11/11 BigMo Heavy Backblast #KiloQ

Is there a better place to post on Veterans Day?? Veterans Memorial park was lit with patriotism and the pax were fired up and ready to go.

12 PAX

Kilo, Worm, SnowDay, Eto, Shrimp Boat, Shotzie, HotWheels, Diablo, PK, Zipline, Yoshi, Whitney, Meatball, Sweet Tart

Weight was gonna be moved the circuit was set up so we stretched a little and went for a quick mosey around the monument. Pax were instructed to partner up

Heavy Circuit

3:30 at each station

  • Station 1
    • Kettle Bell clean shoulder press
  • Station 2
    • Sandbag clean press
  • Station 3
    • Coupons plank pull through
  • Station 4
    • Kettle bell Bent over single arm row
  • Station 5
    • Dumbbell American hammers
  • Station 6
    • Ruck plate Halo

Isolating Shoulders, Back, and core

This proved to be a tough circuit and one that is easy to duplicate with minimal equipment. Some ruck plates, coupons, kettle bells and sandbags.


Reminded the pax not to take for granted that we live in the freest country in the history of the World. We have the brave men and women of our armed forces to thank for that continued freedom. Whitney took us out with God Bless America.


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