F3 Louisville – 5-years and New Leadership Announcements – 04/22/2022!


If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane [for those OGs out there] or for those relative “new guys” that may not know the history of F3 Louisville, here’s the very first backblast posted when the shovel flag was planted at Seneca Park [now known as The O] back 5-years ago on April 22, 2017.  Since that rainy day back in 2017, this group has had a tremendous impact on a lot of people. 

For those of you that missed the banquet back in January 2022, here’s a few statistics on the strength of F3 Louisville and the impact of this group from April 2017 through December 2021:

  • Total workouts: 7,106
  • Total posts by the PAX:  69,275
  • Total FNGs:  1,517 [yet only 922 PAX on Slack – improvement point here, boys!]

That’s a lot of testosterone on display early in the morning at some of the finest parks, schools and parking lots of our great city over 5-years!

For some of you, the Kool-Aid still smells and tastes the same as it did for your first workout or first Q.  But, for others, they’ve moved on without F3…an unfortunate reality of life where other stuff gets in the way.  I ask that you continue to reach out to these PAX and remind them that we’re here when they are ready to re-emerge in the gloom – isolation is destructive and assorted flavors of Kool-Aid that we have available is the best remedy – whether it’s a tall glass of 1st F, 2nd F or 3rd F. 

Leadership Philosophy:

The Starfish!

As many of you know, F3 Louisville utilizes the “shared leadership team” [“SLT”] model which is straight from the F3 Nation Q-Source.  Trust is a critical element within a SLT model because the decisions of the SLT will result in outcomes that affect the larger group – after all, the SLT is ultimately responsible for the well-being of all of its members. 

The beauty of the SLT is there is no one single leader of the group – if one person isn’t available, the others fill the void.  The SLT of F3 Louisville has traditionally been comprised of the following:

  • Nantan – the spiritual and emotional cheerleader
  • 1st F Q – the Fitness leader, which is the magnet – what brings us together and the core
  • 2nd F Q – the Fellowship leader, which is the glue – a healthy relationship with those around you
  • 3rd F Q – the Faith leader, which is the dynamite – a belief in something outside of yourself

These PAX manage the business of things behind the scenes.  If the SLT does their job right, then each of you as PAX of F3 Louisville has learned how to be a “sua sponte leader” – a man that has been “freed to lead.”  This is a leader that exercises individual initiative by taking action in furtherance of the group’s articulated purpose without specific instructions; a leader who initiatives movement towards advantage for the group in the absence of explicit authority because he is that rare man who will lead with or without another leader to direct him.

F3 doesn’t function without this – and that is very true of the PAX of F3 Louisville.  For the past year, your current SLT has benefitted from some great PAX exhibiting this leadership philosophy.  There’s been multiple occasions where a PAX would suggest to the SLT of a completely stupid and utterly pointless [“CSAUP”] fitness event, an idea for a social gathering, or introduce an opportunity to partner alongside an incredible charitable organization to raise money or provide assistance.  Not once have we said “no” – in fact, the normal response has been “how can we help?”   

Because while the SLT exists, our job is really simple:  to make sure we continue to stay true to the five core principles of F3 Nation:

  • Free of charge – never a charge to workout, ever
  • Open to all men – no matter the man, you are welcome here
  • Held outdoors – rain or shine, heat or chill, we are out there
  • Peer led – rotating fashion of men leading each other
  • Ends with COT – always ends with a circle of trust [“COT”]

New Leadership:

While there’s no standard on how long PAX may serve in a leadership role on the SLT, I am a firm believer that new blood spurs new ideas – and change is how organizations continue to grow to avoid staying stagnant.

So, with that I’m pleased to share with you the following PAX will be serving you as your SLT after the proverbial flag is passed on Saturday after Convergence:

  • Nantan – Jewel:  He’s getting called up from 1st F Q…a HIM that loves to push each of us to our limits in everything we do – so can’t wait to see what transpires next.
  • 1st F Q – Stick Up:  Current Site Q at The Incubator where he’s held the role for what seems like 2 -years…so, he’s had plenty of practice to serve you in this new leadership role.
  • 2nd F Q – Harry Caray:  You may think he’s reserved, but that’s just because you don’t get out to The O enough to get to know him.  Can’t wait to see what he drums up to engage in fellowship together – I just hope it includes events outside of the Watterson Expressway! 
  • 3rd F Q – Jitterbug:  This HIM’s heart and leadership is where it needs to be and I’m excited he’s sticking around to continue in organizing community outreach opportunities for us.

I want to thank Old Bay who is the outgoing 2nd F Q for what he’s done over the past year.  As one of the true Grandfathers of F3 Louisville, his wisdom and perspective was and continues to be like gold to me – he’s just practical and no nonsense, which I leaned on a lot as Nantan as I have a tendency to overthink things.  Thank you, sir, for being a HIM and helping us all accelerate.

Each of these guys have already had an impact on F3 Louisville and they’ll continue to make their legacy in the SLT.  They have the passion to lead us all in the mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership while subscribing to the credo to leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.


This machine only works when PAX step up to lead.  If you feel called or have a desire to do something more to support the mission of what we’re all about, then now is your time to speak up!  There are always opportunities and needs – and with the new SLT, there will be some holes that need to be filled…immediately!

In closing, on Saturday at Convergence, let’s not forget about the power of F3 Louisville and what we’re all about and what we’ve accomplished in the past 5-years.  For those of you that frequently post down range in other F3 regions, you know that what we have is special.  We do things our way because it works for our PAX.  Let’s continue to share this with other men that may need it. 

Along those lines, let’s not forget the 3rd F component of Convergence to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 


One last final time, Nantan Jolly Rancher out!

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