Western KY Tornado Relief Raffle

***Update 01/02/2022 @ 2:59 PM Incredible support for this raffle! We have now raised over $12,000 and are excited about how this money will be used to help the families in Western KY. A quick update on how the raffle will work…as previously noted, the PayPal pool formally will close on January 10th. After that,Continue reading “Western KY Tornado Relief Raffle”

4 years and a starfish announcing new leadership

Thank you RedRoof 4 years ago to the day F3Louisville was born on a soggy wet morning at Seneca Park (TheO). The Backblast depicts much of what we see at an F3 workout today. COP, with some SSH and Imperial walkers, along with a few merkins and LBC’s. Followed by a “THANG” including burpees sprintsContinue reading “4 years and a starfish announcing new leadership”

Back blast 3/26 the Baptizer with Kilo

We are soon ready for sunshine and feet in the sand. Memories captured by photos of shorties and good times. As you go through this next week, at work, at home, or on vacation. Live in the moment, the right now, be present and attentive to the needs of others around you. Safe travels toContinue reading “Back blast 3/26 the Baptizer with Kilo”

F3 blood drive -Freed to Bleed-

Excited to announce the first ever F3Louisville blood drive! We have partnered with the Red Cross, to help deliver blood components to our cities much depleted blood reserves. As of today, our region has seen 1020 blood drive cancellations due to COVID-19. Nearly 90,150 fewer blood components will be available to hospitals as a resultContinue reading “F3 blood drive -Freed to Bleed-“

11/11 Backblast The Bridge Veterans Day

Looking for a workout that would honor a hero and stumbled upon the Zachary Tellier WOD. Sgt. Tellier’s story is one of bravery, heroism, and love. Background: Dedicated to U.S. Sgt. Zachary D. Tellier, 31, of Charlotte, NC (USA) a combat infantryman with the 4th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, at Fort Bragg.Continue reading “11/11 Backblast The Bridge Veterans Day”

11/9 BigMO backblast Kilo returns to vets

Now that I’ve got your attention…BigMO was live today. Only the guy pictured above stayed in the fartsack. That’s ok though, 10 studs absolutely got after it from 0530-0615. 2 FNGs made it out, not sure if they’ll come back after the discussion of what HotWheels puts in his hair to keep it so “slick”.Continue reading “11/9 BigMO backblast Kilo returns to vets”

GROWRUCK 21 Blue Platoon AAR Lansbury

GR21—Blue Platoon AAR “The best damn squadron I’ve seen.” – Gen. George Smith Patton, Jr. October 10, 2020, to October 11, 2020. Q: Cadre Shredder, Cadre Dredd, Cadre SeaBass QIT: Cadre Bloodhound, Cadre Major Payne PAX: Armstrong, Bartman, Beauty, Bono, Candy Cane, Captain Insane-o, Carlton, Catfish, Cornwallis, Dark Helmet, Dauber, DeVitto, Diablo, Duckling, Gemini, Grisham,Continue reading “GROWRUCK 21 Blue Platoon AAR Lansbury”

GROWRUCK 21 Red Platoon AAR Gus

Four of us hit the road out of Memphis on Friday morning in a Jeep Grand Cherokee that smelled like body odor and chert. We arrived at the hotel without incident, full of enthusiasm and confidence for GrowRuck Training Exercise (GTE) 21. We went the absolute wrong way for Friday night’s Rally but arrived beforeContinue reading “GROWRUCK 21 Red Platoon AAR Gus”

GROWRUCK 21 White Platoon AAR Italian Job

Pax Meatloaf, Bartles and Jaymes, Roller Skates, Brain, Handbook, Bedpan, Shady, Vanilla Ice, Crop Circle, Dawson, Dilly Dilly, Sugar Ray, Italian Job, Fargo, Flight Nurse, Flip Phone, Flush, Olaf, GMO, Repeato, FIAB, Jalopy, No Nuts, Lancelot, Kramer, Maximus, Merengue, Beans, Parks and Rec, Ronda, Peter Parker, Geppetto, Tomb Raider As my muscles begin to recoverContinue reading “GROWRUCK 21 White Platoon AAR Italian Job”

10/10 F3nation convergence

Who: EVERYONE Where: TheO basketball courts When: 0700-0800 10/10 Q’s: F3nation president, Dark Helmet F3nation COO, Slaughter F3nation Q of GrowRuck, Bono Why: To show off F3louisville and the HIM that make up the best region in F3nation. We will be welcoming over 60 pax, traveling to Louisville from all over the nation. These HIMContinue reading “10/10 F3nation convergence”