GROWRUCK 21 Louisville PreBlast

Lets GO!!!!!! Start the engines, sound the trumpets, dust off the rucks, GROWRUCK and F3Nation are making a stop in Lousiville for GROWRUCK 21! Thats right, the home of Ali, Churchill Downs, and the F3FunFactory, will welcome HIM from around the nation for a little leadership and CSAUP. Mark your calendars for October 9th –Continue reading “GROWRUCK 21 Louisville PreBlast”

4/16 Kentucky Convergence Backblast

This workout was tossed out last week by Zebra from F3Lexington, YHC quickly jumped on the opportunity to Q. Mainly because YHC loves to talk, especially about F3. A day or so before, YHC noticed that the preblast was getting quite a bit of attention. Never, ever, in my wildest dreams did I imagine aContinue reading “4/16 Kentucky Convergence Backblast”

4/3 zoom ruckPT with Kilo Backblast

Pulled some strings last night and talked a couple DR pax into joining our zoom RuckPT. Comet and Winnebago, F3nation Ruck Qs. Parlayed that into twisting Diablo’s arm into the zoom and a surprise visit from Face. Along with mainstays jewel, jitterbug, PlumbBob, two post per day mcafee, and it’s Friday so duckling can post.Continue reading “4/3 zoom ruckPT with Kilo Backblast”

3/24 in the Zoom with Kilo

Big opportunity to get a taste of the Zoom tomorrow. It’s certainly not the gloom, but you get a great workout and have the ability to talk a little smack. Oh yea, you’re Not alone. Here’s what you’ll need Zoom app on phone or computer click that link at or before 0530 a couponContinue reading “3/24 in the Zoom with Kilo”

3/21 PreBlast in the Zoom with Kilo #VirtualAO

YHC wants to give this virtual AO thing a test drive. From the feedback gathered, and so CI can share his snarky comments, Zoom seems to be the best at hosting an f3 virtual workout. Things you’ll need; Smart phone or connected device zoom app zoom link ( driveway coupon of any kind Just hitContinue reading “3/21 PreBlast in the Zoom with Kilo #VirtualAO”

3/10 PreBlast #TheRooster with Kilo

This here ain’t a rooster, it’s a pheasant. But YHC figured it’s Neon ✔️ Buschhhhhh ✔️ Light ✔️ Beer✔️ Bird✔️ colorful✔️ A mutt sign if I’d ever seen one. word on the street has it, zoo will make an appearance. Get out for your monthly sighting! I will see y’all ITG tomorrow. Bring your handContinue reading “3/10 PreBlast #TheRooster with Kilo”

2/27 Backblast BlackOps BroadRun Park #KiloQ

If Vets and Posh had a baby, you’d get BroadRun. Its super poshy with a touch of awesome. Grounds are poshy, Gazebo poshy, playground poshy, parking lot poshy, lights poshy. it just feels more cool than posh. Basically drawing the cool factor from vets and the posh factor from posh. Now that you feel likeContinue reading “2/27 Backblast BlackOps BroadRun Park #KiloQ”

2/27 Preblast BroadRun #KiloQ

Parking ✔️pavilion ✔️Running Loop ✔️Large open field ✔️playground ✔️Excitement ✔️energy ✔️FNGs✔️ clearly the broad run park expansion is off to a roaring start! Thanks mostly to Nino, Huggies And Flounder for getting it started. Huge shout out to Carlton for HL 4 FNGs last week. YHC is just hoping to bring a little neon cheerleadingContinue reading “2/27 Preblast BroadRun #KiloQ”

F3Louisville Leadership Announcement

1stF Leadership team Nino – F3Louisville leadership council Handbook – 1stFQ for Vets/TheO/TheMutt Huggies – 1stFQ for Posh/Garden/County/Bayside/pleasantville/longrun OJ – RuckQ Flounder – Expansion to Broad Run Park These pax will work together to serve F3louisville’s 1stF needs. Stay tuned for more information and vision from this group! 2rdF Leadership team Diablo – F3Louisville LeadershipContinue reading “F3Louisville Leadership Announcement”

F3 Naperville Regional Challenge 1/13-1/18

F3Louisville is full of leaders and winners. I know this, but F3naperville seems to think they have more. YHC is never one to back down from a challenge, even the ones I initiate. So here we go! F3Louisville vs. F3Naperville THE CHALLENGE Total post from 1/13 – 1/18 at regularly scheduled gloom workouts Updates willContinue reading “F3 Naperville Regional Challenge 1/13-1/18”