F3 Louisville – Soggy Track at the Derby

  • When: 04/22/17
  • QIC: Senor Chips & Bird Hole
  • The PAX: Red Roof, 3D, Doc-in-a-Box, Bird Hole, Señor Chips


Dawn broke in a chilly, rainy Gloom for the Epic launch of F3 Louisville (OK maybe the weather made it less “epic” that YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) had hoped) and 5 strong came out to be a part of the first downpainment in what we hope will be the long healthy life of F3 in bourbon country…

The Thang:

Señor Chips Q: We met by tennis courts then moseyed over to do warmup COP (Circle of Pain) on courts, with brief intro to exercises, cadence, COP, etc. Normal mix – SSH (Side Straddle Hop), IW (Imperial Walkers), Merkins, LBCs (Little Baby Crunches) (gonna get wet sometime, might as well get it out of the way early…) and Squats, in various amounts.

Run across the 4 courts at varying speeds with backward run, side shuffle, bear crawl, crab walk, and lunge walks thrown in for fun along the way.

Then run to wall by bathroom hut for Steps Ups, 10 each leg OYO (on your own).

Mosey to opposite outside park running path and back around end of oval around tennis courts toward launch point, with stops for Burpees, 5x, Wide Arm Merkins, 10x, Diamond Merkins, 8x and more lunge walk.

Mosey to wall by the hut for 11s with Step Ups on wall and Dips at nearby picnic table.

Mosey to previously planted shovel flag and Chips explains more F3 history, then hands the reins to Bird Hole.

Bird Hole Q: Mosey across field and street to small gap in fence (sort of across street from tennis courts; opposite side from where parking and hut are) that lead to a bit of off-campus fun/work. Some nice (potentially evil) hills in the next door neighborhood…

Partner up – with Partner 1 doing Freddie Mercurys (Bicycles) while Partner 2 runs up the hill around cul de sac for LBCs, 20x. Then switch. Next is similar with Carolina Dry-docks, 10x at cul de sac and other partner running up opposite hill (2 hills make a nice bowl…just sayin’) for plank jacks, 10x.

Karaoke up cul de sac hill back to park. Mosey back to playground at launch site for about 4 minutes of Mary with Rosalita, Dolly, High Slow Flutter, Heels To Heaven, OB (a/k/a W) sit up (no idea what that was, but it sucked) and then old fashioned WWII sit ups.

Finish with 20x Derkins (Decline Merkins) on playground benches

COT (Circle of Trust), with Name-o-rama for our distinguished FNGs

And a great, inspiring take-out by Bird Hole to send us out into the day thankful for all that has been given to us!



Not sure YHC has earned the right to name the first workout in Louisville but seems to me The Derby  or Derby would only make sense.  If we can get AP or one of the F3 tech gurus to add Louisville as a City/Category choice and Derby as a Workout/Tag choice, that would be very helpful for future backblasts.

Mother Nature took the ‘Ville from 80 degrees and sunny on Thursday to 46 degrees, breezy and rainy in the Gloom of Sat a.m.  Could have been worse as it had been dumping rain when YHC went to bed on Fri night.  Bird Hole and I had no idea what to expect for turnout and were psyched to find 3 hearty souls there to get some of the 1stF of F3!  T-Claps (Triple Claps) to the inaugural wave of FNGs (Friendly New Guys)!

KY’s (Jody’s) headlocking of friends from Louisville took the first week prize as 2 of his buddies Brian and Brock from childhood would not be kept away by the weather, or even a one week old baby (his M might be a Saint)!

Special Shout-out to my good friend George (now Doc-in-a-Box) who came out to support Señor Chips’ Q despite having recently had surgery for a detached retina with the doctor telling him not to get his heart rate up!  #Beast…Strong Brother!  Keep recovering and get back out there when you can in a few weeks.

Biggest piece of advice YHC can give the pax of F3 Louisville who came out on 4/22//2017 and those who will follow in the coming weeks/months – It won’t get easier, Brothers, you’ll just get better and stronger!

Coffeeteria afterwards at Heine Brothers Coffee on Chenoweth was attended by all pax and we really enjoyed the 2ndF time with everyone.

Special thanks to Bird Hole for scouting the AO (Area of Operation) at and around Seneca Park last week while stationed in Louisville for work.

That is all.  Good luck to the Men of F3 Louisville…señor chips

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