put in great work at the heavy (although McAfee figured out pretty quickly that based on Meter’s setup only one person actually had to do reps each rotation). The run / ruck seemed to go well. Focker couldn’t decide which one to do so he just freaking ran the whole way with a ruck on. Backflop was supposed to “lead the front of the run group” which he took as a challenge to sprint for 45 minutes and nearly kill Depends (props to Depends for hanging with him most of the way). Worm left early but he is Nantan so I won’t mention it here.

I am going to miss a ton of important stuff I know, but here are a handful of respect shoutouts from the fair: Tebow (who a lot of you probably don’t know yet) is a bada$$. Just started with F3 like 4 weeks ago and hit his 1,000 post today. Holy Roller told me he was going to a mud run event after the County Fair right as he was putting a ruck on for the bootcamp workout (what?!?!?!). Little Jerry brought the inspiration as he gutted through the bootcamp workout just weeks before his knee replacement. Love you LJ. And I don’t have anything specific from today but Double Down and Husky are a couple of respect guys that simply get it done day after day and it doesn’t go unnoticed – leaders!

So…there was a lot more fun stuff during the workout I am forgetting but mainly because of the greatness that occurred after “time” was called. Tebow ripping on Pelican; YNot breaking out chicken sandwiches; Pi ordering drinks like he was at O’Sheas (no, there is no bourbon!); a huge frisbee that Tebow just happened to have with him; Snowden donating another coupon; and…beer.

Looking forward to next year gentlemen.

– Dauber

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