Back Blast Wednesday 5/11/22 – The Foundry @ The County

This was my third Q in a row so, although the Q itself was impeccable as always, I am running out of steam a bit on WordPress stuff.  To summarize this morning (8 PAX total), Pelican and Meter Maid talked the whole time, Backflop and Brown Water quietly went about their business, WILDflower motivated by wordsContinue reading “Back Blast Wednesday 5/11/22 – The Foundry @ The County”

PreBlast Wednesday 5/11/22 – The Foundry @ The County

Get out the The County tomorrow and #MTCGA with a heavy at The Foundry.  Bring a coupon, ruck, sandbag, curl bar, plate, card table, or whatever you prefer to lift up.  We will do a combination of coupon work and body weight exercises…NO RUNNING…it’s a heavy.  Meet at The Foundry (playground) at 0530.  SYITG –Continue reading “PreBlast Wednesday 5/11/22 – The Foundry @ The County”

Back-Blast Tuesday 5/10/2022 – Planetarium @ The Boondocks

I’m not sure I can fully explain the workout in this back blast as it was difficult enough trying to get the 15 PAX in attendance to understand it.  However, I did hear someone say everything went “smooth” when we circled up at the end (yes, that someone was me).  The whole workout really hingedContinue reading “Back-Blast Tuesday 5/10/2022 – Planetarium @ The Boondocks”

Pre-Blast Tuesday 5/10/2022 – Planetarium @ The Boondocks

The Boondocks is gonna be poppin’ tomorrow. I am pretty pumped up about the workout I just thought of. It could go awesome like I envision it or it could go horribly wrong. Either way you prolly want to be there to find out. There will be lots of running and you need a coupon.Continue reading “Pre-Blast Tuesday 5/10/2022 – Planetarium @ The Boondocks”

Back Blast Monday 5/9/2022 – The Silo @ North Posh

It was a cool and calm morning at North Posh…perfect for an up tempo beatdown following the excesses of Derby weekend. Mumblechatter was limited overall but Meter Maid was pretty proud of himself for picking the Derby Trifecta (except he didn’t have the 80-1 winner). Anyway…the PAX in attendance were Viking, Mr. Roper, Backflop, Abacus,Continue reading “Back Blast Monday 5/9/2022 – The Silo @ North Posh”

Back-Blast Friday 04-01-2022 – The Defender @ The Patriot

Nothing like snow in April!  Last time I Qed at the Patriot it also snowed and I nearly got hit by a truck, so I was a little nervous this morning. However, there were plenty of distractions to help occupy my mind. Such as…The crazy number of flags planted around the Patriot statue, Ruby’s mathContinue reading “Back-Blast Friday 04-01-2022 – The Defender @ The Patriot”

Back-Blast Saturday 03-19-2022 – The Ruiner @ The O

It was a therapeutic morning at The O. 7 PAX total somehow killed the entire workout while complaining most of the time. PAX – Vincent (R), Russdiculous, Harry Caray, Big Bird, Handbook, Tron, Dauber (Q). Russ and I got out some of our frustration about the Cats and the UofL fans were moderately compassionate (let’sContinue reading “Back-Blast Saturday 03-19-2022 – The Ruiner @ The O”

Back-Blast Friday 02-25-2022 – The Baptizer @ The Garden

Not sure a back blast is really even needed for The Garden workout this morning. The pre-blast laid out exactly what we did and the 11 PAX who read the pre-blast were well prepared. One jumped out of their car yelling all sorts of basic questions but eventually figured things out when I politely explainedContinue reading “Back-Blast Friday 02-25-2022 – The Baptizer @ The Garden”

Back-Blast Saturday 02-12-2022 – The Nest @ The County (WHO DEY !!!!!)

Who Dey!! 15 came out to celebrate Super Bowl Eve and get their minds and bodies right for the game tomorrow. It was great.  We did a lot of burpees. We talked about our favorite Bengals players.  Pelican’s team didn’t win burpee football. Brown water got drafted and traded twice. Jolly was in a particularlyContinue reading “Back-Blast Saturday 02-12-2022 – The Nest @ The County (WHO DEY !!!!!)”

Pre-Blast Saturday 02-12-2022 – The Nest @ The County

WHO freaking DEY!!! The entire world outside of LA (even some Steeler fans) will be cheering for the Bengals to complete their improbable Super Bowl run on Sunday. If you are like me, you are already too excited to sit still. So…put on your orange and black and get out to the Nest tomorrow toContinue reading “Pre-Blast Saturday 02-12-2022 – The Nest @ The County”

Back-Blast Saturday 01-29-2022 – The Fog @ South Posh

I’m gonna state the obvious…it was cold af this morning. Here are a few examples:  PK looked like Father Christmas after the pre-ruck (extra badass move by those that pre-rucked this morning), my eyelids froze at least three times during the workout (not even joking), I think Scissorhands and Dukes were there but really can’tContinue reading “Back-Blast Saturday 01-29-2022 – The Fog @ South Posh”

Pre-Blast Saturday 01-29-2022 – The Fog @ South Posh

I hope everyone is planning on attending the awards banquet tonight. Enjoy tonight and then join me tomorrow morning at South Posh 0700 to bask in the glory of all the awards I am sure you will win tonight. No coupons needed. Expect some running and a few burpees but not too much of either.Syitg-Dauber

Back-Blast Friday 01-28-2022 The Gladiator in The Abyss

There are so many great things about F3 and each morning in the gloom is unique. This morning we had a small group which led to some great mumblechatter about proteins, skid marks, knee injuries, and some black market powder that Kitty Litter buys off the dark web (forgot the name already).  We also hadContinue reading “Back-Blast Friday 01-28-2022 The Gladiator in The Abyss”

Back-Blast Tuesday 01-25-2022 The Cliffs @ The Garden

Definitely a fun morning at the Garden…as usual.  We had a big group from a bunch of different AOs. Some regulars, some familiar faces who have not been out as much lately, some newer guys, some dude named Jewel. Is was pretty cool. PAX – :  Jimmy Neutron, Wet Bandit, Husky (R), Huggies, Nino, Wide Right, Jewel, Catfish, Corningstone, Meter Maid, Cochran, Abacus, Big Bird, WILDflower, Viking, DeVitto, Gisele, NattyLite, Kitty Litter, Glowsticks, SGT HulkaContinue reading “Back-Blast Tuesday 01-25-2022 The Cliffs @ The Garden”

Back-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot

Disclaimer was given and confirmed….thank goodness as we absolutely needed it this morning at The Patriot. I had a pretty good plan…touring around the area to log some miles and exercises while staying in a group. The ice and snow, along with some questionable decision-making on my part, led to some serious adventure. Here areContinue reading “Back-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot”

Pre-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot

I am pumped up to Q the hottest spot in F3 Louisville – The Patriot. Come see what the Lagrange boys have going on Monday morning. No coupons needed as we will be touring around to see many of the sights that The Patriot has to offer. Likely will include heartbreak hill once or twice.Continue reading “Pre-Blast Monday 01-17-2022 – The Minutemen @ The Patriot”

Back-Blast Monday 01-10-2022 – The Silo @ North Posh

That was some serious hill work this morning. Shout out to the 5 PAX who joined me and covered a 5k or more on the hills of North Posh. 6 total PAX – Nice & Slow, Bacon, Mr Roper, Backflop, Meter Maid, Dauber (Q). We started with 5 at the Silo. After a quick disclaimer weContinue reading “Back-Blast Monday 01-10-2022 – The Silo @ North Posh”

Back-Blast Friday 01-07-2022 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

I’ll start with the obvious…it was freaking cold this morning (2 degrees wind chill).  However, Viking saved the day with a text yesterday reminding me about the parking garage at PV which we used this morning to at least block some of the wind and it allowed for dry ground.  It was still cold af.  ItContinue reading “Back-Blast Friday 01-07-2022 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Pre-Blast Friday 01-07-2022 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

It’s gonna be cold in the morning. Well, that goes for everywhere except the always sunny and warm Pleasantville. Ok…it won’t be sunny or warm but we will get moving early and stay moving. We might even find some cover for the workout, so don’t let the weather deter you from the beatdown.No coupons needed.Continue reading “Pre-Blast Friday 01-07-2022 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Back-Blast Tuesday 01-04-2022 – The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

I’m going to start with end today – COT. One the PAX this morning shared that a friend’s son recently committed suicide. We prayed for the family but also talked about reaching out to others if there is any indication that things just aren’t right. The guidance from training on this topic is to alwaysContinue reading “Back-Blast Tuesday 01-04-2022 – The Planetarium @ The Boondocks”