Back blast 3/26 the Baptizer with Kilo

We are soon ready for sunshine and feet in the sand. Memories captured by photos of shorties and good times. As you go through this next week, at work, at home, or on vacation. Live in the moment, the right now, be present and attentive to the needs of others around you. Safe travels to all pax traveling with their family.

YHC rolled up to the garden with a chalk board, a speaker and a workout. All you need to get the garden boys fired up. We circled up near the basketball court for a little warm up COP style and introduced a new burpee. Not the “Cracken Burpee” (Jewels claim to F3 fame) but the 3 pump burpee. A burpee with 3 pushups at the bottom. Not wimpy pushups all the way down and locked out arms at the top. Aye!


At the bottom of the back hill (I can’t remember what you nerds names that hill) YHC revealed the chalkboard with the workout.


15 – 3 pump burpees

25 – Freddy Mercury

50 – Mountain Climbers

10 – Burpees

Run half way up the hill and back

Run all the way up the hill and back.

Most completed about 4 rounds.

Next we had a little sit up PT test session. 2:00 max reps big boy situps

Ended with a little mosey around the parking lot to finish near the flags at 0615.


Announcements for convergence at the Garden 4/24. April Brew Ruck!

Intentions for Husky and his doctors. Praying God will use his situation for good. Safe travels everyone!


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