Back Blast – May 20, 2023 – The County Fair

Weather either sucked or was perfect depending on your personal preference. I thought the weather sucked but the morning was 100% pure perfection. Rain had been forecasted for Thursday-Saturday all week and somehow it missed us completely except for the steady downpour from 0530 – 0830…perfectly in The County Fair window. The PAX were notContinue reading “Back Blast – May 20, 2023 – The County Fair”

Pre-Blast May 20, 2023 3rd Annual COUNTY FAIR

Not sure if you have seen the flyer yet or not, but several big money sponsors have stepped up and I am excited to announce that attendance is free for this year’s County Fair!! That’s right…come one, come all…maybe even bring out that FNG you have been headlocking. If you have a ruck(s) or sandbag(s)…bringContinue reading “Pre-Blast May 20, 2023 3rd Annual COUNTY FAIR”

BB – 5-8-23 The Minuteman @ The Patriot

Since it’s “Whitman Week” (I know, I know…it’s more than a week…but Whitman Month was not as catchy). Anyway, since it’s Whitman Week I really wanted to wax poetic about all the happenings this morning at the Patriot…the drama, the intrigue, the awkward silences, the weird monument. I’m not even talking about the Colonel LagrangeContinue reading “BB – 5-8-23 The Minuteman @ The Patriot”

11-28-22 pre-blast The Silo @ North Posh

After a long holiday weekend filled with a ton of food, too much drink, and lots of good times with friends and family, Monday morning is just sitting there…lurking…ready to punch you right in the gut. Well, flip the script and attack Monday morning by joining me at North Posh for some high tempo hillContinue reading “11-28-22 pre-blast The Silo @ North Posh”

11-11-22 Pre-Blast The Defender @ The Patriot

Veterans Day at The Patriot is pretty awesome, right?? Well, I am honored to have the Q tomorrow and will try to do the day justice. This won’t be Man in The Arena or anything close to that, but we will work hard and you are going to have to do some math in yourContinue reading “11-11-22 Pre-Blast The Defender @ The Patriot”

09-29-2022 Back-Blast The Agony @ The County

I believe this is 2 of my Qs in a row that were rated “Good-ish” by Abacus so I am feeling pretty good about myself at this point. Other than that little tidbit, I will keep this short and to the point… PAX: Abacus, DeVitto, Crockpot, Snack Shack, Kitty Litter (R), Holy Roller (R), DoubleContinue reading “09-29-2022 Back-Blast The Agony @ The County”

Back Blast 9-20-2022 Planetarium @ The Bookdocks

A lot of running this morning at the Boondocks. 7 PAX showed for a pretty solid calorie burn – Le Pew, Cochran, Lucky Charms (2 year postiversary….and a “welcome back”), Yankovic (R), Honey Do, Virginia Slims, Dauber (Q). We took a long lap to warm up before COP, then headed for the basketball courts forContinue reading “Back Blast 9-20-2022 Planetarium @ The Bookdocks”

BackBlast 9-3-2022 The Nest @ The County (Bourbon DR Q)

Date: 09/03/2022Time: 7:00 – 8:00 AMLocation: The Nest @ The County (Saint Aloysius Pewee Valley)Q: BourbonPAX: 17 PAX – Mortimer (DR from St. Louis), Ted Striker, Big Bird, Glow Sticks, Toots, Pizza, Brown Water, Mom Suit,Kitty Litter (Respect), Jolly Rancher, Cratchett, Devito, Wild Sprayer (DR from Toledo), Husky (Respect), Dauber, Cochran,and Bourbon (Q, DR fromContinue reading “BackBlast 9-3-2022 The Nest @ The County (Bourbon DR Q)”

9-3-2022 Pre-Blast DR Q at The Nest @ The County

It is not often that we get a Down Range 5-year Postaversary Q (I am going out on a limb and assuming this is the first), but that is exactly what we have on tap at The Nest tomorrow as Bourbon from F3 Black Swamp is in town and has the Q @ at The County. Continue reading “9-3-2022 Pre-Blast DR Q at The Nest @ The County”

Back-Blast 08-27-2022 Q School at The Nest @ The County

3 seconds.  If you were wondering…it was 3 seconds into my Q before Pelican broke his silence.  And really that is being generous…it might have only been 2 seconds and the only reason it wasn’t immediate was Meter Maid wouldn’t take a freaking breath as he seemed to talk through the entirety of my Q school. Continue reading “Back-Blast 08-27-2022 Q School at The Nest @ The County”

Pre-Blast 08-27-2022 Q School at The Nest @ The County

Q School at The Nest tomorrow with Coach Dauber. Bring a coupon and a mental notepad to capture all the knowledge I will be dropping on you. Only interval running. The Nest Q school is one of my favorites since Pelican is not allowed to talk the entire time. I just made that up butContinue reading “Pre-Blast 08-27-2022 Q School at The Nest @ The County”

8-16-2022 Back Blast – The Loco @ The County

Overall a solid morning at The County (To quote Abacus…”Dauber – it was a pretty ok workout”). I’ll take it! We had 13 PAX (Cochran, Bulletin, Abacus, Crockpot, Meter Maid, Valdez, WILDflower, Brown water, Little Jerry, Sputnik, PCI, Wiche, Dauber) and luckily one of them (thanks Bulletin) brought a speaker to bail me out whichContinue reading “8-16-2022 Back Blast – The Loco @ The County”

8-3-2022 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County

Here is what you missed and/or what I learned this morning at The Foundry… The music was decent / Brown water approved. Nothing fancy. Just some 80s/90s stuff and at least one ballad to keep it real.I somehow offended everywhere Asian Zing has ever lived in a single sentence.Cochran is wonderfully terrible at Halloween costumes.PCIContinue reading “8-3-2022 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County”

7-28-2022 Back-Blast – The Bridle at The Stable

First thing – huge props to Viking and Flexseal for spearheading the starfish growth out to Goshen. It was also to join this group today and get to know a bunch of new PAX. The Stable is going to be a big time AO as we move forward (yet another example of the GCA impactContinue reading “7-28-2022 Back-Blast – The Bridle at The Stable”

Back Blast 6/22/2022 – The Foundry @ The County

I’ll be short and sweet with this back blast. Here is what you need to know: to Pelican’s dismay I Qed (not Subprime even though he posted a pre blast), Tidwell fartsacked (i.e. lied to Jerry McGuire), we went through 3 playlists (2 sucked worse than normal) and we had a solid song-to-ad ratio, DoubleContinue reading “Back Blast 6/22/2022 – The Foundry @ The County”

Pre-Blast 06-22-2022 The Foundry @ The County

I am honored to follow-up Alexa’s Foundry Q last week as Meter Maid has made a run on ex-Foundry Site Qs (i.e. washed up Qs). However, I will do my best so that is worth something, right? It is a heavy so no running, but we will get the heart rate up a bit soContinue reading “Pre-Blast 06-22-2022 The Foundry @ The County”

Back Blast 6/18/2022 – Father’s Day Eve The Nest @ The County

This morning was awesome. An old school County morning with 25 PAX, a solid workout, some OGs in attendance, a healthy dose of 2.0s, strong mumblechatter, great music, and a little wiffle ball. PAX – Pelican, Primetime 2.0, Meter maid, Backflop, Super soaker 2.0, Firehose 2.0, Valdez, DeVitto, Octodad, Airplane, Asian Zing (R), Double downContinue reading “Back Blast 6/18/2022 – Father’s Day Eve The Nest @ The County”

PreBlast Saturday 6/18/22 – Pre-Father’s Day Nest @ The County

Tomorrow is Father’s Day Eve, which is an official holiday at The County (at least in my mind it is). My personal Father’s Day Eve tradition is forcing my 2.0s to come to the Nest fully equipped with groggy heads, rolling eyes and their generally delightful teenage dispositions. Whether you have 2.0s or not, tomorrowContinue reading “PreBlast Saturday 6/18/22 – Pre-Father’s Day Nest @ The County”