No Derby Hats Here

  • When: 4/29/17
  • QIC: Pomfret, Grapevine, and Tryon
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Doc in the Box, Mayberry (FNG) Grapevine, Pomfret, Tryon


It is KY Derby week in Louisville. The town is being fueled by Mint Juleps. The ladies are picking out their best hats with fruit and flowers glued on top; but the serious work is being done at Seneca Park.

Seneca Park is the HQ for F3 Louisville operations. No bright colored blazers, cigars or racing forms here. Just a growing Pax ready to work and that is what we did.

The leadership came from Charlotte but the passion was definitely locally grown. The week #2 shovel flag was planted under threatening skies. Thanks for #flagkeeper Red Roof.

Pomfret kicked it off with some intel on the Seneca Park take over that was about to be launched. Then he lead the pax to tennis court for warmup: Side Straddle Hops, Sharon Towers, Mericans, Mountain Climber, Squat, plank-o-rama, more squats. Some groaning.

Mosey to the Christian Academy across Rock Creek Rd. for Peter Parkers and Parker Peter. (is there really that much diff btwn these two? Or maybe YHC (your humble correspondent) is not doing them right?)

An LBC (little baby crunches) lesson so it didn’t just turn into a neck flexing exercise.

Grapevine decided he had seen enough and pulled rank on Pomfret wresting the Q away from him. Pomfret acquiesced and things got more intense.

Grapevine commanded 3 man grinders under the cover of the front entrance of the school and the side entrance of the school. Step-ups, split squats, crunch with extension, decline plank, dips, bear crawls, wall jumps, rosalita. Not much time for catching our breath, and not too many groans.

Mosey to the tennis courts for Kevorkian (Partner assisted) Suicide Blimps – partner 1 does a suicide on the tennis court while partner 2 does the following exercises for the duration of the suicide: Burpee, Lunge, Imperial Walker, Merican, Plankjack, Squat. That’s a Grapevine B-L-I-M-P in style.

Tryon took the Q and lead the pax off into the unknown of the park perimeter.

Partner Derkins and Partner handshakes on the tennis court
Backward run, karaoke, front run, pole incline merican, pole leg raises .
Run into the neighborhood for 2 rounds of mosey around the circle and partner derkins, lunge walk around the circle for one round with derkins.

Mosey back to COT.

Welcome to the Pax- Mayberry(college nickname is Opie….). Couda been worse – Gomer is still available for future FNG’s, as is Aunt Bea.

F3 works for lots of reasons but one of the main ones is the accountability we have to each other. You showing up to a workout encourages another to try a little harder and not quit. Several exercises were done with partners. Together we all become better and stronger. Leave no man behind and always room for a new Pax member.

Next week for week 3 a couple of Louisville natives will lead the Pax – Cooter and Frosty. Let’s keep the flame alive !

Tryon with the excellent takeout !

Coffeteria was held at Heine Bros – my new favorite coffee shop in Louisville. The CLT crew is committed to be back in a years time for a Run for the Roses. We know the Pax will continue to flourish with the great guys assembled in Senca Park.

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