11/10 BoW backblast KiloQ

YHC rolled up to theO and immediately noticed a packed parking lot. Either the crossfit team decided to get out of bed on time or YHC has a strong to quite strong milkshake. Turns out milkshakes were in order for 23 studs on a perfect 60* BoW Tuesday in November. Once we determined that we had enough coupons for everyone but Eto (he doesnt use them anyway) we were off to the baseball field to circle up.


  • Frankenbaby
  • Sump Pump
  • MASH (Vets)
  • OJ
  • Motorboat
  • Handbook
  • Superstitious
  • Cartman
  • SweetTart (Vets)
  • Meatball (Vets)
  • Diablo (Vets)
  • Violet
  • FloJo
  • OldBay
  • ChickenLittle
  • Jitterbug
  • Whitney (Vets)
  • Tron
  • Russdicilous
  • Shyster
  • Hotwheels (Vets)
  • Eto
  • Kilo (Vets)

Ghost flag captured

Youll likely notice 7 vets pax were in attendance. Assisted by Diablos switch of allegiance from TheO to Vets. It was an emotional decision but one that he felt was necessary due to the extreme professionalism of the vets crew.


30 MTN climbers

30 Copper head squats

30 overhead claps

Kendra Newmans


Modified coupon DORA

100 ROCK-EEs

200 Goblet Squats

300 Curls

partner moves to the other side of the field with coupon overhead (or however you wanted to carry it)

SumpPump decided hed call YHC out on the RockEE exercise. Hes a bit of a rule ball buster and YHC appreciates the accountability. He wanted an explanation. Its a burpee with a rock (coupon). He quipped that was simply a ManMaker. Technically Sump, that’s not the case. You see a ManMaker has a plank jack and a push up at the bottom. A RockEE is simply a burpee with a coupon. Im right, youre wrong. Thanks for the accountability though. Its nice to know you care. Muah!

YHC had a little time left once all the studs finished so we did some sprints and burpees. That is always a crowd pleaser.


Asked Whitney to take us out with a beautiful “F3 brotherhood” rendition of America the Beautiful. Love your neighbors and lean on them in times of trouble.



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