Bb-Pelican Q 4/16/22 at the Nest

Forget how this goes but there really weren’t many people there cause we have lots of runners, a BlackOps in LaGrange, 4 days at the County so no one knows what rotation Saturday should be and I was Qing so Airplane was MIA. The Nest used to be awesome but after Cratchit ran it into the ground Timeshare took over and doesn’t even really book Qs. So with that in mind I picked it up like Friday at 2 PM. Guess Timeshare was going to do another basketball Q if I didn’t take it.

We had in attendance—me, Meter Maid, a few other people, and probably Timeshare. Wait it was WILDflower, O’Neil, Fungi and Brown Water—did that off memory, I’m awesome.

We did COP but I don’t remember what it was nor do you care. Probably not even reading this, except Jitterbug who is auditing the County this month. Then ran to end of Mt Mercy and did a minute of burpees. Ran back and did jump squats for a minute in the front lot. Ran to the back and stopped for a minute of dips at the curb. Went to he portico even though it wasn’t raining, Bulletin may want to know you can use it to keep use dry. Anyway did a minute of right legged step ups. Then we did a Dora like workout consisting of two rounds of manmakers, thrusters and some other shit. Then did merkins, V-ups and squats or calf raises or some other rotation.

We ended in burpee football with no burpees—with odd numbers we didn’t have real teams but mine won.

Ended with all the stuff you are supposed to end with. Backblasts used to be my favorite but they aren’t anymore. Maybe they will be again—don’t forget to go to convergence..or don’t buy you should go. I’m not but I’ll be at the next one at the County—I mean the first one.



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