11/10/2020 BB Rooster @ The Mutt

It was a perfect morning to get better today and 15 others agreed that The Mutt was the place to be. PAX in attendance were: Larry Flynt (Q), Deuce, Backdraft, Whamo (R), Cowbell, Smurfette, Tiger, Ronnie Beaver, Rumpke, Miyagi, Cookie, Vincent, Soft Top, Fall Guy (R), Frosty. After Tiger rolled in on two wheels, I gave a few disclaimers and we moeseyed around the school for warm-ups.

Warm up:

  • SSH (25 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (25 IC)
  • Michael Phelps
  • Kendra Newmans
  • Downward dog w. runner stretch
  • 10 Merkins (OYO)

We then moseyed over to get coupons and lined them up along the portico.

Thang 1:

Merkin mile down Leland Rd., left onto St. Matthews Ave. and then left onto Elmwood to return to parking lot. At each street light we alternated merkins and lbc’s.

Thang 2:

We partnered up and did the following…one partner did the exercise while the other ran across parking lot for 10 Bobby Hurley’s and ran back to switch with partner and resume exercise.

  • 200 Curls
  • 150 Overheads
  • 150 Dips
  • 150 Bench press

We then circled up and Mary’d for the last 5 minutes or so with Freddy Mercury’s, Saturday Nights, American Hammers and a few others.

We then circled up, made announcements and shared prayers and intentions and closed out with an Our Father. Thanks for coming out fellas…we all got better!

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