Chaos and Order a Bulletproof Ruck Event

The Mission

Conquer the status quo, by achieving advantage over the typical stagnant adult male lifestyle.

The Why

The typical adult male leads a lifestyle of poor physical health. A lifestyle void of meaningful, intentional, horizontal relationships with other men. A lifestyle that lacks purpose, with little to no involvement in the community.

Why do You get up at 4:45 am, dress in warm layers, drive to an AO, and workout with a group of like-minded men?

What do we have in common?

A burning desire to create movement in our lives. Movement to a better version of ourselves. Movement to an advantage. Where we conquer our fears and challenge our minds, our bodies, and our spirit. This is an event that will put all that hard work to the test.

This is a chance to try something as a group that seems insurmountable as an individual. An opportunity to lead, to follow, and to grow closer together through shared adversity. Get uncomfortable! Give that 4:30 alarm a little more purpose!

The Plan

A 12ish hour ruck event hosted by Bulletproof events for F3Louisville.

  • HC: Join the #chaosandorder channel on slack to HC
  • Cost: $125 per pax to sign up (Paid via Venmo or paypal)
  • Gear list: will be provided
  • When: Saturday April 15th
  • Start time: 18:00 sharp
  • AO: Turkey Run Park
  • Questions: DM Kilo

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