7/12 Temple of Gloom Backblast #CIweinke #CourseIsStressed #KiloQ

YHC originally wrote a weinke because a certain PAX member (Cough CI Cough) asked me to construct my Q at TOG to accomidate their aging shoulder and back.  However after YHC spent hours researching exercises that would not strain ones shoulders or back (there aren't many) YHC shows up to the Gloom and there's no … Continue reading 7/12 Temple of Gloom Backblast #CIweinke #CourseIsStressed #KiloQ

7/6 The Tank Preblast

It’s gonna be a party. Can you guess what kind? birthday? anniversary? block.......   0530 at the Tank to find out! lets see some of these visiting pax trying to complete the Old Bay challenge. Jeffersontown community center (jeffersonian) 10617 Taylorsville rd.