Slow build, or slow burn… either way, Louisville learned about the half-pipe

  • When: 5/13/2017
  • QIC: Tesla and Pitino
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Mayberry, Mash Bill, Star Child, Bear Grass, Doc In A Box, Nugget, Red Tape (FNG), Sanka (FNG), Methane (FNG), Yellow Brick Rd (FNG), Tesla (Q), Pitino (Q)… missing one FNG, not my best moment, but phone went schizo and I lost my recording.


14 men of great purpose (with 5 FNGs!) arrived for the 4th week of the F3 launch at Seneca Park.  We were within 2 miles of YHC’s high school and grade school, running around a park I have been a visitor of for nearly 25 years.  Some call it a slow build, YHC believes there is a great base for solid growth in Louisville.  Tesla and YHC  arrived the night before, partook in some classic Louisville establishments (Bambi bar anyone?) the night before and shook off the cobwebs to hit the ground running at 7am sharp.

Tesla takes the reigns and we maneuvered through the dew soaked grass for COP:

Side Straddle Hop (SSH) x 25, 5 burpees

Mountain Climber x 25, 5 burpees

Merkins x 20, 5 burpees

Plank Jack x 20, 5 burpees

Little Baby Crunch (LBC) x 20, 5 burpees

Mosey a short while to line up for some partner assisted suicides.  Partner one gets across the field in a manor called by Q, partner 2 does called exercise waiting for Partner 1, then flapjack.

Rd 1- P1: Broad Jump across field, P2: Carolina Dry Dock, Flapjack

Rd 2- P1: Bear crawl across field, P2: LBC, Flapjack

Rd 3- P1: Karaoke across field, P2: Squat, Flapjack

Rd 4- P1: Run across field, P2: Merkins, Flapjack

Head to bleachers for 3 sets of step ups (or jump ups), dips, and derkins

Rd1: 5 step ups each leg, 5 dips, 5 derkins

Rd2: 10 step ups each leg, 10 dips, 10 derkins

Rd3: 15 step ups each leg, 15 dips, 15 derkins

Pass to YHC:

Mosey around track across street toward basketball courts and softball fields with a brief couple of moments of Mary. Head behind softball fields where the Half Pipe lives.  Briefly explain how the Half Pipe works… mostly that this will suck and will not be fun.  Call 10 merkins at the top of the hills, 10 sumo jump squats at the bottom.  5 total trips.

Now, YHC has done this hill before, but it should be noted YHC was also in better shape when he did it.  After one trip, YHC knew he could not finish 5 trips.  A little bit of mumble chatter on how it was obvious many of the Pax agreed with those sentiments.  After 3 trips, and a glance at the timer, an audible was called to 4 trips.

Couple minutes of mary.  Some Rosalita x 10, Dolly x 10, and some Little Baby Rosalita x 10.

Mosey back to tennis courts for the Four Full Court Suicide’s to end it all.  Which was more than we bargained for.


Naked Man Moleskin:

Great group, some solid leadership already and proud to be a part of it.  As Tesla and were talking at the airport, Louisville did not get the eye popping numbers that some other launches received, but this is the right group to give it away to.  5 FNG’s 2 new workouts (Tuesday and Thursday) is pretty freakin’ cool.  Thank you for having us, Tesla and I were humbled and it was very cool to be back in my hometown to help pass this thing on.  KY and Sauerkraut have the reigns this weekend, YHC will be there for moral support.

Also, my phone went completely berzerk and I lost my recording so some names may be left off or just plain wrong.  Please chime in and will get it updated.


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