F3Louisville GORUCK tough packing list

Corps of Discovery The Corps of Discovery was a specially-established unit of the United States Army which formed the nucleus of the Lewis and Clark Expedition that took place between May 1804 and September 1806. The Corps, which was a select group of volunteers, were led jointly by CaptainMeriwether Lewis and Second LieutenantWilliam Clark. Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, the Corps’ objectives were scientific and […]

7/17 2 year Kiloversary Backblast and love letter to F3Louisville

This date actually snuck up on me, you know the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun.”  Last week I attended the 2 year Poshaversary and it hit me that the 2 year Kiloversary was just around the corner.  So I hopped on the ole google calendar and noticed that the Poshies were saving […]

Update F3louisville custom GORUCK Tough 10/11/19 Corps of Discovery Expedition

4 spots remaining HC now!!!!!!!! F3Louisville custom GORUCK tough The GORUCK tough is a 10 – 12 hour endurance challenge to put your team before yourself.  It will teach you how to lead, how to follow, and how to overcome adversity together. And you get to keep these lessons with you for the rest of your […]

Capture the flag New twist #2 #MerkinChallenge

During CTF 2018 I noticed at several occasions multiple teams would be looking for the same flag at the same time.  They’d team up or give assistance to the other team.  While I’m all for team work and lending a helping hand, I’m about CTF being pure competition.  So this year YHC is introducing the Merkin […]