Back-Blast – Chapel Lake Black Ops – Jolly’s Triumphant Return – 08/20/2020

So, a little tardy in this back-blast. But, I decided to pick the Q up the night before because I wanted to venture back over to Chapel Lake BlackOps to pay those guys another visit…and, to make sure the FNG I headlocked the week before, Timeshare, continued to post! I decided to convince Crachit to join me and he obliged as Timeshare is a mutual co-worker of ours. We give each other a lot of grief at work, and it’s always good to get out and get to know each other outside of work and push each other physically.


  • Plumb Bob
  • Grinder
  • Timeshare
  • Crachit
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

We started off with the normal COP of all of my Qs…SSH, downward dog, runners stretches, probably some Toy Soldiers and maybe even some Grass Grabbers. And then we moved into the one and only Thang.

The Thang – Arm Day Ladder

So, Grinder and Plumb Bob are both nursing some leg issues. So, I decided to make this all about upper body…with a little twist. I set up a ladder right at the circle next to the pavilion and turned on Jolly Rancher’s Greatest Hits as we began the ladder. The ladder included:

  • 5x – Manmakers
  • 10x – Coupon Swings
  • 15x – Coupon Merkins
  • 20x – Dips
  • 25x – Curls
  • 30x – Skull Crushers
  • 35x – Overhead Presses
  • 40x – Coupon Squats

So, you know the drill. Do the first exercise, and then make a movement…then come back and do the first and second exercise, and then make a movement. Then, rinse and repeat all the way down the ladder.

For the movements, you had two options:

  • Run over to the playground and turn around; or,
  • Bear crawl next to the pavilion.

Time was called on The Thang and we did a little bit of Mary. I don’t remember exactly what we did, but I do remember Plumb Bob introducing Pickle Pounders to Timeshare. So, we did that – and even though we were in a circle, we were able to avoid eye contact.

Nobody made it to the top of the ladder, but a few were really close. Perfect.

We ended with Countarama, Namearama, Announcements and Intentions.

Always a pleasure to lead…even if it is in Indiana.

Jolly Rancher out!

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