4 years and a starfish announcing new leadership

Thank you RedRoof

4 years ago to the day F3Louisville was born on a soggy wet morning at Seneca Park (TheO). The Backblast depicts much of what we see at an F3 workout today. COP, with some SSH and Imperial walkers, along with a few merkins and LBC’s. Followed by a “THANG” including burpees sprints etc. you get the point. It also accurately describes the weather we deal with each year around our anniversary convergence. Sunny and 70 one day, raining and 40 the next.

One of the visiting pax, KY was wise enough to HL a good friend of his. Known to us as RedRoof. At the time of this workout RR had a 1 week old baby boy at home, yet still he made it to the first F3Louisville workout (In the pouring rain). I’ve known this story for sometime and often reflect on just how fragile the launch of F3Louisville was. I often wonder if RR hadn’t shown up that first Saturday? What if he didn’t HL guys like Zartan, CI, and StarChild. Would F3Louisville even exist? That’s a terrifying thought to myself, and I’m sure many of you reading this.

What I’m saying is, It’s very easy to take this thing we have for granted. I do believe in my heart that God put F3 in Louisville and trusted RedRoof to get it off the ground. He has used F3 in the city of Louisville to help hundreds of men be better versions of themselves. Whether that’s providing a comfortable place to exercise and lose weight, reconnecting them with old friends and gaining new ones, or allowing a vehicle to live out their faith to serve the community around them.


F3Louisville utilizes the “starfish” method of organizational leadership. There is no one clear cut leader of the group, if one person steps away the rest fill the void until someone else comes in to help fill the gap. Similar to a starfish losing a leg and growing another one. There is no “head” of F3Louisville, our leadership team is comprised of 4 members.

Nantan – Spritual and emotional leader of the group

1stF Q – Fitness leader

2ndF Q – Fellowship leader

3rdF Q – Faith leader

Each of these positions hold equal amount of say and guidance for the group. They are organized into sub sections to help clearly define roles, however each can assist and plan regional business across roles and sections. This is in place so that no “one” pax member has the end say in the direction of the region. Shared organizational leadership.

Current Leadership

For the better part of the last 18 months YHC, Diablo, and catfish have been involved in the leadership team. Along with Nino and most recently Jolly Rancher.

Throughout the last 18 months we have navigated through a pandemic, where we shut down the calendar for a period of time. We opened the calendar back up, and did our best to provide options for everyone to feel safe. We hosted the largest GrowRuck to date. We’ve seen the region grow and sprout new AOs in oldham county and long run park. We’ve seen our weekly attendance numbers increase, and our charitable community giving and service reach heights not many groups our size can match. I’m super proud of what we have accomplished as a region, and trust me its not because of anything YHC, Diablo, Catfish, Jolly, and Nino have done. It’s because of YOU!

The stability of F3Louisville is maybe as strong as ever, but we cant get complacent and begin to take this for granted. For that very reason, its time to usher out the old, and rush in a new team of leaders.

New Leadership Council!!!!!

Nantan – Jolly Rancher

1stFQ – Jewel

2ndFQ – Old Bay

3rdFQ – Jitterbug

If you’re reading this, you likely know these guys and the impact they’ve already had on F3Louisville. They are all proven leaders with a significant passion for all things F3Louisvlle. They’re going help guide F3Louisville to new heights. They will hold tight the 5 core principles.

  1. F3Louisville is FREE of charge.
  2. F3Louisville is open to ALL men.
  3. F3Louisville is held OUTDOORS, rain or shine.
  4. F3Louisville is peer LEAD.
  5. F3Louisville always ends in a CIRCLE OF TRUST.

They will follow the mission;

plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Subscribing to the Creedo;

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.

These things are what make the foundation of F3Lousivlle so strong and they were set in motion on that rainy Saturday morning 4 years ago today. It’s true that things were fragile then, but they are strong now. Thanks in large part to those early leaders that helped get this thing off the ground and establish the culture (sauce) that is F3Louisville.

When we converge (in the rain) on Saturday at TheGarden, be thankful for what this group has done for you and your life. But don’t be satisfied with that, take your passion for F3 and share it with other men in the community. We all need F3 and we don’t know it until we’ve found it.

For the final time as Nathan…..

Kilo out

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