Leadership structure #PeerLead #Starfish

F3 IS a group of guys who workout together, a group who fellowship together, and who assist each other in becoming better men in their homes and communities. However, at its core, F3Louisville is a LEADERSHIP group. F3 is always peer lead! Meaning there are plenty of opportunities to serve the PAX, both inside andContinue reading “Leadership structure #PeerLead #Starfish”

12/5 Bayside Backblast KiloQ

Sprints are hard, long 400meter sprints will take your soul. In a new training regimen from Ruckingfit.com a prescribed workout is 4X400 meter sprints. I completely underestimated this workout. ITS BRUTAL. So I figured I’d give the pax at Bayside a taste of it. The loved it! PAX FannyPack, Shuttlecock, Thumbtack, Shotzie, Charolais, Eto, Kilo,Continue reading “12/5 Bayside Backblast KiloQ”

F3Louisville Servant Cheerleader

What we (Leadership Council) want to highlight is a SHARED LEADERSHIP structure. Where no central leader is making final decisions on anything F3Louisville. We will all work together to better serve the pax of F3Louisville. Please click the link below to read the post from Diablo if you havent done so already. Therefore my titleContinue reading “F3Louisville Servant Cheerleader”

11/21 Backblast TheGarden #KiloQ

This is late so I’ll get right to it. pax Chapo, Nino, huggies, latex, Gypsy, plumbbob, Wapner, domino, kiloQ COP 25 SSH 25 Imperial walksrs 25 hillbilly walkers interval sprint THANG EMOM (every minute on the minute) 10 minutes 10 merkins 10 Peter parkers hold coupon overhead until minute is up. EMOM 2 10Continue reading “11/21 Backblast TheGarden #KiloQ”

11/11 BigMo Heavy Backblast #KiloQ

Is there a better place to post on Veterans Day?? Veterans Memorial park was lit with patriotism and the pax were fired up and ready to go. 12 PAX Kilo, Worm, SnowDay, Eto, Shrimp Boat, Shotzie, HotWheels, Diablo, PK, Zipline, Yoshi, Whitney, Meatball, Sweet Tart Weight was gonna be moved the circuit was set upContinue reading “11/11 BigMo Heavy Backblast #KiloQ”

F3Louisville Custom GORUCK tough #CorpsOfDiscovery

From the events inception in March 2019, I knew F3Louisville in combination with GORUCK would deliver a CSAUP experience like never before.  I knew if this was done correctly, it had the opportunity to change the direction of our rucking/CSAUP for a long time.  The opportunity to help plan, develop, market, and execute this eventContinue reading “F3Louisville Custom GORUCK tough #CorpsOfDiscovery”

10/23 Backblast TheBlender #GhostKilo

When Backdraft asked me to Q theBlender during GhostQ week, I was all over it.  These heavy Qs are my favorite, because they give you the opportunity to get creative in how you split the pax, how long the intervals are, and which muscle groups you’d like to focus on.  I was excited to testContinue reading “10/23 Backblast TheBlender #GhostKilo”

Final Preblast F3Louisville GORUCK Tough #CorpsOfDiscovery

Starting Point Ashland Park 214 Center St. Clarksville, IN 47129 Meet up at the gazebo. Please arrive no later than 8:30 PM, the ruck will begin promptly at 9:00 PM. Hide any valuable items in your car. Do not leave anything out and visible that may be seen as an “easy” smash and grab. PackingContinue reading “Final Preblast F3Louisville GORUCK Tough #CorpsOfDiscovery”

10/7 BackBlast North Posh #KiloQ

  Not sure why these pictures of my son crashing his toy tractor into the fence are relevant to the workout at north posh.  But I like them.  So I share them.  Ryan fancies himself “Farmer John” going as far to correct me when I call him by his hospital name.  He’s basically given himselfContinue reading “10/7 BackBlast North Posh #KiloQ”

GORUCK tough #Live3rd service projects

I have been so excited to announce F3 partnership with both of these wonderful groups. Benchmark Family services and Wayside Christian Mission. Completely separate, yet similar in mission. Each of these organizations strives daily to help those less fortunate in our community. I’m extremely confident in the HIM of F3 stepping up to the plateContinue reading “GORUCK tough #Live3rd service projects”

9/22 Charlie Vettiner Ruck Training

Guys are absolutely getting after the training for the custom tough coming up in October. Last night at Charlie Vettiner park 7 HIM met in the dark strange parking lot at 9PM to train. Along for the ride; 25lb “Slugga” 6 ft. 6×6 post 30lb. Sandbag 60lb. Sandbag We went 5 miles through Charlie VettinerContinue reading “9/22 Charlie Vettiner Ruck Training”

F3Louisville GORUCK tough packing list

Corps of Discovery The Corps of Discovery was a specially-established unit of the United States Army which formed the nucleus of the Lewis and Clark Expedition that took place between May 1804 and September 1806. The Corps, which was a select group of volunteers, were led jointly by CaptainMeriwether Lewis and Second LieutenantWilliam Clark. Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, the Corps’ objectives were scientific andContinue reading “F3Louisville GORUCK tough packing list”