Western KY Tornado Relief Raffle

***Update 01/02/2022 @ 2:59 PM

Incredible support for this raffle! We have now raised over $12,000 and are excited about how this money will be used to help the families in Western KY.

A quick update on how the raffle will work…as previously noted, the PayPal pool formally will close on January 10th. After that, we’ll separate the bourbon donated into flights. In the background, we’ve been assigning ticket numbers to each donor via Excel – reminder, $20 per ticket. So, if you donated $100 you received 5 tickets. If you donated $110, you still only received 5 tickets. If you donated less than $20, thanks for the support…but, no tickets.

On January 28th, we’ll randomly draw the winning tickets and post them here on this page along with the names of those ticket holders. The first ticket drawn will receive the first pick of what bourbon flight or other prize (e.g., grill or stove) they want. After the first ticket drawn has selected their prize, the second ticket drawn will make their selection. And rinse and repeat until all prizes are claimed. You will have 24-hours to make your selection. Should you not claim your prize within the 24-hour window, you’ll get moved to the back of the line.

Any questions or concerns, please use the “contact” link on our website – http://www.f3louisville.com.

***Update 12/21/21 @ 12:47PM

This raffle is taking off (like we knew it would) based off the generosity of the High Impact Men from F3 Louisville. Please see the updated list of bourbon below. There are some incredible bourbons on this list… not the least of which are the Old Rip Van Winkle and the Old Forester 150!!! Reminder, Raffle closes 1/10. Don’t let the date pass you by!

Weller Antique 1071.75L
Buffalo Trace1L
Maker’s Mark Red / Blue Wax1L
Maker’s Mark Blue / Red Wax1L
Maker’s Mark Majorie Samuels Founder’s Series1L
Weller Antique 107750mL
Elmer T Lee750mL
Woodford Double Oaked750mL
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr750mL
Old Forester 150th Anniversary – Batch Proof750mL
Buzzard’s Roost750mL
Angel’s Envy750mL
Hancock’s Reserve750mL
Baby Sazerac ‘Ricky’s” Single Barrel750mL
Four Roses Barrel Strength Single Barrel OBSF750mL
Buffalo Trace “Rural Inn” Single Barrel750mL
Elijah Craig 10year Old Deatsville Single Barrel750mL
Barrell Bourbon Cask Strength Limited Edition750mL

F3Louisville is excited to announce a raffle to benefit our neighbors in Western KY. The outpouring of love and desire to “go” or “give” is powerful. And, together we CAN make a difference. The need for volunteers and financial assistance are enormous in Bowling Green and Mayfield. F3KY is here to say we aren’t stepping down, we’re stepping up! We will continue to “GO” and this is our effort to “GIVE”.

Raffle Details

Raffle Ticket Price: $20 (purchase as many as you’d like)

Example: $100 donation = 5 raffle tickets

PayPal pool to purchase: F3Louisville Raffle ticket pool

The only way to purchase a ticket is by donating to the link above.

When: Raffle will close on January 10th

Upon raffle closing, every ticket will be assigned a number line on a spread sheet, which will be published on F3lousivlle.com


Big Green Egg

The ultimate Grilling Machine!!!!!

Solo Stove Bonfire

Courtesy of steepleton

The fine folks at Steepleton donated this raffle item. Please shop local for all your outdoor needs!!

Churchill Downs Trifecta Package

This package includes one table for eight on Millionaire’s Row, chef’s table lunch, reserved seating, racing programs and passes to the KY Derby Museum. This package can be redeemed anytime during 2021-2022 racing season based on availability, except certain days (e.g., opening week of Spring Meet, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Preakness Day, Belmont Day, All Downs after Dark days, Breeder’s Cup days, and Thanksgiving weekend).

Bourbon and more Bourbon

The F3Louisivlle Pax are in the process of piling our collections and will publish that in the next week. We expect to have least 3 different “flights” of bourbon of equal value.

How do you win? There will be 5 winners drawn. The name drawn first will have their first choice of prize, if your drawn second you’ll have second choice of prize, and so on.

Purchase Raffle tickets here

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