BB: Man Maker Frenzy at the O

9 HIMs  showed up for great morning at the O.  Violet, Stick Up, Tron, Handbook, Russdiculous, Schyster, Butcher, Splinter and Flo Jo (Q) all got in some good coupon work.  Here’s a recap:

Arrival:  roughly 5:18, already see Violet unloading some coupons, Russ and Handbook sipping on some coffee (how they hell do they do that before a workout?).  Tron was there as well, getting psyched up in his car I presume.  It worked, Splinter let us know he hadn’t been there since September, but he remembers Tron – of course!

Gear:  The usual for me, red Nike tank top, black Nike running shorts, red Nike running shoes (puma socks if you must know, pro luwell compression shorts under Nike).

Weather:  Upper 60’s/low 70’s, felt great!

Loaded up coupons, moseyed over to tennis court to drop them off, and take a quick couple laps inside the tennis court, avoiding the coupons by cutting it to three courts, twice around.  Circle up for COP:
Grass Grabbers x 15 IC, Copper Head Squats x 15 IC, Mountain Climbers x 15 IC, Merkin x 15 IC, Neck rolls, Kinder Newmans, off to the thang.

Thang 1:  Round of 7’s on one tennis court.  Coupon stays on one end for Man Makers, Merkins on the other end.  Start with one Man Maker, move across court, 6 pushups, move back for 2 Man Makers, then back for  5 pushups….all the way to 6 man makers and 1 pushup, you get the idea.

Round 1:  Travel on the court via Bear Crawl one way, Crawl Bear back.  Shoulders were burning good.  Man Makers and Merkins on either end.

Round 2:  Monkey Side Straddles across court (hold you ankles, side straddle facing same way back and forth).  Still Man Makers and Merkins on either end.

Round 3:  Put the coupons aside, Lunge Walk down, reverse lunge back.  Replaced the Man Makers with Burpees for this round.

Thang 2:  Full court suicide, with Man Maker at return each time (1, 2, 3, 4).

Took an easy mosey around the 1/4 mile loop, back for some Mary:

20 BB, 25 Flutter Kicks IC, Pretzel Crunch x 15 each side, SLOW Freddy Mercury x 15 IC (feel the burn!).

Took a look at my watch, had less than a minute left, so flipped over for elbow plank to end it.

COR, COT.  Scheister was the 6, learned more about his handle.  Thoughts given up for cooler heads to prevail in Louisville as we move toward a decision on the Taylor case, and toward Derby.  Our Father, and we were done.

Flo Jo.

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