BB: Push it at the O 11/7

5 strong showed up to Push It at the O on 11/7.  Wham!, Facade, Violet, Handbook and Flo Jo (Q) all got better as we worked to push one another in the gloom.

Quick warm up on the path to the tennis court:

SSH’s (IC x 15), Copper Head Squats (IC x 15), Mountain Climbers (IC x 15), stretch on your own.

Thang 1:

5 of us there.  The plan was to run the mile path around the park, and count the light poles on the left.  Each one we passed was worth 2 burpees.  Started with 5 light poles, stop and do 10 burpees, then 4 light poles, 8 burpees……down to 1 light pole and 2 burpees.  Mosied over to grab coupons, and head to the tennis courts.

Thang 2:

4 stations:

1 – Suicide:  Run up, bernie sanders back

2 – Coupon:  Rotate 15 curls, 15 overhead press

3 – Run over to bathrooms, 20 step ups on each leg (plan was for box jumps, but the leaves were wet, so modified)

4 – Back to tennis courts, plank (high plank round one, elbow round 2)

Completed three total rounds, had to stop short on round 3 to head back to the flag.

I will plan on running this back with a larger group, where the suicide runners will be the pushers for each group.

Quick thank you to the Q in the Sky, and out of the cold rain.

Flo Jo.

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