BackBlast – Motivator at The Abyss – 12.20.2021 – Captain Crunchberry Q

It was great to be back out to The Abyss. The last time I was there for a regularly scheduled workout was May. But the 0500 start time makes it hard. Props to Flip Flop for the direct encouragement to put it on my calendar.

The I.O.U’s for coffee and donuts were handed out in short supply this morning. Uncle Sam, Kitty Litter, Flip Flop, and myself were in attendance. I got so lost chatting that I missed the starting time. At 5:01 AM as Flip Flop walked up, we got started.

I advertised that today’s workout would invoke Christmas memories. We might have just made a few along the way.

As a child on Christmas morning, it is easy to roll out of bed. Today, not so much. Parent responsibilities seem to keep me up later, and just a little extra sleep feels too good. But alas, the children are excited, and ready to get the activities started. So, to start we did 10 “Alarm Clocks”. So you lay on the ground, and then pop up to a standing position as fast as possible. We did 10. It was a great start alternative to a traditional slaughter start with burpees. We added in some Toy Soldiers, Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newmans, and Michael Phelps. Then a short mosey to Grandma’s house at the boat ramp.

When at Grandma’s house for Christmas, you do what’s asked of you. You offer to help. So, today I asked for the PAX to do some stuff that was slightly different. Utilizing the small fence or parking dividers for this group of exercises.

The first “exercise” (I use that term loosely) was to place your feet on the fence, and side plank walk down to the other end, and back to the starting point.

The second was a bear crawl serpentine. Pretty self explanatory, but bear crawl under the fence, going back and forth. Down to the end and back.

The third and final thing was to place your hands on the fence, at a post, and the side jump over the fence, and back. Then complete one Merkin. Completing an over and back for each panel of the fence. Then back to the starting point.

Once complete, it was a mosey to the In-Law’s house at the entrance to the park. While on the way to the In-law’s house, we had to stop at the top of the boat ramp hill because little Susie had to use the restroom. So we did a 30-45 second Al Gore. We then continued on the mosey.

We made it to just to the intersection before we needed to stop for fuel. So, we stopped for 15 IC Gas Pumps. Then continued the mosey again.

Made it almost there and little Johnny had to go to the bathroom now. Why can’t these kids hold it, or at least go while were were already stopped?! Another 30-45 seconds of Al Gore.

Finally, made it to the entrance.

Once at the In-law’s, everything should be good right? Well, you know how it goes, 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It never goes smoothly. So we started a lunge walk back home, or the basketball courts. Two lunges forward, one backward. We continued that until the legs were good and spent and finished with a mosey home.

On the way home, both little Susie and Johnny had fallen asleep in the car. So we overhead carried our coupons (Susie) from end line to end line of the basketball court. Then went back for Johnny. For him, we consolidated, and one PAX farmer carried two coupons while the other planked, and flip flopped.

Now that the kids were in bed, we finished up with some MARY. Consisted of Gas Pumps, LBCs, Dying Cockroach, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and a big finale of Pickle Pounders and Plank for time.

ANNOUNCEMENTS and INTENTIONS. I put out an intention for a fried who is in the hospital. You never know when it is too late. Take the time to call an old friend, reach out. Also, for those traveling safe travels. You might be an excellent driver, but the idiot next to you or behind you is a variable you can’t account for.

Merry Christmas to all!

Captain Crunchberry

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