Back Blast – Long Run BlackOps – 01/20/2020

The Long Run BlackOps fills a unique hole in F3Louisville, but it is like a well kept secret for some reason in spite of Mr. Hat and the crew continually beating the drum to get this thing firing on all cylinders.  The unique hole is that it begins at 0500 vs. the usual 0530. Yes,Continue reading “Back Blast – Long Run BlackOps – 01/20/2020”

Pre-Blast : Long Run BlackOps @ 0500 : 01/20/2020

Looking forward to joining the men of the Long Run BlackOps tomorrow morning. Yes, it is going to be cold. Yes, it starts a little earlier than other WOs scheduled on Monday. But, that means you can enjoy that much more coffee afterwards before you go to work. Or, a few extra minutes in theContinue reading “Pre-Blast : Long Run BlackOps @ 0500 : 01/20/2020”

Back Blast – #250 at Cloverfield – 01/16/2020

It snuck up on me, but yesterday at The Foundry [according to the Weasel Shaker] was my 250th post at F3.  So, today was a bit of a personal celebration of that milestone. I remember it like it was yesterday when PK and I met up for dinner to catch-up and he was talking toContinue reading “Back Blast – #250 at Cloverfield – 01/16/2020”

Pre-Blast – Cloverfield – 01/16/2020 – Jolly’s VQ at the Garden!

Flounder went crazy on me yesterday and sent a pre-blast for Cloverfield and THEN checked the calendar to see if it was open.  Too late, Flounder, because Jolly’s got this one on lockdown – including a celebration of post #250-ish! So, I encourage you to come on out to The Garden on Thursday and seeContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Cloverfield – 01/16/2020 – Jolly’s VQ at the Garden!”

Back-Blast – Peggy Baker Park – 01/14/2020 – #RyleighStrong

Several weeks ago I snatched up several Qs for the quarter to make sure I met my Iron Horse Challenge requirements.  I overachieved in the month of January on purpose and put a lot of Qs out there to force myself to post.  Work will inevitably be an easy excuse in February and March.  So,Continue reading “Back-Blast – Peggy Baker Park – 01/14/2020 – #RyleighStrong”

Pre-Blast – Peggy Baker Park – 01/14/2020

This is a little test to see who reads pre-blasts – and how much of a dedicated PAX you are. Free coffee to any other non-County PAX that shows up at Peggy Baker Park tomorrow.  If you don’t do it for free coffee, do it for #RyleighStrong. WEAR GREEN!  And, bring gloves for ground and couponContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Peggy Baker Park – 01/14/2020”

Back Blast – #no-rain – the Nest @ the County – 01/11/2020

Rain? What rain. If you let the fart sack beat you this morning then shame on you. Weather was perfect for getting busy. And, the boys at The Nest got busy today indeed. PAX: Brown Water Fear Factor Double Down (R) Holy Roller (R) Cratchit Hush Puppy Captain Crunchberry Assfault (FNG) (pronounced Asphalt) DeVitto (lateContinue reading “Back Blast – #no-rain – the Nest @ the County – 01/11/2020”

Pre-Blast – the Nest @ the County – 01/11/2020

They say that pictures speak a thousand words.  So, there you have it. Don’t let a little rain in the forecast scare you from enjoying a 60 degree day in January. Bring your running shoes.  We’re going to get busy and venture off campus a little tomorrow.  Estimated mileage a little over 3 miles. BonusContinue reading “Pre-Blast – the Nest @ the County – 01/11/2020”

Back Blast – Tank @ Vets – 01/08/2020

I love making my way down I-265 southbound to visit the PAX at Vets. PK, the Tank Site Q, was instrumental in head locking me out of the fart sack some time ago – and I haven’t looked back yet.  The Vets AO and PAX definitely have something special.  Not sure what it is, butContinue reading “Back Blast – Tank @ Vets – 01/08/2020”

Pre-Blast : Jolly Takes Over 2018 AO of the Year [Vets] : The Tank : 01/08/2020

That’s right boys.  Jolly’s coming to Vets to start the transition process of taking the AO of the Year back to the County for 2019 where it rightfully belongs. Don’t like the smell of that?  Then come stop me in the gloom in the morning at 0530. Bring gloves for ground work.  And bring aContinue reading “Pre-Blast : Jolly Takes Over 2018 AO of the Year [Vets] : The Tank : 01/08/2020”

Back Blast – Silo @ North Posh – 12/30

I’ve only posted a few times at North Posh and this was my first Q there. For those that post with me, you know I’m not one for running – but, if I don’t keep trying then I won’t get any better at running. So, why not? It is amazing though how many hills thereContinue reading “Back Blast – Silo @ North Posh – 12/30”

Pre-Blast : Jolly Rancher @ the Silo at North Posh – 12/30/2019

Tomorrow is one day closer to 2020. Tomorrow is also another day that you have the option to wake up and get better. Others can’t even if they wanted to. Tomorrow you have the opportunity to be pushed by your peers to achieve something you didn’t think you could overcome. Others don’t have this supportContinue reading “Pre-Blast : Jolly Rancher @ the Silo at North Posh – 12/30/2019”

Back Blast – Jolly Holly Christmas Eve @ the Loco – 12/24/2019

The Loco opened up and needed a Q. Crock Pot put out an ask and I let is sit for a good minute or two before jumping on it and scooped it up. Couldn’t leave it alone for that long. PAX: Uncle Sam Asian Zhing Kimble Crock Pot Brown Water Holy Roller Wildflower Kilo FergieContinue reading “Back Blast – Jolly Holly Christmas Eve @ the Loco – 12/24/2019”

Pre-Blast : Holly Jolly Christmas Eve @ the Loco – 12/24/2019

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So, we will work hard together to earn the feasts we are certain to devour in the coming days. My back is giving me some fits so you can plan on moderate running – and like all other Jolly Qs: zero burpees! Come and get some! Bring some gloves for someContinue reading “Pre-Blast : Holly Jolly Christmas Eve @ the Loco – 12/24/2019”

Back Blast – Agony & the County – 12/05/2019

OMAHA!  OMAHA! Mama’s Boy sent out a text on Wednesday morning asking for some help to pick up his Q so he could continue to heal up from a cold.  Meanwhile, I was just looking at the calendar the night before trying to find a WO to Q.  Problem solved – I jumped on theContinue reading “Back Blast – Agony & the County – 12/05/2019”

Pre-Blast : the Agony @ the County – 12/05!

Mama’s Boy is on the DL with a cold.  So we’re calling an audible at the Agony like the great Peyton Manning. Just yesterday I was combing the calendar trying to find an opportunity to Q sometime soon – and not much was available.  So, I jumped at the opportunity to help out this HIMContinue reading “Pre-Blast : the Agony @ the County – 12/05!”

Back Blast – Zero Dark Thirty Ruck – 11/09/2019

Put out a plea on Slack to accomplish the Zero Dark Thirty ruck before The Nest.  Had to do some recruiting, but secured the required numbers and it was set. PAX:  Gilligan, Captain Crunchberry, Alexa, Valdez, Crockpot, Jolly Rancher (Q) We did the normal Pewee Valley loop with a modification to head down Rest CottageContinue reading “Back Blast – Zero Dark Thirty Ruck – 11/09/2019”

Back Blast – Incubator @ Posh – 11/11/2019 – #vetsday

I’ve posted several times at the Posh over my time with F3 and I was a late scratch for my VQ there months ago due to an injury.  So I was stoked when Veteran’s Day looked to be open a few weeks ago to make history happen with my VQ at Posh.  But man, itContinue reading “Back Blast – Incubator @ Posh – 11/11/2019 – #vetsday”

Pre-blast – Vets Day with Jolly at Incubator @ Posh – 11/11

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Tomorrow we will work hard. Tomorrow we will pick each other up. Tomorrow we will get better together. Tomorrow we will conquer the morning as a team. Tomorrow you are welcome to be a part of history: my VQ at Posh. Tomorrow Veterans that post get a free coupon. Bring gloves!Continue reading “Pre-blast – Vets Day with Jolly at Incubator @ Posh – 11/11”

Back Blast – The Tank @ Vets – 10/23/2019 – Jolly Ghost!

Vets truly is a great AO.  School makes it challenging for me to get out there as frequently as I’d like – so it’s always a treat when I can squeeze it into the morning.  And, for it to be Ghost Q week was something special.  I rolled into the parking lot of Jeffersonian to dropContinue reading “Back Blast – The Tank @ Vets – 10/23/2019 – Jolly Ghost!”

Back Blast : PVFD BlackOps – 10/17/2019

I’m delinquent on a few back-blasts…sorry PAX.  I apparently started drafting this a while ago, but never posted it.  Apologies! I was following Fungi into the parking lot for the workout and I needed to go drop off the speaker up at the firehouse.  So when I came back, I saw Fungi catch up withContinue reading “Back Blast : PVFD BlackOps – 10/17/2019”

Back Blast : Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/11/2019 – #SuperSamuelBirthdayQ

Delayed back blast…sorry, PAX. I signed up to Q at Pleasantville on 10/11 because this date is pretty special to me.  It really didn’t dawn on me though that it was the morning before the GORUCK Tough event – which was bad ass, by the way.  It didn’t matter – I *HAD* to Q onContinue reading “Back Blast : Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/11/2019 – #SuperSamuelBirthdayQ”

Pre-Blast : Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/11/2019

For those that monitor the calendar, you may have seen that tomorrow’s workout at Pleasantville is labeled as Super Samuel’s birthday. This will be the second birthday we will celebrate after he passed away. Nuff said. Come get busy with me in the morning. For those doing the Tough in the evening with me, don’tContinue reading “Pre-Blast : Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 10/11/2019”

Back Blast : 09/27/2019 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Back blast for Wisteria 9/27/19 “A Date with PAIN” PAX: Viking, Milton, Dauber, Leprechaun, Jolly Rancher, Sandtrap Q Disclaimer followed by short mosey to warm up. Date with Pain explained (all exercises done in count of 9’s, 27’s, and 19’s) 27 Imperial Walkers 19 SSH’s 19 Abe Vigodas 27 Copperhead Squats Downward dog Kendra NewmansContinue reading “Back Blast : 09/27/2019 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Back Blast – BlackOps – English Manor – 09/05/2019

Loving the starfish efforts. Hopefully it sticks. Got there around 5:15am to finish scouting the location for the ensuing beat down and plant the flag so the PAX could find me. Rusty, who posted with us down range from Chicago, asked for a picture. A great way to remember his visit to Louisville, which seemsContinue reading “Back Blast – BlackOps – English Manor – 09/05/2019”

Pre-Blast : BlackOps – #theCounty @EnglishManor

The fart sack has been strong to quite strong this week and so far is 2 for 3 on keeping me from posting.  Tomorrow, it won’t win because I have the Q in the continued starfish efforts at The County.  Don’t be like Jolly Rancher – don’t let the fart sack win on Thursday. Tomorrow AirplaneContinue reading “Pre-Blast : BlackOps – #theCounty @EnglishManor”

Back Blast – #theAgony @ #theCounty : 08/29/2019

When Meter Maid asked for some help to pick up his Q as he recovers from a re-injury of his calf muscle from the August ruck event, I scooped it up in a hurry. I’ve found that I always push myself harder when I Q – you can call it Q juice or call itContinue reading “Back Blast – #theAgony @ #theCounty : 08/29/2019”

Pre-Blast : #theAgony @ theCounty – 08/29/2019

Come have some fun with me at The County on Thursday, August 29.  The name of the game will focus on partner workouts to push each other.  So while this is a you vs. you, it will also be a mental challenge as your partner pushes you [e.g., screams at you] to find the endContinue reading “Pre-Blast : #theAgony @ theCounty – 08/29/2019”

Back Blast – Nest @ The County – 08/03

A year ago, I decided “what the hell” and posted for my first workout with F3. It goes without saying that things are a lot different this year. And this workout was a hard one because I wanted to push myself to remind me how far I – and we – have come together. PAX:Continue reading “Back Blast – Nest @ The County – 08/03”